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Nepal’s Devastating Earthquake Has Left More Than 4,000 Dead

SKY NEWS 16:01, UK, Monday 27 April 2015

A special programme as rescue teams continue to search for those buried in the rubble.
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Nepal: At least 35 killed, 54 injured in bus accidents in Western Region & Bheri Zone – Published 081214 1010z (GMT/UTC)

Accident 1

The death toll in Surkhet accident where a bus veered off the road at Pokharikanda-9, on the Karnali Highway has reached 18.

Police said that 14 persons died on the spot while four others breathed their last while receiving treatment. The ill-fated bus (Na 4 Kha 6857), veered off the road and plunged some 500 metres at Kalikhola at around 6:45pm on Sunday. The vehicle was on its way to Tikapur, Kailali, from Kalikot. Surkhet Police Chief SP Rajesh Lal Karna informed that initial investigation showed that the bus with seat capacity of 38, was overloaded with 68 passengers, which caused the vehicle’s brake to fail resulting into the accident. The police have be able to identify 10 of the deceased. Fourty nine persons are injured in the accident. Among the injured, 20 are receiving medical treatment at Surkhet Regional Hospital, 6 are being treated at Maya Nursing Home and another 8 injured passengers are receiving treatments at Deuki Nursing Home. The injured claimed that the driver’s assistant had been driving when the accident happened. Most of the passengers were from Kalikot and Bajura, on their way to India for work.

Monday, 08 December, 2014 at 08:24 (08:24 AM) UTC RSOE

“The death toll in Surkhet bus accident of Sunday night has reached 18. Ten of them have been identified, said police on Monday, December 8, 2014.

The dead, who have been identified, include: Lalbire Darji, Durga Bista, Dil Sarki, Lal Darji, Manaraj Bista, Ram Darji, Pankhe Sarki and Pane Sarki of Gotri VDC, Bajura.

Similarly, bus driver Min Bahadur Budha of Chhinchu, Surkhet and conductor Bhabi Khatri have been identified.

The bus plated Na 4 Kha 6857 was heading from Jitegaida of Kalikot to Kailali. The bus plunged 700 metres down to a stream Kali Khola at Pokhari Danda, Surkhet due to overload of passengers.

More than 50 people injured in the accident were rushed to hospitals in Surkhet and some were taken to Nepalgunj.

The bus initially carried 36 passengers when it left Kalikot but it took more passengers on the way and that was the reason for the accident, according to police.” – nepalnews.com

Accident 2

An overcrowded bus has plunged off a mountain road in Nepal, killing at least 17 people and injuring 50 more, police said Monday.

Police official Kesh Bahadur Shahi said the bus veered off the road near Pokharakada village Sunday night and rolled 600 meters (about 2,000 feet) down a slope. Rescuers pulled out 14 bodies while three more died at a hospital. There were 67 people on the bus, which had 38 seats. The bus was driving on a narrow mountain road during the night when the accident happened about 400 kilometers (250 miles) west of the capital, Katmandu. Rescuers worked all night to help the injured passengers and bring the bodies to the main road, police said. The injured are recovering in hospitals in nearby towns and a dozen of them are in critical condition, they said. Bus accidents in Nepal are generally blamed on poorly maintained vehicles and roads.

Monday, 08 December, 2014 at 03:58 (03:58 AM) UTC

Nepal: Monsoon landslides in Taplejung and Sindhuli leave 8 dead, 3 injured and 7 missing; Rescue work on-going 060613 1245z

Seven including six members of a family are reportedly killed, and four other are missing when a landslide buried a house at Thukimba-6, Taplejung on Wednesday mid-night.

The deceased are identified as Astha Bahadur Siwa (69), his wife, son Salman Siwa (40), daughter-in-law Manamaya Siwa (36), grandsons Nasiram Siwa and Khagendra Siwa.

Also, 10-year-old Naina Siwa, daughter of Tej Man Siwa got killed in the mud-slide.

It is said that the incessant rainfall in the region caused the land to slide in the house causing the fatalities.

In the meantime, a team of police from Area Police Office, Dovan , Nepal Army, and locals are carrying on the rescue process. Likewise, a team under command of Police Inspector Yam Bahadur Paudel have left to the disaster area which is about a day walk from the district headquarters.

In another incident in the same region at Thukimba-6, Taplejung, three persons got injured when the landslide buried the house of Kuber Singh.

Sukman Siwa is rescued in the critical condition. However, five other survived as they were able to run away when the disaster hit the house.

According to the police, the continuous rainfall in the region has been hindering the rescue process.

Thursday, 06 June, 2013 at 04:32 (04:32 AM) UTC RSOE

Other Reports


Seven members of the same family, including three children, were killed on Thursday when a landslide triggered by heavy monsoon rains buried their house in a remote village in northeastern Nepal, police said.

Police rescuers were sent to the area to search for survivors after part of a hillside above Thumkina village broke away and smashed into two houses below, officials told AFP.

“In total seven people have died,” Anup Narayan Jha, a local police constable, said.

“Four more are missing while two have been seriously injured,” he said adding that the injured were being taken to the nearest health post.

“The downpour started in the evening and stopped only in the middle of the night.”

Jha told AFP that six more police officers were en route to the disaster site, an eight-hour trek from the nearest road.

He said the family lived in a thinly populated village in the rugged highlands of Taplejung district, one of Nepal’s poorest areas, 260 kilometres (160 miles) east of Kathmandu.

Hundreds of people die every year from flooding and landslides during Nepal’s monsoon season, which typically starts in June and ends in September.

Source: Sapa

7 of single family killed in Taplejung landslide



Seven members of a family were killed when a landslide buried their houses at Thukima in Taplejung district on Wednesday night. Four persons have gone missing.

The landslide triggered by incessant rainfall buried Asta Bahadur Siwa, 69, his wife, son Salman Siwa, 40, daughter-in-law Manmaya Siwa, 34, and grandchildren Naniran, 14, and Khagendra, 12. The landslide also killed Naina Siwa, 10, daughter of Tej Bahadur Siwa whose family members have gone missing in the mudslide, police said.

Sukamaya Sanwa of Thukima-4 has sustained critical injuries after she was swept away some 50 meters down by the landslide. The injured are undergoing treatment at the local health post.

The landslide swept away the houses of Ashta Bahadur Siwa, Salman Siwa, Tej Bahadur Siwa and Kuber Singh Sanwa.

Local people and police have been carrying out the rescue work in the area.

A team of Nepal Army and Armed Police Force from district headquarters has also been dispatched for rescue work.
Posted on: 2013-06-06 08:30


3 persons go missing in Sindhuli landslide, body found buried

thehimalayantimes.com Added At: 2013-06-06 4:34 PM Last Updated At: 2013-06-06 4:34 PM

“JANAKPURDHAM: A landslide occurred near the Sabi Khola (rivulet) at Jhangajholi VDC-3 in Sindhuli district has swept away three members of the same family this morning.

The landslide swept away two women and a man at 7:30 am, according to the District Police Office.

The incident took place when the landslide occurred while constructing a new road at the rivulet.

Meanwhile, a body of a man was found at 10:45 am this morning, but the identity of the man has not been ascertained yet, said police.

The body was buried in the sands.”


ŕŕľŕŞŕĄŤŕ˛ŕĄŕśŕĄ�ŕŕŕľ ŕŞŕąŕżŕॠŕśŕľŕ�ŕྠॠŕśŕŕľŕॠŕŕĄ�ŕ्ŕŻŕĄ�, ४ ŕŕĄŕŞŕ्ŕŕľ | Taplejung landslide

(Video credit: NepaliPrograms)

Published on 6 Jun 2013

ŕŕľŕŞŕĄŤŕ˛ŕĄŕśŕĄ�ŕ, ŕĄŕĄ ŕśŕĄŕ ŕĄ(update) ŕŕľŕŞŕĄŤŕ˛ŕĄŕśŕĄ�ŕŕॠŕĄŕĄ�ŕŕżŕ्ŕŕľ ŕŕľŕŕ ŕŕżŕŕľŕ ŕŕŕżŕŕż ŕŕˇŕľ ŕŕ्ŕŕ ॠŕŕľ ŕŕŹŕŕľŕॠŕŞŕąŕżŕॠŕśŕľŕ�ŕŕľ ŕŕľŕ ŕśŕŕľŕॠŕŕĄ�ŕ्ŕŻŕĄ� ŕŕŹŕॠŕ ŕĄ

ŕŕŹŕŕľŕॠŕŕŕżŕಠŕŕ्ŕŕľŕŞŕŕż ŕŞŕąŕżŕॠŕŕŹŕॠŕąŕĄ ॠŕ्ŕĄŕľŕŕĄŕŻŕŕľŕॠŕ ŕŞŕĄŤŕŕąŕŕĄŕ˛ŕĄ ŕŕĄŕŞŕ्ŕŕľ ŕŕŹŕŕľŕąŕŕĄ�ŕॠŕŕĄŕśŕĄ ŕŕľŕ्௠ŕŕżŕ्ŕ ŕŞŕŕĄŕŕľ ŕŕ् ŕŕॠŕ�ŕľŕŕॠॠŕśŕŕľŕॠŕ्ŕĄŕľŕŕĄŕŻ ŕŕ्ŕŞŕŕľŕ˛ŕŕľ ŕŕŞŕŕľŕ ŕŕŕŕąŕĄŕॠŕŞŕĄŤŕŕąŕŕĄŕ˛ŕĄ ŕśŕŕľŕŹŕॠŕ ॠŕŕĄ�ŕ� ŕ�ŕ ŕŕŕľŕŕ�ŕŕľ ŕŕĄŕ ŕŞŕŕżŕŕľŕŕŕľ ŕŕľŕ ŕśŕŕľŕॠŕŕĄ�ŕ्ŕŻŕĄ� ŕŕŹŕॠŕąŕĄ ŕŕॠŕŕľŕ ŕśŕŕľ ŕŕĄŕŞŕ्ŕŕľ ŕŕŹŕŕľ ŕŕ् ॠŕŕľŕŕż ŕŕŕĄŕ ŕŕľŕ˘ŕĄ ŕĄŕĄ ŕŕśŕĄ ŕ�ŕŕŕľŕĄŕżŕŕľŕź ŕťŕŕĄŕॠŕŞŕąŕżŕŕĄŕ˛ŕĄ ŕŕ्ŕźŕŕąŕľŕŕĄ�ŕ ŕŕżŕŕľ, ŕŕ˛ŕŕľŕ ŕŕżŕŕľ ŕ ŕŕĄŕśŕŕľŕ ŕŕżŕŕľŕॠŕŞŕŕĄŕŕľŕŕ˛ŕľŕ� ŕŕŕľŕŹŕॠŕŕľŕŞŕĄŤŕ˛ŕĄŕśŕĄ�ŕŕŕľ ŕŞŕĄŤŕŕąŕॠŕŞŕĄŤŕŕŕĄ�ŕ ŕŕĄŕŕżŕ्ŕŕŞŕĄŤŕŕŕľŕ ŕŕŕľŕ्ŕŻŕ˛ŕĄ ŕśŕľŕŕŕľŕॠŕŕżŕŹ ŕĄŕŻŕŕĄ�ŕŕॠŕŕ्ŕźŕŕąŕľŕŕĄ�ŕ ŕŕżŕŕľ ŕ ŕŕŕॠŕ्ŕŕĄŕŕŕĄ, ŕŕ˛ŕŕľŕ ŕŕżŕŕľ ŕ ŕŕŕॠŕ्ŕŕĄŕŕॠŕŕŕŕľŕŻŕľ, ŕŕĄŕŕľ ŕŕľŕŕĄŕŕľŕ, ŕŕŕĄŕ्ŕ्ŕ ŕŕżŕŕľ ŕ ŕŕĄŕśŕŕľŕ ŕŕżŕŕľŕॠŕĄŕĄ ŕŕ्ŕŕĄŕŻ ŕŕĄŕॠŕŕĄ�ŕŕľ ŕŕżŕŕľŕॠŕŕĄ�ŕ्ŕŻŕĄ� ŕŕŹŕॠŕ ŕĄŕ�ŕźŕľŕŕ्ŕĄŕ˛ ŕŕľŕŞŕĄŤŕ˛ŕĄŕśŕĄ�ŕ ŕŕŕŕŕĄ�ŕŕľŕŕŕľŕź ŕŹŕ ŕŕżŕŕॠŕŞŕĄ�ŕಠŕŕĄŕŕĄŕŕľ ŕŕąŕĄŕॠŕ ॠŕŕĄŕąŕż ŕŞŕąŕżŕŕĄŕ˛ŕĄ ŕĄŕĄ�ŕŕżŕ्ŕྠ४ ŕॠŕŕĄ�ŕŕĄŕ ŕŕżŕ ŕŕľŕŕľŕॠŕ�ŕ ŕŞŕŕż ŕŕŕľŕŹŕॠŕ ॠŕŞŕąŕżŕŕĄŕ˛ŕĄ ŕŕĄŕ ŕśŕŕľ ŕ�ŕľŕ�ŕॠŕŕŹŕॠŕŕ् ŕŕॠŕŞŕľŕ�ŕ ŕśŕŕľ ŕŕľŕŕĄŕ ŕśŕĄŤŕŻŕľŕ ŕśŕĄŕŕľŕŕ ŕŕಠŕŕŹŕŕľ ŕŕ् ॠŕ�ŕľŕ�ŕॠŕŕ्ŕŻŕĄ ŕŕĄ�ŕŕŕľŕŻŕľŕ� ŕŕľŕŕľŕॠŕŕŕ्ŕĄŕľ ŕŕ्ŕŕżŕ ŕ ॠŕŕŕľ, ŕśŕżŕ˛ŕĄŤŕ˛ŕľŕŕĄ� ŕŕľŕ˛ŕĄŤŕŕĄ� ॠŕŕľ ŕŞŕŕż ŕŞŕąŕżŕŕĄŕ˛ŕĄ ŕŕĄ�ŕŕĄ�ŕ्ŕŕĄŕś ŕŕľŕ˛ŕĄŤŕŕĄŕॠŕ�ŕ ŕŕ्ŕŕľŕŕ�ŕŕľ ŕŕŕྠॠŕŞŕŕĄŕŕľŕ ŕŕżŕ्ŕĄŕľŕŞŕżŕ ŕŕŹŕॠŕŕŕ ŕ ŕĄ

Nepal: Five climbers missing, feared dead at Mount Kanchenjunga – 240513 1420z

A Nepalese official says five climbers are missing and feared dead on the world’s third highest mountain.

The five disappeared Monday on Mount Kanchenjunga, and bad weather was preventing a rescue helicopter from reaching the base camp. Mountaineering Department official Dipendra Poudel said Friday the climbers were descending from the summit when they were believed to have slipped at 7,900 meters (25,900 feet) altitude.

Two climbers are Hungarian, two are Nepalese and another is Korean. Kanchenjunga is 8,586 meters (28,162 feet) high.
Friday, 24 May, 2013 at 06:26 (06:26 AM) UTC RSOE

Other Reports

Five climbers missing, feared dead at Nepals Mount Kanchenjunga

“Five climbers on Nepals Mount Kanchenjunga, the worlds third-highest peak, went missing earlier in the week and are now believed to be dead, a mountaineering chief said on Friday.

Two of the climbers were from Hungary, one from South Korea, and the other two, guides from Nepal, The Associated Press reported. They went missing on Monday during their descent. Poor weather conditions kept search teams from launching an immediate rescue mission and sending in a helicopter, AP said.

The five likely slipped during their descent, said Mountaineering Department spokeswoman Dipendra Poudel, in the AP report. They could have been nearly 26,000 feet up, she added.

The Hungarians were Zsolt Eross, 45, and Peter Kiss, 27, AP reported. The South Korean was Namsoo Park, 47, and the two guides: Phu Dorjee, 24, and Bibash Gurung, 25.

Mount Kanchenjunga is 28,162 feet high.” – washingtontimes.com

Nepal: Bus plunges 40m (50ft) into gorge in Darchula, 7 dead (named), 41 injured – 230513 1140z

Dharchula District, Nepal (Image:aarthiknews.com)

Seven persons died, and 25 (updated to 41) others got injured when a bus en-route to Khalanga, Dharchula from Mahendranagar met with an accident at Gokuleshwor-6, Nangta at Mahakali Highway on Thursday morning.

The Mahakali Yatayat bus (Na. 1 Kha 8285) fell some 40 metres off the hilly road in a gorge causing the fatalities, according to police.

The deceased are identified as Krishna Bhatta, Baitadi, Gopal Khatri and Pitambar Saud Sarmali-Darchula, Narhari Dhami, Kharkada- Darchula, Likewise, three Indian national also got killed in the accident. They are identified as Mahadev Bhatta, Mathura Datta Bhatta and Motiram Bhatta, all hailing from Baluwakot, Uttranchal, India.

All of them died at the spot, according to DSP Kuber Singh Kathayet. The injured are being treated at Gokuleshwor Heath Post. Likewise, the seriously injured are being sent to Dadeldhura, and Dhangadhi for further treatment. The police suspect the overload to be the cause of the accident. The rescue process is still underway.
Thursday, 23 May, 2013 at 06:38 (06:38 AM) UTC RSOE

Other Reports

Seven killed, 41 hurt in Darchula bus plunge


“At least seven persons were killed and 41 others hurt in an accident that took place in remote Darchula district Thursday morning.


The accident occurred when a passenger bus (Na 4 Kha 8385) heading for Darchula from Mahendranagar skidded off the hilly road at Gokuleshwor-6 at around 6 am in the morning and fell about 50 feet down, Darchula District Police Office said.


The deceased have been identified as Moti Ram Bhatta, Gopal Singh Khatry, Mahadev Bhatta, Mathura Bhatta, Narsingh Dhami, Krishna Bhatta and Karan Saud. Although most of the deceased are said to be from Darchula itself, but their age including other details could not be verified immediately.


Earlier, a team of Army and police personnel that reached the site of the accident were aided by locals to bring out few passengers who were trapped inside the bus to safety.

The injured are currently receiving treatment at a local health post.” - nepalnews.com

British explorer Daniel Hughes reaches summit of Mount Everest – 190513 1350z

British explorer Daniel Hughes reaches summit of Mount Everest


British explorer Daniel Hughes has reached the summit of Mount Everest in an attempt to raise £1m for the charity Comic Relief.

Daniel spoke to the BBC from the top of the world’s highest mountain using his smartphone.

British explorer Daniel Hughes places a video call from the summit of Mount Everest using an HTC One smartphone. The purpose of the trip is to raise £1 million for Comic Relief.

The data connection was provided by Broadband Global Area Network satellite technology from Inmarsat. He  placed a red nose on the top of the mountain.

It’s pretty cold on the mountain top. It’s estimated it will be -35C up there.


Google Street View reaches Mount Everest and Kilimanjaro

by Mark Tyson on 19 March 2013, 15:41 “Google Maps has been updated to let you explore some of the largest mountains on earth. The team behind the Google Maps product has been working to include the Seven Summits, the highest mountain on each of the seven continents, into the online maps Street View feature. Of course Mount Everest is included.” – hexus.net

Nepal: Drunk driver plunges wedding party bus into river, 15 dead (name list), 25 injured – 040313 1100z

At least 15 people have been killed and 25 others injured when a bus carrying marriage party veered off a hilly road and fell into a river in south-western Nepal.

The ill-fated bus met with the accident at Chidapani village of Palpa district along the Siddhartha Highway on Sunday night, police said.

Twelve people died on the spot while three others succumbed to injuries at Lumbini Medical College Hospital, police added.

The bus driver was also killed in the accident and the vehicle was completely damaged.

Four injured are said to be critical.

Both the bridegroom and bride were also injured but are safe.

The accident occurred due to drunken drive, police said.

Monday, 04 March, 2013 at 07:29 (07:29 AM) UTC RSOE

15 killed in Palpa bus accident (With photos/ list of fatalities)



PALPA, March 4: A bus carrying a wedding party fell some 300 meters down from the road along the Siddartha Highway late on Sunday evening in Palpa, killing at least 15 people aboard.

The bus (Lu 1 Kha 2795) carrying wedding guests from Amdanda, Khanichhap-7 to Budhikot, Chidipani, met with the accident at Dhaireni, Chidipani-2 here in the district at around 9:30 pm.

Around 45 people were on the bus when the mishap happened. The bus driver Milan BK had consumed alcohol at a hotel while waiting for the guests at Ramdi before driving the bus to the destination. The bus seemed to have lost control in several places, Bishal Saru, who got injured in the accident, told Republica at around 2 am in Mission Hospital, Tansen where is undergoing treatment.

Four of us were on the top of the bus. Our bus went from left to the right side of the road and crashed into a parapet. Losing control, it hit three or four more parapets before finally falling some 300 meters down from the road, the victim said.

The bride was hurled out of the bus as it began rolling over down the hillside. The bridgegroom was still inside. Just when the bus was about to leave the road, he (the bridegroom) embraced me tightly. We both screamed, the bride Bishnu Charti, who has also been admitted at the same hospital, said. She recalled: When I got stuck on the cliff, I called his name aloud. He screamed back from down the cliff. We managed to find each other and then stayed holding each other there only.”

Police, who reached the site soon after the incident, carried out rescue works. Nepal Army personnel reached the site at around 1 am today. All injured were rescued and the dead bodies were collected by Monday morning. 34 people were killed in a road accident at the same place some five years ago.

List of fatalities
1. Keshab Kumar Birkatta, 17, Chidapani 7
2. Yogendra Chati, 25
3. Keshari Pun, 25
4. Bishnu Bahadur Chati, 25
5. Navin Suryabamshi, 19
6. Lulisara Saru, 30
7. Ramesh BK, 26
8. Bed Bahadur Birkatta, 60
9. Kamal Jargha, 7
10. Lok Bahadur Saru, 28
11. Navina Suryabamshi, 16
12. Milan BK, 30 (the driver)
13. Suraj Neupane, 28
14. Amar Bahadur Jargha, 65
15. Ramadevi Saru, 25
” – myrepublica.com
Pictures from the accident site.

The wreckage of the bus after the accident.

Police and locals rescuing an injured man.

Police bring an injured person up to the road

An injured woman receiving treatment at Mission Hospital, Palpa.

(All photos by Tek Narayan Bhattarai/ Republica)

British tourists killed in Nepal plane crash

Wales Air Forum

British tourists killed in Nepal plane crash

Seven British travellers are among those killed when a small aircraft crashed shortly after takeoff from Kathmandu in Nepal.

All 19 people on the twin engine turboprop Dornier aircraft died, including five Chinese passengers.

The aircraft, owned by Sita Air, had taken off for Lukla in the Mount Everest region when it crashed near Kathmandu airport, police said.

News reports this morning said the pilot reported trouble two minutes after take-off and the aircraft appeared to have been trying to turn back to the airport.

The weather was clear at the time and the cause of the crash was not immediately known. Four Nepali passengers and three Nepali crew were among the dead.

Autumn is the peak tourism season in Nepal which has eight of the world’s 14 highest mountains, including Mount Everest. At least 11 people were killed in an avalanche in northwest Nepal on Sunday.

Sourced from Travel…

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3 climbers die on Mount Everest, 2 still missing – Updated 23rd May 2012 1325GMT/UTC

Three climbers who were among scores who scaled Mount Everest over the weekend died on their descent and two more are missing, a Nepalese official said Monday.

This picture of Mt. Everest was take from Base Camp on the north (Tibetian) side. Click on photo to see more at ericbolz.com
(Photo courtesy of Eric Bolz)

AP: The three climbers who died Saturday were believed to have suffered exhaustion and altitude sickness.

Climbers are advised to not attempt to reach the summit after 11 a.m. The area above the last camp at South Col is nicknamed the “death zone” because of the steep icy slope, treacherous conditions and low oxygen level.

Full story here:


Added 23rd May 2012:

British Everest record-holder Kenton Cool has assured followers he is safe on the worlds highest mountain after news of three deaths of climbers near the summit.

Two other mountaineers are missing on the 8,848m (29,029ft) peak.

More here: http://www.grough.co.uk/magazine/2012/05/21/cools-team-safe-on-everest-as-three-die-near-summit

14 Killed, 50+ missing in avalanche triggered massive flooding of Seti river Nepal

A flooded mountain river swept away dozens of people along with their houses, farms and cattle Saturday in western Nepal, officials said.

Police official Shailesh Thapa said five bodies have been pulled out from the Seti river in Kaski district. Police are searching for more victims.There are several people believed to be missing, including three Russian tourists who were trekking in the area, Thapa said. The names of the Russians were not yet known.Police teams were trying to reach the village in the Mount Annapurna area where the flooding had started.The flooding even reached the tourist resort town of Pokhara, about 200 kilometers (125 miles) west of the capital, Katmandu.

The Annapurna region is popular area for thousands of trekkers who visit the area every year. May is the end of the trekking season, so there are not many trekkers left in the region.The Seti river is a main source of water for the people in the region, and many villages are located on the banks of the river.

Saturday, 05 May, 2012 at 11:18 (11:18 AM) UTC RSOE

From http://disaster-report.blogspot.co.uk

Death toll has risen to 14.

Two buses carrying students for a picnic at Khaarapani have also been swept away by the flood. Two students are also missing in the flood.

Worst affected is Kharapani village where a number of people swept away along with their houses and livestock.

Most of the victims are reported to be shopkeepers in Kharapani. People of Machhapuchre are also reported to affected.

Several people are reported to be injured. The injured people are taken to Pokhara.

An army helicopter is working for rescue operation

Combination of an avalanche and landslide caused flooding in Seti river.

Annapurna is a section of the Himalayas in north-central Nepal which is also the world’s most dangerous mountains to climb. It is one of the world’s 14 highest peaks.

6 killed, 50 injured in Nepal thunderstorm

Six people, including two women and as many girls, were killed and over 50 others injured in a thunderstorm at Balwatoli in Bihar’s Kishanganj district, an official said today.

The thunderstorm accompanied by cyclonic wind and hailstorm struck the area yesterday trapping the inhabitants under its fury killing six persons, while over 50 others sustained injuries, Disaster Management Additional Collector Shatrughan Chaudhary said.

Of the dead, five of them were identified as Chameli Begum (10), Navolal Ram, his son Neeraj Kumar, Mando Devi, Samukta Khatun, he said. The injured were admitted to hospitals, Chaudhary said.

The thunderstorm also caused largescale devastation in the area damaging several houses, he said. An ex-gratia of Rs 1.5 lakh will be paid to the kin of the victims and Rs 10,000 will be given those whose houses have been damaged, the Assistance Collector said.

Wednesday, 02 May, 2012 at 12:02 (12:02 PM) UTC RSOE