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Underage Teen Sex: Is a Girl Being Prosecuted for Being Gay?

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Teen romance is tough enough when you’re not accused of breaking the law.

But that’s exactly the predicament Kaitlyn Hunt, a high school senior from Sebastian, Fla., finds herself in. Hunt, 18, was arrested Feb. 16 for dating her girlfriend, who was 14 when the alleged crime was committed. She’s charged with lewd and lascivious battery on a victim aged 12 to 16 by a person over the age of 18, a second-degree felony that carries a possible prison term of 15 years per count.

The case has generated a good bit of Internet buzz for understandable reasons. There’s sex involved — and underage, lesbian sex at that — along with loud cries of injustice from the family of Kaitlyn Hunt.

Whether or not the charges are fueled by homophobia, of course, is difficult to prove. That may be why gay rights organizations are keeping their distance. In what appears to…

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Canada: Four teens attack gay 13yr old boy in Chatham hate crime – 190513 1615z

“Faggot. Queer.

The words shouted by four teenaged boys as they kicked 13-year-old David, not his real name, still echo in his head.

David was walking the two blocks home from his bus stop along West Street on May 6 at about 4 p.m. when he was surrounded by four males.

The youths, believed to be between 14-16 years old, called out his name and began to taunt him about his sexuality.

They were calling me names like ‘faggot’ and ‘queer’ and they were telling me that I should go to hell, said David. I tried to ignore them and I tried to go to the other side of the street, but then one kid pushed me back.

He lost his balance and when he hit the ground the youths began to kick him, continuing their verbal onslaught.

David curled up and did his best to protect his head from the blows, trying to figure how to get away.

I was in a ball and sort of in shock, he said. I was thinking ‘Wow, this really hurts.’ It felt really long, but it probably only lasted 15 seconds-ish.

Even when the kicking stopped, the threats didn’t.

The leader of the group, he turned around pulled out a pocket knife, David said. (He) flipped it up and said ‘If you tell anyone, then you’re going to die.’ And then he ran away.

The Grade 8 John N. Given Public school student, who is openly gay, said he didn’t recognize any of his attackers, but they knew his name.

David went home and told his mother about the incident. She contacted police.

Hate crimes are typically directed both at an individual victim, as well as a group or class of people, said Const. Renee Cowell, public information officer for the Chatham-Kent police. For this reason, the Chatham-Kent Police Service is actively investigating this assault as a hate crime.

David spent seven hours in the hospital undergoing X-rays on his ribs and a number of tests to rule out damage to the spleen and kidneys.

Most of the injuries were on his left side ribs, the kidney area, his arm, said Dan, David’s father. They said he could have micro-fractures in his ribs, but they wouldn’t be able to tell with an x-ray . But just by the amount of pain he was experiencing, for sure bruised ribs.

Cowell said police take all assaults seriously and receive ongoing training to deal with the prevalence of incidents between youth.

I would say we’re fortunate in Chatham-Kent that it is a rare occurrence. When it does happen, we do take it seriously and we’ll do everything possible to prevent it from happening again, she said. Especially because it concerns the youth of our community.

The police’s dedication to discovering who his son’s attackers are is a small comfort to Dan, who has taken the extra precaution of having David’s bus stop moved and ensuring an adult is there to meet him every day.

I’m happy see that it’s being taken as seriously as it is, he said. Forget about the four-on-one beating up of a child basically, you’ve got this whole anti-gay hate I don’t even know what to describe it as. And you’ve got a believable threat with a knife.

Aside from the physical impact of David’s injuries have had, the beating has had a mental toll on his son, he said.

David can’t sleep, he has nightmares and is hyper-aware of his surroundings whenever he’s out in public.

David himself said he’s concerned there might be a video or photo of the beating he took floating out there and could make an appearance on the Internet.

It might get out and it would be humiliating, said David, his slender 5’11 frame visibly shrinking into the chair.

Dan looks over at his son with quiet concern.

I know you don’t want people to see you taking a beating, but to see four people taking advantage of one kid is not something to be proud of, he said quietly. You see on the news all these people who are being tortured on social media for whatever reason; bullying is bullying. They’ve just taken it one extra step and made it into a hate crime.

It’s not just about David, it’s about his sexuality, it’s about why he’s different, said Dan before turning back to look at his son.

Thank God you’re different because I wouldn’t want you to be like those idiots, he said. I’m glad you are who you are. At least you’re brave enough to be a real person.

Cowell said hate crimes will not be tolerated in Chatham-Kent and is reaching out to the community hoping anyone who witnessed the incident will come forward.

We’re hoping that someone stands up and speaks out, said Cowell. We need everybody to rally together as a community and make sure this doesn’t happen again. This is preventable, these incidents are preventable, if we all take a stand as a community.

If the intent of the attackers was to diminish who David was as a person they couldn’t be more wrong.

I feel like when I grow up I’ll feel a lot stronger because I can say ‘I went through that,’ he said. So I could basically do anything.

Anyone with information on the hate crime is asked to call Const. Gary Oriet at 519-436-6619 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).” –

It does get better….

(Video credit: itgetsbetterproject)
Published on 8 May 2013
Basketball star, Brittney Griner talks about her experience being bullied and how life got better for her in this video for the It Gets Better Project.

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It Gets Better Plus: Out at School Discussion Hangout

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Published on 30 Jan 2013
LGBT students and student activists share their stories and come together for a hangout to discuss what it’s like to be out at school. They also speak about their hopes, resources and ways for making schools and campuses better for LGBT youth.

For more information about our It Gets Better Plus Google Hangouts, visit:

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In the news recently; Gay teen holds the line for Manitoba bullying bill

Young cannabis users ‘do not realise the huge danger to their health’ – Published 6 June 2012

Drug carries 20 times the cancer risk of a plain tobacco cigarette yet 88 per cent believe it is safer

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Cannabis smoking poses a 20-times greater risk of lung cancer per cigarette than tobacco smoking yet most users of the drug are unaware of its dangers, a report says today.

The UK’s most popular illicit recreational drug is used by more than a third of people under 24, but 88 per cent believe it is less dangerous than tobacco.

One in three said it did not harm health, despite research linking it to respiratory, circulatory and psychiatric problems.

The British Lung Foundation, which commissioned the survey, said the findings were “alarming”. –

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Lifeboat aids 70 ft sail training vessel with 11 youngsters & 5 crew on board in rough seas off Isle of Iona on 26 April 2012

The Tobermory all weather lifeboat, Elizabeth Fairlie Ramsey, launched at 1010 to the 58 tonne sail training vessel whose propeller and rudder had become snagged in lobster creel ropes off the south coast of Iona.

On arriving at the scene, the RNLI volunteer crew found that the Royal Netherlands Navy newly commissioned warship, Friesland, was attempting to assist the training yacht which was struggling in the two metre swell. The Tobermory lifeboat managed to pass a tow to the stricken vessel bringing it into the wind and enabling it to be cut free from the creel ropes. The Tobermory lifeboat then towed the sail training vessel and crew and 11 youngsters aboard more than 30 miles in rough seas to the safety of the marina at the Isle of Kerrera, near Oban.

When the Elizabeth Fairlie Ramsey returned to Tobermory, the crew had not only spent more than ten hours at sea and travelled just under 100 miles but had also circumnavigated the Isle of Mull.

On arrival back at Tobermory, Deputy Second Coxswain Andrew McHaffie said: ‘When we launched this morning we expected this to be a routine towing operation. However, when we arrived on scene we were confronted not only with very challenging conditions with a two metre swell but we were also very aware that there were young people on board the sail training vessel in rough seas. It was vital that we got the vessel under tow as quickly as possible. This was a long rescue but with a very successful outcome. We’d like to thank the crew of the Dutch warship Friesland for their assistance.’

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