Housing benefit cuts for young people may be scaled back : Guardian.


Anonymous makes homeless man cry – 180413 2330z

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“Anonymous protesters took to the streets on 23rd February, 2013 aiming to shutdown all the tax avoiding shops, in ‘response to the tax dodging corporations on the high streets who have evaded in excess of 70billion in corporation.’
Stephen a homeless man in Nottingham caught the eye of anonymous members who stopped and gave him money. Overwhelmed with love, Steven starts to cry as anonymous member give him hugs and change. Under code name ‘oprobbinhood’ they truly made this homeless mans day.” – facebook.com/TiggersmithProductions?fref=ts

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A Snapshot of Homelessness and Tent Cities


Tent City and the Seattle skyline

The beautiful skylines of our cities stand in stark contrast to an unpleasant and ever-expanding social issue: homelessness. Or as the late comedian George Carlin more accurately observed:

 “It’s not homelessness–it’s houselessness. It’s houses these people need. Home is an abstract idea; it’s a setting, a state of mind. These people need houses. Physical, tangible structures. They need low-cost housing.”

As workers’ wages continue to stagnate, living costs explode across the board, and social safety nets are slashed, an increasing number of people are facing homelessness. Local agencies and governments across the nation struggle to meet the need for emergency shelters, and many of them have turned to tent cities. The Seattle area has multiple tent cities. Some of our tent cities have been studied as model examples by agencies all over Canada and the U.S. While tent cities should serve as a stopgap measure—one tool in the effort…

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Homelessness following Halpin

In a society that appears to be becoming more unforgiving and less compassionate the plight of those without a home becomes even more accute

Homelessness affects more than just the individual and is ethically, socially and economically harrowing for all in society. Following years of decline, the 2010 economic downturn has seen an accrual of numbers resulting in a net increase of a third and the reports on Halpin have forced an issue undermined by a lack of media exposure back into the public realm.    

The startling death of Lee Halpin, an aspiring investigative journalist after having slept rough for just 3 of the 7 days intended, epitomises the intrepid venture of “fearless reporting” he wished to demonstrate. The tragic nature of the outcome of a good-willed proposal encourages tenacity to the notion that his proposals went awry with many saying that he has paid the ultimate price, and indeed he has, whilst post-mortem examinations are still taking place his death is suspected to have been the result of hypothermia. However, dark…

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Filmmaker,27, found dead


Lee Halpin

Lee Halpin, a 27-year-old filmmaker, was found dead 3 days after embarking on a project to spend a week living on the streets in his home city of Newcastle. He is believed to have frozen to death while making a documentary about sleeping rough on the streets. In a video explaining his project, he claimed he was applying for a position on a Channel 4 investigative journalism program. He said he hoped to show the channel he could be “fearless” – a key “value” of the broadcaster.

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Lawfully resisting being evicted from your home

Fierce Writing


I’ve just been watching a fascinating bit of footage on YouTube. It is film of an eviction taking place in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire. If you want to see it, it’s called “The People v The Banks: Conviction beats Eviction”.

The reason it’s so important is that in this age of austerity many people are losing their homes. What this piece of footage does is to show you how you can resist an eviction lawfully, and how in many cases it is the bailiffs who are breaking the law.

This was certainly true in this case.

The most important line is said by the man behind the camera towards the end of the film. He says that your signature when you took out your mortgage created the money to pay for the mortgage. He is addressing the police lined up across the road. “It was you who created the…

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WELFARE “The face of Britain: A homeless man dies on the steps of an abandoned bungalow”


The Rucksack Project is a worldwide movement that is slowly gathering pace as people answer the call to do this incredibly simple and heart-warming thing to help those sleeping rough on the streets through the harsh winter months.

This short film from Rucksack Project founder, Mathew follows Amy, one of our volunteers as she takes part in creating a rucksack of essentials before donating it to a homeless person as part of our Rucksack Project Flashmob.

Please help us spread this idea as far as we possibly can by simply Liking and Sharing this video on your own timeline…

If you would like to know more, please come and join us on our Facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/rucksackproject and help us spread this idea as far as we possibly can by Liking and Sharing this video on your own timeline…” – The Rucksack Project

Order Of Truth

In the small town of Aylesford in Kent, homeless man, Daniel Gauntlett died last Saturday night on the steps of an abandoned bungalow which was due to be demolished. As temperatures dropped to -2C, Mr Gauntlett finally succumbed to the damp and chilling weather.

A local resident told Kent Online “He was a very nice man apparently. He used to ask for money but not for drink. He used to buy pasties from the supermarket. It was so sad. Especially when the houses are empty.”

His body was found by a local passer-by the next morning who spotted his body from the pavement and called the police.

The bungalow where Mr Gauntlett died is due to be demolished, and police had previously been called when Mr Gauntlett attempted to break into the bungalow to find shelter. Mr Gauntlett abided by the law and it cost him his life.

At an…

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DELUGE: Heavy Floods Swamp Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Triggering Mudslides – One Dead, Eight Missing And Thousands Homeless! ~ The CELESTIAL Convergence