UK: Searchers for missing trawler Z85 Morgenster in English Channel find bodies – Published 290115 1900z (GMT/UTC)

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Friday, 30 January 2015
The Search and Rescue operation looking for the missing fishing vessel which had been fishing in the Dover Strait is being co-ordinated by the French coast guard as it is now in their territorial waters.

Dover Coastguard was initially alerted to the missing vessel on the afternoon of 28th January.

The search is now concentrated on an area four miles from the French coast. Any further involvement of the UK authorities will be at the request of the French coast guard.

Thursday, 29 January 2015
The search continues this morning for a missing fishing vessel which had been fishing in the Dover Strait.
Dover Coastguard was alerted to the disappearance yesterday afternoon. Four crew were known to be onboard.
An RAF helicopter is searching the area along with a French maritime aircraft. Two all-weather lifeboats from Dungeness and Dover are on the scene.
A number of Belgian and Dutch fishing vessels remain on the scene in the area, looking out for any sign of their missing colleagues.
The weather conditions on scene remain challenging.


LifeboatsDungeness and Dover RNLI lifeboats search for missing Belgian fishing trawler

The volunteer lifeboat crews of two Kent RNLI lifeboat stations launched yesterday evening (Wednesday 28 January) to help search for a Belgian fishing trawler in the English Channel.

Dungeness all-weather lifeboat launched at 5.08pm after being tasked by Solent Coastguard to search for the 40m vessel which lost all communication earlier the same day at 1.30pm.

The Belgian-registered trawler, carrying a crew of four people, was situated 10 miles south of Dungeness when all contact was lost.

Hours after the Dungeness RNLI crew launched, Dover Coastguard requested the launch of Dover RNLI lifeboat to assist in the search. The crew launched their all-weather lifeboat just after 7pm.

Also involved in the search were coastguard helicopters Rescue 104 and Rescue 125. It is also understood several other fishing trawlers were assisting with the search.

Chris Ubee, Lifeboat Operations Manager at Dungeness RNLI, said the weather and sea conditions for his crew of five volunteers were challenging at first, but later subsided. He said: ‘In the afternoon there was some strong gusting winds and the sea was very lumpy. That did later calm slightly and by 10pm the crew were searching beneath clear skies, with a moderate breeze and moderate to rough seas.’

However, for the Dover lifeboat crew conditions were set to worsen through the night, with a warning of severe gales expected after 11pmon Wednesday. Billy Hollis, Deputy Launching Authority for Dover RNLI said: ‘Our crew of eight volunteers were tasked to search an area known as Varn Bank, south of Dover.

‘Throughout the evening we were operating approximately eight miles away from where Dungeness lifeboat were searching, which gives an idea of the sizeable search area

’Throughout the evening we were operating approximately eight miles away from where Dungeness lifeboat were searching, which gives an idea of the sizeable search area.’

At midnight, both Dungeness and DOver RNLI lifeboats were still searching for any sign of the missing trawler. The RNLI’s all-weather lifeboats are equipped to search up to 100 nautical miles out to sea. At the speeds they were travelling, it was estimated the lifeboats could search for several days without needing to refuel.

  • Update 7am, Thursday 29 January. Hastings RNLI lifeboat crew were asked to join he search at 12.15am today (Thursday). Dungeness RNLI lifeboat crew were stood down at 12.50am. And at 4.45am, both Dover and Hastings RNLI lifeboats returned to their stations when the search was suspended, possibly to recommence at first light

Press Report

BBC   29 January 2015 Last updated at 17:04

Missing trawler rescue teams find bodies in English Channel

The vessel believed to be missing off Dungeness

The vessel went missing in rough seas and strong winds

Rescuers searching for a Belgian trawler missing in the English Channel with four people on board have recovered two bodies from the sea.

The search for the fishing boat began on Wednesday afternoon when it vanished in rough seas and gale force winds.

The RNLI said the bodies, which were found in the sea off Boulogne, had been recovered back to the French port.

A life jacket and wooden debris were spotted by a French fixed wing aircraft north-west of Boulogne earlier.

Those on board the Z85 Morgenster are believed to be Dutch, Portuguese and Belgian.

A coastguard helicopter, two Kent lifeboats and a French search and rescue helicopter carried out the first search for the trawler, which had been fishing in the Dover Strait.

A number of Belgian and Dutch fishing vessels have also been in the area looking for any signs of the missing vessel.

Scotland: Fisherman dies, 2 others survive after fishing vessel sank off Western Isles – 220213 1930z

Three fishermen from the Isle of Lewis were rescued from a liferaft by the Coastguard rescue helicopter based in Stornoway after their ten-metre fishing vessel Achieve sank.

“At just after 3pm today Stornoway Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre heard a spoken Mayday call asking for urgent assistance. Because no location was given Stornoway Coastguard calculated the likely location of the fishing vessel by triangulating the strength of the radio signal through their cluster of radio aerials and checked with local ports and harbours for a vessel of the same name.

Falmouth Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre reported that a distress alert had been received from a RNLI Man Overboard Beacon and so the Leverburgh RNLI Lifeboat was asked to go to this position along with the Coastguard rescue helicopter based at Stornoway. When the helicopter arrived on scene they saw a red flare launched by the liferaft.


All three crew members were winched from the liferaft in to the helicopter and taken to hospital for medical attention. The liferaft was recovered by the lifeboat who also checked the scene for debris and pollution.


Ed Thompson Stornoway Coastguard Watch Manager said:
It would appear that the fishermens vessel sank very quickly, and although they were unable to give us their position during their Mayday call for help they had flares in the liferaft and so were able to quickly attract the attention of the helicopter when it arrived on scene.” – MCA
Press Reports

Fisherman dies in hospital after his boat sank off Western Isles 22 Feb 2013 11:52

STORNOWAY Coastguard managed to locate and airlift the fisherman and his two colleagues from a liferaft after their boat sank on Thursday afternoon.

Coastguard helicopter
Coastguard helicopter

A FISHERMAN has died after he and two crewmates were rescued from a liferaft after their boat sank.

The three crew were rescued from waters west of Harris after the emergency services were alerted at 3pm on Thursday.

The men, from Lewis, raised a Mayday call requesting urgent assistance after their 10m fishing vessel Achieve got into trouble.

No location was given but the Stornoway Coastguard were able to calculate a likely position of the boat by triangulating radio signals and checking with local ports and harbours for a vessel of the same name.

A distress alert had been received from an RNLI “Man Overboard Beacon” by Falmouth maritime rescue co-ordination centre and the Leverburgh RNLI lifeboat was sent to that location along with the Coastguard rescue helicopter based at Stornoway.

A red flare was launched from the liferaft at the scene when the helicopter arrived.

The three fishermen were winched from the liferaft to the helicopter and taken to the Western Isles hospital for treatment.

Stornoway coastguard watch manager Ed Thompson said: “It would appear that the fishermen’s vessel sank very quickly and although they were unable to give us their position during their Mayday call for help, they had flares in the liferaft and so were able to quickly attract the attention of the helicopter when it arrived on scene.”

A spokesman for Northern Constabulary said: “Leverburgh RNLI lifeboat and the Coastguard rescue helicopter, based at Stornoway, attended the scene, and all three crew members who had been in the water were winched from a liferaft to the helicopter and were taken to Western Isles hospital for treatment.

“Two men were discharged from hospital. The third man later died in hospital. Next of kin have been informed.”

Death of Achieve fisherman Published on Friday 22 February 2013 10:17

A FORTY-three year old crew man from the fishing vessel Achieve tragically passed away at Western Isles Hospital late last night (Thursday, February 21st).

The fishing boat which had three crew aboard sank yesterday afternoon as Stornoway Coastguard search and rescue helicopter plucked the men from a life-raft.

It is believed that the 10m Achieve which was situated about six miles west of the Isle of Taransay in the Sound of Harris had completed hauling creels and was making way to Leverburgh in reasonable weather when tragedy struck.

Just after 3pm Stornoway Coastguard Station received a spoken Mayday call asking for urgent assistance.

Stornoway and Leverburgh RNLI lifeboats were launched and Stornoway Coastguard search and rescue helicopter took off at 3.55pm to attend the scene.

For reasons yet unknown, the vessel had began to quickly take on water and listed almost immediately.

The crew abandoned the boat by launching the vessels life-raft, although its believed that initially the life-raft was caught on the boats wheel-housing.

Two crew successfully entered and freed the raft, however the third crew member was still in the water and some distance from them. The two crew men was forced to deflate the life-rafts canopy to enable them to row to their fellow fisherman and get him on board.

All three were air-lifted by Stornoway Coastguard chopper and transferred to Western Isles Hospital for medical examination.

It is understood that the fishing vessel the Achieve sank very quickly.

The 43 year old crew man who died had entered the water wearing a life-jacket, but had been in the water for a considerable time with very low sea temperatures at this time of year.

Supporting the crew and families, Superintendent Finlay MacLeod of Stornoway Fishermens Mission, said: Once again we are reminded, if ever proof needed, that fishing is the most dangerous occupation in the UK with the tragic death of this fisherman.

On behalf of the fishing community throughout the Western Isles, and the Royal Mission Deep Sea Fishermen, I would like to express our deep sympathy to the families concerned; and also to the two surviving crewmen and to assure them of our prayers and thoughts at this distressing time.

Fishing boat with 22 aboard collides with cargo ship, off Miyagi Pref, Japan 9 rescued, 13 missing – Published 240912 1215Z

Officials from the Japan Coast Guard have stated that a Japanese fishing has collided with a large cargo ship in the Pacific Ocean on Monday.

The accident occurred just east of northern Japan, sending the 22 members of the fishing boat crew into the sea as their boat sank. Almost half of the crew has been rescued, but 13 are still missing.

At around 2:30 AM local time on Monday morning, the Horiei Maru, a 119-ton tuna-fishing boat, collided with the Nikkei Tiger, a 25,000-ton cargo ship identified as originating from Panama.

It’s not known yet what caused the accident exactly, but the coast guard says the collision took place in waters roughly 900 kilometers (560 miles) to the east of Miyagi Prefecture. The 22 member crew was made of 17 Japanese nationals and five Indonesians.

Responding to the distress call, the Japan Coast Guard has rescued five Japanese and four Indonesians as of 7 AM, however they are maintaining their search for the remaining members of the fishing crew.

The Nikkei Tiger cargo ship is said to be undamaged, and the members of its crew are all safe. Just last week the Japan Coast Guard came to help of another ship in distress off the coast of Nagasaki Prefecture.

A freight ship had caught fire, requiring the 12-member crew, including 10 Chinese, to be rescued.

Monday, 24 September, 2012 at 0443 UTC RSOE

Fishing Vessel Call Out!

Mullion Coastguard Team

The team were all paged this evening at 2220 hours to the Halzephron/Church Cove area of Gunwalloe following reports of a fishing vessel which had got its rudder caught up and was unable to progress. The team were called to locate the vessel and update Falmouth coastguard officers as to their position and call out the Relevant resource which given their location to relevant support agencies and guide in the appropriate resource which on this occasion was the lizard inshore lifeboat who attended and located the vessels before towing back towards Porthleven harbour. All crew were returned to Porthleven unharmed.

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UK: Search for fishing boat and 3 crew off Dorset Coast called off – Updated 1820BST 19th May 2012

(Search called off see update below)

RNLI lifeboats have been searching for a missing fishing boat and its three-man crew off the coast of Dorset for over 36 hours and another volunteer crew are to join the search (As of Saturday May 19, 0800BST).

A body believed to be that of one of the three missing fishermen was recovered from the sea by the Coastguard at around 5:30pm on Friday, according to a statement issued by Dorset Police. The families of the men have been informed.

The fishing boat, the Purbeck Isle, which is from Weymouth, was reported missing around 6pm on Thursday May 17 after it failed to return to port at its expected time.

Weymouth all weather lifeboat, the Ernest and Mabel, launched at 7:15pm on Thursday to search, along with HM Coastguard helicopters and the Royal Navy Warship, the HMS York. The Lyme Regis inshore lifeboat, the Spirit of Loch Fyne, launched just after 11pm to carry out an additional shoreline search of the coast to the west of Weymouth, along Chesil Beach, towards Bridport.

(Photo: RNLI)

The Weymouth lifeboat returned to station at 3:40am on Friday and a new volunteer crew went onboard to replace those who had been out searching for nearly nine hours. The lifeboat then headed back out to sea at 4:20am. The Lyme Regis lifeboat returned to station at around 3am.

The Weymouth lifeboat returned to the lifeboat station for another change of crew at around 2pm Friday and continued to search until 10.15pm, when it once again returned to the station.

The Exmouth all weather lifeboat, the Margaret Jean, is due to join the search for the two other fishermen at first light, around 4am, on Saturday morning.


Update 1820BST 19/05/2012

Search for 2 remaining fishermen from F/V Purbeck Isle which sank off the Dorset coast called off – Sky News

UK: Hunt for fishing boat and 3 crew reveals wreckage off Dorset Coast

The search for a fishing boat and three crew missing off the Dorset coast has revealed a vessel on the seabed.

(Photo: BBC)
RNLI lifeboats, the Coastguard helicopter and a Royal Navy warship are searching for the vessel
(Click on photo to see full story)

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) said an uncharted wreck of similar size to the missing fishing boat, Purbeck Isle had been located.

It was discovered by a survey ship with sonar equipment involved in the search for the Weymouth-based boat.

Coastguards began an extensive search overnight after the crabber was reported missing at about 18:00 BST.

The crew were named locally as David MacFarland, Robert Prowse and Jack Craig

The crew of the boat was rescued in January 2011 after the vessel began taking on water off Chesil Beach, west of Portland. – BBC

(Photo: BBC)
The crew was rescued last year after the fishing vessel took on water
(Click on photo to see full story 3 January 2011)

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10 crew forced to abandon ship due to shipboard fire 700 miles W of Guam in the Pacific Ocean

The Coast Guard, U.S. Navy and Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue partners, coordinated in the rescue of 10 crewmembers forced to abandon ship due to a shipboard fire 700 miles west of Guam Saturday.

Coast Guard Sector Guam watchstanders received an initial alert from an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon from the Hsin Man Chun, a 70-foot Taiwanese fishing vessel, at 4:30 p.m. Saturday.

Watchstanders then received a call from rescue coordination center Taipei, China reporting that a sister ship of the Hsin Man Chun received a radio call indicating the crew was planning to abandon ship.

A Navy P-3 Orion long-range search aircraft from Patrol Squadron 1 stationed at Kadena Air Base, Japan, overflew the vessel and reported

eight crewmembers in a life raft and two more on the bridge of the burning vessel.

The P-3 crew deployed two life rafts to assist the crewmembers that remained behind. They passed the location of the distressed crewmembers to the Semirio, a Marshallese flagged bulk carrier diverted to the area by the Coast Guard.

The Semirio was only 40 miles away from the distressed vessel and was asked to assist. Once on scene, the 950-foot bulk carrier launched a small boat and successfully rescued all 10 crewmembers. The Semirio is one of many foreign flagged vessels operating in the Pacific that voluntarily participate in the AMVER System.

AMVER, sponsored by the U.S. Coast Guard, is a unique, computer-based, and voluntary global ship reporting system used worldwide by search and rescue authorities to arrange for assistance to persons in distress at sea. With AMVER, rescue coordinators can identify participating ships in the area of distress and divert the best-suited ship or ships to respond.”  21 April 2012

Ghana: One feared dead, 15 injured in fishing vessel collision

One feared dead, 15 injured in high sea accident

13th April 2012

One feared dead, 15 injured in high sea accident

Takoradi, April 13, GNA — One person is feared dead and 15 others severely injured in a high sea accident involving a Ghanaian fishing vessel and an unidentified foreign supply vessel in Takoradi seawaters.

The body of the deceased, Paul Amoah, 42, from Apam in the Central Region, had not been discovered and the injured had been treated and discharged.

The Takoradi Port Station Officer, Chief Superintendent Asare- Naamim disclosed these to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Takoradi.

He said the accident happened about 17 nautical miles from the Takoradi Port when an unidentified foreign supply vessel collided with a Ghanaian vessel, with registration number Luyu 901, during fishing expedition on March 20, last month.

The station officer said the foreign vessel failed to stop after the accident and the crew could not take note of its name due to poor visibility.

Chief Superintendent Asare-Naami said the crew made a distress call to the agent of the Ghanaian vessel, Nana Simon, who mobilized two canoes from Elmina to rescue them.

Chief Superintendent Asare-Naami said that a report was made to the Ghana Maritime Authority to help track the foreign vessel but information about its whereabouts had been obtained.

Meanwhile, the agent of the Ghanaian fishing vessel, Nana Simon, told the GNA that GHc47,000 had been paid to the family of Amoah for final funeral rites though the body had not been recovered.

Nana Simon, who is Chief Fisherman at Bantama in Elmina said that he had sent message to the coastal communities to report to the authorities if they find any corpse on the beach.

The Takoradi police in collaboration with the Ghana Maritime Authority are undertaking investigation to track the foreign vessel.

They said the accident caused extensive damage to the engine of the fishing vessel resulting in total blackout while seawater gushed into the ship and but for timely intervention of the canoes operators, the death toll could have been higher.

The police said the damaged vessel was towed to the Takoradi Port and the injured were rushed to the GAPOHA clinic, a private health facility, near the port.


5 Fishermen rescued from liferafts after fire aboard their vessel

At 13.28 pm yesterday(Weds) a distress alert was received by the Coastguard from a Radio Distress Beacon (406 mhz EPIRB).

It was quickly identified as belonging to a fishing vessel registered in Buckie called Onward
The fishing vessel was in a position, 50 miles north west of Stromness

Shetland Coastguard made a mayday relay broadcast to secure assistance from any other vessels in the area. A merchant vessel Nautica responded and diverted to the last known position.

A Maritime surveillance aircraft, Watch dog 65, was tasked to attend and report back. A rescue helicopter was requested from ARCC Kinloss and the Coastguard rescue helicopter R102 based at Sumburgh was sent.

Stromness RNLI lifeboat was also requested to launch, but has been stood down and the Nautica is continuing its passage.

Rescue 102 arrived on scene and found the fishing vessel had been on fire and that the crew had evacuated to liferafts. They were winched into the helicopter, and now all five crew have been evacuated to the hospital at Kirkwall suffering from hypothermia.

Mike Smith, Shetland Coastguard said:

This incident shows the importance of having a registered distress beacon and how they important they are when you have an emergency.

We are pleased that all five crew have been rescued and are now in the hands of the medical professionals.


2 killed, 3 missing, 14 saved from shipwrecked fishing boat off Galapagos Islands, Ecuador – Search continues

Fourteen people who survived a shipwreck near Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands and the bodies of two people killed in the accident arrived Tuesday at the port of Manta, while the search continues for three missing crew members, the media reported.

Last Wednesday, the fishing boat Tuna I sank near the Galapagos Islands due to weather conditions, according to crew members, and Ecuadorian officials are continuing their efforts to determine the exact cause or causes of the accident, Ecuavisa television said.

Survived on makeshift raft

The 14 survivors arrived Tuesday at Manta and were attended to by doctors, who treated the serious sunburns they had suffered. One of the survivors, Efren Flores, said that they had collected “racks and ropes from everyone to build a raft” on which they managed to survive, an account which agrees with other statements gathered by Ecuavisa.

Meanwhile, the owner of the boat, Jorge Parrales, emphasized to the network that the search will not end with the arrival of the survivors and bodies, given that the firm continues to be “concerned” about finding the missing crew members.

According to the fisherman, two huge waves caused the boat to capsize. The Galapagos Islands are located about 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) west of the coast of continental Ecuador and were named the first World Natural Heritage Site in 1978.

Wednesday, 11 April, 2012 at 03:11 (03:11 AM) UTC RSOE