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The Met Office has announced the first named storm of autumn 2016: Storm Angus. Storm Angus is expected to sweep through south-eastern England bringing some very strong south-westerly winds and heavy rain to affected parts through Sunday morning. Looking at the development of the low-pressure system, on Friday morning the Met Office issued a Yellow […]

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Europe: Very dangerous weather – ESTOFEX Storm Forecast: LEVEL 3! for NW France & BENELUX for very large hail, damaging wind gusts, tornadoes & excessive precipitation – Published 080614 2310z


ESTOFEX Storm Forecast

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Storm Forecast
Valid: Mon 09 Jun 2014 06:00 to Tue 10 Jun 2014 06:00 UTC
Issued: Sun 08 Jun 2014 22:31
Forecaster: PUCIK

A level 3 was issued for NW France and BENELUX for very large hail, damaging wind gusts, tornadoes and excessive precipitation.

A level 2 was issued for much of France and NW Germany mainly for very large hail and damaging wind gusts.

A level 1 was issued for England mainly for severe wind gusts and large hail.

A level 1 was issued for E Germany and Poland mainly for large hail and severe wind gusts.

A level 1 was issued for parts of Russia and Ukraine mainly for large hail and severe wind gusts.


In between of the deep low over the Atlantic and the ridge over Central Europe, strong southerly to southwesterly flow will advect hot airmass characterised by steep mid-level lapse rates from N Africa towards France, Germany and then around the ridge towards Poland. Potentially dangerous situation will evolve over France, BENELUX and NW Germany just ahead of the diffuse, wavy frontal boundary that will remain quasistationary close to French coastline during the most of the day. Another low will slowly dig SE-wards across NW Russia. Moderate to strong NW-ly flow is simulated at its southwestern flank. With prevailing low geopotentials over much of Eastern Europe, so scattered DMC is expected also there, albeit severe threat will be smaller than in case of France / BENELUX.


… France towards BENELUX and NW Germany …

Very dangerous setup will develop over the region by the late afternoon hours. With pronounced overlap of low-level moisture and steep mid-tropospheric lapse rates, models agree on the development of high to extreme CAPE values, with Central France towards BENELUX and NW Germany having the highest odds of seeing 3000 J/kg of MLCAPE by the late evening. As 500 hPa winds between 15 to 25 m/s overlap with backed low-level flow thanks to the presence of the surface trough, strong DLS (20-25 m/s) is forecast. By the late evening, with the enhancement of the low-level wind field with deepening trough, SREH values will increase especially over NW France / BENELUX (with values over 300 m2/s2 possible). Such setup will be very conducive for intense supercells / bow-echoes, capable of very large hail and damaging wind gusts. Towards the evening (beyond 18 UTC), as LLS strengthens, tornadoes will become a threat as well, especially if isolated supercells manage to persist into this time frame.

However, models do not simulate any pronounced QG forcing to rapidly reduce CIN. This will, on one hand, allow for CAPE to build-up steadily towards the late afternoon. On the other hand, it is highly questionable how many storms will initiate and where exactly. There is considerable disagreement by individual models. Overnight / morning convection, along with the outflow boundaries laid by these may be crucial in this setup. Current thinking is, that the foci for late afternoon initiation will be NW France, along the surface convergence zone, with storms spreading into BENELUX. It is likely that these storms will be isolated supercells at first, with subsequent clustering resulting in a fast forward propagating bow-echo. Towards the night, Southern to Central France may see convective initiation, with another possiblity of MCS travelling north towards N France.

Level 3 was introduced for the region, where the highest probability of high storm coverage is forecast and where high density of extremely severe events is most likely. With that in mind, any spot in the Level 2 may see extremely severe storms in these highly favourable conditions, provided storms can initiate.

… England …

Models show that somewhat warmer, moist airmass should advect over E England as the wave in the frontal boundary propagates towards northwest. However, edge of the EML plume should remain to the east, so that MLCAPE values will stay on the order of hundreds of J/kg. As strong flow ovespreads the region, over 25 m/s of DLS is forecast. All models agree on initiation along the lifting warm wave of the boundary. There will be a potential for isolated supercell development, which would be capable of large hail and severe wind gusts. However, lack of steep mid-level lapse rates may limit the hail threat, so that a high-end Lvl 1 instead of Lvl 2 is issued.

… Poland …

As EML is advected around the ridge towards east, overlap with modest low-level moisture will contribute to the development of moderate instability, with MLCAPE values above 1000 J/kg. Vertical wind shear should be moderate, between 10 to 15 m/s of bulk shear in the 0-6 km layer, increasing NEwards to between 14 and 20 m/s. Some strong multicells (or perhaps even brief supercells) may initiate along the ill-defined warm front with attendant threats of large hail and severe wind gusts.

… Russia …

With the progressing cut-off low, a plume of steep lapse rates will be pushed southeastwards, but still, the extreme eastern part of the forecast area may see some stronger multicells capable of large hail and/or severe wind gusts. Wind shear should be weak to moderate, perhaps limiting the supercell threat (and very large hail risk).

Mesoscale Discussion

Mesoscale Discussion
Valid: Mon 09 Jun 2014 10:00 to Tue 10 Jun 2014 15:00 UTC
Issued: Mon 09 Jun 2014 09:48
Forecaster: PUCIK

Abundant DMC activity is already ongoing in the morning hours. Most of this activity is likely elevated with risk for large hail in the environment of steep lapse rates. The first cluster is now situated over Belgium moving towards Netherlands. Second one is located over NW France with similar movement direction. As daytime heating continues ahead of these clusters with easterly to southeasterly moist surface flow (dewpoints between 18 and 20 ーC), this activity may eventually become surface-based, especially at the eastern flank of the systems. That would rapidly increase chances for supercellular convection capable of very large hail and damaging wind gusts.

To the east and south of the ongoing convective systems, diurnal heating along with backing low-level flow is observed. Further backing of the low-level flow is forecast as surface pressure falls over Southern France. Current thinking is that despite this early activity, best conditions will still develop by the late afternoon with high CAPE values and strong DLS.


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Do not use any information on this site for life or death decisions. All information is intended as supplementary to official sources. Kindly refer to your country�s official weather agency/government website for local warnings, advisories and bulletins.

China: Storms in Guangdong Province leave at least 15 dead, at least 14 injured and 4 missing; more rain due – 020414 1455z

向下滾動為中國譯)(Scroll down for Chinese translation)

The death toll from rainstorms in south China’s Guangdong Province has risen to 15, while four other people remained missing, local authorities said on Wednesday.

Four more people were confirmed to have died on Tuesday, the provincial bureau of civil affairs said in a statement. Days of torrential rain have also left at least 14 injured.

A boat carrying five people capsized near the coast in Shenzhen, which borders Hong Kong. Two women on board went missing.

One woman was found dead on Tuesday. Rescuers are still searching for the other woman. After a brief respite on Tuesday, heavy rain, hailstorms and strong gales returned to batter the province on Wednesday and are forecast for two more days, according to the local meteorological center.

Rain and hailstorms from Saturday to Monday affected 68,800 residents in 69 townships in seven cities and forced the relocation of another 3,902 locals by Tuesday, said the provincial bureau of civil affairs.

The disasters have toppled 71 houses and severely damaged another 5,719, the bureau said, adding they have also caused direct economic losses of 199 million yuan (32 million U.S. dollars).

Local authorities have sent funds, clothes and quilts to residents in flooded areas.
Wednesday, 02 April, 2014 at 13:37 (01:37 PM) UTC RSOE

Heavy rain and giant hailstones batter Southern China

(Video credit: Josept Aron)

Published on Apr 1, 2014

At least 21 people have died and four are reported missing after a weekend of heavy rainfall in south China. This is according to China’s Ministry of Civil A.

Hong Kong Observatory

2 Apr 2014:

A trough of low pressure is bringing rain and thunderstorms to the coastal areas of Guangdong. Locally, there were rain and thunderstorms in the evening. More than 10 millimetres of rainfall were recorded over the northeastern part of the New Territories.


Weather forecast for tonight and tomorrow


Cloudy with rain and squally thunderstorms. Rain will be heavy at times. Temperatures will range between 19 and 21 degrees. Moderate east to northeasterly winds, fresh at first.


Outlook : Becoming bright on Friday and Saturday. There will be thundery showers again early next week.


中國:廣東省風暴保留至少15人死亡,至少14人受傷, 4人失踪,更因雨 – 020414 1455z

從中國南部的廣東省暴雨造成的死亡人數已上升至15 ,而其他四人仍然失踪,當地政府在星期三說。





在災害倒塌房屋71也嚴重損害另一個5,719 ,局裡補充說,他們還造成1.99億元(32億美元)的直接經濟損失。

週三, 2014年4月2日13:37 (下午1時37分) UTC RSOE

(視頻來源: Josept阿隆)









Spring has sprung

Official blog of the Met Office news team

Warmer, drier weather is on the way for parts of the country.  As we move through the week a north–south divide develops across the UK with Scotland, Northern Ireland, northern England and parts of Wales being changeable and windy. However in the south high pressure will dominate  bringing dry weather for the weekend, with the best of the weather in the Southeast.

Temperatures are expected to reach mid to high teens in the South this weekend (8th – 9th March), while northwest England and Scotland are likely to see spells of strong winds and rain and there is a risk of overnight frosts.

This is in sharp contrast to the record breaking winter we have just experienced.  It was the wettest winter for the UK, England, Wales and Scotland, and the second wettest winter for Northern Ireland in the record series dating from 1910. It was the stormiest…

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UK Weather: How stormy has it been and why?

Official blog of the Met Office news team

Since the start of December the UK has seen a prolonged period of particularly unsettled weather, with a series of storms tracking in off the Atlantic bringing strong winds and heavy rain.

The windiest month since 1993

In order to compare the recent spell with the numerous stormy periods of weather in the past the Met Office’s National Climate Information Centre has done an analysis of the number of weather stations in the UK which have registered winds over certain thresholds since the start of December.

This measure suggests that December 2013 is the stormiest December in records dating back to 1969 and is one of the windiest calendar months for the UK since January 1993.

December was also a very wet month across the UK, particularly in Scotland where it was the wettest December and wettest month overall in the records dating back to 1910.

But why has this…

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Our change in the weather and how the jet stream is driving it

Official blog of the Met Office news team

After a quiet spell of weather courtesy of a slow moving area of high pressure, we are now entering an unsettled period as a series of Atlantic depressions are expected to pass close to the northwest of Britain during the next week.

High pressure has now moved away and is settled over Europe and a powerful jet stream is developing over the Atlantic which will be the main driving force behind this spell of unsettled weather.

What is the jet stream?

The jet stream is a band of fast moving westerly winds high up in the atmosphere which circle around the pole in the northern hemisphere. It can feature winds of up to 200 knots (230 mph) or more, and these winds tend to guide wet and windy weather systems which come in off the Atlantic.

The jet moves around a fair bit and its position can have a big…

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Stormy weather in the Mediterranean

Official blog of the Met Office news team

The central and western Mediterranean will experience very unsettled conditions through the weekend and next week.

Very heavy rain is expected to affect the northeast of Spain, southern France, the Balearic Isles, Corsica, Sardinia, Italy and the Adriatic facing Balkan nations as the very unsettled conditions move slowly east through the region.

Rainfall totals could be as high as 250mm in places, with a risk of up to 200mm in 24 hours. The average rainfall for November in this region is between 50mm and 100mm.

The rain will be associated with thunderstorms which could also produce hailstorms, very strong gusty winds and the possibility of tornadoes in a few places.

In addition to the rain, very strong winds are expected through the central and western Mediterranean, with widespread gales and a risk of storm force winds for a time. This will lead to rough seas that could pose a threat to…

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US: Frightening Halloween storms cause damage in Mid-South – Suspected Tornado in Caraway, AR; Flooding in Central TX – 011113 0830z

This is a photo of the storm taken near #Caraway, AR that likely produced a tornado. via Firsthand Weather (Photo @ArkansasChasers).


(WMC-TV) – “Emergency responders are cleaning up after severe, Halloween night storms moved through some Mid-South counties.

A tornado warning was issued for southeastern Craighead County, central Mississippi County, and northeastern Poinsett county around 8:00 p.m. It has since expired.

At least 10 structures are damaged and five more are destroyed after the severe weather tore through Arkansas. The Craighead County Sheriff’s Office reports trees, power lines and poles are down.

Most of the damage is in Caraway, AR where crews went going door to door to make sure everyone was accounted for, according to KAIT8. Several homes are damaged along with a community center, and gas station.

Five trick-or-treators were missing at one point, but they have since been found. Caraway officials enacted a curfew after the search ended. They say anyone who does not abide by it will be arrested.

Riverside Schools are closed Friday. There are no reports of injuries.

A tornado watch was issued for multiple Mid-South counties in TN including Tipton, Dyer, and Gibson. The watch has since expired. ”

Posted: Nov 01, 2013 12:42 AM GST Updated: Nov 01, 2013 3:51 AM GST
By Staff

Copyright 2013 WMC-TV. All rights reserved.

Updated: 10/31 10:07 pm Published: 10/31 8:32 pm
CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, AR — The mayor of Caraway in Craighead County reports some buildings downtown were damaged by a storm just at 7:39 p.m.

Power lines down and some trees have been damaged.

The Craighead County Sheriff’s Office says several trick-or-treaters were missing for about 45 minutes but have now been accounted for.

The National Weather Service and county officials have arrived on the scene and are assessing the damage in Caraway

10/31/13 Caraway, Arkansas Tornado Damage *Nick Hellums*

(Video credit: Live Storms Network)

Published on Oct 31, 2013

Live Storms Media affiliate, Nick Hellums, was able to head across the Mississippi river into Arkansas and shoot some video of structural damage in Caraway, Arkansas shortly after a tornado struck the area this evening. Some trick or treaters were presumed to have been missing, but were found taking shelter during the storm. So far, only minor injuries have been reported. Nick is in place helping the Red Cross with any relief efforts overnight and will return at first light to show us more of the destruction.

Onion Creek and Central Texas

Flooding damage in Onion Creek and south Austin after strong overnight storms Oct. 31, 2013. (Via – Photo credit: Chopper5)

In Onion Creek and across Central Texas emergency teams saved hundreds of people in a matter of hours.Those challenging night-time rescues were made even more difficult by raging water. “I was scared,” said Olivia Williamson, a resident of Pflugerville. “It’s scary when you look out there and see it going so fast.” Williamson was inside her Crooked Creek home asleep when the storm surged. “To tell you the truth I was still in bed. I kept hearing water and I couldn’t figure out what was going on and our neighbor came and knocked on the door,” she said. Unable to wade through waist deep water hope floated in. “It’s been fast and furious,” said Pflugerville Fire Chief Ron Moellenberg of the calls for help. Its been one right after the other. Those rescues played out hundreds of times in the dark of night and again during daylight. From those too small to help themselves to family members unable to walk out on their own, each rescue a reminder of how fortunate we are for all those helping hands. .Friday, 01 November, 2013 at 05:08 (05:08 AM) UTC RSOE

Sheer devastation in the Onion Creek area of southeast Austin. Forget about cleaning up. These people have nothing to salvage. And now we know one person has lost their life because of the flooding.

As the rushing flood water came through the Onion Creek area of southeast Austin neighbors did what they could to survive. They got on their roofs. That’s where they stayed as they waited for emergency crews in helicopters and rescue boats to save them.

Neighbors cheered as each person was carried to safety. Once the flood victims were out of danger– the raw emotion sunk in. Their homes, cars, every last possession ruined.

As the water receded they got a better look at the damage. Albert Castro took us through his home. The water rose so fast, he barely made it out with his life.

“We swam back this way and it’s a good thing my dad had that ladder there and we made our way up,” said Castro.

But before he and his father got settled, they saved seven people next door. That included Jesus Arriaga his two week old baby, wife and two girls.

“I felt worried because I wanted to get them to safety. You just don’t think about it until it’s going to happen,” Arriaga said.

They climbed out their bedroom window. For four hours the families stayed on the roof before help came.

“Just kept them in my arms, making them feel safe, telling them we’re going to be okay,” Arriaga said.

Debris stretches for blocks. Vehicles were battered and carried far away from where their owners left them.

Late in the day even more tragedy. Julie Robin Jackson found what appeared to be a flood victim.

“I nudged the body and it was heavy. I checked to see if he was breathing and he wasn’t. So and then said a prayer for him,” Jackson said.

Emergency officials checked for other bodies, marking each home and vehicle with an x if clear. What lives still remain have been forever altered.

“We don’t got nothin. I’d rather something than nothing. It’s a big change but we gotta do what we gotta do to make things work,” said Castro.

Onion Creek reopen to foot traffic; 15 homes deemed ‘unsafe’

“9 p.m. update: Austin Energy is reporting that all but 100 customers have power restored in the Onion Creek neighborhoods following the latest bout of severe weather that knocked out power to thousands.

Those customers without power are in the Onion Creek Forest neighborhoods, according to the Austin Travis County Emergency Operations Center, and it is unclear when power would be restored.

Power has also been restored to all Pedernales Electric Cooperative customers who had weather-related outages, said utility spokeswoman Anne Harvey. The utility had nearly 3,000 members without power by around noon. Most were centered near Manchaca, Kyle and Buda, the Johnson City-based nonprofit electric utility said.

The story has been updated to correct that Onion Creek Forest neighborhood still does not have power.

7 p.m. update: Onion Creek neighborhoods that were evacuated Thursday morning from floods have been reopened to residents, according to officials.

Foot traffic has been allowed back into the Onion Creek Forest neighborhoods, but cars are still prohibited until about midnight Friday as Austin Energy works to restore power, police said. Onion Creek subdivision and Onion Creek Planatation have reopened foot and vehicle traffic, but drivers can expect some roads to be closed because of flooding or debris, police said.

Police said they will monitor the areas for suspicious activity and looting and have asked Halloween celebrators to avoid those homes.

Officials have barred residents from returning to 15 homes in the Onion Creek Forest neighborhood because of “unsafe conditions,” officials said. They said that the homes have structural damage, like shifted or collapsed walls, that would be hazardous to those residents.

The city is still tallying how many structures have been flooded and the total cost of the damage.

Two shelters will be opened for evacuees including Parker Lane United Methodist Church at 2105 Parker Lane and Dove Springs Recreation Center at 5801 Ainez Dr.

2 p.m. update: More than 100 people have been rescued from flood waters across Central Texas on Thursday morning after storms dropped more than 12 inches of rain in some areas.

The heaviest rainfall began at 9 p.m. Wednesday and continued to pound the region overnight. Some of the highest totals of 9 inches or more were reported near southern Travis County and Hays County.

In downtown Austin, rainfall totals reached 4 to 5 inches, the National Weather Service reported.

The heaviest storms have moved beyond Central Texas, and some light rain is possible throughout the day, said Steve Smart, meteorologist for the National Weather Service.

“Light showers are still possible,” Smart said. “But the heaviest rains have moved east.”

A flood warning remains in effect for the Colorado River in Travis, Bastrop and Fayette counties.

Some of the heaviest flooding in Austin has been in the Bluff Springs area near Onion Creek, which reached a record high of 41 feet this morning and continues to rise, officials said.

“What we have now is the runoff,” the official, Wendy Morgan, said of the rising water levels.

Austin Fire Chief Rhoda Mae Kerr crews responded to 105 calls for flood-related evacuations or rescues between midnight and 10:30 a.m.

An estimated 500 to 600 homes have been flooded by the Thursday storms, officials said.

In Austin, two boats were rescuing people from flooded homes and roads, while StarFlight plucked people from roof tops. By noon, one boat was being used.

Rescues continue, though not as many as during the height of the storms.

“We saw very significant flooding,” City Manager Marc Ott said at a press conference about noon. He had just returned from a helicopter tour with police Chief Art Acevedo and Kerr. “In some cases people cut holes through rooftops to have access to the outside. While there are no confirmed fatalities, we have many areas that need to be searched.”

The Austin Travis County/Emergency Operations Center was partially activated early this morning. It is now on full activation and officials are focused on monitoring water levels, road conditions and evacuations.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Law Enforcement Division also activated its statewide search and water-rescue team to assist emergency crews. The agency has been working to rescue stranded residents in Travis, Hays, Comal and Bastrop counties.

Wimberley in Hays County posted the highest rainfall total at 12 to 14 inches, National Weather Service forecaster Steve Smart said.

In Travis County, 3 inches to 9 inches or more were reported since storms began.

Round Rock saw 9 inches and Bastrop County has seen 4 inches, officials said.

However, much of the Hill Country received less than a quarter inch, doing little to ease lake levels.

The flooding closed roads throughout the area, knocked out power and forced school closures and cancellations.

To check Austin Energy power outages, click here.

To check road closures in Austin, click here.

Click here for road closures in Hays County.

For road closures in Williamson County, click here.

Road closures in Bastrop County can be found here.

For school conditions, click here.

In Williamson County, officials notified 88 homes of evacuations in three areas of Hutto and Round Rock using a variety of methods, including a notice online. Sheriff’s deputies also knocked on doors on County Road 123 in Hutto telling people to evacuate. Officials also knocked on doors on County Road 135.

Water rescues were conducted along Brushy Creek, including on Ranch Road 620, Shady Lane and Lake Creek Parkway, but none were life-threatening incidents, sheriff’s officials said.

A shelter had been set up at Hutto Middle School, but only one family arrived there, a city official said.

In Wimberley, the community center helped 20 people who evacuated from nearby Mill Race Lane. Those residents left the center by 8 a.m. to return to their homes.

One hundred people took shelter at the San Marcos Activity Center, officials said. That shelter had closed by 11:30 a.m. A shelter at San Cruz Catholic Church at 1100 Main St. remains open for Buda-area residents, officials said.

In Austin, three shelters had been opened: The South Austin Recreation Center, Parker Lane United Methodist Church, and the South Austin Recreation.

By noon, only one shelter, Parker Lane United Methodist Church at 2105 Parker Lane, is open.

The Austin fire chief has ordered Barton Creek and Lady Bird Lake closed through noon Friday.

12:20 p.m. update: In the midst of the rescues, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Law Enforcement Division activated its statewide search and water-rescue team to assist emergency crews. The agency has been working to rescue stranded residents in Travis, Hays, Comal and Bastrop counties.

Among the rescues, game wardens assisted in water rescues in the Onion Creek area and homes near Circuit of the Americas near Texas 130.

Austin officials said STARFlight has rescued 29 people since flooding started and that rescues continue.

In Williamson County, officials notified 88 homes in three areas of Hutto and Round Rock using a variety of methods, including a notice online. Sheriff’s deputies also knocked on doors on County Road 123 in Hutto telling people to evacuate. Officials also knocked on doors on County Road 135.

Water rescues were conducted along Brushy Creek, including on Ranch Road 620, Shady Lane and Lake Creek Parkway, but none were life-threatening incidents, sheriff’s officials said.

Pedernales Electric Cooperative said nearly 3,000 members were without power by around noon. Most were centered near Manchaca, Kyle and Buda, the Johnson City-based nonprofit electric utility said.

Update 12:05 p.m.: Several Central Texas shelters are starting to close as displaced residents find new housing options and local waters continue to recede in some areas.

In Austin, the South Austin Recreation Center at 1100 Cumberland Road was closed shortly before noon, leaving the Parker Lane United Methodist Church as the remaining shelter for displaced city residents.

The San Marcos shelter was also closed in Hays County, while the Buda area shelter at San Cruz Catholic Church at 1100 Main St. remains open, officials said.

11:45 a.m. update: An additional 2,000 customers will be without power after crews discovered an Austin Energy substation was flooded, officials said. The substation was taken offline as a result, but crews hope to restore power as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative was reporting 1,280 power outages.

To check on Austin Energy power outages, click here.

Update 11:25 a.m.: The Austin fire chief has ordered Barton Creek and Lady Bird Lake closed through noon Friday.

Update 11:15 a.m.: Austin fire crews are continuing water rescues in the Pleasant Valley area in Southeast Austin, officials said.

Since fire crews responded to the scene of flooding waters in the area at 5 a.m., about 100 people have been rescued by boat or ground crew, said Austin fire official Carrie Stewart.

Another 100 rescues are possible, Stewart added.

There were no immediate reports of any injuries, but crews continue to check for homes and vehicles affected by flooding, she said.

Austin Energy says it now has 5,500 customers without power scattered across their service territory. Flooding continues to trigger delays for repairs in some areas, officials said.

10:55 a.m. update: Although Onion Creek continues to rise, Austin fire crews are starting to wind down operations in the Bluff Springs area.

An estimated 60 people were rescued with the aid of two boats this morning, officials said.

Now, one boat will be left on scene in case it is needed for deployment.

All residents and homes reported to Austin fire officials have been accounted for, but some residents were allowed to remain in their homes, officials said.

“Some did choose to stay in their homes as the water is receding,” said Austin fire official Carrie Stewart.

Onion Creek reached a record high of 41 feet this morning and is continuing to rise, officials said.

“What we have now is the runoff,” the official, Wendy Morgan, said of the rising water levels.

Mandatory evacuations have been ordered for Onion Creek Forest and Plantations subdivisions as well as homes along nearby Pinehurst Drive areas. Emergency crews are also conducting rescues of residents from their roofs and attics in the hardest hit areas of nearby Bluff Springs areas.

As many as 625 homes could be evacuated during rescue efforts, Morgan said, as water levels for homes near the Onion Creek flooding rose to about 8 feet or more.

The city has opened three shelters for area residents or people are encouraged to stay with family and friends.

Earlier: Multiple people have been rescued from flooded creeks across Central Texas on Thursday morning after storms dropped more than 13 inches of rain in some areas overnight.

Since midnight, emergency crews have responded to 81 flood-related incidents within Travis County. That includes 32 water rescues and other rescue alerts, one structure fire caused by lightning and 46 flood assistance and barricade calls, Austin fire officials said.

City of Austin officials say an estimated 500 to 600 homes have been flooded by the Thursday storms.

The heaviest rainfall began at 9 p.m. Wednesday and continued to pound the region overnight. Some of the highest totals of 9 inches or more were reported near southern Travis County and Hays County.

In downtown Austin, rainfall totals reached 4 to 5 inches, the National Weather Service reported.

Some of the heaviest flooding in Austin has been in the Bluff Springs area near Onion Creek.

Fire crews have rescued more than 60 residents who were forced to seek safety on roofs and in their attics, said Austin fire official Carrie Stewart. Two boats are in the water rescuing residents, and a StarFlight helicopter is hovering overhead looking for stranded residents, she said.

Rescues and reports of people on rooftops are still being reported in the area.

Three shelters have been opened for Austin residents displaced by floods, city officials said. The South Austin Recreation Center at 1100 Cumberland Road and Parker Lane United Methodist Church at 2105 Parker Lane near West Oltorf Street and Interstate 35 have been designated as shelters, officials said. The South Austin Recreation Center at 1100 Cumberland Road was opened about 10:15 a.m.

Austin Energy was reporting 8,500 outages by 9 a.m., including 6,500 customers without power in flooded areas, an official said.

To check Austin Energy power outages, click here.

To check road closures in Austin, click here.

Click here for road closures in Hays County.

For road closures in Williamson County, click here.

Road closures in Bastrop County can be found here.

A flash flood watch is in effect more much of Central Texas until noon today.

The City of Austin has issued a watercraft ban on Barton Creek and Lady Bird Lake because of unsafe water conditions, an official said.

Officials have partially activated the Austin-Travis County Emergency Operations Center, where city emergency representatives plan to coordinate response to the heavy rains, flooding and area rescues, a spokeswoman said.

The heaviest storms have moved east, and some light rain is possible throughout the day, said Steve Smart, meteorologist for the National Weather Service.

“Light showers are still possible,” Smart said. “But the heaviest rains have moved east.”

So far, Wimberley in Hays County has posted the highest rainfall total at 12 to 14 inches, Smart said.

In Travis County, anywhere from 3 inches to 9 inches or more were reported since storms began last night.

Round Rock saw 9 inches and Bastrop County has seen 4 inches, officials said.” –

Turkey/Greece/Italy/Slovenia/Croatia: Severe Weather including Tornado risk. ESTOFEX Storm Forecast: Levels 1 & 2 issued. Valid 161013 0600Z -171013 0600Z – Published 151013 2220z

Storm Forecast

European forecaster, ESTOFEX has issued the following forecast for severe weather:



Storm Forecast
Valid: Wed 16 Oct 2013 06:00 to Thu 17 Oct 2013 06:00 UTC
Issued: Tue 15 Oct 2013 21:51
Forecaster: PUCIK

A level 2 was issued for Southwestern Turkey mainly for excessive precipitation, tornadoes and to the lesser extent for large hail and severe wind gusts.
A level 1 was issued for Northwestern Turkey and Western Greece mainly for excessive precipitation and tornadoes.

A level 1 was issued for parts of Italy, Slovenia and Northern Croatia mainly for severe wind gusts and to the lesser extent for tornadoes.


A strong zonal flow is forecast over much of Western and Central Europe in conjunction with the disturbance ariving from the Atlantic. Ahead of the disturbance, ridge will translate towards Central Europe. Northwesterly flow aloft should accelerate the movement of cut-off low, centered over the Czech Republic as of Wednesday morning, towards the Aegean region. Strong jet-streak is forecast to develop on its southwestern flank, yielding strong forcing in its exit region. This cut-off low and its influence on the Mediterranean region regarding the DMC occurence will become the primary issue to deal with this forecast period.


… Southwestern Turkey …

A tongue of moist airmass is forecast to reach the region, along with a band of steep mid-level lapse rates. ECMWF is particularly optimistic regarding the latent instability build-up, showing CAPE values above 2000 J/kg for the coastal areas! Region of high latent instability will shift slowly eastwards, in accordance with the advection of steep lapse-rates. Even though isolated to scattered storms might form along the coastline even during the day, the main timeframe of severe weather risk should be between 00 and 06 UTC. Low-level wind field is expected to strengthen with the arrival of the mid-level / upper-level forcing and formation of the surface low over the northern Aegean. Forecast soundings show very moist low levels, moderate CAPE and most importantly, pronounced veering and increase of low-level winds with height, yielding long, semi-circular hodographs. A full facet of severe weather types is possible – while more isolated storms might attain supercellular characteristics, capable of tornadoes, severe wind gusts and large hail, it is very likely that a large MCS will form. Effective PW values should be high and with strong low-level flow, excessive rainfall events are well possible with such MCS, besides an isolated event of severe wind gusts. Threat will likely continue well into the next forecast period and Level 2 seems to be warranted due to the combination of more severe threats.

… Western Greece / Northwestern Turkey …

These areas are not going to have as favourable conditions as SW Turkey, but still, strong forcing will provide more than enough compensation for lack of higher CAPE values, so that MCS propagating SE-wards will be likely, especially in the late evening / night hours. With enhanced LLS, isolated tornado event is not ruled out, albeit the primary threat should be in the form of excessive precipitation.

… Northeastern / Eastern Italy, Slovenia, Northern Croatia …

A brief window around 12 / 15 UTC will exist for the development of DMC in the very cold mid-level airmass. With jet-streak above the area, very strong DLS is forecast to overspread an area of marginal latent instability. Primary question is whether updrafts can get sustained in the environment of strong storm relative winds along with significant drying at mid-levels. A very conditional Level 1 is issued for the possibility of low-topped supercells capable of severe wind gusts and/or tornadoes (moist low levels and enhanced shear in the lowest 1 km).

US: Mum, child among 5 killed in new storms and tornadoes in Oklahoma. At least 71 injured – 010613 1145z


Tornadoes rolled in from the prairie and slammed Oklahoma City and its suburbs, trapping people in their vehicles as a storm swept down an interstate highway while commuters tried to beat it home.(Photo:

Five people were killed, including a mother and baby killed near Union City, Oklahoma.

Another person died at El Reno, the first city struck by the storm, said Amy Elliott, a spokeswoman for the state medical examiner.

Circumstances involving the other two deaths weren’t immediately known, Elliott said.

About 50 (G: Now at least 71) people were hurt, five critically, hospital officials said. Meteorologists had warned about particularly nasty weather Friday but said the storm’s fury didn’t match that of a deadly twister that struck suburban Moore last week.

Violent weather also moved through the St. Louis area, ripping part of the roof off a suburban casino. Friday’s broad storm in Oklahoma hit during the evening rush hour and stuck around, causing havoc on Interstate 40, a major artery connecting suburbs east and west of the city, and dropping so much rain on the area that streets were flooded to a depth of 4 feet.

To the south, a severe storm with winds approaching 80 mph rolled into Moore, where a top-of-the-scale EF5 tornado killed 24 on May 20. Rick Smith, the warning coordination meteorologist for the National Weather Service at Norman, said that while the storm packed a powerful punch, it wasn’t as strong as the Moore tornado.

Saturday, 01 June, 2013 at 09:37 (09:37 AM) UTC RSOE

Other Reports

New Oklahoma tornadoes ‘kill five’


Journalist Brad Gibson: “Tornadoes are these beasts that come out of nowhere”

Related Stories

A new series of tornadoes has swept through the US state of Oklahoma, killing at least five people, including a mother and child, officials say.

The tornadoes struck near the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore, where 24 people were killed by a violent tornado nearly two weeks ago.

The latest storm struck during Friday’s evening rush hour, trapping many people in cars and causing traffic chaos.

More than 60,000 homes lost power and heavy rain has caused severe flooding.

Many streets were inundated with up to 4ft (1.2 m) of water.

Storms also swept through Missouri, where Governor Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency.

The National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Centre said the severe weather was shifting eastward on Saturday, towards Ohio and the Mississippi River Valleys.

‘Power flashes’

A police spokeswoman said the mother and child who died were in their car on a major highway – Interstate 40 – near Oklahoma City.

Car damaged on Interstate 40, 31 May Many vehicles were overturned on Interstate 40

Dozens of lorries were overturned on the highway.

Amy Elliott, a spokeswoman for Oklahoma’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, said that two of the deaths occurred in Union City and one was in El Reno, west of Oklahoma City.

Dozens of people have been hurt, with five of them in a critical condition.

Among those who took to the roads to flee the storm was 30-year-old Brandi Vanalphen.

“What got me scared was being stuck in traffic with sirens going off,” she told Reuters.

“I started seeing power flashes to the north… I started driving on the shoulder. People started driving over the grass.”

Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett said: “For reasons that are not clear to me, more people took to the roads, more than we expected. Everyone acted differently in this storm, and as a result, it created an extremely dangerous situation.

“I think we are still a little shaken by what happened in Moore. We are still burying children and victims, so our emotions are still strong,” he added.

Meteorologists said the tornadoes were less severe than the one that struck Moore two weeks ago.

That tornado – ranked as an EF5, the most powerful – destroyed some 1,200 homes. About 33,000 people were affected and the damage has been estimated at $2bn (£1.32bn).

Oklahoma is in part of the US Midwest known as Tornado Alley. Some 1,200 tornadoes strike each year, though most are relatively small.


Videos (Youtube)

  1. 5/31/2013 CLOSE RANGE Union City, Oklahoma Tornado – INSANE Video

    Brett and Brandon got extremely close to a violent tornadic circulation that produced multiple tornadoes in very close range.

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  2. 5/31/2013 Brandon Sullivan Hit By Tornado Debris Northwest of Union City, OK

    • by bnvn1
    • 10 hours ago
    • 47,301 views storm chaser Brandon Sullivan and his chase partner Brett Wright got caught in the tornado and

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  3. Tornado chaser, Brandon Sullivan Hit By Tornado Debris Northwest of Union City, Oklahoma 5/31/2013

    5/31/2013 Brandon Sullivan Hit By Tornado Debris Northwest of Union City, OK storm chaser Brandon

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  4. 5/31/2013 El Reno, OK Tornado Damages

    • by bnvn1
    • 2 hours ago

    A major outbreak of severe weather takes on Oklahoma for the second time in two weeks. Storms erupted west of Oklahoma City

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  5. Union City, OK Tornado 5-31-13 *Matt Grantham*

    Matt Grantham captured this video from the dash cam as the wedge tornado took shape southwest of El Reno.

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  6. 5/31/2013 Union City, Oklahoma Tornado

    Reupload of for people to comment on.

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  7. Tornado Touchdown in Oklahoma City – 5/31/2013

    Tens of thousands of people in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, including the twister-ravaged community of Moore, were

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  8. BREAKING: 5 Tornadoes On The Ground In Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area 5-31-2013

    Tens of thousands of people in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, including the twister-ravaged community of Moore, were

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  9. Raw: Riding Out Oklahoma Tornado Up Close

    Tornadoes rolled in from the prairie and slammed Oklahoma City and its suburbs, trapping people in their vehicles as a storm

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  10. El Reno, OK Tornado 5-31-13 *Nick Hellums*

    Nick captures this tornado just south of I-40 in El Reno as it approaches his location. He witnesses damage and dealt with alot of

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  11. 5/31/2013 Storm Chaser Dan Robinson Hit By El Reno, OK tornado

    • by bnvn1
    • 4 hours ago

    Storm Chaser Dan Robinson was chasing the storm system near El Reno, OK when a wedge tornado makes a sudden northerly

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  12. Tornado Strikes Oklahoma – raw video 05/31/2013

    The National Weather Service declared a tornado emergency Friday for the Oklahoma City metropolitan area that includes the

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  13. 5/31/2013 El Reno Massive Wedge Tornado

    • by bnvn1
    • 4 hours ago

    Jim Bishop shot this video while driving east on I-40 about 4 miles east of El Reno. The tornado was initially about 2 miles to the

    • NEW
    • HD
  14. Driving Through the Debri Field – Union City, Oklahoma Tornado Live Coverage – 5-31-2013

    See what it is like driving through a Debri field with Tornado half mile away. Weather Channel Version.

    • NEW
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  15. 2013-05-31 El Reno/Union City, OK – Wedge Tornado & Damage


    • NEW
    • HD
  16. CLOSE RANGE Union City, Oklahoma Tornado – INSANE Video 5/31/2013

    Brett and Brandon got extremely close to a violent tornadic circulation that produced multiple tornadoes in very close range.

    • NEW
    • HD
  17. 5/31/2013 CLOSE RANGE Union City, Oklahoma Tornado ( INSANE Video )

    Crazy Tornado In Oklahoma, This video is very intense and might be graphic to some users WARNING THIS VIDEO WAS NOT

    • NEW
    • HD
  18. Raw Video – Union City Tornado – Wall Cloud – Deadly Storm

    Union City Oklahoma Wall Cloud – Supercell Tornadic Storm – Several Dead. May 31 2013.

    • NEW


US: Oklahoma tornado: Search for survivors continues. At least 24 dead (inc 9 children), at least 230 injured, unknown missing 2105131830z

Photo of the Day: Volunteers respond to storms and floods in Madagascar

Red Cross Talks

potd feb 28

Today’s photo shows how the Malagasy Red Cross Society is responding to tropical cyclone Haruna, which slammed into the southwest coast of Madagascar on February 22. The storm brought heavy rains and winds of over 170 kilometers per hour and crashed across the entire Big Island, leaving many villages and communities flooded.

To date, 18,000 people have been affected, 24 have died, and more than 1,100 homes have been destroyed. Infrastructure such as schools, government buildings, and health centres have been damaged as well.

Following the storm, volunteers with the Malagasy Red Cross Society immediately provided assistance to their communities, conducted evacuations, managed camps and offered psychosocial support to those affected. The main needs continue to be temporary shelter, food, water and sanitation.

As the situation evolves, the Malagasy Red Cross continues to conduct assessments in order to provide proper relief and response. Visit the IFRC to learn more about…

View original post 7 more words

Australia: Tornadoes hit Hobart. Warning of severe storms in SE Tasmania – 091112 1920z

A series of tornadoes have hit Hobart as the weather bureau warns of severe storms in southeast Tasmania.

The Bureau of Meteorology says weak tornadoes have been observed in and around the capital and have been included in a warning about destructive winds, heavy rainfall, flash flooding and large hailstones.

“We have had some reports of hailstones and also tornadoes in the southeastern area,” the bureau’s severe weather forecaster, Matthew Michael said.
“The tornadoes that were reported were very weak in severity and quite short-lived.

The main focus of the warning is really the strong winds and the hailstones.”

The Mercury reports schools have been advised to keep students inside or send them home.

Residents were advised to move their cars under cover and avoid driving, walking or riding through flood water.

Mr Michael said a cold southerly stream producing surface winds of a different temperature to higher winds had produced the rare weather event.

Friday, 09 November, 2012 at 06:45 (06:45 AM) UTC RSOE

Video via @ABCEmergency


All thunderstorm warnings in Tasmania have now been cancelled.

Japan: 22 killed, 240,000 evacuated in ongoing Kyushu storms – Published 14 July 2012 1752 GMT/UTC

“Some 240,000 people from about 85,000 households in Kyushu were told to evacuate as storms that have already killed 22 people continued to dump more rain on the region Saturday, local authorities said.

The orders were issued in four of Kyushu’s seven prefectures — Fukuoka, Saga, Kumamoto and Oita. The police, meanwhile, have launched searches for seven missing people in Oita and Kumamoto.

In Fukuoka Prefecture alone, around 190,000 people from 65,000 households were ordered to evacuate, including from the cities of Yanagawa and Miyama. At one point, all residents in Yanagawa were instructed to evacuate, although the order was later lifted in some areas.

In the city of Yame, three people were hit by landslides early Saturday. Two were rescued but an 83-year-old woman was missing, police said.

“I’ve been living here for 60 years, but I’ve never experienced this before,” Yame resident Tsuneo Otsu, 63, said as he tried to push muddy water out of his house.

In Hita, Oita Prefecture, Gov. Katsusada Hirose requested help from the Ground Self-Defense Force as police attempted to verify a report that a vehicle had been swept away.

Meanwhile, the Yamakunigawa River in the city of Nakatsu and the Kagetsugawa River in Hita both overran their banks.

The Meteorological Agency issued warnings for landslides and flooding rivers, saying the heavy downpours could hit parts of northern Kyushu as well.

According to radar data, the town of Soeda in Fukuoka Prefecture was inundated by 90 mm of rain in just an hour through around 5:30 a.m., while Hita received 85 mm of precipitation between roughly 6:15 and 7:15 a.m.

Yame, Ukiha and Chikugo in Fukuoka Prefecture all set new local records with hourly precipitation of 110 mm that ended at about 6:30 a.m.

In Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture, more than 730 mm of rain has fallen since Wednesday, surpassing the city’s average of 570 mm for July.

In the three days through 11:20 a.m. Saturday, cumulative rainfall totaled some 780 mm in Aso, 650 mm in Yame and 600 mm in Hita, with as much as 150 mm more forecast to fall in a 24-hour period ending noon Sunday.

A powerful seasonal rain front hovering over wide areas of Japan is also causing sporadic torrential rain in eastern and central regions.” –

“The Japan Meteorological Agency warned of more landslides and floods on the main southern island of Kyushu as rainfall of up to 11 centimetres per hour was recorded early on Saturday.

The agency warned that rainfall of up to 80 millimetres per hour could hit parts of northern Kyushu later in the day.

Evacuation orders had been issued to about 240,000 people in the north of Kyushu where more rivers burst their banks, public broadcaster NHK and Jiji Press news agency reported, compiling figures from various authorities.” – Al Jazeera


福岡、佐賀、熊本、大分 – 注文は九州7県の4人に発行された。警察は、一方、大分と熊本の7行方不明者の検索を開始した。


八女市で、三人は、早期土曜日土砂崩れに襲われた。 2つは救助されましたが、83歳の女性が行方不明になったと、警察は言いました。

彼は家から濁った水を押し出すしようとした “私は60年間ここに住んでていましたが、私は前にこれを経験したことがありません、”八女市居住恒夫大津、63、と述べた。








日本の広い領域にわたってホバリング強力な梅雨前線はまた、東部および中部地域で散発的な豪雨を引き起こしている ” – 。



4 dead, 19,00 displaced, 9900 homes destroyed or damaged in China storms

Continuous torrential rain in east China’s Jiangxi Province has left four people dead, it was announced on Wednesday.

By 9 am Wednesday, 18,000 residents who were threatened by floods had been relocated, according to a statement issued by the provincial civil affairs department.

Torrential rain has disrupted life for 543,000 residents in 34 counties, districts and cities of the province, and damaged 33,900 hectares of crops, the statement said.

More than 5,700 houses have been toppled, with another 4,200 seriously damaged, it added.The National Disaster Reduction Commission and the Ministry of Civil Affairs on Monday initiated an emergency response to battle the rain-triggered disaster.

Storms have affected large parts of southern China, bringing landslides.In Shaoguan city of Guangdong Province, which borders Jiangxi, one person was killed and another two were missing after rain-triggered landslides.

Landslides also disrupted traffic on a section of an international highway in Tibet Autonomous Region, and in Shennongjia, a forestry resort in central China’s Hubei Province, although the flow of vehicles had resumed on Wednesday.

Wednesday, 02 May, 2012 at 20:11 (08:11 PM) UTC RSOE

9 dead, 3,000 homes flooded & 11000+ evacuated in Haiti & Dominican Republic landslides/flooding – 500,000 people still without homes & more rain soon

Heavy rains drenching the Caribbean island of Hispaniola have caused mudslides and floods that killed up to nine people in Haiti and forced more than 11,000 people to flee their homes in the neighboring Dominican Republic, authorities said Wednesday.

Marie Alta Jean-Baptiste of Haiti’s Civil Protection Office said nine people died in the southern and western parts of the country. The deaths included a 6-year-old child and a woman killed by landslides in the capital of Port-au-Prince and four who drowned in rivers outside the city, she said.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs gave a lower toll from three days of heavy storms at the start of the rainy season. It said in a statement that only six people had died since Monday. High water and heavy rain are creating problems for the nearly 500,000 people still without homes in the aftermath of Haiti’s 2010 earthquake. In the Dominican Republic, officials said there had not been any reports of deaths or injuries, but said about 11,150 people had been evacuated from their homes.

Emergency office spokesman Jose Luis German said nearly 3,000 homes were flooded when rivers and streams spilled from their banks in the northern province of Puerto Plata and some central and southeastern towns. He said 23 of the country’s 32 provinces were at risk for flooding in the coming days since rains were forecast to continue for the rest of the week.

Thursday, 26 April, 2012 at 02:53 (02:53 AM) UTC RSOE

Also see:

Current US Weather Warnings


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