UK: 2,400 teens prepare for annual 2-day Ten Tors Challenge/Jubilee Challenge across Dartmoor – Published 050514 1720z

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Underage Teen Sex: Is a Girl Being Prosecuted for Being Gay?

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Teen romance is tough enough when you’re not accused of breaking the law.

But that’s exactly the predicament Kaitlyn Hunt, a high school senior from Sebastian, Fla., finds herself in. Hunt, 18, was arrested Feb. 16 for dating her girlfriend, who was 14 when the alleged crime was committed. She’s charged with lewd and lascivious battery on a victim aged 12 to 16 by a person over the age of 18, a second-degree felony that carries a possible prison term of 15 years per count.

The case has generated a good bit of Internet buzz for understandable reasons. There’s sex involved — and underage, lesbian sex at that — along with loud cries of injustice from the family of Kaitlyn Hunt.

Whether or not the charges are fueled by homophobia, of course, is difficult to prove. That may be why gay rights organizations are keeping their distance. In what appears to…

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RUSSIA: Yefremov Tornado leaves 20 injured (inc 3 children) and 213 buildings incl 179 homes damaged, where almost 5,000 people live – 230513 1500z

State of emergency imposed in Tula Region hit by whirlwind

State of emergency imposed in Tula Region hit by   whirlwind


“MOSCOW, May 23 (Itar-Tass) – A state of emergency is imposed in the Tula Region, in accordance with the governor’s directions, the Emergencies Ministry’s regional department told Itar-Tass on Thursday.

On Wednesday, the southern and central districts of the city of Yefremov, the Tula Region, were severely hit by a “small tornado”.

Emergencies ministry sources told Itar-Tass that 213 constructions, including 179 residential buildings, where almost 5,000 people reside, were damaged. Windows in buildings were shattered, roof sheets were torn off. The roofs of five schools and two kindergartens were damaged. Among the damaged sites are nine administrative buildings — the administration, a museum, the prosecutor’s office. the city gas service office, the tax police office, the treasury, a garment factory, a repair station and the registry service — and 18 stores. More than 50 trees and 15 light poles fell. Twenty houses are still left without electricity.

Twenty people needed medical care, including three children. One person is hospitalized.

More than 3,500 people are mobilized to deal with the consequences.

The work to clear the areas of debris and broken trees and resume electricity supply to 20 private houses is expected to be completed by 18:00 this Thursday, the Russian Emergencies Ministry’s information department said.

Six km of roads are already cleared, and 400 cub/m of debris is carried away.

According to the preliminary estimates, 3,300 sq m of slate and 750 sq m of glass must be replaced.

Mobile teams are sent to the site from the Lipetsk and Oryol regions.”

Other Reports

Russian tornado injures 20

“A tornado has torn roofs from schools and other structures in a town south of Moscow. It damaged 180 buildings and injured 20 people, including 3 small children.

The twister struck on Wednesday in the town of Yefremov in the Tula region, about 300 kilometers south of the Russian capital.
It ripped off the roofs and shattered windows of homes, schools and kindergartens.

Video images show a funnel cloud sucking up objects and debris as it approaches the town.

Gale-force winds flipped over cars and uprooted trees.

Workers from Russia’s Ministry for Emergency Situations have arrived in Yefremov to survey damage, and help with repairs and restoring the power supply.

Russia’s meteorological agency says atmospheric conditions were unstable at the time the twister struck, due to a passing cold front.

May 23, 2013 – Updated 01:04 UTC” – NHK

(Photo: 22 MAY 2013 – RUSSIA: Yefremov-Tornado. Damage photo shows a damaged house in Yefremov town. (source: Yefremov-Town) via SkyWarn Europe

“Over a dozen people were injured and 80 buildings damaged after a rare

tornado ripped through the small town of Yefremov in central Russia. Most

injuries are caused by broken windows. A state of emergency was announced

by the Tula Governor Vladimir Gruzdev, who arrived in the wind-swept town

on Wednesday night. “Now the region will be able to request help from

federal relief funds,” Gov. Gruzdev said at an operative meeting. The

regional authority said it was going to allocate $1,600 in damages to every

low-income resident hit by the mini twister.” –

(Photo: 22 MAY 2013 – RUSSIA: Yefremov-Tornado. Damage photo showing a thrown part of a small framehouse. (source: SLON) via SkyWarn Europe

Meteorologist and Extreme Storm Chaser, Reed Timmer, said, “Conditions were very similar to the central plains of the us today over the Tula region south of Moscow,, There may have been more supercells and tornadoes will see as news filters out.”


Amazing Tornado Footage from Yefremov, Tula Oblast, Russia

(Video credit: Sarah Sarah)

Published on 23 May 2013

May 22 – This Crazy Cameraman desides to shoot this footage from close

Tornado in the Tula area. Yefremov. Russia

(Video credit: vadimcazacu)

Tornado in Russia – Efremov (Tula Region)

(Video credit: AlejandroToresBlade)

Russian (Google translation)

Чрезвычайное положение, введенное в Тульской области пострадали от смерча

Чрезвычайное положение, введенное в Тульской области пострадали от смерча

“МОСКВА, 23 мая (ИТАР-ТАСС) – чрезвычайного положения, введенные в Тульской области, в соответствии с указаниями губернатора, чрезвычайным ситуациям регионального отделения министерства сообщили ИТАР-ТАСС в четверг.

В среду, южные и центральные районы города Ефремова Тульской области, были серьезно пострадали от “малых Торнадо.

Источники МЧС сообщили ИТАР-ТАСС, что 213 сооружений, в том числе 179 жилых домов, где почти 5000 человек проживают, были повреждены. Окон зданий были разрушены, крыша листы были сорваны. Крыши из пяти школ и два детских сада были повреждены. Среди поврежденных участков девять административных зданий – администрация, музей, прокуратуру. службе городской газ, Управлением налоговой полиции, казначейства, швейная фабрика, ремонт станции и реестра сервисов – и 18 магазинов. Более 50 деревьев и 15 фонарных столбов упал. Двадцать домов все еще остаются без электричества.

Двадцать человек нуждались в медицинской помощи, в том числе трое детей. Один человек госпитализирован.

Более 3500 человек будут мобилизованы для борьбы с последствиями.

Работы, чтобы очистить область от мусора и сломанные деревья и возобновить электроснабжение 20 частных домов, как ожидается, будет завершена к 18:00 в этот четверг, МЧС России в информационном отделе сказали.

Шесть км дорог уже рассеялся, и 400 куб / м мусора уносится.

По предварительным оценкам, 3300 квадратных метров шифера и 750 кв м из стекла должна быть заменена.

Мобильные бригады направляются на сайт из Липецкой и Орловской областях. ”
Другие отчеты
России торнадо травмы 20
“Торнадо порвал крыш от школ и других структур в городке к югу от Москвы. Это повреждены 180 зданий и ранены 20 человек, в том числе 3 маленьких детей.

Twister ударил по среду в городе Ефремов Тульской области, примерно в 300 километрах к югу от столицы России.
Он сорвал крыши и выбиты стекла в домах, школах и детских садах.

Видео изображения показывают воронкообразное облако сосать до объектов и мусора по мере приближения к городу.

Ураганных ветров перевернул автомобили и выкорчеваны деревья.

Работники Министерства России по чрезвычайным ситуациям прибыли в Ефремов обследовать повреждения, а также помочь с ремонтом и восстановлением питания.

Метеорологическое агентство России говорит атмосферные условия были нестабильными во время торнадо ударил, из-за мимолетного холодного фронта.

23 мая 2013 – Обновленный 1:04 UTC “- NHK

(Фото: Ефремов 22 Май 2013 – РОССИЯ: Ефремов-торнадо. Нанесенный фотография показывает поврежденный дом в городе Ефремов. (Источник: Ефремов-Town) через Skywarn Европе

“Более десятка человек получили ранения и 80 зданий, поврежденных после редкой

торнадо разорвал через небольшой город Ефремов в центральной России. Наиболее

травм вызваны разбитыми окнами. Чрезвычайное положение было объявлено

по Тульской области Владимир Груздев, который прибыл в ветрам города

в ночь на среду. “Теперь региона смогут обратиться за помощью

федеральных фондов помощи, “Губернатор Груздев заявил на оперативном совещании.

региональная власть заявила, что собирается выделить $ 1600 в качестве компенсации каждому

с низким уровнем доходов резидента пострадали от мини-твистер “-.

(Фото: 22 Май 2013 – РОССИЯ: Ефремов-торнадо. Нанесенный фото показывает брошены частью небольшой framehouse. (Источник: СЛОН) через Skywarn Европе

Метеоролог и экстремальных Chaser Буря, Рид Тиммер, сказал: Условия были очень похожи на центральные равнины нам сегодня по Тульской области к югу от Москвы, Там, возможно, были более Суперклетки и торнадо увидите как новости отфильтровывает.
Удивительные кадры из Торнадо Ефремов, Тульская область, Россия

(Видео кредита: Sarah Sarah)

Опубликовано 23 мая 2013

22 мая – это сумасшедшее Оператор ПОСТОНАВЛЯЕТ снимать эти кадры с близкого
Торнадо в Тульской области. Ефремов. Россия

(Видео кредита: vadimcazacu)
Торнадо в России – Ефремов (Тульская область)

(Видео кредита: AlejandroToresBlade)


UK: 2,400+ teens complete annual 2-day Ten Tors Challenge/Jubilee Challenge across Dartmoor – 120513 1700z

Ten Tors and the Weather Ten Tors and the Weather (PDF,96 kB)

To view PDF documents you will need Adobe Reader.
Adobe Acrobat Reader

Good luck to all those taking part in this years event. –

Dartmoor Search & Rescue Team Ashburton:

Its the 53rd Ten Tors (#TenTors) challenge this weekend. 2400 teenagers aged between 14 and 19 in teams of 6 will walk a route of Ten Tors over a distance of 35, 45, or 55 miles staring at 7am on Saturday morning and finishing by 5pm on the Sunday. There are also a further 300 youngsters with physical or educational needs taking part in the Jubilee Challenge that takes place on the Saturday. Theyve been training hard and we wish all participants the very best of luck.

Its a fabulous event with a lot of hard work by the army and other organisations, including us, who help to make it happen and run smoothly.

Our volunteers look forward to it every year and will be camping out on the moor for the duration providing assistance for any participants who need our specialist help.

Our blog has some articles and videos to give you an idea of what we get involved with.

You can keep up to date with the event and the progress of the teams on their respective routes via the event website.

Calling the emergency services from a mobile phone (Advice from Dartmoor Rescue)

The short video gives important information about dialing the emergency services from a mobile phone in the event of an accident. It answers important questions such as:

  • whats the difference between 999 and 112?
  • How can you call when your mobile phone is showing no signal?
  • Or if somebody in your party is unconscious and theirs is the only mobile, how can you bypass the phone security to make that important call and potentially save their life?

All this and more is explained simply and clearly.

So be prepared and watch the video as it could save the life or a family member of friend.

Help Me The Secrets of using 112 on a mobile phone in an emergency/accident

You need to register your mobile phone before being able to alert the emergency services, including mountain and cave rescue, via SMS text message. This is best donebeforeyou need help. You can register by sending an SMS text message from your mobile phone as follows:

(Goaty: Suggest better to register with 112 rather than 999 why? see video, but why not both)

sms999.001 - Version 2

More information can be found at the following website: Mountain/Moorland Advice from Mountain Rescue England & Wales:

Mountains and moorlands can be treacherous places without proper care and there are many, many ways to enjoy the mountain environment, be it walking, climbing, running, cycling or skiing. Theres no subsititute for experience, but there are steps you can take to minimise the chances of getting lost or hurt.

Prepare and plan

  • Develop the mountain skills you need to judge potential hazard, including the ability to read a map.
  • Think about the equipment, experience, capabilities and enthusiasm of your party members, taking into account the time of year, the terrain and the nature of the trip and choose your routes accordingly.
  • Learn the basic principles of first aid airway, breathing, circulation and the recovery position. It could make the difference between life and death.

Wear suitable clothing and footwear

  • Wear suitable footwear with a treaded sole, and which provides support for ankles.
  • Clothing should be colourful, warm, windproof and waterproof and always carry spare, including hat and gloves (even in summer the tops and open moorland can still be bitingly cold, and its always colder the higher you climb).

Carry food and drink

  • Take ample food and drink for each member of the party. High energy food such as chocolate and dried fruit are ideal for a quick hit.
  • In cold, wet weather a warm drink is advisable, and always carry water even in cool weather its easy to become dehydrated.
  • Of course, large quantities of water can weight heavy in the rucksack, so take a smaller water bottle and top up when you can streams on hills are drinkable if fast-running over stony beds.

and the right equipment

  • A map and compass are essential kit and should be easily accessible not buried in the rucksack!
  • A mobile phone and GPS are useful tools but dont rely on your mobile to get you out of trouble in may areas of the mountains there is no signal coverage.
  • Take a whistle and learn the signal for rescue. Six good long blasts. Stop for one minute. Repeat. Carry on the whistle blasts until someone reaches you and dont stop because youve heard a reply rescuers may be using your blasts as a direction finder.
  • A torch (plus spare batteries and bulbs) is a must. Use it for signalling in the same pattern as for whistle blasts.
  • At least one reliable watch in the party.
  • Cllimbers and mountain bikers should wear a helmet. In winter conditions, an ice-axe, crampons and survival bag are essential.
  • Emergency survival kit comprising spare clothing and a bivvi bag.

Before you set out

  • Charge your phone battery! Many accidents occur towards the end of the day when both you and your phone may be low on energy.
  • Check the weather forecast and local conditions. Mountains can be major undertakings and, in the winter months, night falls early.
  • Eat well before you start out.
  • Leave your route plan including start and finish points, estimated time of return and contact details with an appropriate party.

On the hill

  • Keep an eye on the weather and be prepared to turn back if conditions turn against you, even if this upsets a long planned adventure.
  • Make sure party leaders are experienced. Keep together, allow the slowest member of the party to determine the pace, and take special care of the youngest and weakest in dangerous places.
  • Watch for signs of hypothermia, particularly in bad weather disorientation, shivering, tiredness, pale complexion and loss of circulation in hands or toes, discarding of vital clothing. Children and older people are especially susceptible.
  • If you prefer to go alone, be aware of the additional risk. Let people know your route before you start, stick to it as far as you can and notify them of any changes.
  • If you think you need mountain rescue, get a message to the Police (999/112) as soon as possible and keep injured/exhausted people safe and warm until help reaches you.

Dangers you can avoid

  • Precipices and unstable boulder.
  • Slopes of ice or steep snow, and snow cornices on ridges or gully tops.
  • Very steep grass slopes, especially if frozen or wet.
  • Gullies, gorges and stream beds, and streams in spate.
  • Exceeding your experience and abilities and loss of concentration.

Dangers you need to monitor

  • Weather changes mist gale, rain and snow may be sudden and more extreme than forecast.
  • Ice on path (know how to use an ice-axe and crampons).
  • Excessive cold or heat (dress appropriately and carry spare clothing!).
  • Exhaustion (know the signs, rest and keep warm).
  • Passage of time especially true when under pressure allow extra time in winter or night time conditions.

Check out the new Safe in the Hills website pioneered by the Kirkby Stephen MRT, for more information about how you can keep safe whilst walking in the hills.

More about Ten Tors from

Look after your feet, you dont want this sort of fun..

How to take care of your feet when hiking. The key recommendations are:

  • Choose the right hiking boots
  • Trim your toenails
  • Soften any tough skin (which are subject to hard to treat deep blisters)
  • Rest feet when walking

Avoiding and treating foot blisters for hikers, as well as giving some useful advice on how to treat blisters, highlights the importance of changing your (decent walking) socks when they get wet

  1. Make sure you have a decent pair of boots
  2. Take plenty of decent hiking socks
  3. Change your socks when they get damp (if you do this as early as possible you have a fighting chance to dry them in your sleeping bag)
  4. Regularly let your feet rest and breath
  5. Regularly apply talc to your feet
  6. If it is raining or very damp, wear gaiters to stop water getting into your boots

Do this and your feet, the most important hiking equipment you have, will thank you!

(Stolen from

Friday 1oth 1530BST:

High above Okehampton camp, Dartmoor the Police helicopter hovered, a birds eye view of teams starting to arrive and setting up

(Photo: @DCP_Helicopter) Okehampton camp, Dartmoor 10 May 2013

Antony Astbury, Deputy Chief Forecaster at the Met Office said yesterday: Its an unsettled picture for Dartmoor this weekend. For the Ten Tors participants the main feature will be the strong winds which will make it feel very cold. During the day on Sunday visibility will be reduced as cloud lowers over the hills

The latest forecast for Dartmoor can be found on the Met Office events page.

Latest BBC Weather forecast here:

Latest news can be found on the Event website. and (WAP)

Ten Tors Facebook page

Copied from the event website:

Fri 10-May-2013 at 14:39:44 Updated:
The camp-site is a hive of activity now. The tent-pegs are being hammered in-deep and the guy-ropes are essential against the blustery and strong wind. Although the weather forecast is for rain this evening, there is a greatsense of anticipation and the teams pass through scrutineering in their team colours.
Fri 10-May-2013 at 12:59:54 Updated:

Weather report: its blustery and overcast here at Okehampton Camp, but so far the predicted rain hasnt arrived its due this evening and overnight we could be in for a damp start tomorrowMany organisations are involved, but these are the SAR related ones:

Devon and Cornwall Constabulary work closely with the Ten Tors organisers throughout the training period and the Event. Anyone who has been lost or injured on Dartmoor will tell you of their expert coordination of rescue from Dartmoors wild country.

Dartmoor Search and Rescue Group provides twelve teams based around the Moor and controlled from Okehampton Camp during the Event; their first-hand knowledge of the Moor is a crucial part of the Ten Tors safety-net.

British Red Cross works with the Army Medical Service to provide medical cover for the participants in the Challenges, supporters and spectators. Their volunteers man the first aid point in Okehampton Camp and are ready to assess, treat and evacuate casualties. 50 volunteers are providing first aid cover

Devon and Cornwall 44 Response we never close & we always respond. The volunteers provide over thirty 44 vehicles with drivers to carry the EUOTC, Scrutineers and DRG teams together with Army fall out units for transporting participants who need to leave the route early. Snow, floods and difficult tracks are where we usually operate and in recent years our members covered over 10,000 miles carrying police, nurses, doctors, carers, and essential medical supplies.

Good luck to everyone taking part!

Goatys News can also be found onFacebook and Twitter

Goatys News May 10, 2013 at 19:25 (Edit)

10 May 2013 2020BST: Check out Jerseys upgraded doppler radar, which covers Dartmoor:

Goatys News May 10, 2013 at 20:14 (Edit)

10 May 2013 2110BST: Latest update on event website:

Fri 10-May-2013 at 19:21:17 Updated:

From the Ten Tors controllers: The event is proceeding given the assessment of the weather. We are expecting overnight rain to continue into the morning if you plan to attend the start of Ten Tors or Jubilee Challenge please wear waterproofs!

Updates will continue but the timestamp on the front page will not change overnight in preparation for the start of Ten Tors 2013 at 07:00 tomorrow. Well be here to say farewell and good luck to the four hundred Teams and to get a few photos. We wish them well!!

Update 11 May 2013 1050 BST:

Latest updates copied from

Sat 11-May-2013 at 06:39:32 Updated:

Good Morning World Welcome to Ten Tors 2013!

After a very short night the 400 Teams are wide awake(!), breakfasted, kitted up and beginning to make their way to their assembly points at Anthony Stile for the start of Ten Tors 2013 thats exactly where were heading, to get some photos of them setting off on their journey!

Every Team will have trained throughout the winter and early spring, building up their endurance, and their knowledge of the moor for this one weekend. Each individual will carry wet and dry weather changes of kit, a sleeping bag, roll mat, food for two days, two litres of water, a map and compass As a Team of six they will carry between them at least two tents, two stoves, cooking gear and two first aid kits Armed with this they are about to take on Dartmoor, and whatever weather it might choose to bless them with over the next thirty-six hours.

This is Ten Tors weekend. Theyre ready!

Sat 11-May-2013 at 07:59:22 Updated:

It was a wet start for all the teams this morning but spirits were high as the teams set off. Despite the weather a big crowd cheered them on their way. Compass skills will be important as the teams head for their first tors because the cloud is low making visibility poor. This is when all that training comes into its own. Some teams should start to reach their first tors from 8 oclock but much depends on the route they are on. Photos of the start will be posted shortly.

(Photo: ArmyMediaCommSW ‏@ArmyMediaCommSW 11 May) And they’re off! 393 Ten Tors teams take to the hills watched over by the Army-led multi-agency Ten Tors Ops Room

Sat 11-May-2013 at 08:29:25 Updated:

Some teams have now reached their first tor so if you want to follow their progress the following will be helpful How to Find Your Team a quick guide to Team Codes: The best place to start is the all the Teams page. This has every Team listed in alphabetic order, so finding the one(s) youre interested in should be straightforward. This site doesnt have access to the names of team members, so Im afraid we cant help there. The all Teams list has, at the start of each line, the Teams unique identifier throughout the Event (this is the entry in the Code column and is completely different from the three-character identifier they used during training consisting of one alphabetic and four numeric characters, eg C0312) each Team member literally wears these numbers for two days click on the alphabetic character to see the Route card which will detail the Teams times at each of their Tor checkpoints as the weekend progresses. If youll be using the Team Status tracking page to follow your Team across the Moor, this code will save you typing their full name. The web site is now in full Event mode the Route cards are also accessible from The Routes link on the index frame opposite; click there, select the distance your Team is walking, then your Teams alphabetic Route letter (A to Z). The Route cards, together with the all Teams and Team Update lists will be updated every ten minutes or so throughout the weekend, and theyre all time-stamped so youll know how recently they were updated but bear in mind that even on the shorter 35-mile routes theres on average 5 Km between Tor checkpoints, and on Dartmoor that could take a couple of hours to walk If youll be using your mobile phone, the data there will be derived as you request it from the All Teams page youll get the latest information available.

(Photo: ArmyMediaCommSW @ArmyMediaCommSW/Andy Reddy ) The teenagers were in teams of six and trekked up to 55 miles (89km)

The View From Here: Ten Tors, One Spirit

(Video credit: James Littlejohns)

Published on 3 May 2013

Westcountry TV documentary following 4 Ten Tors teams. Circa 1998/1999.

Hundreds of teenagers start Dartmoors Ten Tors Challenge


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More than 2,400 teenagers have set off on the annual two-day Ten Tors Challenge across Dartmoor.

The event involves young people aged between 14 and 19, in teams of six, trekking up to 55 miles (89km).

Camping overnight, the teams complete the challenge without adult guidance and set off at 07:00 BST.

Organisers said the teenagers would arrive back at base from 09:00 BST on Sunday.

Almost 300 youngsters with special physical or educational needs will also take part in the Jubilee Challenge, completing routes of up to 15 miles (24km).

Troops involved in the event include members of the Army, the Territorial Army and the Royal Navy.

The majority of the teams who enter are from schools and youth groups from across the south-west of England.

Update 12 May 2013 1050 BST:

Dartmoor’s Ten Tors: Teenagers complete challenge


Teenagers starting the challenge Hundreds of teenagers started the challenge on Saturday morning

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Teenagers taking part in the annual two-day Ten Tors challenge across Dartmoor in Devon have started to cross the finish line.

The event involves young people aged between 14 and 19, in teams of six, trekking up to 55 miles (89km).

Camping overnight, the teams complete the challenge without adult guidance.

The first team to cross the finish line at about 09:30 BST was the Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital School for Boys, from Bristol.

Msg from Dir Ten Tors Brigadier Piers Hankinson. ‘Soundbite’ here:

(Photo: ArmyMediaCommSW @ArmyMediaCommSW/Andy Reddy ) The first team to cross the finish line at about 09:30 BST was the Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital School for Boys, from Bristol.

Troops involved in the event include members of the Army, the Territorial Army and the Royal Navy.

More than 2,400 teenagers are taking part in the challenge, with the majority from schools and youth groups in the south-west of England.


(Photo: ArmyMediaCommSW @ArmyMediaCommSW ) @RoyalNavy Lynx Mark 8 from 815 Naval Air Sqdn

Commando Helicopter Force Sea King (yes, it is Lynx above) Pilot from RNAS Yeovilton on working @ Army ‘soundbite’:
The first Team was spotted walking down the final slope to the Finish at 09:34:37

The Director of Ten Tors wishes to clarify the situation regarding the delays experienced by some teams yesterday.

As the weather deteriorated over the moor during the course of the morning, there was a noticeable rise in river levels which, in places, became potentially dangerous. This situation was particularly evident on the crossing points over the Amicombe Brook, East Dart River and Sandy Hole Pass.

Therefore, the Dartmoor Rescue Group on site made a decision to offer teams an alternative, less hazardous route which involved a 4km detour. Delays were also experienced due to the congestion which then built up at these crossing points. This decision was a pragmatic suggestion by DRG leaving team leaders to decide on their choice of route. As it was not directed in advance by the Ten Tors Committee, no time allowances will be made. As much as the Ten Tors Director would like to keep the challenge open for longer, the context of the delay represents part of the challenge. Consideration must also be given to the deteriorating weather conditions expected later today and the safety implications this may bring. Here’s a ‘soundbite’ from the Director via the Army:

Chairman explains working with the at and the vital role they play. ‘Soundbite’ here:

Due the weather car parking was reduced at Okehampton Camp.

(Photo: ArmyMediaCommSW ‏@ArmyMediaCommSW) Army working hard to manage traffic in & out of muddy car parks at Okehampton Camp. Devon 4×4 & Reservists helping supporters

(Photo: ArmyMediaCommSW ‏@ArmyMediaCommSW) @BritishArmy Reservists help free Ten Tors spectators from car parks at Okehampton Camp. Thanks for your patience

About an hour ago BBC’s Matt Woodley ‏tweeted that there was a queue for ten tors supporters picking up down station road, through Okehampton town centre and backed up Exeter Rd towards the A30. He estimated 2 miles.

About 1340 BST The Army said that 89 of 393 teams which started have now finished. There were 411 fall outs.

Dartmoor’s Ten Tors: Teenagers complete challenge


(Photo: BBC News)

Teenagers taking part in the annual two-day Ten Tors challenge across Dartmoor in Devon have crossed the finish line.

The event involves young people aged between 14 and 19, in teams of six, trekking up to 55 miles (89km).

Camping overnight, the teams complete the challenge without adult guidance.

The first team to cross the finish line at about 09:30 BST was the Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital School for Boys, from Bristol.

BlistersHector Leach-Clay, 16, who was the leader of the team, said: “It feels absolutely incredible. I feel very, very sore but very, very happy.

“My feet are the worst. I think I must have at least eight or nine blisters.

“It was really, really hard, especially at the beginning of the first tor in driving rain – persistent for about two hours with the side winds – it was awful.”

Fen Eastaugh, from Devon, was a member of Dartmoor Plodders, the first all-girls team to finish.

‘Tough conditions’The 15-year-old, who walked a 35-mile route, said: “I cannot even explain the emotions that you go through.

“There’s happiness and then you want to cry…there’s everything, it’s amazing.

“To be the first girl team…that’s what I was aiming for yesterday but I am so glad we did it, it’s just incredible.”

Brigadier Piers Hankinson, director of Ten Tors, said: “It’s been really tough conditions this year.

“A lot of teams got disorientated early on.

“It’s not a race, it’s a challenge and the conditions out there have been very challenging.”

Event organisers said more than 400 teenagers had dropped out of the event after starting on Saturday.

Troops involved in the challenge include members of the Army, the Territorial Army and the Royal Navy.

More than 2,400 teenagers took part in the challenge, with the majority from schools and youth groups in the south-west of England.


109 of 393 teams have now made it safely back to Okehampton camp (2 hrs ago) – Army

1736 BST: Total fallouts 526. Well done to everyone. Very hard conditions for past few hours. – Army 

Netherlands: Ex student of The British School in Voorschoten arrested after website threat of mass shooting; 22 schools closed in Lieden – 220413 1045z


Threatener Leiden arrested
Police have arrested a suspect of the serious threat of a school shooting. It would be a former student of The British School in Voorschoten. Report that sources around the school to De Telegraaf. Police have confirmed the message by now.
It would be a student who is expelled from school. Tracy Tichelaar, spokeswoman for The British School late in a reaction that: “We do not comment at this time, we are not formally informed.” According to the NIS, the boy sat up in October 2011 at the international school.
The British School has offices in The Hague and Voorschoten. The high school, with pupils aged 11 to 18 years, is located in Voorschoten.
All schools in secondary schools and vocational schools in Leiden closed Monday in connection with the serious threat. Even at a high school in Oegstgeest is no class Monday.
Sunday hit the police high alert after a threat on the Internet of a possible ‘school shooting’ in the short term. Mayor Henri Lenferink of Leiden said Sunday that the threat was so serious that it was decided to close the schools. It is about twenty schools and thousands of students. ” –


More than 20 schools in the Dutch city of Leiden have been told to stay closed on Monday amid police concerns over a threat to carry out a mass shooting.

The anonymous threat, made on a website, outlined a plan to target a school and teacher in the city, but did not name either.

Police responded by advising all secondary schools and vocational schools to stay closed for the day.

There are reported to be around 22 such schools in the university city.

Two of the main schools, Da Vinci College and Driestar College, had police officers outside them on Monday morning, Dutch media said.

Leiden Mayor Henri Lenferink told Dutch broadcaster NOS: It could just be a morbid joke but we dont want to take any risk.

But some questioned the police decision to close the schools, which affects thousands of students.

Every idiot who sticks a threat on the internet can paralyse half of society, said Ton Duif, chairman of the head teachers association, AVS.


The threat was posted on internet forum 4chan. In English, the writer states: Tomorrow, I will shoot my Dutch teacher, and as many students as I can.

He or she goes on to say that they will be carrying a Colt Defender gun and a note with an explanation for the attack when entering the school.

The threat was picked up by Swiss police during internet checks, Dutch media report.

The decision to close the schools which cover the 12 to 16 age group was made in close consultation with the mayor, the public prosecutor and the police, the BBCs Anna Holligan reports from The Hague.

Police have received mention about a possible school shooting (being planned) in Leiden, the authorities said in a statement.

In light of this serious threat, it has been decided not to take any risk and therefore all middle schools will remain closed on Monday.

Leiden lies some 20km (13 miles) north-east of The Hague, and is home to the countrys oldest university.” – BBC News


Dreiger Leiden opgepakt
De politie heeft een verdachte opgepakt van de ernstige dreiging van een schoolschietpartij. Het zou gaan om een oud-leerling van The British School in Voorschoten. Dat melden bronnen rond de school aan De Telegraaf. De politie heeft het bericht inmiddels bevestigd.
Het zou gaan om een leerling die is weggestuurd van school. Tracy Tichelaar, woordvoerster van The British School laat in een reactie weten: “We geven op dit moment geen commentaar, we zijn formeel nog niet geinformeerd.” Volgens de NOS zat de jongen tot oktober 2011 op de internationale school.
The British school heeft vestigingen in Den Haag en Voorschoten. De middelbare school, met leerlingen van 11 tot 18 jaar, is gevestigd in Voorschoten.
Alle scholen in het voortgezet onderwijs en middelbaar beroepsonderwijs in Leiden zijn maandag gesloten in verband met de serieuze dreiging. Ook op een middelbare school in het Oegstgeest is maandag geen les.
Zondag sloeg de politie groot alarm na een dreiging op internet van een mogelijke ‘schoolshooting’ op korte termijn. Burgemeester Henri Lenferink van Leiden zei zondag dat de dreiging zo serieus was dat werd besloten de scholen te sluiten. Het gaat om ongeveer twintig scholen en duizenden leerlingen. ” –

Meer dan 20 scholen in de Nederlandse stad Leiden heeft verteld om te blijven gesloten op maandag amid politie zorgen over een bedreiging voor het uitvoeren van een massale schietpartij.De anonieme dreiging, gemaakt op een website, schetste een plan om een school en leraar in de stad wilt, maar niet de naam van een van beide.

De politie reageerde met het adviseren van alle scholen voor voortgezet onderwijs en middelbaar beroepsonderwijs te blijven gesloten voor de dag.

Er zijn naar verluidt ongeveer 22 dergelijke scholen in de universiteitsstad.

Twee van de belangrijkste scholen, Da Vinci College en het Driestar College, hadden politieagenten buiten ze op maandagochtend, aldus Nederlandse media.

Leidse burgemeester Henri Lenferink vertelde Nederlandse omroep NOS: Het kan gewoon een morbide grap, maar we willen niet het risico te nemen.”

Maar sommige vraagtekens bij de politie besluit om de scholen, die duizenden studenten benvloedt sluiten.

“Elke idioot die een bedreiging op het internet steekt kan de helft van de samenleving verlammen“, zegt Ton Duif, voorzitter van de vereniging het hoofd leraar, AVS.


De dreiging werd gepost op internet forum 4chan. In het Engels, de schrijver zegt: “Morgen, ik zal mijn leraar Nederlands te schieten, en zo veel studenten als ik kan.”

Hij of zij gaat verder met te zeggen dat ze zullen dragen van een Colt Defender pistool en een briefje met een verklaring voor de aanval bij het invoeren van de school.

De dreiging werd opgepikt door de Zwitserse politie tijdens controles internet, Nederlandse media verslag.

Het besluit om de scholen te sluiten – dat de 12 tot 16 jarigen te dekken is gemaakt in nauw overleg met de burgemeester, de officier van justitie en de politie, Anna Holligan rapporten van de BBC uit Den Haag.

De politie heeft melding gekregen over een mogelijke schietpartij op de school (gepland) in Leiden,” de autoriteiten zeiden in een verklaring.

In het licht van deze ernstige bedreiging, is besloten om geen risico te nemen en dus alle middelbare scholen blijven gesloten op maandag.”

Leiden ligt op ongeveer 20 kilometer (13 mijl) ten noordenoosten van Den Haag, en is de thuisbasis van het land de oudste universiteit.

LGBT: 1 in 4 young gay people assaulted in England, 47% threatened or intimidated – New research 041112 1840Z

One in four young gay people assaulted

Initial findings of the widest research into gay people in England has found more than half self-harm
04 November 2012 | By Joe Morgan

One in four young gay people are assaulted, 47% have received threats, and more than half have self-harmed.

Photo by Scott nunn.

One in four young gay people have been assaulted in England, and more than half have self-harmed.

The new research, which also found nearly half (47%) have received threats or intimidation as a result of being gay.

As reported by The Independent On Sunday, the figures come from Youth Chances, the biggest social research project into young LGBT people in England.

Dan Baker, Youth Chances project manager, said despite it being 2012, it is still a hard environment to grow up gay.

‘Self-harm jumped out as a really alarming statistic,’ he said. ‘Self-harm is a way of people expressing an internal issue that they might not be able to express. Maybe Britain is not as tolerant as we thought.’

The statistics for self-arm among gay people are significantly higher than the national average of one in 12 young people. Two thirds of women said they had hurt themselves on purpose, compared to 37% of men.

Transgender young adults were the most vulnerable, with four out of five saying they had deliberately harmed themselves.

Youth Chances believes its research shows public attitudes have yet to catch up with the legal system.

Baker said: ‘There’s a lot of great equality now, such as allowing gay couples to adopt and have civil partnerships.

‘But, despite the progress, there seems to be lots of cases of harassment and even assault.

‘If people are being taunted or attacked because of who they are, it shows public opinion behavior hasn’t caught up with legislation.’

Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell told the British paper: ‘These statistics are really shocking; they ought to be a wake-up call to every parent, teacher and community leader. As a society, we are still failing LGBT kids on a massive scale.

‘Even today, around half of schools have no anti-bullying program specifically addressing homophobia. Kids are not born bigoted, they become bigoted.

‘All the evidence suggests that education can help combat bigotry and promote understanding and acceptance.’

The three-year project will eventually survey 15,000 young adults. The initial findings are based on the responses of the first 3,500.



November is Anti-Bullying month and Anti-Bullying week is 19th – 23rd November. This is a perfect time to challenge homophobia bullying affecting young people in our schools. Take action now!

Advice on resolving gay/ homophobic bullying (Link to

Samaritans Helpline

Two out of every five victims of school homophobic bullying contemplate suicide, says survey

Southwark Primary School becomes first to offer training days to support staff in tackling homophobic bullying

“Homophobic bullying is endemic, it damages children’s lives and contributes to the lowering of standards. Homophobic bullying has gone unchecked in our schools for many years resulting in countless individuals suffering physical and emotional damage and seeing their live chances compromised as a result.

School leaders may express hesitation in engaging in this work, for fear of offending parents or people of faith. However, our role as school leaders is to face challenge and drive forward innovation for the sake of the brilliant young people in our care.”

• Shaun Dellenty is deputy headteacher at Alfred Salter Primary School in the London Borough of Southwark. Follow him on Twitter @ShaunDellenty

A taste of what young (and not so young) LGBT people are up against…..

LGBT youngsters are are surrounded by  homophobic slurs on Twitter just see for yourself on this website that tracks these slurs in real time:

See also “Tracking casual homophobia”

Here are some related videos:

LGBT Bullying and Suicide: It Does Get Better

This is what President Obama says:

In the US, Dr. Ron Holt is a clinical psychiatrist, who is passionate about ending bullying and suicide, enhancing the knowledge of medical providers regarding Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) healthcare and educating the public about the consequences of homophobia.

Bullying and How You Should Deal With It – 

Bullied teen Lesbian comes out to her mum

EDEL 244 iMovie Project. Heart-breaking……

World’s remotest tea party on the summit of Mount Barbeau in the Canadian Arctic to celebrate HM The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee


The Arctic Jubilee expedition 2012 will be hosting the world’s most remote tea party on the summit of Mount Barbeau, in the Canadian Arctic to celebrate HM Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee.

Once at the summit they will be sending a Loyal Greeting to the Queen to which the Royal Household have pledged to reply!

The seven-man Anglo-Canadian team (including an Inuit Hunter and athlete) will be responding to questions from the UK and further afield. A Panel of Experts, including Polar educators and Scientists, will also support the answering of questions.

The expedition will promote the understanding of topics such as Inuit Culture, Polar Environments, British History and Exploration.

Education Through Expeditions, founded by Polar Explorer Antony Jinman, has six years experience working in partnership with Parks Canada, promoting and delivering an educational outreach programme to promote the Arctic environment to over 350 UK schools.

From Plymouth – The Arctic Jubilee Team 2012

Thomas Perriment – BSc (Hons) Physical Geography and Geology student Plymouth University
David Buckomley – BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences student Plymouth University
Oli Milroy – Alumni of Plymstock school, Ex- Head boyFom
Antony Jinman – The Explorer In Residence at Plymouth University
Ben Shearn – City Businessman and Mentor
Pete Royston – Ex Royal Marine, Team Medic

The Arctic Jubilee Expedition aims to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth II by visiting the highest point on the Queen Elizabeth Islands, renamed by Canada on the coronation of HM the Queen in 1952 and only 550 miles from the Geographic North Pole. Barbeau Peak has only been summited 8 times throughout history and is the highest point within the British Empire Range as well as the Arctic Cordillera. More people have summited Everest than Barbeau Peak, outlining the remoteness and the momentous impact of the project.

The Artic Jubilee on Facebook

To follow the teams progress in real time:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Barbeau Peak
Barbeau Peak, Nunavut.jpg
Barbeau Peak as seen from its eastern side
Elevation 2,616 m (8,583 ft)[1]
Prominence 2,616 m (8,583 ft)[1]
Listing List of Ultras in Canada
Barbeau Peak is located in Canada

Barbeau Peak

Nunavut, Canada

Range British Empire Range
Coordinates 8155′36″N 7459′12″WCoordinates: 8155′36″N 7459′12″W[1]
Topo map NTS 340D/15
First ascent June 5, 1967

Barbeau Peak is a mountain in Qikiqtaaluk, Nunavut, Canada. Located on Ellesmere Island within Quttinirpaaq National Park, it is the highest mountain in Nunavut and the Canadian Arctic. The mountain was named in 1969 for Dr. Marius Barbeau (1883-1969), a Canadian anthropologist whose research into Indian and Inuit cultures gained him international acclaim.[2]

Barbeau Peak in 2002

Barbeau Peak is characterized by deep and long crevasses, razor thin ridges and highly variable and volatile weather.

Barbeau Peak is the highest mountain within the British Empire Range as well as the Arctic Cordillera.

Barbeau Peak was first climbed on 7 June 1967 by British geologist/glaciologist Geoffrey Hattersley-Smith as part of a joint Defence Research Board/Royal Air Force field party. The party both named the peak and determined its height.

The second ascent was by an eight man American team in June 1982 (Errington,Trafton AAC 1983) via the north ridge. Subsequent ascents have been made in 1992, 1998, 2000 and 2002, though as of 2006 only seven successful summits have been attained.

At least 24 killed, up to 45 missing, 2,000 evac in hailstorm/landslide – hospitals and schools destroyed – Gansu, China

Three differing accounts of this event:

1) At least 24 people died, while 33 others have been listed as missing as a result of a hailstorm and a landslide in Chinas northwestern province of Gansu.

Six urban areas are suffering blackouts, and dozens of homes, hospitals and schools have been destroyed.

Almost 2,000 people have been evacuated from the worst-hit areas. Economic damage is estimated at 137 million dollars.

Friday, 11 May, 2012 at 10:41 (10:41 AM) UTC RSOE

2) BEIJING, May 11 (Xinhuanet) — The death toll has climbed to 24 and 37 people are missing after hail and torrential rains battered Minxian County in northwest China’s Gansu Province.

Thursday’s storm lasted only an hour, but wreaked havoc in 17 of the county’s 18 townships and villages. In the worst-hit areas, precipitation measured nearly 70 mm. Nearly 2-thousand people were evacuated to safety.

Hail and torrential rain also cut power supplies in six townships, damaging over 7- thousand hectares of cropland and disrupting traffic on two interprovincial highways.


3) Meanwhile, China National News says 19 dead, 45 missing in China storm

Friday 11th May, 2012

Nineteen people were killed and 45 went missing after hail and torrential rains battered northwest China’s Gansu province Thursday, authorities said Friday.

The stormy weather lasted only an hour from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m., but wreaked havoc in 17 of Minxian county’s 18 townships and villages, reported Xinhua citing a press release.

Five people were hospitalized with serious injuries and over 1,900 were evacuated.

Hail and torrential rains cut power supplies in six townships, damaged several homes, hospitals, schools and 7,300 hectares of cropland and disrupted traffic on two highways.

In the worst-hit Chabu town, perched at an average altitude of 2,000 meters, more than 800 people were evacuated to village schools and government offices Thursday night.

Minxian is a mountainous county with a population of 450,000. It is 150 km from Zhouqu county, where a devastating rain-triggered mudslide killed more than 1,500 people in August 2010.