UN Human Rights office ‘deeply concerned’ over arrests of LGBT+ people in Azerbaijan, Egypt and Indonesia – Published 13 Oct 2017 1752z (GMT/UTC)


13 October 2017 – The United Nations human rights office on Friday expressed deep concern about a wave of arrests in Azerbaijan, Egypt and Indonesia of more than 180 people perceived to be lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT), many of whom have reportedly been mistreated by law enforcement officials.

“Arresting or detaining people based on their actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity is by definition arbitrary and violates international law,” including rights to privacy, non-discrimination and equality before the law, said Rupert Colville, spokesperson for the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), at a press briefing in Geneva.

In all three countries, authorities have alleged that those arrested were involved in sex work – although in almost all cases the accused have denied such allegations or indicated that they were coerced into confessing involvement, he added.

Mr. Colville said that Azerbaijan, Egypt and Indonesia should take immediate action to release anyone detained on the basis of their actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity, drop charges based on vaguely worded and discriminatory laws, and should repeal such laws in line with their legal obligations under international law and long-standing United Nations recommendations.

In Azerbaijan, more than 80 people presumed to be gay or transgender have been arrested in Baku since mid-September. In Egypt, more than 50 people have been arrested in recent weeks based on their assumed sexual orientation or gender identity. In Indonesia, more than 50 people were arrested at a sauna in Jakarta last Friday, based on their perceived sexual orientation. – UN

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Russia: Chechnya police order parents to kill their gay children or ‘we’ll do it for you’ – Published 03 May 2017 2010z (GMT/UTC)

Gay men and children face persecution as part of an anti-LGBT purge in the Russian region.


“Chechen authorities have reportedly instructed parents to kill their gay children, according to an account told by a survivor.

The individual, who escaped one of the LGBT prison camps in the southern Russian region of Chechnya, told France 24 that parents had been told to “sort it out” or risk persecution and death at the hands of the authorities.

“They tell the parents to kill their child. They say, ‘Either you do it, or we will,'” he said, speaking anonymously. “They call it: ‘Cleaning your honour with blood.’

“They tortured a man for two weeks [then] they summoned his parents and brothers who all came.

“The authorities said to them: ‘Your son is a homosexual – sort it out or we’ll do it ourselves’.”

The victim added: “We’ve always been persecuted, but never like this.

“Now they arrest everyone. They kill people, they do whatever they want.”

Hundreds of gay men are being abducted, tortured and killed in an anti-LGBT purge in the conservative republic.” – IBT

See the full story  here: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/chechnya-police-order-parents-kill-their-gay-children-well-do-it-you-1619763


Russia: UK Minister condemns persecution of LGBT community in Chechnya – Published 12 Apr 2017 1835z (GMT/UTC)

Baroness Anelay calls on Russia to investigate mass detention of gay men in Chechnya and ensure the perpetrators are brought to justice.


An Open Letter to Robert Gates: The Boy Scouts Need to Accept Gay Adults

The fight against homophobia continues……..


First openly gay Eagle Scout’s future unclear

With a policy that bans gay adults, Pascal Tessier’s future with the Boy Scouts is anything but certain as he turns 18.

msnbc originals (Aug/05/14)

Exclusive video: http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/watch/first-openly-gay-eagle-scout-ages-out-of-boy-scouts-315433539681?cid=sm_m_main_1_20140806_29239386

Gay Eagle Scout Shares His Story

Former Eagle Scout Says New Gay Policy Doesn’t Go Far Enough

Scouts For Equality: Eagle Scout With Lesbian Parents Pushes Boy Scouts To Drop Ban on Gay Members



Scouts for Equality

Scouts for Equality

Goaty’s News items about Gay Scouts


I was just 4 years old when I went on my first camping trip with my older brother and his Cub Scouts pack. After that, I was hooked.

Scouting has been a constant part of my life since then. The Boy Scouts taught me everything from how to survive in the woods to the morals and values that shaped the person I am today. For that, and for the good times and friends I made through Scouting, I will always be grateful.

But today I have to say “goodbye.”

Today is my 18th birthday, a milestone on my path to becoming an adult and the day I am no longer eligible to be a Boy Scout because I am gay. Despite the Boy Scouts’ historic decision last year to open its ranks to gay youth, the Scouts still ban gay adults. And as of today, that means me.

In his…

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Uganda: President Yoweri Museveni signs anti-gay bill that toughens strict legislation against homosexuals – 240214 1325z

A Kenyan gay man wears a mask to preserve his anonymity as he protests against anti-gay moves in Uganda outside the Uganda High Commission in Nairobi, Kenya on 10 February The new law makes it a crime not to report gay people and bans the promotion of homosexuality

“Uganda’s president has signed into law a bill toughening penalties for gay people and criminalising those who do not report them.

A government spokesman said President Yoweri Museveni wanted to assert Uganda’s “independence in the face of Western pressure”.

US President Barack Obama has cautioned the bill would be a backward step.

Mr Museveni had previously agreed to put the bill on hold pending US scientific advice.

Homosexual acts are already illegal in Uganda.

In December a gay rights campaigner spoke of her fears about the legislation

The new law punishes first-time offenders with 14 years in jail, and allows life imprisonment as the penalty for acts of “aggravated homosexuality”.

Homosexuality is just bad behaviour, that should not be allowed in our society – MP David Bahati

It also makes it a crime not to report gay people – in effect making it impossible to live as openly gay.

It criminalises the “promotion” and even the mere “recognition” of homosexual relations “through or with the support of any government entity in Uganda or any other non-governmental organisation inside or outside the country”.

Lesbians are covered by the bill for the first time.

Gay activists say they will challenge the new laws in court.

The bill originally proposed the death penalty for some homosexual acts, but that was later removed amid international criticism.

‘Very scared’

According to the Associated Press news agency, government officials clapped after Mr Museveni signed the bill at a press conference at State House.

Yoweri Musveni - 30 January 2014 President Museveni had been apprehensive about signing the bill, but he could not convince his party otherwise

The BBC’s Catherine Byaruhanga in Uganda says it is rare for the president to assent to bills so publicly.

But the anti-gay bill has become so controversial that the media were invited to witness its signing, she says.

I didn’t even go to work today [Monday]. I’m locked up in the house

Ugandan gay rights activist

Earlier government spokesman spokesman Ofwono Opondo told Reuters news agency Mr Museveni wanted “to demonstrate Uganda’s independence in the face of Western pressure and provocation”.

The sponsor of the bill, MP David Bahati, insisted homosexuality was a “behaviour that can be learned and can be unlearned”.

“Homosexuality is just bad behaviour, that should not be allowed in our society,” he told the BBC’s Newsday programme.

But a gay rights activist in Uganda told the programme that he was “very scared” about the new bill.

“I didn’t even go to work today [Monday]. I’m locked up in the house.

“And I don’t know what’s going to happen now. I’m talking to all my activists on the phone. And it’s the same, they are all locked up in their houses. They can’t move out. They are watching their back to see what happens.”

Our correspondent says although Mr Museveni had been apprehensive about signing the bill, he could not convince his party, religious groups and many of his citizens that it was not needed.

The signing of the bill is an apparent U-turn from a recent pledge to hold off, pending advice from the US.

In a statement, Mr Museveni had said: “I… encourage the US government to help us by working with our scientists to study whether, indeed, there are people who are born homosexual.

“When that is proved, we can review this legislation.”

President Obama described it as “more than an affront, and a danger to, Uganda’s gay community. It will be a step backwards for all Ugandans.”

He warned it could “complicate” Washington’s relations with Uganda, which receives a reported $400m (Ł240m) in annual aid from the US.

In South Africa, former archbishop Desmond Tutu said he was disheartened by President Museveni’s apparent change of stance.” – BBC News

Credit all images: BBC News

Map showing gay rights in Africa


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Kyrgyzstan: Police abuse & torture gay & bisexual men says HRW – 020214 2243z

Kyrgyzstan: Police Abuse & Extortion of Gay Men
Threats, Detention, Beatings, Sexual Attacks
January 29, 2014

“(Bishkek) Police in Kyrgyzstan have extorted, threatened, arbitrarily detained, beaten, and sexually abused gay and bisexual men, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. Although consensual sex between men was decriminalized in Kyrgyzstan in 1998, police target gay and bisexual men for violence and extortion, Human Rights Watch found.


The 65-page report, They Told Us We Deserved This: Police Violence against Gay and Bisexual Men in Kyrgyzstan, found that gay and bisexual men have been subjected to a range of abuses at the hands of police in Kyrgyzstan, including physical, sexual, and psychological violence; arbitrary detention; and extortion under the threat of violence or of exposing victims sexual orientation to friends and family. The report is based on detailed interviews with 40 gay and bisexual men in four regions of Kyrgyzstan. The government should condemn and thoroughly investigate reports of abuse and establish a confidential complaint mechanism for all cases of abuse by police officers.

Gay and bisexual men in Kyrgyzstan already live in fear due to widespread homophobic attitudes, and the police are making a nightmarish situation even worse, said Anna Kirey, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) rights researcher at Human Rights Watch. Kyrgyzstan authorities at the very top levels need to call a halt to this police abuse and make sure that gay and bisexual men have the protection they need.

Violence, blackmail, and extortion by police, and a lack of accountability for these crimes are all too common in Kyrgyzstan. But those who belong to minority groups are particularly vulnerable. Gay and bisexual men are easy targets for abuse because of the populations deep social conservatism.

Kyrgyzstan police target gay and bisexual men in parks, gay clubs, hotel rooms, and on dating websites. Human Rights Watch documented cases of severe physical violence against gay and bisexual men including punching, kicking, and beating with gun butts, batons, empty beer bottles, or other objects. Several gay men also reported sexual violence by police officers including rape, group rape, and attempts to put a stick, a hammer, or an electric shock device in the persons anus, as well as gratuitous touching during a search, or being forced to undress in front of police.

Fathullo F. (not his real name), 32, told Human Rights Watch that in May 2012 he went to what he thought was a date with another man. When he arrived at the meeting place, police officers grabbed and handcuffed him. They took him to a police station, where they beat him to force him to write a confession and to give them contact information for his employer and his family. He said the officers threatened to initiate a criminal sodomy case against him unless he gave them money and contact information of other gay men, and that he suspected they wanted to target these other men for extortion.

The officers told me that people like me do not deserve to be on face of the earth, Fathullo told Human Rights Watch. I asked them to let me sit down because I was tired. They said that I didnt deserve to use their chair and spat on me. They said that I didnt deserve to live, and threatened to destroy me if I didnt give them 10,000 soms [US$214].

In another case, Demetra D., 32, from Bishkek told Human Rights Watch that in four separate incidents between 2004 and 2011, police officers took him into custody and raped him, attempted to rape him, or allowed other detainees to rape him.

Only two of the 40 men Human Rights Watch interviewed had filed complaints with the police. Neither case led to anyone being held accountable for the abuse. The others said they did not file complaints for fear of retaliation or of having information about their sexual orientation sent to their families or employers. Human Rights Watch has not been able to find a single case in which a police officer has been held accountable for the arbitrary detention, extortion, torture, or ill-treatment of a gay or bisexual man.

The government of Kyrgyzstan has taken a number of measures to stop torture and ill-treatment in detention facilities, but have no mechanism to file complaints about police abuse for people who are not incarcerated. The government should establish an independent mechanism to which any victim of police abuse, including gay and bisexual men, can turn without fear of their privacy being violated.

Police officers in Kyrgyzstan know that they can beat, rape, and otherwise torment gay men and extort money from them without suffering any consequences, Kirey said. Nobody should live in fear because of whom they love. Kyrgyzstans authorities need to put a stop to police abuse of gay men.

Selected testimonies

It was the worst thing for me when they threatened to tell my family. I have brothers who are very religious. One word and this would be death [for me]. I wrote what the police told me to write. I was scared that they would tell my family. I wrote my name and address. I didnt know what to do. They let me go after I said that I could give them 3,000 soms (US$60). They threatened me and then let me go [get the money]. I had to lie to my mom to get this money. I went back to the station and gave the money to the police. I asked for my statement, and they handed it to me and insisted I tear it up in their presence. Isroil I. (not his real name), a victim of police abuse and extortion

The police said, Are you a faggot? Why do you come here? Then they pointed a gun at me and showed their IDs. One of them hit me in the temple and I fell on their car. They threw me in the car and drove around for some time. They said they would drown me in a canal if I didnt give them US$600. In the car they hit me in the head with the handle of the gun. Then took me to the police station, kicked me some more, and said that they would call my mom and tell her about the kinds of clubs I visit. Maksim Bratukhin, head of the Bishkek-based LGBT rights group Pathfinder, who said that several police officers detained and beat him, and threatened him with death after he left a gay nightclub in Bishkek in April 2008.” – HRW

What Kyrgyzstan should do
Condemn violence and extortion by the police of gay and bisexual men.
Hold to account police officers engaged in such abuses.
Ensure that all victims have access to an independent and confidential complaints mechanism.
What others should do
Make LGBT rights issues an integral part of bilateral and multilateral dialogues with the Kyrgyz government. Support LGBT rights and torture prevention through relevant assistance programs, including police reform and training.” – HRW

Russia: Winter Olympics 2014 – No gay people in Sochi says mayor – 270114 1430z


Sochi 2014: No gay people in city, says mayor

Sochi winter olympics

The mayor of Sochi, host of the Winter Olympics, has said there are no gay people in the city.

Anatoly Pakhomov said homosexuals were welcome at the Games – as long as they “respect Russian law” and “don’t impose their habits on others”.

Opposition leader Boris Nemtsov said there were several gay bars in Sochi.

In June 2013, Russia passed a law banning the promotion of “non-traditional” sexuality to under-18s – widely seen as an attack on gay rights.

The controversial new law made providing information on homosexuality to under-18s a crime, punishable by a fine.

Critics say its loose interpretation effectively stops gay rights protests in Russia.

“As far as I know there are several gay clubs in Sochi… how do they survive? Why they are not bankrupt? ”

Boris Nemtsov Opposition leader

Anatoly Pakhomov, a member of President Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party, told Panorama that gay people would be welcome at the Games.

“Our hospitality will be extended to everyone who respects the laws of the Russian Federation and doesn’t impose their habits on others”, he said.

But when asked whether gay people had to hide their sexuality in Sochi, the Mayor said: “No, we just say that it is your business, it’s your life. But it’s not accepted here in the Caucasus where we live. We do not have them in our city.”

When challenged, the mayor admitted that he was not certain there were no gay people in Sochi: “I am not sure, but I don’t bloody know them.”

BBC Panorama reporter John Sweeney visited a gay bar in Sochi the night before he interviewed the mayor.

Most people did not want to be filmed and those that did were cautious about what they said.

Drag queen Madame Zhu-Zha said there was a gay community in the city and in other areas of Russia.

“There are very many clubs for gay people in Moscow – in Sochi we have two gay clubs as well. In some places there’s serious prejudice against gay people. In other places it’s not as bad.”

The Sochi 2014 organising committee told BBC Panorama it was working hard to ensure the Games will be remembered for their diversity.

Boris Nemtsov, former Deputy Prime Minister and now a leader of the opposition, said the mayor’s claim was laughable.

“As far as I know there are several gay clubs in Sochi.

“How do they survive? Why they are not bankrupt?”

Last week, President Vladimir Putin said homosexuals would be welcome in Sochi for the Olympics but said, “just leave the children alone”.

“We don’t have a ban on non-traditional sexual relations,” he said. “We have a ban on the propaganda of homosexuality and paedophilia.”

Panorama: Putin’s Games, BBC One, Monday 27 January at 20:30 GMT and then available in the UK on the BBC iPlayer.

(Video credit:  özgür demirt Published on Jan 27, 2014)


Russian PM Medvedev on gay rights

(Video credit: Impartial News Center Published on Jan 26, 2014)

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour interviews Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev

‘Welcome’ but warned – Russia’s Putin cautions gay visitors to Sochi

(Video credit: euronews (in English) Published on Jan 18, 2014)

“Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has reiterated earlier statements that gay visitors are welcome at the Games.

At a meeting with a group of young Sochi volunteers, Putin said, “We are not banning anything. We are not rounding up anyone. We have no criminal punishment for such relations, unlike many other countries.”

The Russian President, however, was also keen to stress the country’s ban on promoting homosexuality amongst minors.

“So one can feel relaxed and at ease, but please leave children in peace,” Putin continued.” – Euronews

Putin on anti gay law – BBC News

(Video credit: TvProgramss 21 January 2014)

Should athetes boycott Sochi?

Team GB Refuses Sochi Boycott

(Video credit: TheNetFrancesco Published on Aug 9, 2013)

Stephen Fry: Gay solidarity needed at Russian winter Olympics

(Video credit:  The Telegraph)

Peter Tatchell on the petition to boycott the Winter Olympics in Russia

(Video credit: Kasia Madera Published on Aug 9, 2013)

Gay Rights campaigner Peter Tatchell talks about the petition to boycott the Winter Olympics in Russia because of new anti-gay laws.

This is the incident back in 2007 to which Peter Tatchell refers….

(Video credit: thx1138mindlock Uploaded on Feb 22, 2010 Moscow, 2007)

Gay rights activist Peter Tatchell visciously punched in the face, kicked then arrested. Homophobic assailant walks free.

Richard Fairbrass (Bi-Sexual) punched in the face.

30 members of European Parliament also arrested.

Should the world boycott the Sochi Olympics in defense of gay rights?- Russia Today

(Video credit: Newsnation6 Published on Aug 9, 2013)

British actor Steven Fry has sparked a fierce debate, asking the International Olympic Committee to move the upcoming Winter Games from Sochi to Vancouver. He even compared Russia’s treatment of homosexuals to Nazi Germany. Was he right?

The subject of Fry’s ire is a controversial law passed in June, which forbids the “promotion of non-traditional relations among minors.” The terms “non-traditional” and “promotion” are open to wide interpretation, with many gay activists in Russia calling the law a potential blanket ban on any manifestations. They also say that police have idly stood by as attacks on homosexuals multiplied on the back of the new legislation.

While the first Olympic boycott dates back to 1936, when over 20 countries withdrew in protest against Nazism, the phenomenon reached its peak in the 1970s and 80s — when four Olympic Games in a row had absentees. The 1980 Moscow Games and the 1984 Los Angeles Games saw rival Socialist and Western blocks withdraw en-masse.

In recent weeks, the International Olympic Committee has negotiated with Russia’s Olympic organizers, saying that it received “assurances” that the law would be suspended for the duration of the Games. Russian officials have produced conflicting statements in response, and the situation remains uncertain.” – Russia Today

Gays face hatred attacks in Russia


The terrifying reality of life under Russia’s anti-gay laws

(Video credit: Journeyman Pictures)

Trial nearly over for opponent of Zambian anti-gay law


AIDS activist Paul Kasonkomona is scheduled to learn on Feb. 20 whether a judge will dismiss charges that were brought against him after he appeared on Zambian TV last April and said that the country should repeal its law against same-sex activity because the law hampers the fight against AIDS.

He was arrested immediately after that appearance on local Muvi TV, and was faced with the charge that his appeal for reform was a form of “soliciting for immoral purposes in a public place.”

Kasonkomona and other activists say that anti-gay laws lead to increased levels of HIV and AIDS by making LGBT people fearful of acknowledging their sexual orientation, even to a doctor.

Kasonkomona was arrested April 7 and released on bail on April 11.  Court proceedings against him have in in process since May. On Feb. 20, a judge in Lusaka Magistrates Court is scheduled to make a…

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Dozens out on bail after Iran raid on ‘homosexuals,’ ‘satanists’


A court in Iran has released “dozens of people” on bail after their arrest Oct. 8 on charges related to “homosexuality and satanism,” according to an LGBT rights organization in Iran.

Earlier “at least 17” arrests were reported in the incident, which occurred in Kermanshah, an Iranian village near the border with Iraq.

6Rang expressed deep concern about implications of the arrests for the safety of LGBT people in Iran:

6Rang is deeply worried about the well-being and fate of individuals in Iran who belong to the LGBT community. They are at high risk of long-term detention, psychological and physical torture, and death.

6Rang calls on the international community– including concerned citizens, world officials, and human rights activists and organizations– to help spread widespread awareness on LGBT-related issues in order to prevent the persecution and deaths of members of the LGBT community in Iran.

The news of the arrests…

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19 who are in prison for being gay, 41 more awaiting trial


(This is the latest update of a list that is often revised — again and again — as new information is received.)

Worldwide, at least 19 people are currently in prison for violating laws that punish those who are born gay, lesbian or bisexual. In addition, at least 41 other people are awaiting trial on charges related to  homosexuality.

The prison sentences that have been imposed range up to five years, at the lower end of punishments that are on the books in the 76-plus countries where homosexuality is currently illegal.

Listing 60 people is probably an extreme understatement of the number of people who are behind bars or awaiting trial on anti-homosexuality charges, but finding out about specific cases is difficult, especially in countries without a free press.

The lists below provide a narrow window into just one of many types of injustice affecting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender…

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Anti-gay threats, attacks disrupt AIDS fight in Sierra Leone



Until they had to flee the country to save their lives, George Freeman, Denzil Kargbo and Ephraim Bernard Wilson worked to halt the spread of AIDS in Sierra Leone.

They worked for years to educate LGBT people in Sierra Leone about the dangers of HIV / AIDS, but they had to stop that work when newspapers published their pictures and labeled them as homosexuals.  Freeman was ambushed in his car by men on motorbikes who tried to kill him.

They fled to safety in Spain and still want to continue fighting AIDS in Sierra Leone. But they can only do that from Spain by consulting with colleagues who have not been outed by the press, and perhaps through video conferences.

This is their story.

Freeman, age 26; Kargbo, 25; and Wilson, 24, are officers of the non-profit organization Pride Equality, which was founded in…

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Russia: Neo-Nazi group allegedly torturing gay youths, using social network to find them – 030813 1340z

(Scroll down for Russian translation)

(Прокрутите вниз для русский перевод)

Russian neo-Nazis torture gay teenager they tricked into meeting them as part of online scam

  • Neo-Nazis appear to be filming themselves bullying and torturing gay men
  • Infamous former skin head believed to be behind the campaign
  • One 15-year-old boy is filmed being taunted by group of homophobic men

By Jaymi Mccann


“A Russian neo-Nazi group is allegedly torturing homosexual youths by using a social network to find them.

The campaigns, called Occupy Pedophilyaj and Ocuppy Gerontilyaj, have been launched by former skinhead Maxim Martsinkevich, according to an LGBT rights group.

The Spectrum Human Rights Alliance (SHRA) alleges that the group claims to identify and report paedophiles but instead use it to target teenager who reply to same-sex personal adverts.

Scroll down for video

This picture reportedly shows a Russian neo-Nazi group attacking a gay man who they found online

This Facebook picture reportedly shows a Russian neo-Nazi group that attacks gay teenage boys who they find online


This video appears to show masked youths accosting a nervous teenage boy, asking if he has come to meet 'Uncle Dima'

This video appears to show masked youths accosting a nervous teenage boy in Moscow, asking if he has come to meet ‘Uncle Dima’

Putin's Crackdown on LGBT Teens in Russia

The boy admits that he is there to meet a man for sex to the men gathered around him in the video

Adverts are posted on the Russian equivalent to Facebook, VK.com, reports The Huffington post.

The group allegedly agrees to meet the boy for a date, but then films him being bullied and tortured.

SHRA writes on their website: These self-proclaimed ‘crime fighters’ perform their actions under the broad day light, often outside and clearly visible to general public that indifferently passes by or even commend them.

Video recordings of bullying and tortures are freely distributed on the Internet in order to out LGBT teens to their respective schools, parents and friends. Many victims were driven to suicides, the rest are deeply traumatized.

Putin's Crackdown on LGBT Teens in Russia

Under duress, the 15-year-old tells them his personal details

It is believed that the homophobic group found the teenager through social network VK.com

It is believed that the homophobic group found the teenager through Russian social network VK.com by looking through the same-sex adverts

The LGBT group has pointed to a video on YouTube allegedly showing a group of masked youths interrogating a nervous looking 15-year-old in a housing estate.

During the video, according to atranslation by The Huffington Post, the group asks him if he is there to meet Uncle Dima.

The boy admits that he is there to have sex, he admits his sexual preferences and gives all of his details.

He tells the group who he is, where he is from, what school he goes to and his age.

At the end of the video, one member of the group urinates into a bottle and attempts to pour it over his head, and another kicks him. Then it cuts out.

Russian online newspaper Lenta met with some people who have joined the Occupy Pedofilyaj campaign earlier this month.

One member allegedly said: We do not like homosexuals. If it was up to me, I’d kill them but the government doesn’t allow that.

The boy apppeard to be interrogated while being pursued around a housing compound

The boy apppeard to be interrogated while being pursued around a housing compound

The group of men recorded the incident on camera as they bullied the gay teenager

The group of men recorded the incident on camera as they bullied the gay teenager

The threatening group of men appeared to surround the boy as they taunted him

The threatening group surrounded the boy as they taunted him and attempted to spray him with urine before the video cuts out

He then said that all gay men are paedophiles, adding that they should not be allowed in society.

Earlier this month Vladimir Putin signed into law the homosexual propaganda bill, making it illegal to share information with minors that may make encourage the idea that homosexual relationships are socially equivalent to a heterosexual couple.

Just last month a 23-year-old gay man was tortured to death in the Russian city of Volgograd. Continue reading

Russian LGBT group delighted, nearly overwhelmed by support

Russian (Translated by Google)

Русский (перевод Google)

Русская ЛГБТ-сеть почти завален объема писем и других сообщений от сторонников, которые хотят, чтобы помочь им блокировать новые запрет России на неопределенных “гей пропаганды”.

29 июля сети выдается этим заявлением, выражая свое восхищение, с просьбой Сторонники терпения, и настоятельно призывая дальнейших действий:

Мы продолжаем получать письма и вопросы от вас, который замечательно и показывает, насколько глубоко вы полны решимости, чтобы помочь нам и всей России ЛГБТ-сообщества в трудные времена. К сожалению, у нас много работы, чтобы сделать, и поэтому мы не можем ответить на каждый отдельно.
Войти в Стокгольме протеста против закона России в “гей-пропаганды. (Фото любезно предоставлено Facebook)

Войти в Стокгольме протеста против закона России в “гей-пропаганды. (Фото любезно предоставлено Facebook)

Большинство писем касаются способов, в которых отдельные лица или группы активных граждан могли бы помочь нам. Здесь перечислены некоторые примеры из-за рубежа, что делать – пожалуйста, сделать еще больше событий и предавать их гласности! Выезд Последние сообщения на другие здесь на нашем профиле, там регулярно публикуются новые инициативы, событий и фотографий.

Поцелуй-в в Аргентине, ‪ # unbesoporrusia ‬ в Twitter
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Флешмобы и акции протеста перед посольствами России, например [Июн 1] в Стокгольме, https://www.facebook.com/events/562072913832152/ (см. фото выше и ниже).

Мы как организация, приветственные письма и видео поддержка направить ЛГБТ в России. Пожалуйста, если вы делаете видео, пожалуйста, попробуйте сделать перевод на русский язык субтитров – если это невозможно, то, пожалуйста, приложите текст на английском языке, так что мы могли бы перевести его. Письма могут быть отправлены в наш офис, и, конечно, письма приветствуются. К сожалению у нас нет ресурсов, чтобы перевести и отправить вперед очень короткие сообщения, так что предпочтительно либо написать больше личных сообщений или написать от имени вашей организации.

Вы также можете дать нам пожертвований. Подробнее банковский перевод, пожалуйста, напишите roosa@lgbtnet.ru.

Оказать давление на политиков, их требовать, чтобы связаться с их русскими коллегами и задают сложные вопросы! Если вы занимаетесь спортом, бегать за нашу свободу и сделать его большим и общественности. Все инициативы и идеи приветствуются – быть творческим! Как нам на Facebook, следовать за нами, распространили информацию о том, что происходит в России.

Спасибо – давайте оставаться на связи!
Стокгольмский протест против России закон “гей пропаганда. (Фото любезно предоставлено Facebook)

Многоязычная протеста у посольства России в Стокгольме стремится положить конец закона в России “гей пропаганда. (Фото любезно предоставлено Facebook)
Статьи по теме

Новый русский ЛГБТ бойкот Цель: Олимпиада спонсоров? (76crimes.com)
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Россия обновление: 4 голландских граждан, арестованных за гей-пропаганды (76crimes.com)


The Russian LGBT Network is nearly overwhelmed with the volume of letters and other communications from supporters who want to help them block Russia’s new ban on ill-defined “gay propaganda.”  On July 29, the network issued this statement, expressing its delight, requesting supporters’ patience, and urging continued action:

We keep getting letters and questions from you, which is wonderful and shows how deeply you are committed to helping us and the whole Russian LGBT community in difficult times. Unfortunately, we have a lot of work to do and so we cannot answer to everyone separately.

Most of the letters concern the ways in which an individual person or a group of active citizens could help us. Here are listed some examples from abroad of what to do – please, make even more events and make them public! Check out the Recent Posts by Others here on our profile, there are…

View original post 266 more words

US: Another gay teen, Carlos Vigil, 17, commits suicide because of bullying – 190713 1800z

A gay New Mexico teen reportedly committed suicide after being subjected to intense bullying from his classmates.

“Seventeen-year-old Carlos Vigil posted a note to Twitter before he decided to take his own life. Segments of that note have been cited by the Latin Post, the Daily Mail and Queerty, among other media outlets.

Carlos Vigil

The New York Daily News reports that Vigil, who would have been a senior at Albuquerque’s Valley High School this fall, was taken off of life support at the University of New Mexico Hospital on July 16.

Meanwhile, Carlos’ mother Jacqueline Vigil told local news channel KRQE 13 that her son had been bullied since he was at least 8 years old.

He had this lunchbox, a smiley face lunchbox, and people thought it was the funniest lunchbox ever, and they made fun of him for it, Jacqueline is quoted as saying. They grabbed it on the school bus and just threw it on the floor and broke it. It’s just little things like that.

Carlos’ father Ray Vigil echoed those sentiments to NBC affiliate KOB-TV, noting, “We found out three years ago that he was going through this stuff and we’ve been trying to help him every day since. We realize he’s been going through it every day since he was in the third grade, that’s a long time for a child to hold that within himself.”

Need help? In the U.S., call 1-800-273-8255 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or visit stopbullying.gov. You can also visit The Trevor Project or call them at 866-488-7386.” – huffingtonpost.com

A message his family posted on Twitter:

A message his family posted on Twitter earlier today

Carlos’ Obituary and memorial page: reflectionoflife

Other Reports

Father speaks out about son’s attempted suicide

Posted at: 07/15/2013 10:05 PM | Updated at: 07/15/2013 10:16 PM

By: Chris Ramirez, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Carlos Vigil

Reporter Notebook: I found it hard writing this story about Carlos Vigil. A friend of Carlos called me early Monday morning to tell me about what happened. Later in the afternoon, Carlos story had spread and the newsroom decided that I should cover what happened for our 10 p.m. newscast.

“Carlos brother and father spoke to us outside of UNM Hospital and in tearful interviews told us about the torment he had been going through.

“We found out three years ago that he was going through this stuff and we’ve been trying to help him every day since,” Carlos’ father, Ray Vigil, said. “We realize he’s been going through it every day since he was in the third grade, that’s a long time for a child to hold that within himself.”

Ray Vigil said his son had been teased for being gay, for having acne, for a having a lazy eye, and for being slightly overweight. Carlos had a difficult time dealing with the constant teasing.

Ironically, even though Carlos was dealing with his internal struggles, he always tried helping other bullying victims. His father said he had just returned from North Carolina where he was lobbying an anti-bullying bill in their state legislature. Carlos also counseled other teens and helped them cope with their bullying.

Carlos always wanted to help other people, but perhaps his father said it best when he told us, “Carlos wanted to be accepted by all, when he only needed to be accepted by himself.”

Carlos’ organs will be donated. Carlos wanted it that way so that he could continue helping people, even in death.

Carlos wrote a note on his Twitter account before he took his own life. His mother requested we not share it and, as a newsroom, we decided to honor her wishes.

We have been asked to share some information with our viewers:

There is a memorial fund set up for Carlos at U.S New Mexico Federal Credit Union, account number 6082606.

Warning Signs for Suicide

Up to 90% of people show risk factors or warning signs, such as:

  • Depressed mood
  • Loss of interest or pleasure in usual activities
  • Change in appetite or weight
  • Change in sleeping patterns
  • Speaking and/or moving with unusual speed or slowness
  • Loss of interest or pleasure in usual activities
  • Decrease in sexual drive
  • Fatigue or loss of energy
  • Feelings of worthlessness, self-reproach or guilt
  • Diminished ability to think or concentrate, slowed thinking or indecisiveness
  • Thoughts of death, suicide, or wishes to be dead

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

The New Mexico SuicidePreventionCoalition provide free training to teach people the warning signs for suicide, and how to intervene. You can find more information on their website at www.nmsuicideprevention.org or call them at 505-401-9382. ” - KOB Eyewitness News 4


(Video credit: US Freedom Club)

Published on Jul 16, 2013

CarlosVigil, 17 commits suicide because of bullying
‘The kids in school are right, I am a loser, a freak and a fag and in no way is that acceptable’: Heartbreaking online letter bullied teen wrote before he killed himself
Carlos Vigil, 17, put the letter up on Twitter on Saturday afternoon
His father rushed home as soon as he found out but it was too late


Bullying Study: It Does Get Better For GayTeens
Think Homophobic Bullying is a Joke? It’sDeadly.
Gay Disabled Teen onFire
Canada: Four teens attack gay 13yr old boy in Chatham hate crime 1905131615z
LGBT: 1 in 4 young gay people assaulted in England, 47% threatened or intimidated New research 0411121840Z
[G: I try not to comment on the news, but. Too many have lost their lives due to homophobic bullying, either by their own hand or anothers. An environment where casual homophobia & gay bullying is accepted as the norm can soon become fertile ground for hate crime.]

“I am not Haram!” or the Challenges Muslim Gays Confront

Gender and Representation 2013

We also sent Lut : He said to his people : “Do ye commit lewdness such as no people in creation (ever) committed before you? For ye practice your lusts on men in preference to women: ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds.” Qur’an 7:80-81

In the post-modern era, when the issue of homosexuality is less of a taboo than say 50-60 years ago, homosexual people are still facing persecution, judgements and condemnation around the world. The degree of the persecution varies for different regions, countries and religions. The one religion that has had the most rigid stance on homosexuality is Islam. Being a Muslim myself it is hard to admit the fact that the level of tolerance seems to be much lower in Muslim-majority countries. Whether or not Islam prohibits homosexuality and the position of the Qur’an is a complex matter which can be discussed in a lengthy…

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Russia: Gay rights activists arrested defying rally ban after torture and murder of 22yr old Vladislav Tornovoi in Volgograd – 250513 1700z

Прокр�тите вниз для Р���кий (перевод Google)

Russia: Gay Rights Activists Arrested At Rally

Protesters are arrested after taking to Moscow’s streets following the murder of a Russian man for being gay.

 “Activists defied Russian authorities by holding a gay pride march in Moscow. Officials promised any action would be “thwarted” and made dozens of arrests as protesters gathered outside the Russian Parliament.

Dozens of activists at a gay pride march in Moscow have been arrested by Russian police.

Authorities said at least 30 gay rights campaigners were being held after defying a ban on the protest.

City officials had promised the march would be “thwarted” and that protesters faced being arrested and fined.

But activists ignored the threats and unfurled banners denouncing the Kremlin-backed homophobic legislation in front of Russia’s lower house of parliament.

As police made arrests, some protesters were attacked by Orthodox Christian vigilantes carrying icons and crosses.

The action came after the torture and murder of a young man in Volgograd focused attention on the issue of homophobia in Russia and what human rights groups claim is an increasingly dangerous situation.

Vladislav Tornovoi found dead
Vladislav Tornovoi

Vladislav Tornovoi, 22, was found dead earlier this month in a children’s playground outside the block of flats where he grew up.

He had been stripped, abused (G: raped) with beer bottles, and beaten with a concrete block. His killers then tried to set his body on fire.

The two men arrested for his murder were his friends, one of them has known him since childhood. They had been drinking together that night.

Investigators say one of the men confessed that they had killed him because he told them he was gay.

A police video shows one of the suspects being brought back to the scene and asked to demonstrate, using a mannequin, how he attacked his friend.

When a detective asks him why, he replies: “Because he said he was a fag”.

Mr Tornovoi’s father Andrei told Sky News he had to bury his son in a closed casket – that his injuries were so severe the doctors advised him against viewing his body.

The post-mortem recorded the cause of death as blunt trauma to the head, but also noted serious internal injuries and genital mutilation.

But he refuses to believe his son could possibly have been gay – to suggest otherwise, he told us, dishonours his memory.

Russian police detain a gay rights activist during a rally outside the Duma in Moscow
Dozens of people were detained at the rally

“It was a shock when his friends and relatives heard that he was gay. What are you talking about, how can he be gay? He was living a normal life,” he said.

Some of Mr Vladislav’s friends have also insisted that he could not have been gay, that his killers invented his drunken confession to try to justify what they had done, and elicit public sympathy.

One of his former classmates said the suspects have been congratulated on various blogs and Russian websites.

Valeriya Goran explained: “People wrote �less gays – more happiness’, �These guys who killed our Vlad were right’.”

Volgograd is a tough, industrial city, far from the skyscrapers and sports cars of the capital Moscow.

In what was once known as Stalingrad where they are proud of their Soviet history.

The schoolchildren here still take their solemn turn to guard the eternal flame – they are taught that this was where the Red army defied the German onslaught, to secure victory in the Great Patriotic War.

But in modern Russia, their government has decided these children don’t need any education about gay rights.

In order to ‘protect their morality’, the country’s parliament is in the process of passing a federal law that will deem all such information �homosexual propaganda’, and punishable by a hefty fine.

It is unlikely to challenge attitudes in a country where, according to the latest polls, more than three quarters of the population already think homosexuality is either a bad habit, a disease or the result of trauma.

Some 73% said the state should suppress publicly gay behaviour.” – Sky News


Vladislav Tornovoi

First Image of Russia Gay Hate Murder Victim Vladislav Tornovoi

By Dominic Gover

International Business Times UK May 13, 2013 6:29 PM GMT

Vladislav Tornovoi

Vladislav Tornovoi

“This is the young man tortured and then killed in a gruesome attack by thugs for being gay.

Vladislav Tornovoi, 23, was attacked by two men in the city of Volgograd, who mutilated his genitals and raped him with a beer bottle.

In an murder which has sparked outrage across Russia and overseas, the young man’s face was smashed with a rock and was then set on fire.

Tornovoi was allegedly killed shortly after coming out as gay to friends during a boozy Victory Day celebration.

Two men  aged 22 and 27-years-old – who were reportedly Tornovoi’s friends, are under arrest on suspicion of killing him.

The first image of Tornovoi comes as gay rights activists condemned the Kremlin by claiming the government is an accomplice in his death for stigmatizing sexual minorities.

Laws which ban “homosexual propaganda” are set to come in to force soon under support from the Duma – the Russian parliament.

Campaigner Nikolai Alexeyev told the Moscow Times: “Political figures have provoked anti-gay sentiment by portraying the gay community as a bunch of freaks,” Alexeyev said. “They are accomplices in the killing.”

Prominent activist Nikolai Bayev also claimed President Vladimir Putin was an “accomplice” in the killing.

Writing on the GayRussia website, Bayev said: “”President Putin, crush the head of Vladislav Tornovoi! Strip him until he’s naked. Break his ribs, beat his face and shove a bottle up his anus. Kill him, he’s just a gay.”

In the wake of Tornovoi’s shocking death, an upcoming gay pride march in the capital city Moscow on May 25, could be dedicated to the young man by organisers.”


Arrests At Russian Gay Pride March

(Video credit: MultiFastnews)

Vladislav Tornovoi was found dead

(Video credit: MultiFastnews)

Russian (translated by Google) Р���кий (перевод Google)

 Ро��ия: гей-активи�ты прав задержанных оказал�яПроте�т�ющие аре�тован по�ле того, на �лицы Мо�квы по�ле �бий�тва р���кого человека за то, что гей.

2:11 вечера Великобритании, ��ббота 25 мая 2013

    Неизве�тно анти-гей-активи�та (L) попадает р���кий геев и ЛГБТ-правозащитник во время не�анкционированного гей-правозащитники митинг в Мо�кве Центральный

    Неизве�тно анти-гей-активи�та (L) попадает гей-активи�т прав на не�анкционированный митинг в Мо�кве Центральный.

    1 из 11
    Ро��ии омоновцы задержали геев и ЛГБТ-правозащитник

    Полиция �ообщила, �о�тавляющие не менее 30 аре�тов во время демон�трации.

    2 из 11
    Ро��ии полиция задерживает гей-активи�т прав во время митинга вне Д�мы в Мо�кве

    3 из 11
    Ро��ии омоновцы задержали геев и ЛГБТ активи�тов во время не�анкционированного митинга

    4 из 11

    �ктиви�т показывает плакат � надпи�ью “Любовь �ильнее гомофобии” изн�три р���кого б�нта полицей�кий ф�ргон.

    5 из 11
    ЛГБТ-правозащитник Юрий Гавриков задержан

    Громкие гей-активи�т Юрий Гавриков права задержан.

    6 из 11
    Р���кая полиция забрать баннер из гей-активи�тов прав во время митинга � мэрии в Мо�кве

    Баннеры были также конфи�кованы � проте�т�ющих.

    7 из 11
    Ро��ии полиция задерживает гей-активи�т Николай �лек�еев прав во время митинга � мэрии в Мо�кве

    Гей-активи�т Николай �лек�еев прав был также в чи�ле задержанных.

    8 из 11
    Гей Ро��ии и правах ЛГБТ активи�т Николай �лек�еев говорит от р���кого ОМОНа

    9 из 11
    Ро��ии полиция задерживает гей-активи�т прав во время митинга вне Д�мы в Мо�кве

    Демон�трация �о�тояла�ь за пределами Д�мы Ро��ии.

    10 из 11
    Ро��ии омоновцы задержали геев и ЛГБТ-активи�тов за права

    11 из 11

Sky News HD:
 “�ктиви�ты бро�ил вызов Ро��ии вла�ти п�тем проведения гей-парада в Мо�кве. Чиновники обещали любое дей�твие б�дет” �орвали “и �делал де�ятки аре�тов проте�т�ющих �обрали�ь � здания парламента Ро��ии.

Кейти Сталлардом, Ро��ия Корре�пондент

Де�ятки активи�тов гей-парад в Мо�кве, были аре�тованы полицией Ро��ии.

Вла�ти �тверждают, что по крайней мере 30 геев правозащитники держали по�ле игнорир�ет запрет на акции проте�та.

Город�кие вла�ти обещали в марте б�дет “�орвана”, и что проте�т�ющие �толкн�ли�ь аре�та и �траф�.

Но активи�ты проигнорировали �грозы и разверн�ли плакаты о��ждая поддерживаемого Кремлем гомофобных законодатель�тва перед нижней палатой Ро��ии парламента.

Как полиция произвела аре�ты, некоторые проте�т�ющие были атакованы право�лавных хри�тиан�ких др�жинников проведения иконы и кре�ты.

Ре�ение было принято по�ле того, как пытки и �бий�тва молодого человека в Волгоград�кой акцентировал внимание на проблеме гомофобии в Ро��ии и что такое права человека гр�ппы �тверждают, �тановит�я в�е более опа�ной �ит�ации.

Влади�лав Tornovoi найден мертвым Влади�лав Tornovoi

Влади�лав Tornovoi, 22, был найден мертвым в начале этого ме�яца в дет�к�ю площадк� за пределами многоквартирного дома, где он выро�.

Он был раздет, зло�потреблял (G: изна�иловал) � б�тылками пива, и били � бетонным блоком. Его �бийцы затем попытал�я ��тановить его тело в огне.

Два человека аре�тованы за его �бий�тво были его др�зьями, один из них знает его � дет�тва. Они пили вме�те в т� ночь.

Следователи �тверждают, что один из м�жчин признал�я, что они �били его, потом� что он �казал им, что он гей.

Полиция видео показывает один из подозреваемых время верн�ли на �цен� и попро�или продемон�трировать, и�польз�я манекен, как он напал на �воего др�га.

Когда детектив �пра�ивает его, почем�, он отвечает: “Потом� что он �казал, что он педик”.

Г-н Tornovoi отец �ндрей ра��казал Sky News он должен был похоронить �воего �ына в закрытом гроб� – что его травмы были на�только �ерьезными, врачи по�оветовали ем� от про�мотра его тела.

По�мертные запи�ал причин� �мерти как т�пой травмы головы, но также отметили �ерьезные повреждения вн�тренних органов и половых органов.

Но он отказывает�я верить его �ын�, возможно, возможно был геем – �видетель�тв�ют об обратном, он �казал нам, позорит его памяти.

Ро��ии полиция задерживает гей-активи�т прав во время митинга вне Д�мы в де�ятках мо�ков�ких человек были задержаны на митинге

“Это был �ок, когда его др�зья и род�твенники �знали, что он гей. Что вы говорите, как он может быть геем? Он жил нормальной жизнью”, �казал он.

Некоторые из др�зей го�подина Влади�лава также на�таивал, что он не мог были геями, что его �бийцы изобрел �вою пьян�ю и�поведь пытают�я оправдать то, что они �делали, и вызвать обще�твенное �оч�в�твие.

Один из его быв�их однокла��ников, подозреваемые были поздравили на различных блогах и р���ких �айтов.

Валерия Горан объя�нил: “Люди пи�али« менее геи – боль�е �ча�тья »,« Эти парни, которые �били на�их Влада были правы ».

Волгоград являет�я же�тким, промы�ленном городе, вдали от небо�кребов и �портивных автомобилей �толицы Мо�квы.

В чем был когда-то изве�тен как Сталинград, где они гордят�я �воей �овет�кой и�тории.

Школьники т�т еще взять их торже�твенное �вою очередь, чтобы охранять Вечный огонь – их �чат, что именно зде�ь Кра�ная �рмия бро�ила вызов немецким нати�ком, чтобы обе�печить побед� в Великой Отече�твенной войне.

Но в �овременной Ро��ии, их правитель�тво ре�ило эти дети не н�жно никакого образования о правах геев.

Для того, чтобы «защитить их нрав�твенно�ть”, парламент �траны находит�я в проце��е принятия федерального закона, который б�дет �читать “пропагандой гомо�ек��ализма” В�я такая информация, и карает�я здоровенный �траф.

Маловероятно, чтобы бро�ить вызов отно�ений в �тране, где, �огла�но по�ледним опро�ам, более трех четвертей на�еления �же д�маю гомо�ек��ализм являет�я либо плохая привычка, болезнь или рез�льтат травмы.

Около 73% заявили, что го��дар�тво должно подавлять п�блично гей поведения. “- Sky News

Влади�лав Tornovoi
Первая Образ Ро��ии гей Hate жертва �бий�тва Влади�лава Tornovoi

Доминик Gover

Межд�народный Бизне� тайм� Великобритании 13 мая 2013 6:29 вечера GMT

Влади�лав Tornovoi
Влади�лав Tornovoi
“Это молодой человек, пытали, а затем �бит в �жа�ной атаки бандитов за то, что гей.
Влади�лав Tornovoi, 23, напали двое м�жчин в городе Волгограде, который из�родовал его гениталии и изна�иловала его � б�тылкой пива.

В �бий�тве, которое вызвало возм�щение по в�ей Ро��ии и за р�бежом, лицо молодого человека было разбито камнем, а затем подожгли.

Tornovoi был �бит в�коре по�ле прихода в каче�тве гея � др�зьями во время пьяной празднования Дня Победы.

Двое м�жчин в возра�те 22 и 27-летних – которые, как �тверждает�я в др�зья Tornovoi, находят�я под аре�том по подозрению в �бий�тве его.

Первое изображение Tornovoi приходит как гей-активи�ты прав о��жденных Кремля, �тверждая, что правитель�тво являет�я �о�ча�тником в его �мерти клеймить �ек��альных мень�ин�тв.

Законы, запрещающие “пропаганд� гомо�ек��ализма” ��тановлены на прийти в �ил� в ближай�ее время при поддержке из Д�мы – р���кий парламент.

�ктиви�т Николай �лек�еев �ообщил The Moscow Times: “Политиче�кие деятели �провоцировали анти-гей на�троений, изображая гей-�ообще�тва как �борищем �родов”, �казал �лек�еев. “Они являют�я �о�ча�тниками �бий�тва.”

�зве�тный активи�т Николай Баев также �тверждал, президент Владимир П�тин был “�ообщником” в �бий�тве.

Пи�ьменно�ть на �айте GayRussia, Баев �казал: “” Президент П�тин, раздавить голов� Влади�лава Tornovoi! Ли�ить его, пока он не голый. Сломать ем� ребра, избили его лицо и за��н�ть б�тылк� �вой ан��. Убейте его, он про�то гей “.

На волне Tornovoi �окир�ющей �мерти, в марте пред�тоящего гей-гордо�ти в �толице Мо�кве 25 мая, мог�т быть выделены для молодого человека организаторами. ”
�ре�ты в Ро��ии гей-парад

(Видео кредита: MultiFastnews)
Влади�лав Tornovoi был найден мертвым

(Видео кредита: MultiFastnews)“

Russia: Gay rights activists to defy rally ban after torture and murder of 22yr old Vladislav Tornovoi in Volgograd – 250513 0945z

Прокрутите вниз для Русский (перевод Google)

The brutal murder of a man for being gay has highlighted the dangers of being homosexual in Russia.


Gay rights march in St Petersburg on May 1

Activists will attempt to hold a gay pride march in Moscow despite being banned by authorities and warned they will be breaking the law.

City officials have promised the action will be thwarted and protesters face being arrested and fined. But they say they are determined to make their voices heard.

The torture and murder of a young man in Volgograd has focused attention on the issue of homophobia in Russia and what human rights groups claim is an increasingly dangerous situation.

Vladislav Tornovoi, 22, was found dead earlier this month in a childrens playground outside the block of flats where he grew up.

He had been stripped, abused with beer bottles, and beaten with a concrete block. His killers then tried to set his body on fire.

The two men arrested for his murder were his friends, one of them has known him since childhood. They had been drinking together that night.

Investigators say one of the men confessed that they had killed him because he told them he was gay.

A police video shows one of the suspects being brought back to the scene and asked to demonstrate, using a mannequin, how he attacked his friend.

When a detective asks him why, he replies: Because he said he was a fag.

Mr Tornovois father Andrei told Sky News he had to bury his son in a closed casket that his injuries were so severe the doctors advised him against viewing his body.

Police arrest a gay rights activists during a protest in Moscow in January

The post-mortem recorded the cause of death as blunt trauma to the head, but also noted serious internal injuries and genital mutilation.

But he refuses to believe his son could possibly have been gay to suggest otherwise, he told us, dishonours his memory.

It was a shock when his friends and relatives heard that he was gay. What are you talking about, how can he be gay? He was living a normal life, he said.

Some of Mr Vladislavs friends have also insisted that he could not have been gay, that his killers invented his drunken confession to try to justify what they had done, and elicit public sympathy.

One of his former classmates said the suspects have been congratulated on various blogs and Russian websites.

Valeriya Goran explained: People wrote less gays more happiness, These guys who killed our Vlad were right.

Volgograd is a tough, industrial city, far from the skyscrapers and sports cars of the capital Moscow.

In what was once known as Stalingrad where they are proud of their Soviet history.

The schoolchildren here still take their solemn turn to guard the eternal flame they are taught that this was where the Red army defied the German onslaught, to secure victory in the Great Patriotic War.

But in modern Russia, their government has decided these children dont need any education about gay rights.

In order to protect their morality, the countrys parliament is in the process of passing a federal law that will deem all such information homosexual propaganda, and punishable by a hefty fine.

It is unlikely to challenge attitudes in a country where, according to the latest polls, more than three quarters of the population already think homosexuality is either a bad habit, a disease or the result of trauma.

Some 73% said the state should suppress publicly gay behaviour.


Vladislav Tornovoi

First Image of Russia Gay Hate Murder Victim Vladislav Tornovoi

By Dominic Gover

International Business Times UK May 13, 2013 6:29 PM GMT

Vladislav Tornovoi

Vladislav Tornovoi

This is the young man tortured and then killed in a gruesome attack by thugs for being gay.

Vladislav Tornovoi, 23, was attacked by two men in the city of Volgograd, who mutilated his genitals and raped him with a beer bottle.

In an murder which has sparked outrage across Russia and overseas, the young mans face was smashed with a rock and was then set on fire.

Tornovoi was allegedly killed shortly after coming out as gay to friends during a boozy Victory Day celebration.

Two men aged 22 and 27-years-old who were reportedly Tornovois friends, are under arrest on suspicion of killing him.

The first image of Tornovoi comes as gay rights activists condemned the Kremlin by claiming the government is an accomplice in his death for stigmatizing sexual minorities.

Laws which ban homosexual propaganda are set to come in to force soon under support from the Duma the Russian parliament.

CampaignerNikolai Alexeyev told the Moscow Times: Political figures have provoked anti-gay sentiment byportraying thegay community as abunch offreaks, Alexeyev said. They are accomplices inthe killing.

Prominent activist Nikolai Bayev also claimed President Vladimir Putin was an accomplice in the killing.

Writing on the GayRussia website, Bayev said: President Putin, crush thehead ofVladislav Tornovoi! Strip him until hes naked. Break his ribs, beat his face andshove abottle up his anus. Kill him, hes just agay.

In the wake of Tornovois shocking death, an upcoming gay pride march in the capital city Moscow on May 25, could be dedicated to the young man by organisers.

Russian (translated by Google) Русский (перевод Google)

Зверское убийство человека за то, что гей высветил опасность в гомосексуализме в России.


7:39 утра Великобритании (0639Z GMT / UTC), в субботу 25 мая 2013


Права геев марта в Санкт-Петербурге 1 мая

Кейти Сталлардом, Россия Корреспондент

“Активисты будет попытка провести гей-парад в Москве, несмотря на запрет властей и предупредили, что они будут нарушать закон.

Городские власти обещали действие будет “сорвали” и протестующими смотрят на быть арестованы и оштрафованы. Но они говорят, что они полны решимости сделать их голос был услышан.

Пытки и убийства молодого человека в Волгоградской сосредоточил внимание на проблеме гомофобии в России и что такое права человека группы утверждают, становится все более опасной ситуации.

Владислав Tornovoi, 22, был найден мертвым в начале этого месяца в детскую площадку за пределами многоквартирного дома, где он вырос.

Он был раздет, злоупотреблять с бутылками пива, и били с бетонным блоком. Его убийцы затем попытался установить его тело в огне.

Два человека арестованы за его убийство были его друзьями, один из них знает его с детства. Они пили вместе в ту ночь.

Следователи утверждают, что один из мужчин признался, что они убили его, потому что он сказал им, что он гей.

Полиция видео показывает один из подозреваемых время вернули на сцену и попросили продемонстрировать, используя манекен, как он напал на своего друга.

Когда детектив спрашивает его, почему, он отвечает: “Потому что он сказал, что он педик”.

Г-н Tornovoi отец Андрей рассказал Sky News он должен был похоронить своего сына в закрытом гробу – что его травмы были настолько серьезными, врачи посоветовали ему от просмотра его тела.

Полиция арестовала прав гомосексуалистов во время акции протеста в Москве в январе

Посмертные записал причину смерти как тупой травмы головы, но также отметили серьезные повреждения внутренних органов и половых органов.

Но он отказывается верить его сыну, возможно, возможно был геем – свидетельствуют об обратном, он сказал нам, позорит его памяти.

“Это был шок, когда его друзья и родственники узнали, что он гей. Что вы говорите, как он может быть геем? Он жил нормальной жизнью “, сказал он.

Некоторые из друзей господина Владислава также настаивал, что он не мог были геями, что его убийцы изобрел свою пьяную исповедь пытаются оправдать то, что они сделали, и вызвать общественное сочувствие.

Один из его бывших одноклассников, подозреваемые были поздравили на различных блогах и русских сайтов.

Валерия Горан объяснил: “Люди писали менее геи – больше счастья , Эти парни, которые убили наших Влада были правы .

Волгоград является жестким, промышленном городе, вдали от небоскребов и спортивных автомобилей столицы Москвы.

В чем был когда-то известен как Сталинград, где они гордятся своей советской истории.

Школьники тут еще взять их торжественное свою очередь, чтобы охранять Вечный огонь – их учат, что именно здесь Красная Армия бросила вызов немецким натиском, чтобы обеспечить победу в Великой Отечественной войне.

Но в современной России, их правительство решило эти дети не нужно никакого образования о правах геев.

Для того, чтобы защитить их нравственность”, парламент страны находится в процессе принятия федерального закона, который будет считать “пропагандой гомосексуализма” Вся такая информация, и карается здоровенный штраф.

Маловероятно, чтобы бросить вызов отношений в стране, где, согласно последним опросам, более трех четвертей населения уже думаю гомосексуализм является либо плохая привычка, болезнь или результат травмы.

Около 73% заявили, что государство должно подавлять публично гей поведение “.


Владислав Tornovoi

Первая Образ России гей Hate жертва убийства Владислава Tornovoi

Доминик Gover

Международный Бизнес таймс Великобритании 13 мая 2013 6:29 вечера GMT

Владислав Tornovoi
Владислав Tornovoi

“Это молодой человек, пытали, а затем убит в ужасной атаки бандитов за то, что гей.

Владислав Tornovoi, 23, напали двое мужчин в городе Волгограде, который изуродовал его гениталии и изнасиловала его с бутылкой пива.

В убийстве, которое вызвало возмущение по всей России и за рубежом, лицо молодого человека было разбито камнем, а затем подожгли.

Tornovoi был убит вскоре после прихода в качестве гея с друзьями во время пьяной празднования Дня Победы.

Двое мужчин в возрасте 22 и 27-летних – которые, как утверждается в друзья Tornovoi, находятся под арестом по подозрению в убийстве его.

Первое изображение Tornovoi приходит как гей-активисты прав осужденных Кремля, утверждая, что правительство является соучастником в его смерти клеймить сексуальных меньшинств.

Законы, запрещающие “пропаганду гомосексуализма” установлены на прийти в силу в ближайшее время при поддержке из Думы – русский парламент.

Активист Николай Алексеев сообщил The Moscow Times: “Политические деятели спровоцировали анти-гей настроений, изображая гей-сообщества как сборищем уродов”, сказал Алексеев. “Они являются соучастниками убийства.”

Известный активист Николай Баев также утверждал, президент Владимир Путин был “сообщником” в убийстве.

Письменность на сайте GayRussia, Баев сказал: “” Президент Путин, раздавить голову Владислава Tornovoi! Лишить его, пока он не голый. Сломать ему ребра, избили его лицо и засунуть бутылку свой анус. Убейте его, он просто гей “.

На волне Tornovoi шокирующей смерти, в марте предстоящего гей-гордости в столице Москве 25 мая, могут быть выделены для молодого человека организаторами. “

Canada: Four teens attack gay 13yr old boy in Chatham hate crime – 190513 1615z

“Faggot. Queer.

The words shouted by four teenaged boys as they kicked 13-year-old David, not his real name, still echo in his head.

David was walking the two blocks home from his bus stop along West Street on May 6 at about 4 p.m. when he was surrounded by four males.

The youths, believed to be between 14-16 years old, called out his name and began to taunt him about his sexuality.

They were calling me names like ‘faggot’ and ‘queer’ and they were telling me that I should go to hell, said David. I tried to ignore them and I tried to go to the other side of the street, but then one kid pushed me back.

He lost his balance and when he hit the ground the youths began to kick him, continuing their verbal onslaught.

David curled up and did his best to protect his head from the blows, trying to figure how to get away.

I was in a ball and sort of in shock, he said. I was thinking ‘Wow, this really hurts.’ It felt really long, but it probably only lasted 15 seconds-ish.

Even when the kicking stopped, the threats didn’t.

The leader of the group, he turned around pulled out a pocket knife, David said. (He) flipped it up and said ‘If you tell anyone, then you’re going to die.’ And then he ran away.

The Grade 8 John N. Given Public school student, who is openly gay, said he didn’t recognize any of his attackers, but they knew his name.

David went home and told his mother about the incident. She contacted police.

Hate crimes are typically directed both at an individual victim, as well as a group or class of people, said Const. Renee Cowell, public information officer for the Chatham-Kent police. For this reason, the Chatham-Kent Police Service is actively investigating this assault as a hate crime.

David spent seven hours in the hospital undergoing X-rays on his ribs and a number of tests to rule out damage to the spleen and kidneys.

Most of the injuries were on his left side ribs, the kidney area, his arm, said Dan, David’s father. They said he could have micro-fractures in his ribs, but they wouldn’t be able to tell with an x-ray . But just by the amount of pain he was experiencing, for sure bruised ribs.

Cowell said police take all assaults seriously and receive ongoing training to deal with the prevalence of incidents between youth.

I would say we’re fortunate in Chatham-Kent that it is a rare occurrence. When it does happen, we do take it seriously and we’ll do everything possible to prevent it from happening again, she said. Especially because it concerns the youth of our community.

The police’s dedication to discovering who his son’s attackers are is a small comfort to Dan, who has taken the extra precaution of having David’s bus stop moved and ensuring an adult is there to meet him every day.

I’m happy see that it’s being taken as seriously as it is, he said. Forget about the four-on-one beating up of a child basically, you’ve got this whole anti-gay hate I don’t even know what to describe it as. And you’ve got a believable threat with a knife.

Aside from the physical impact of David’s injuries have had, the beating has had a mental toll on his son, he said.

David can’t sleep, he has nightmares and is hyper-aware of his surroundings whenever he’s out in public.

David himself said he’s concerned there might be a video or photo of the beating he took floating out there and could make an appearance on the Internet.

It might get out and it would be humiliating, said David, his slender 5’11 frame visibly shrinking into the chair.

Dan looks over at his son with quiet concern.

I know you don’t want people to see you taking a beating, but to see four people taking advantage of one kid is not something to be proud of, he said quietly. You see on the news all these people who are being tortured on social media for whatever reason; bullying is bullying. They’ve just taken it one extra step and made it into a hate crime.

It’s not just about David, it’s about his sexuality, it’s about why he’s different, said Dan before turning back to look at his son.

Thank God you’re different because I wouldn’t want you to be like those idiots, he said. I’m glad you are who you are. At least you’re brave enough to be a real person.

Cowell said hate crimes will not be tolerated in Chatham-Kent and is reaching out to the community hoping anyone who witnessed the incident will come forward.

We’re hoping that someone stands up and speaks out, said Cowell. We need everybody to rally together as a community and make sure this doesn’t happen again. This is preventable, these incidents are preventable, if we all take a stand as a community.

If the intent of the attackers was to diminish who David was as a person they couldn’t be more wrong.

I feel like when I grow up I’ll feel a lot stronger because I can say ‘I went through that,’ he said. So I could basically do anything.

Anyone with information on the hate crime is asked to call Const. Gary Oriet at 519-436-6619 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).” –

It does get better….

(Video credit: itgetsbetterproject)
Published on 8 May 2013
Basketball star, Brittney Griner talks about her experience being bullied and how life got better for her in this video for the It Gets Better Project.

Follow Brittney at @brittneygriner

It Gets Better Plus: Out at School Discussion Hangout

(Video credit: itgetsbetterproject)
Published on 30 Jan 2013
LGBT students and student activists share their stories and come together for a hangout to discuss what it’s like to be out at school. They also speak about their hopes, resources and ways for making schools and campuses better for LGBT youth.

For more information about our It Gets Better Plus Google Hangouts, visit: http://www.itgetsbetter.org/hangout

For more resources on coming out and being out at school, you can visit some of the referenced organizations below:

Born This Way Foundation: http://www.bornthiswayfoundation.org
Campus Pride: http://www.campuspride.org
Creating Change (Task Force): http://www.thetaskforce.org
GLSEN: http:// http://www.glsen.org
The GSA Network: http://www.gsanetwork.org
PFLAG: http://www.pflag.org
The Trevor Project: http://www.thetrevorproject.org

In Canada: http://www.stopabully.ca/
In the news recently; Gay teen holds the line for Manitoba bullying bill

Russian demonstrators seek LGBT rights

Russian (Google Translation) Русский (Google перевод)

России демонстранты стремятся прав ЛГБТ

Опубликовано 17 мая 2013 года Колин Стюарт

ЛГБТ-организации Выход права помогли организовать акцию протеста сегодня в Санкт-Петербурге, Россия, и выпустили эту версию событий дня:
Санкт-Петербурге протестующие выпустили радужные шары в поддержку прав ЛГБТ и черные воздушные шары в знак протеста против насилия в отношении геев. (Фото Ольги Wagina)

Санкт-Петербурге протестующие выпустили радужные шары в поддержку прав ЛГБТ и черные воздушные шары в знак протеста против насилия в отношении геев. (Фото Ольги Wagina)

Один из крупнейших демонстраций ЛГБТ в России состоялся в Санкт-Петербурге

Сегодня более 150 представителей ЛГБТ и их друзей и союзников собрались на Марсово поле, “Гайд-парк” Санкт-Петербурга, в честь Владислава Tornovoy и других жертв гомофобных преступлений на почве ненависти, что делает его одним из крупнейших публичной демонстрации ЛГБТ когда-либо в России . ЛГБТ-активисты присоединились члены гражданских и человеческих прав групп, таких как “Солдатские матери”, “Солидарность”, борьбы с дискриминацией центра Мемориал, партии Яблоко и другие.

Около 150 протестующих против, состоявшейся в бухте полицией барьеры, представлены фотографии жертв педофилов, кричали оскорбления, бросил дыма гранулы и мелкие камни в демонстрантов. Среди них были два радикалов, которые в настоящее время под судом за нападение на ЛГБТ-активистов в прошлом году. Один из протестующих против лидеров был Виталий Милонов, автор пропаганда закона и Единая Россия городского парламента депутат.

После нескольких слов Ольги Ленкова, выйдя из активистов, и минута молчания, воздушные шары были выпущены в воздух. Демонстранты скандировали лозунги “Нет фашизму и гомофобия является позором для города”, и отображается основная баннер Гомофобия убивает. Остановите ненависти! ”

Через десять минут после события, а обеспечение защиты, полиция потребовала, чтобы обернуть демонстрации, по причине “реальную угрозу для здоровья и безопасности граждан” (как указано в официальном документе, представленном). Участники демонстрации вели в автобусы и увозят к далеко станций метро под конвоем полиции.
Анти-гей протестующие бросали дыма гранулы, оскорбления и небольшие камни в демонстрантов прав ЛГБТ. (Фото: Ольга W)

Анти-гей протестующие бросали дыма гранулы, оскорбления и небольшие камни в демонстрантов прав ЛГБТ. (Фото Ольги Wagina)

Сегодняшняя акция показала, что с одной стороны, после принятия пропаганда права в Санкт-Петербурге, гомофобных агрессоры стали смелее и лучше организованным. С другой стороны, несмотря на рост насилия и запугивания, а, порой, в результате из них, ЛГБТ-люди становятся все более готовы открыто выступают в защиту своих прав, и соединены все больше и больше гетеросексуальных союзников в их борьбе – эффект противоположный от того, что пропаганда закон был предназначен, чтобы есть. При поддержке и участии представителей ЛГБТ-сообщества, мы будем продолжать бороться за права каждого человека чувствовать себя в безопасности в России, независимо от их сексуальной ориентации или гендерной идентичности.

Акция была организована в Санкт-Петербурге ЛГБТ организация в партнерстве с Альянсом Стриты по вопросам равенства ЛГБТ.

Видео от действия:



The LGBT rights organization Coming Out helped organize a protest today in St. Petersburg, Russia, and released this account of the day’s events:

One of the Largest LGBT Demonstrations in Russia took place in St. Petersburg

Today, over 150 LGBT people and their friends and allies gathered on Marsovo Pole, the “Hyde Park” of St. Petersburg, to commemorate Vladislav Tornovoy and other victims of homophobic hate crimes, making this one of the largest public LGBT demonstration ever in Russia. LGBT activists were joined by members of civil and human rights groups, such as “Soldiers’ mothers”, “Solidarity”, Anti-Discrimination Center Memorial, Yabloko party, and others.

Around 150 counter-protesters, held at bay by police barriers, displayed photos of victims of pedophiles, shouted slurs, threw smoke pellets and small stones at the demonstrators. Among those were two radicals who are currently on trial for the attacks on LGBT activists last year. One of the…

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LGBT marchers defy St. Petersburg anti-gay law

Google Russian:


1 мая истинный “гей-парада” состоялась в мае день марта в Санкт-Петербурге, Россия.

80-100 человек прошли по Санкт-Петербургского исторического центрального проспекта, с радужными флагами и лозунгами Нет позорной гомофобных закон! Давайте остановим ненависть и дискриминацию вместе! “ЛГБТ в состав более широкой демократической колонна, состоящая из различных демократических групп и политических партий Санкт-Петербурга.

Несмотря на попытки полиции запретить развертывание флагами радуги в начале марта, активисты смогли пройти по всему маршруту с флагами радуги и баннеров.

Ольга Ленкова, ЛГБТ организация Выход деятель, выступая на
конце митинга о важности солидарности: “Многие люди думают, что проблемы ЛГБТ являются частными вопросами. Но это не так. В обществе, которое готово дискриминацию одного, никто не застрахован от дискриминации. …
Мы натравливают друг друга по правительству, под видом заботы о нравственности детей, и мифы о Но я хочу напомнить всем нам “иностранных агентов”.: Солидарность сильнее репрессий !

“Мне казалось, гордость сегодня на Невском проспекте!” Сказал один из участников. Сегодня показал нам, что открытые демонстрации ЛГБТ возможны, несмотря на
“Пропаганду гомосексуализма” законы законом и другими подавляя свободу собраний и выражения мнений.

Первомайские демократическая колонна была организована коалиция Демократической Петербурге. Радуга колонка была организована ЛГБТ-организации выходит, Альянс гетеросексуалов за права ЛГБТ, и других членов коалиции.

Больше фотографий здесь: http://www.comingoutspb.ru/en/en-news/mayday
Статьи по теме

Стивен Фрай посещений, поддерживает ЛГБТ-активисты в России (76crimes.com)
Анти-гей закона приводит к отмене поездки русский чиновник (76crimes.com)
Вотум 338-1 для Билла “гей пропаганда русский (76crimes.com)
10-й регион в России, принял закон о “гей пропаганда (76crimes.com)
Архив сообщений этого блога о правах ЛГБТ в России.


Despite the St. Petersburg law against “gay propaganda,” dozens of people marched with rainbow flags through the center of the city today. The local LGBT organization Coming Out reported:


May 1st, a true “gay parade” took place at the May Day March in St. Petersburg, Russia.

80-100 people marched down the St. Petersburg historical central avenue, with rainbow flags and slogans such as “No to the shameful homophobic law! Let’s stop the hate and discrimination together!” LGBT made part of the larger Democratic column, consisting of various democratic groups and political parties of St. Petersburg.

Despite attempts by the police to ban deployment of rainbow flags at the beginning of the march, activists were able to pass along the entire route with rainbow flags and banners.

Olga Lenkova, LGBT organization Coming Out activist, spoke at the
end of the rally about the…

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Seeking African asylum where gays are beaten, raped


The ugly side of Capetown through the eyes of a gay asylum-seeker

While many flocked into South Africa for the World Cup and job opportunities, his only reason was to seek protection from persecution by his family and the wider society back home.

When he fled from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in 2010, hoping to start a new life away from the people baying for his blood, he did not envisage the anguish and terror that was to befall him. He endured discrimination at the refugee camp in Capetown, then suffered an attempted rape by a police officer and a brutal assault by a homophobic man.

Such is the plight of Junior Mayema, 25, a gay man seeking refuge in South Africa.  Although neither his native country nor his country of refuge is one of the 76-plus countries with laws against homosexual activity, both are inhospitable to LGBT…

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South Africa: Teen dies after being told he was not gay and ‘beaten’ at camp that ‘makes men out of boys’ – 240413 2045z

“Raymond Buys, who had learning difficulties, was admitted to hospital and put on life support two months into a three-month training course run by Alex de Kokers Echo Wild Game Rangers in the bush an hour south of Johannesburg.

(Photo: sondag.co.za) Raymond Buys ((left)

He was severely emaciated and dehydrated, had brain damage, a broken arm and bruises, and cigarette burns all over his body. His mother was told that the chances of him surviving were virtually zero. He died two weeks later.

I sent my son on this course to make him a better man, to give him a better future, Wilma Buys told The Daily Telegraph. I trusted Alex de Koker with his life.

Mr de Koker, 49, and employee Michael Erasmus, 20, are currently on trial for charges of murder, child abuse and neglect, along with two cases of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm in relation to Mr Buys death.

His death is alleged to have been the third among the mainly Afrikaans children who attended the R22,000 (1,500) courses run by Mr de Koker, who was reportedly a member of murdered white supremacist Eugene Terreblanches Iron Guards movement.

In 2007, 25-year-old Erich Calitz died from severe brain injuries, according to Afrikaans newspaper Rapport. The same year, 19-year-old Nicholas van der Walt died at the same training camp being run in Swartruggens in the Northwest province.

Mr Calitzs sister Mathilda Groenwald told Johannesburgs Star newspaper that her brother was slightly brain-damaged and struggled to hold down jobs. She told the paper he was beaten when he asked to quit the camp, adding: Alex (de Koker) told him that he wasnt gay and he would make a man out of him.

Mr de Koker was handed a suspended sentence in 2009 over Mr Calitzs death but escaped charges for Mr van der Walts death, which was ruled to have been caused by a heart attack.

Mrs Buys said her son had been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and was struggling at school. The course had been recommended to her by a friend. When she went to see Mr de Koker, he told her he could help her son find a job in the wildlife trade.

She said that her son started the course on January 12, 2011. Over the next two months, she said, she spoke to Mr Buys just three times and was told by Mr de Koker that he was self-harming.

Raymond was only allowed to speak to me on speakerphone, she said. When I asked him why he was hurting himself, he told me Mum, Im not doing it to myself.

Mr de Koker rang Mrs Buys on March 23 to say her son had been admitted to hospital for tests. When she arrived, she found that he was dying.

This week, during the trial of the two men at Vereeneging District Court, a boy who shared a tent with Mr Buys sobbed as he recalled how recruits carried out manual labour including cutting grass with machetes and stacking stones to build a dam.

Gerhard Oosthuizen, 19, said Mr Buys was chained to his bed after he tried to escape and, forbidden from going to the bathroom, repeatedly soiled himself, according to a report in Beeld newspaper.

He was said to have told the court that on one occasion, when Mr Buys went to the toilet in a field while the recruits worked, he was forced to eat his own faeces.

On another, Mr Oosthuizen said, after Mr Buys tipped over a container of washing powder, he was forced to eat what he had spilled and vomited foam.

He said Mr Buys was beaten with planks, sticks and plastic pipes when he failed to work, the paper reported.

He was said to have claimed that he had once seen Mr Buys in a hut at the camp with a pillowcase over his head, being shocked with a stun gun by Mr de Koker and Mr Erasmus.

He screamed I was scared and ran away, the newspaper quoted the witness as saying.

Both Mr de Koker and Mr Erasmus have pleaded not guilty to the charges. The case continues.” – Aislinn Laing actup.org


“Raymond Buys, wat leerprobleme het, is in die hospitaal opgeneem en het op die lewe ondersteuning twee maande in ‘n drie-maande opleidingskursus wat deur Alex de Koker se Echo Wild Game Rangers in die bos ‘n uur suid van Johannesburg.

Hy was erg uitgeteer en ontwater, het breinskade, ‘n gebreekte arm en kneusplekke, en sigaret brandwonde oor sy liggaam. Sy ma is meegedeel dat die kanse van hom oorlewende was “feitlik nul”. Hy het twee weke later.

“Ek het my seun op hierdie kursus te maak vir hom ‘n beter man, om te gee hom ‘n beter toekoms,” het Wilma Buys het The Daily Telegraph. “Ek vertrou Alex de Koker met sy lewe.”

Mnr de Koker, 49, en die werknemer Michael Erasmus, 20, is tans op verhoor vir die aanklagte van moord, kindermishandeling en verwaarlosing, saam met twee gevalle van aanranding met die opset om ernstig te beseer met betrekking tot Mnr Buys se dood.

Sy dood is na bewering die derde plek onder die hoofsaaklik Afrikaanse kinders wat die R22, 000 ( 1500) kursusse wat deur mnr de Koker, wat na bewering ‘n lid van die vermoorde wit supremacist Eugene Terreblanche se Yster Guards beweging bygewoon.

In 2007, 25-jarige Erich Calitz gesterf het ernstige brein beserings, volgens Afrikaanse koerant Rapport. In dieselfde jaar, 19-jarige Nicholas van der Walt is op dieselfde oefenkamp wat loop in Swartruggens in die Noordwes-provinsie.

Mnr Calitz se suster Mathilda Groenwald ges Johannesburg se Star koerant dat haar broer was effens brein beskadig en het gesukkel om te hou werk. Sy het aan die koerant ges hy is geslaan toe hy gevra is om die kamp te sluit, en voeg by: “Alex (de Koker) het vir hom ges dat hy nie gay en hy sal ‘n man maak van hom.”

Mnr de Koker is oorhandig ‘n opgeskorte vonnis in 2009 oor die heer Calitz se dood, maar ontsnap koste vir die eienaar van der Walt se dood, wat was beslis te gewees het wat veroorsaak word deur ‘n hartaanval.

Mev Buys het ges haar seun het gediagnoseer is met Aandaggebrek-hiperaktiwiteitsindroom en sukkel om by die skool. Die kursus is aanbeveel om haar by ‘n vriend. Toe sy mnr de Koker om te sien, het hy aan haar ges hy kan help om haar seun ‘n werk in die wild handel.

Sy het ges dat haar seun het die kursus begin op 12 Januarie 2011. Oor die volgende twee maande, het sy ges, sy het aan mnr Buys net drie keer – en is meegedeel deur mnr de Koker dat hy self-benadeel.

“Raymond is slegs toegelaat om te praat met my op speaker,” het sy ges. “Toe ek hom vra hoekom hy seer het, het hy vir my ges ‘Mamma, ek doen dit nie vir myself’.”

Mnr de Koker lui mev Buys op 23 Maart om te s haar seun het die hospitaal opgeneem vir toetse. Toe sy aangekom het, het sy gevind het dat hy sterwend was.

Hierdie week, tydens die verhoor van die twee mans by Vereeneging District Court, ‘n seuntjie wat ‘n tent met Mnr gedeel Buys huil as hy onthou hoe rekrute uitgevoer handearbeid insluitend sny gras met pangas en stapel klippe ‘n dam te bou.

Gerhard Oosthuizen, 19, s mnr Buys was vasgeketting aan sy bed nadat hy probeer het om te ontsnap en verbied om te gaan na die badkamer, herhaaldelik vuil homself, volgens ‘n berig in Beeld koerant.

Hy was ges het aan die hof ges dat op een geleentheid, toe mnr Buys het na die toilet in ‘n veld terwyl die rekrute gewerk het, is hy gedwing om sy eie ontlasting te eet.

Op ‘n ander, Mnr Oosthuizen het ges, nadat mnr Buys gestort oor ‘n houer van waspoeier, hy was gedwing om te eet wat hy gestort en gebraak skuim.

Hy het ges mnr Buys is geslaan met planke, stokke en plastiek pype toe hy versuim het om te werk, het die koerant berig.

Hy was ges het beweer dat hy een keer gesien het mnr Buys in ‘n hut by die kamp met ‘n kussingsloop oor sy kop, geskok met ‘n stun gun deur mnr de Koker en mnr Erasmus.

“Hy het geskree … Ek was bang en het weggehardloop,” het die koerant aangehaal die getuie ges.

Beide mnr de Koker en mnr Erasmus het onskuldig gepleit op die aanklagte. Die saak duur voort. “- Aislinn Laing actup.org

Other Reports/Ander Verslae

Raymond Buys, 15, dies after hell camp

Afrikaans youth tortured and starved for 10 weeks, says his mother; third death at the Echo Wild Game Rangers camp run by Alex de Koker two deaths were recorded on death certificates as natural deaths

source: Riaan Bam 25 April 2011 Sondag tabloid, South Africa

BUYS RAYMOND DEAD AFTER HELLCAMP TORTURE 25APRIL2011 SONApril 21 2011 VEREENIGING. Raymond Buys, the fifteen-year-old Afrikaans youth who was rushed to hospital iDE KOKER ALEX RAN HELL CAMP WHERE YOUTH DIEDn severely emaciated condition after a ten-week stay at Echo Wild Game Rangers, a controversial game-warden-training camp run by rightwinger Alex de Koker, has died Wednesday-night in a Vereeniging hospital according to journalist Riaan Bam of the Sondag tabloid. This is the third death recorded at this camp. The deaths have been recorded as natural deaths.

Camp cures femine traits in male youths

This is the third death occurring at this camp since 2007. Parents with affeminate youths can enrol their children in the camp for R1,500 a month to make men out of them.

In 2007, Eric Calitz, 18, and Nicolaas van der Walt, 19, also died. Alex de Koker and two assistants were arrested for these days, and released on very low bail amounts by the Swartruggens magistrates court. The then-national police commissioner claimed that the camp was being investigated for right-wing militia training activities. Its not known what has happened to this case.

Young Buys fought for his life in the intensive care unit for the past four weeks . A post-mortem examination and an inquest will be held into the cause of death. A week earlier, Echo Wild Game Rangers manager Alex de Koker (right) testified in the local court in front of the clearly horrified magistrate Bruno van Eeden, that the injuries sustained by the young Buys, who was healthy and unblemished before he entered the costly training course, were ’caused by Raymond himself, for instance when he ran against the pump-house.

Pictures submitted by the parents to the court however showed the steady deterioration of the Afrikaans youngster after his parents dropped him off at De Kokers smallholding on 12 January 2011 until they rushed him to hospital ten weeks later. On the first photos before he started his training camp, Raymond was a healthy, cheerful and unblemished youth. His steady deterioration over the next two and a half months turned him into a walking skeleton, with numerous injuries.

His mother Wilna and her fiancee Gys Nezar told Sondag journalist Riaan Bam that her son fought bravely for his life and that he now is with dear Jesus.


Two Afrikaans youths also died in 2007 at camp:

In 2007, 18-year-old Eric Calitz and Nicolaas van der Walt, 19, also got the chance to train as a game ranger and earn R5,000 a month and grabbed it. Both young Afrikaners died at Alex de Kokers camp. De Koker was arrested for the Calitz and Van der Walt deaths and released on R10 000 bail. He and two of his alleged lieutenants Jacques Mans and are facing trial, it was reported in 207, for the brutal murder of 18-year-old Calitz on January 31 2007. After Calitz died, while training with 14 others in Swartruggens, in North West, his family received an SMS telling them he had died of a heart attack

Inexplicably, Alex de Koker, 43, the chief executive of Echo Wild Game Rangers, assistants Bianca Pronk, 18, and Jacques Mans, 18, were granted very low bail at the Swartruggens magistrates court on April 18 2007. Pronk and Mans were relesed on R5,000 bail each, while De Koker was granted R10,000 bail. Police say Eric Calitz, the victim, was allegedly assaulted to death during so-called game ranger training in Swartruggens in January. In a statement issued by the office of the national police commissioner, police confirmed they suspect the paramilitary-style training presented on the course was not normal ranger training and this forms a key part of the investigation. Police are also probing the death of another man who reportedly died during the same training session. http://www.dispatch.co.za/2007/03/21/SouthAfrica/camp.html

The late Mr Calitz’s sister, Mathilda Groenewald, was informed he had died as a result of bleeding on the brain. A devastated Groenewald and her husband Henno spoke to The Star, saying that Calitz was very impressionable, slightly brain damaged and struggled to keep down a job because he was born slightly brain-damaged after he was born too early. “He was hit, burnt and wounded,” Groenewald said. “It’s beyond sick – it’s psychopathic.”Another youth, 19-year-old Nicolaas van der Walt, also died at the camp. Groenewald claims he was beaten and had a car seatbelt tied around his neck before being dragged “from the lake to the camp”.
Calitz’s murder, Groenewald said, was sparked by his asking De Koker if he could quit the camp.
‘What did Eric do to deserve this?’

You arent a moffie

“Alex (de Koker) told him (Calitz) that he wasn’t a moffie (gay) and he would make a man out of him.”
Groenewald said her brother was a “miracle baby” who was born three months premature, died in the incubator and was brought back to life. This, unfortunately, had left him brain damaged and he never finished school. She recalled that the only jobs her brother could keep were basic security guard ones where he would earn about R1,500 a month. According to Groenewald, Van der Walt could afford the camp entrance fee of R10,000 — but her brother could not. He arranged to work off the debt and signed a two-year contract. He had been lured in by their brother Brian Calitz, 31, who was working as an instructor in the camp. Brian is now co-operating with the police. “When they went to the camp, their cellphones were confiscated. He just disappeared,” Groenewald said.

Police will have to investigate how these deaths were declared natural.. SAPF spokeswoman Sally de Beer

Calitz’s mother, according to Groenewald, is shattered and is undergoing counselling. She said the family suspected the camp was a recruitment centre for the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging’s Ystergarde (Iron Guard). “It is suspected that the paramilitary-style training presented on this course was not normal ranger training and this forms a key part of the investigation,” said police spokeswoman Director Sally de Beer. De Koker, 43, had been advertising the training camps since the middle of last year, police said. The business was operating from a Vereeniging farm. Although they won’t confirm it, police will now have to investigate how it came to be that the deaths were declared natural. “Every aspect of the deaths will be thoroughly investigated,” was all De Beer was willing to say.

Suspects arrested without any weapons on them:

It is understood that about 13 people were involved in running the training camp, including Bianca Pronk and Jacques Mans, who were arrested with De Koker. The trainees were taught various military skills, such as leopard crawling, and were conditioned to walk and run long distances. Part of their training was apparently a two-day vasbyt (endurance march). Police detectives from the national Violent Organised Crimes Unit swooped in on their suspects the weekend before last. De Koker and Pronk were arrested in East London on Friday night while Mans was apprehended on a farm near Henderson, in the Eastern Cape. “He (De Koker) was very surprised,” the source said. None of the suspects resisted arrest and no weapons were found in their possession. Pronk and Mans were released on R5,000 bail the following Monday while De Koker remained behind bars. On Tuesday, despite the state objecting, he was released on bail. He wasn ordered not to leave Gauteng and not to apply for a passport.



AWB wants to sue training camp organiser Alex de Koker

DE KOKER ALEX RAN HELL CAMP WHERE YOUTH DIED Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging leader Steyn van Ronge wants to sue Alex de Koker (left), who runs the controversial game-warden training camp where 15-year-old Raymond Buys emerged in such emaciated, abused condition that he died in a Vereeniging hospital on Wednesday, April 21 2011.


Van Ronge accused De Koker of deliberately discrediting the AWB by using the organisations logos and flags to lure people to his training camp but that the AWB have nothing to do with this and that De Koker isnt even a member.

Sondag reported a week earlier that De Koker issued all his trainee-rangers with AWB-membership cards which, allegedly in his words, made them untouchable.

Van Ronge is livid, telling Sondag that he issued those cards all by himself and is demonising the AWB. We dont even know anything about all these things Ronge told to Sondag. We are talking to our attorneys to undertake legal action against him. He is linking our organisation to his criminal behaviour and this is just rubbish. http://www.sondag.co.za/artikels/Nuus/AWB-wil-Alex-hof-toe-vat-

Raymond de Koker: background:

Aug 17 2010 — Elise Tempelhoff, Beeld JohannesburgFarmers next to the Vaal River and residents of Parys are fed-up with Groenpunt Prison’s “refuse” which is being dumped into the river. They complain that pieces of pork meat, blood, stomach contents, sewerage and old dishwater has for several months been running into the Vaal River from the jail.

The file-smelling waste ran into the river about 7km downstream from the Vaal Dam. Alex de Koker from Ecowild, a non-governmental organisation which looked after the interests of about 52 farmers with farms on the edge of the Vaal River, said he didn’t know “where to go with his complaints”. Three departments were in charge of matters at Groenpunt. The department of correctional services looked after the prisoners wellbeing, water affairs made sure water licences were abided to and public works maintained the infrastructure.

Bokkie Redelinghuys, acting head of the prison, said on Monday that there was “a problem” but that it had been fixed. “One of the pumps of the sewage works broke and some stuff ran into the Vaal River. But correctional services fixed it.”

But when De Koker and other reliable sources went to investigate on Sunday, the situation was unchanged. De Koker said he had been complaining about the matter since May. Groenpunt had its own feeding pen with about 4 000 pigs. They were apparently slaughtered on the premises. Redelinghuys said he was not aware of this as he had only been the acting head of the prison for two months. Beeld learnt that some of the prisoners and their family members had also complained about unhygienic conditions to Rand Water.

Gregg Mulzack, head of communications at Rand Water, said it was no concern of his what was going on at Groenpunt. When Beeld pointed out to him that drinking water for Gauteng was sometimes (even if it was in small amounts) taken from the Vaal Barrage, he said the reporter “was becoming ridiculous”.Water tests done by Rand Water on Monday showed no signs of any harmful bacteria or viruses, he said.

A scientist said such unhygienic conditions (like those at Groenpunt) were an ideal breeding ground for viruses like giardia and cryptosporidium. Water tests sometimes did not immediately show the presence of these viruses. “If the same water is tested two or three days later, it could possibly pick up the viruses.”

Annalien Burger, chair of Save the Vaal in Parys, said she was shocked to hear of all the rubbish that Groenpunt was dumping in the Vaal River. “Don’t they know it is Parys’s drinking water that they are messing with? We don’t have all of Rand Water’s technology. Ngwathe (the municipality serving Parys) tries to purify its own water, but it is struggling.” The department of water affairs was not available for comment.” – http://afrikaner-genocide-achives.blogspot.co.uk


Raymond Buys, 15, sterf na die hel kampAfrikaanse jeug ‘gemartel en uitgehonger’ vir 10 weke, s sy ma, derde dood by die Echo Wild Game Rangers kamp gelei deur Alex de Koker … twee sterftes is aangeteken op doodsertifikate as ‘natuurlike sterftes’ …
bron: Riaan Bam 25 April 2011 ‘Sondag’ koerant, Suid-Afrika

BUYS RAYMOND dood nadat HELLCAMP MARTELING 25APRIL2011 SEUN “21 April 2011 -. VEREENIGING Raymond Buys, die vyftien-jaar-ou Afrikaanse jeug wat na die hospitaal IDE Koker ALEX gehaas is RAN hel kamp YOUTH DIEDn erg uitgeteer toestand na ‘n tien-week verblyf by Echo Wild Game Rangers, ‘n omstrede se spel-hoof-oefenkamp ‘loop deur regse Alex de Koker, gesterf het Woensdag-aand in ‘n hospitaal Vereeniging volgens joernalis Riaan Bam van die Sondag koerant. Dit is die derde dood aangeteken by die kamp Die sterftes het. is aangeteken as ‘natuurlike sterftes.

Camp genees ‘femine eienskappe “in die manlike jeugdiges …

Dit is die derde dood wat op hierdie kamp sedert 2007. Ouers met ‘affeminate’ jeugdiges kan inskryf om hul kinders in die kamp vir R1, 500 per maand aan ‘maak mense uit hulle.

In 2007, Eric Calitz, 18 en Nicolaas van der Walt, 19, het ook gesterf. Alex de Koker en twee assistente is in hegtenis geneem vir hierdie dae, en wat vrygestel is op ‘n baie lae borgtog bedrae deur die Swartruggens-landdroshof. Die destydse nasionale kommissaris van polisie beweer dat die kamp ondersoek word vir Dit is nie bekend wat gebeur het met hierdie geval ‘regse militia opleiding aktiwiteite. “.

Young Buys het geveg vir sy lewe in die waakeenheid vir die afgelope vier weke. ‘N nadoodse ondersoek en ‘n geregtelike doodsondersoek sal gehou word na die oorsaak van die dood. ‘N week vroer, Echo Wild Game Ranger se bestuurder, Alex de Koker (regs) het gister in die plaaslike hof in die voorkant van die “duidelik geskok’ landdros Bruno van Eeden, dat die beserings wat die jong Buys, wat gesonde en skoon voordat hy die duur opleiding, is “veroorsaak deur Raymond homself, byvoorbeeld wanneer hy hardloop teen die pomp-huis.

Foto’s wat deur die ouers aan die hof egter het die geleidelike verswakking van die Afrikaanse jongeling na sy ouers het hom af by De Koker se kleinhoewe op 12 Januarie 2011 tot en hulle storm hom na die hospitaal tien weke later. Op die eerste foto’s voordat hy begin het om sy oefenkamp, ​​Raymond was ‘n gesonde, vrolik en ongeskonde jeug. Sy bestendige agteruitgang oor die volgende twee en ‘n half maande het hom in ‘n loop geraamte, met talle beserings.

Sy ma Wilna en haar verloofde Gys Nezar het Sondag joernalis Riaan Bam dat haar seun het dapper vir sy lewe en dat hy nou met liewe Jesus. ”


Twee Afrikaanse jeugdiges het ook gesterf het in 2007 by die kamp:

In 2007, 18-jaar-oue Eric Calitz en Nicolaas van der Walt, 19, het ook die geleentheid gekry om op te lei as ‘n wildbewaarder en verdien R5 000 per maand – en het dit gegryp. Albei jong Afrikaners sterf op Alex de Koker se kamp. De Koker is in hegtenis geneem vir die Calitz en Van der Walt sterftes – en op borgtog van R10 000 vrygelaat. Hy en twee van sy beweerde “luitenante” Jacques Mans en in die gesig staar verhoor, was dit gerapporteer in 207, vir die wrede moord op die 18-jarige Calitz op 31 Januarie 2007. Na Calitz gesterf het, terwyl hy saam met 14 ander mense in Swartruggens, in Noordwes, het sy familie ontvang ‘n SMS aan hulle vertel dat hy gesterf het aan ‘n hartaanval …

Onverklaarbaar, is Alex de Koker, 43, die hoof uitvoerende beampte van Echo Wild Game Rangers, assistente Bianca Pronk, 18, en Jacques Mans, 18, verleen ‘n baie lae borgtog aan die Swartruggen se landdroshof op 18 April 2007. Pronk en Mans is relesed op R5, 000 elk vrygelaat, terwyl De Koker toegestaan ​​is R10, 000 vrygelaat. Polisie s Eric Calitz, die slagoffer, is na bewering ‘aangerand te dood “tydens die sogenaamde” wildbewaarder “opleiding in Swartruggens in Januarie. In ‘n verklaring wat uitgereik is deur die kantoor van die nasionale kommissaris van polisie, het die polisie bevestig dat hulle vermoed dat “die para-styl opleiding aangebied op die baan is nie normaal veldwagter opleiding en dit vorm ‘n belangrike deel van die ondersoek”. Die polisie is ook ondersoek na die dood van ‘n man wat na bewering gesterf het tydens dieselfde sessie. – http://www.dispatch.co.za/2007/03/21/SouthAfrica/camp.html

Wyle mnr Calitz se suster, Mathilda Groenewald, is in kennis gestel dat hy gesterf het as gevolg van bloeding op die brein. ‘N verwoeste Groenewald en haar man Henno het aan The Star ges dat Calitz was baie’ ontvanklike, effens brein beskadig en gesukkel om ‘n werk, want hy was effens breinskade gebore is nadat hy te vroeg gebore. “Hy het hom getref, verbrand en gewond,” het Groenewald ges. “Dit is verby siek -. Dit is psigopatiese” Nog ‘n jong, 19-jaar-oue Nicolaas van der Walt, het ook gesterf in die kamp. Groenewald s hy is geslaan en het ‘n motor gordel om sy nek gebind voordat gesleep “van die dam aan die kamp”.
Calitz se moord, het Groenewald ges, is te danke aan sy vra De Koker as hy die kamp verlaat.
“Wat het Eric doen om dit te verdien?”

“Jy is nie ‘n moffie …”

“Alex (de Koker) het hom (Calitz) dat hy nie ‘n moffie (gay) en hy sal ‘n man maak van hom.”
Groenewald het ges haar broer was ‘n “wonderwerk baba” wat gebore is drie maande te vroeg, het gesterf in die broeikas en teruggebring na die lewe. Dit is ongelukkig het dat hy breinskade opgedoen het en hy het nooit skool klaargemaak het. Sy onthou dat die enigste werk haar broer kon hou was basies sekuriteitswag di waar hy sou verdien sowat R1, 500 per maand. Volgens Groenewald, kon Van der Walt die kamp toegangsfooi van R10, 000 kan bekostig nie – maar haar broer kon nie. Hy het gerel om te werk die skuld af en onderteken ‘n kontrak van twee jaar. Hy is gelok deur hul broer, Brian, Calitz, 31, wat besig was om as ‘n instrukteur in die kamp. Brian is nou saam met die polisie. “Toe het hulle na die laer, hul selfone is gekonfiskeer. Hy het net verdwyn,” het Groenewald ges.

Polisie sal moet ondersoek instel hoe hierdie sterftes is verklaar natuurlike .. SAPF woordvoerder Sally de Beer ‘

Calitz se ma, volgens Groenewald, is verpletter en is tans berading. Sy het ges die familie vermoed die kamp was ‘n werwing sentrum vir die Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging se Ystergarde (Yster Guard). “Daar word vermoed dat die para-styl opleiding aangebied op hierdie kursus is nie normaal veldwagter opleiding en dit vorm ‘n belangrike deel van die ondersoek,” het die polisie woordvoerder Sally de Beer. De Koker, 43, het die oefenkampe sedert die middel van verlede jaar is advertensies, het die polisie ges. Die onderneming is wat vanaf ‘n Vereeniging plaas. Alhoewel hulle sal dit nie bevestig nie, sal die polisie het nou te ondersoek hoe dit gekom het om te wees wat die dood verklaar is natuurlik. “Elke aspek van die sterftes sal deeglik ondersoek word,” was al wat De Beer was bereid om te s nie.

Verdagtes in hegtenis geneem sonder enige wapens op hulle:

Dit word verstaan ​​dat sowat 13 mense is betrokke by die bestuur van die oefenkamp, ​​insluitend Bianca Pronk en Jacques Mans, wat saam met De Koker in hegtenis geneem is. Die leerlinge geleer is verskeie militre vaardighede, soos luiperd kruip, en gekondisioneer was om te loop en loop lang afstande. Deel van hul opleiding was blykbaar ‘n twee-dag-vasbyt (uithouvermo Maart). Polisie speurders van die nasionale gewelddadige georganiseerde misdaad eenheid toegeslaan op hul verdagtes die naweek voor die laaste. De Koker en Pronk is in hegtenis geneem in Oos-Londen op Vrydagaand, terwyl Mans is aangekeer op ‘n plaas naby Henderson, in die Oos-Kaap. “Hy (De Koker) was baie verbaas,” het die bron ges. Nie een van die verdagtes weerstaan ​​inhegtenisneming en geen wapens is in hul besit gevind. Pronk en Mans is op borgtog van R5 000 borgtog die volgende Maandag, terwyl De Koker steeds agter tralies. Op Dinsdag, ten spyte van die staat beswaar het, is hy op borgtog vrygelaat is. Hy was nie bestel nie Gauteng te verlaat en nie om aansoek te doen vir ‘n paspoort.



AWB wil oefenkamp organiseerder Alex de Koker te dagvaar

De Koker ALEX RAN hel kamp YOUTH gesterf Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging leier Steyn van Ronge wil Alex de Koker (links), wat die omstrede se spel-hoof oefenkamp ‘loop waar 15-jarige Raymond Buys het in so ‘n uitgeteerde, mishandelde te dagvaar voorwaarde dat hy gesterf het in ‘n hospitaal op Vereeniging Woensdag 21 April, 2011.


Van Ronge beskuldig De Koker van doelbewus die geloofwaardigheid van die AWB deur die gebruik van die organisasie se logo’s en vlae om mense te lok na sy oefenkamp – maar dat die AWB het niks te doen met dit en dat De Koker is nie eens ‘n lid.

Sondag het ‘n week vroer dat De Koker uitgereik al sy “leerling-veldwagters ‘met AWB-lidmaatskapkaarte wat na bewering in sy woorde,” het hulle onaantasbaar. ”

Van Ronge is woedend, vertel dat hy Sondag uitgereik die kaarte deur homself en demoniseer die AWB. “Ons weet nie eens iets oor al hierdie dinge Ronge aanges om Sondag. Ons praat met ons prokureurs om regstappe te doen teen hom. “Hy is ‘n skakel ons organisasie aan sy misdadige gedrag en dit is net snert.” http://www.sondag.co.za/artikels/Nuus/AWB-wil-Alex-hof-toe-vat-

Raymond de Koker: agtergrond:

17 Augustus 2010 – Elise Tempelhoff, Beeld Johannesburg – Boere langs die Vaalrivier en die inwoners van Parys is keelvol Groenpunt-gevangenis se “afval” wat in die rivier gestort word. Hulle kla dat stukke van varkvleis, bloed, maaginhoud, riool en ou skottelgoedwater het vir ‘n paar maande is loop in die Vaalrivier uit die tronk.

Die ler reuk afval gehardloop in die rivier sowat 7 km stroomaf van die Vaal Dam. Alex de Koker van Ecowild, ‘n nie-regeringsorganisasie wat na die belange van sowat 52 boere met plase op die rand van die Vaal River, het ges hy weet nie “waar om te gaan met sy klagtes”. Drie departemente was in beheer van sake by Groenpunt. Die departement van korrektiewe dienste het na die gevangenes se welstand, waterwese het seker gemaak dat water lisensies is gehou om en openbare werke in stand gehou om die infrastruktuur.

Bokkie Redelinghuys, waarnemende hoof van die gevangenis, het gister ges daar was “‘n probleem”, maar dat dit vasgestel is. “Een van die pompe van die rioolwerke gebreek en ‘n paar dinge het in die Vaal River Maar korrektiewe dienste vasgestel is.”.

Maar toe De Koker en ander betroubare bronne het gaan ondersoek instel op Sondag, was die situasie onveranderd. De Koker het ges hy is kla oor die saak sedert Mei. Groenpunt het sy eie voerkraal met sowat 4 000 varke. Hulle is glo geslag op die perseel. Redelinghuys het ges hy is nie bewus van hierdie as hy het net die waarnemende hoof van die tronk vir twee maande. Beeld verneem dat sommige van die gevangenes en hul familielede het ook gekla oor die onhiginiese toestande Rand Water.

Gregg Mulzack, hoof van kommunikasie by Rand Water, het ges dit is geen rede tot kommer van sy wat aangaan by Groenpunt. Toe Beeld hom daarop gewys dat drinkwater vir Gauteng was soms (selfs al was dit in klein hoeveelhede), geneem van die Vaal Barrage, het hy ges die verslaggewer “is besig om belaglik”. Water toetse gedoen word deur Rand Water op Maandag het geen tekens van enige skadelike bakterie of virusse, het hy ges.

‘N Wetenskaplike het ges sulke onhiginiese toestande (soos di by Groenpunt) was ‘n ideale teelaarde vir virusse soos Giardia en Cryptosporidium. Water toetse soms nie onmiddellik wys die teenwoordigheid van hierdie virusse. “As dieselfde water twee of drie dae later getoets word, kan dit moontlik haal die virusse.”

Annalien Burger, voorsitter van Save the Vaal in Parys, het ges sy is geskok om te hoor van al die gemors wat Groenpunt is die storting in die Vaal Rivier. “Moenie hulle weet dit is Parys se drinkwater dat hulle geknoei met Ons hoef nie almal van Rand Water se tegnologie.? Ngwathe (die munisipaliteit dien Parys) probeer om sy eie water te suiwer, maar dit sukkel.” Die departement van waterwese was nie beskikbaar vir kommentaar nie. “- Http://afrikaner-genocide-

Malaysia hopes anti-gay musical will cure gay ‘poison’


The government of Malaysia shows no sign of curtailing its cultural offensive against LGBT people, which includes this year’s government-sponsored anti-gay musical that is touring the country and last year’s ludicrous list of gay “symptoms.”

Muhyiddin Yassin, who is the country’s education minister, deputy prime minister and deputy chairman of the Barisan Nasional ruling party, this week “warned Malaysian Muslims of two challenges facing them today — the alleged spread of the lesbian, gay, trans-sexual and bisexual (LGBT) movement, and demands for freedom of religion among the Malays,” according to The Malaysian Insider.

He said both were “efforts by foreign influences who are trying to divide the Muslims in the country, backed by masterminds from among Malaysian Muslims themselves.” The news website added:

“Muhyiddin warned Muslims today of LGBT advocates who are said to be ‘poisoning’ the minds of Muslims to accept ‘deviant practices’ in the name of human…

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“Thank God for Boston Marathon Bombs!” – Westboro Baptist Church says after at least 3 killed and 140 injured in terror attack – 160413 0915z

Boston Marathon Explosions

Boston Mayor’s Hotline for families of victims: 617-635-4500
Boston Police line for witnesses who may have information: 800-494-8477
Google Person Finder
Red Cross Safe and Well

(Photo: wikimedia.org) Westboro Baptist Church

(Video credit:OFFThevoiceuk2013)

“Westboro Baptist Church threatens to picket funerals of those slain at the Boston Marathon

Adding insult to already grave injury, members of the Westboro Baptist Church have threatened to picket funerals of those killed in the Boston Marathon blasts.

Boston Marathon Bombing

(Photo: resources3.news.com.au) Boston Marathon Bombing

(Photo: guim.co.uk) Boston Marathon Bombing

Today has been a day that has tried the soul of a city.

In the hours since the two explosions rocked the streets of Boston, messages of love and support have saturated the internet but these inspiring and compassionate posts were not universal.

In fact, the commentary streaming across the Twitter feed of the Westboro Baptist Church was both hostile and hateful.

The Westboro Baptist Church, based in Topeka, Kansas,is a small, virulently homophobic, anti-Semitic hate group that regularly stages protestsor pickets institutions and individuals they think support homosexuality or otherwise subvert what they believe is Gods law.

WBC even protested the funerals of children who were slain in the horrific Newtown shootings this past December.

Given their history, perhaps it should come as no surprise that members of the Westboro Baptist Church have vowed to picket the funerals of those killed at the Boston Marathon today.

In one tweet, the church wrote, God sent the Boston Marathon Bombs for the sin of Massachusetts passing same-sex marriage!

Following the Boston Marathon Bombings, the Westboro Baptist Church took to Twitter and claims it will picket the funerals of the bombing victims.” – globalpost.com

  1. BREAKING: Westboro Baptist Church to picket funerals of those dead by Boston Bombs!

Embedded image permalink

Margie Phelps, daughter of church founder and leader Fred Phelps, tweeted Monday that the bombing was punishment for gay marriage. God doesnt hear the prayers of proud pushers of #SSM (same-sex marriage).

You marry f*gs, God sends mayhem, she added.

The Westboro Baptist Church has its own Twitter account and used their platform to request Boston change its name.

WBC is starting campaign to re-name F*g-infested Boston to Magormissabib, meaning terror all around. Jer20:3#ThankGod4TheTerrorOfTheLord, the tweet said.

Another one of the churchs tweets read, God sent the Boston Marathon Bombs for the sin of Massachusetts passing same-sex marriage!

Two bombs went off in Boston around 2:50 p.m. at the finish line. Another two bombs were found along the running route but did not detonate. No one has taken responsibility, but the Obama administration is calling the explosion on Monday an act of terror.

CNN reported there are three dead and more than 140 injured, with 17 in critical condition. Many of the patients will require serial operations in the following days to help heal their wounds. ” – ibtimes.com

“The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) is an American independent Baptist church known for its extreme ideologies, especially those against gay people.[2][3] The church is widely described as a hate group[4] and is monitored as such by the Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center. It is headed by Fred Phelps and consists primarily of members of his large family;[5] in 2011, the church stated that it had about 40 members.[1] The church is headquartered in a residential neighborhood on the west side of Topeka about three miles (5km) west of the Kansas State Capitol. Its first public service was held on the afternoon of November 27, 1955.[6]

The church has been actively involved in actions against gay people since at least 1991, when it sought a crackdown on homosexual activity at Gage Park six blocks northwest of the church.[7] In addition to conducting anti-gay protests at military funerals, the organization pickets other celebrity funerals and public events that are likely to get it media attention.[8] Protests have also been held against Jews and some protests have included WBC members stomping on the American flag.

The WBC is not affiliated with any Baptist denomination, including the two largest Baptist denominations, the Baptist World Alliance or the Southern Baptist Convention, both of which have denounced the WBC over the years.[9] The church describes itself as following Primitive Baptist and Calvinist principles.” – wikipedia.org

Westboro Baptist Church Plans To Picket Funerals Of Boston Marathon Victims

If there were a WBC in the UK tweeting the same homophobic & grossly offensive garbage, they would be prosecuted for hate crime offences – The WBC have their 1st Amendment right to vile speech and are protected in the US.

Zambia: Gays deserve rights, regardless of theology


At a time when Zambia is cracking down on LGBT rights activists, the Rev.  Kapya Kaoma of Zambia and the United States provides this eloquent plea for gay rights:

Friends, gays may be sinners but they are humans with rights. I may believe drunkards will go to hell and that women are inferior to men but that does not justify the denial of their rights. I may consider smoking evil but to persecute those who smoke is wrong.Nobody is promoting homosexuality – we have gays in our midst. They may be hiding but they are our brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, friends and workmates. They attend church, sing in our choirs, tithe and in some cases they are our pastors and priests. But they also cry, bleed and die.

Please let us live to disagree but never sacrifice our common humanity. African gays will not get their rights without a fight…

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Thousands protest Russia’s anti-gay policies


Russia’s many anti-LGBT initiatives landed Russian President Vladimir Putin in hot water during his visit to the Netherlands and Germany this week. As Euronews reported:

Thousands of people in Amsterdam turned out to demonstrate against a proposed anti-gay propaganda law in Russia, as President Vladimir Putin visited the Dutch capital on Monday.

The draft bill, which still needs a second reading and to be signed by Putin to become law, would see offenders handed a fine of 500,000 roubles (over 12,000 euros).

Euronews correspondent, James Franey said, “The ban on so-called homosexual propaganda is just one step in what gay rights activists have called a state-sponsored witch hunt. Just last year, a Moscow court slapped a 100-year ban on the city’s Gay Pride march. It’s not gone down well with Amsterdam City Hall officials, who have taken an unusual step of protesting against a visiting head of state.”

On Putin’s…

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Zambia police refuse to release ailing gay rights activist


Police in Zambia are balking at releasing anti-AIDS and human rights activist Paul Kasonkomona from jail even though his supporters have provided the required guarantees that he would return to face court proceedings.

His supporters appealed today to Zambian leaders and international groups to help win his release, saying that Kasonkomona’s continued detention poses a grave threat to his health.

Kasonkomona, who is HIV-positive, was arrested April 7 after he appeared live on television in Zambia urging recognition of gay rights.

He was charged with one count of “promoting immoral acts.”

His supporters were told that Kasonkomona would be released if he could provide two working sureties to guarantee his return to court. But when they did that, police refused to set him free.

“We met all the legal requirements, and now they are saying it’s a political case. It is unlawful for the police to detain Paul for more…

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[G: I try not to comment on the news, but. Set on fire, hate messages found written on his body This is homophobia possibly at its worst.

Too many have lost their lives due to homophobic bullying, either by their own hand or anothers.

An environment where casual homophobia & gay bullying is accepted as the norm can soon become fertile ground for hate crime.]


Gay Disabled Teen on Fire https://goatysnews.wordpress.com/2013/03/25/6435/

Gay Disabled Teen on Fire

(Photo: blogcdn.com) Left: Steven Simpson (Dead) Right: Jordan Sheard (Jailed for 3.5 years)

Back Row Thoughts

An 18 year old boy who was gay, and had Asperger’s syndrome, a speech impairment and epilepsy recently died to do significant burns. How did he get these burns? A 20-year-old man set him on fire at a birthday party. This article, “Steven Simpson, Gay British Teen, Dies After Being Set On Fire At Birthday Party”, from the Huffington Post both saddened and angered me.

As a dare at the party last June, the boy stripped down to his underwear and was covered in tanning lotion that the older boy then set on fire. Obviously the teenager has significant burns and was emotionally damaged by what he thought would be a fun activity with “friends”. The disable teenager recently passed away due to the horrendous injuries.

Hate crimes have been going on for years as members of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community are targeted. Whether or not…

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