South Africa: NSRI call outs for Mossel Bay and Gordons Bay; Fisherman with chest pains and missing person search – 230513 1300z

Picture Ian Hamilton/NSRI

NSRI volunteers on Mpho assist a fisherman suffering from chest pains. Picture Ian Hamilton/NSRI.

Mossel Bay:

At 19h33 on Wednesday the 22nd of May NSRI Mossel Bay duty crew were activated following a request for medical assistance from the fishing trawler MPHO reporting a 55 year old local fisherman onboard suffering chest pains.

Judd Smook, NSRI Mossel Bay deputy station commander, said: Our duty crew launched VODACOM RESCUER II and accompanied by two ER24 paramedics and we rendezvoused with MPHO 10 nautical miles off-shore in 2 to 3 meter swells and a gusting 50 knot South Easterly wind.

A NSRI rescuer and the two ER24 paramedics were put aboard MPHO where they treated the fisherman for a suspected heart attack.

They remained on MPHO, which was escorted to Port, and once safely in the Mossel Bay harbour the patient was taken off the trawler and transported to hospital by an ER24 ambulance in a stable but serious condition. He is being treated by doctors.

Gordons Bay:

At 13h51 on Wednesday on 22nd May NSRI Gordons Bay volunteers were activated to assist Police who were looking for a man who was suspected to have gone missing in the surf along the Strand shoreline.

A fisherman had noticed the man going for a swim but after the bather failed to return to collect his clothing (which was left on the beach) the fisherman raised the alarm.

An extensive sea and shore search commenced with NSRI sea rescue craft, a sea rescue quad bike, Police and a Police Dive Unit but after no sign of the man could be found and with no reports of anyone overdue or missing and no further information to go on the search was suspended at 17h00. Police will continue to monitor the situation to see if anyone is reported overdue or missing but there is no reason to believe at this stage that the man is missing in the sea.

It remains unknown why the clothing was left on the beach.

NSRI Station 15 Mossel Bay.

(Video credit: Ian Chamberlain)

Published on 31 Jul 2012

NSRI is manned by 980 volunteer women and men at 32 rescue bases around the coast and at 3 rescue bases on inland dams.

Donations, bequests, sponsorships, debit orders and fund raising cover the annual running cost of R25m.

NSRI volunteers save NSRI a salary bill in excess of R250m per annum.

NSRI began in 1967 as a humanitarian service at no charge to the public.

Their assets include 92 sea rescue boats of various sizes and 27 4×4 sea rescue vehicles.


NSRI – Saving Lives at Sea

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Uploaded on 20 Oct 2011

Directed by Bradley Janssen – 5mins
School of Journalism and Media Studies. Rhodes University.
The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) is a volunteer organisation specialising in ocean rescue on South African waters; and the crew members of Station 11 NSRI Port Alfred are on call 24/7 365. Their recent chokka boat rescue on 5 June 2011 saved nine crew from being entombed in their ship’s hull. Now, we delve deeper and catch a few rides to reveal the story of those who save lives by risking their own. Grab a wetsuit, life jacket and hang on! (photos by Sea Rescue)