West Coast Tsunami Threat Being Assessed After 8.0 Alaska Earthquake

Town of , evacuates its 150 residents to shelter after warning, official says.

Tsunami warning for Alaska ends after quake. Wave about 7″ high. Ppl from Adak town gathered on nearby hill during warning – @CBCAlerts 2312utc

Tsunami warning issued after 8.0 earthquake in Alaska

Town of #Adak, #Alaska evacuates its 150 residents to shelter after #tsunami warning, official says. http://cnn.it/1iA3CVJ

Tsunami warning for Alaska ends after quake. Wave about 7″ high. Ppl from Adak town gathered on nearby hill during warning – @CBCAlerts 2312utc

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TSUNAMI WARNING: EQ Mag 8 (upgraded) 30 miles NW of Amchitka, Alaska. http://wcatwc.arh.noaa.gov/

Town of , evacuates its 150 residents to shelter after warning, official says.

Tsunami warning for Alaska ends after quake. Wave about 7″ high. Ppl from Adak town gathered on nearby hill during warning – @CBCAlerts 2312utc

Chile earthquake: Five dead and tsunami alert issued after 8.2 quake


Per PTWC, no major tsunami coming. There will be sea level changes + strong currents, so swimmers + boaters need to be aware – @rqskye 0517 UTC (Digital volunteer for disaster relief)



8.2 quake hits Northern Chile triggering widespread tsunami warning

“Armed Forces are maintaining order on the streets of Iquique amid fires and prison escapes following tsunami evacuation order for South America’s Pacific coast.

A massive earthquake struck off the coast of Northern Chile on Tuesday evening prompting tsunami warnings across the Pacific coast, with evacuation ordered for the entire zone until the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The 8.2 magnitude earthquake struck around 55 miles southeast of Cuya, at 8:46 p.m. local time. So far at least 20 aftershocks have been registered in the area with the largest measuring around 5 on the Richter scale.

That warning was lifted for areas south of Puerto Chacabuco, in Aysén Region, past midnight Tuesday. By 3 a.m. Wednesday morning, it was also removed between the cities of Antofagasta and Valparaíso, including  the islands of San Félix and Juan Fernández archepelago. At time of press it did not include Rapa Nui, or Easter Island.

The Interior Ministry has confirmed five deaths in Iquique and surrounding areas and at least three people seriously injured so far. Minister Rodrigo Peñailillo also stated that fires in Iquique and Arica had been brought under control.

The National Emergency Service (Onemi) said that more than 900,000 people evacuated to safety zones across the nation.” – Santiago Times


Chile Tsunami Update, No Wave expected in the Western Pacific – WestPacWx

A powerful earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 8.2 has struck off the coast of Chile, triggering a tsunami that has already started hitting the coastline.

Already a 2 meter high wave was reported along the Chili coast. At this time tsunami warnings remain in effect for much of the western sea boards of South American and Mexico.

No warnings have been issued for areas in the western pacific. But if the wave generated is strong enough the image below will show where it would hit followed by an image of when it would hit based on tsunami forecast models.

I do want to note though. NO TSUNAMI is expected at this time in the western pacific. NONE! But if it changes we will update you.

Best thing to do stay tuned to updates from your official agency and monitor if any changes habe been put in place.

Time Map

Energy Map

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Japan: Earthquake of mag 7.1 strikes off Japan triggering small tsunami. Fukushima nuclear plant undamaged – 251013 2015z

7.1 Mag Earthquake off the east coast Honshu, Japan

JMA confirms 7.1 Mag Earthquake Information (Information on seismic intensity at each site)
Issued at 03:13 JST 26 Oct 2013

Occurred at (JST) Latitude
(degree) Longitude
(degree) Depth Magnitude Region Name
02:10 JST 26 Oct 2013 37.2N 144.6E 10 km 7.1 Fukushima-ken Oki

More here: http://www.jma.go.jp/en/quake/

All Tsunami Advisories have been cancelled.

No reports of damage after 7.3 magnitude earthquake hits Japan | Fox News (link)

An earthquake of magnitude 7.3 struck Saturday morning off Japan’s east coast, the U.S. Geological Survey said. Japan’s emergency agencies declared a tsunami warning for the region that includes the crippled Fukushima nuclear site.


Other Reports

Japan Hit By 7.3-Magnitude Earthquake Off Fukushima Prefecture Coast, Tsunami Advisory Issued

(Video credit: BreakingNews!!!)

Published on Oct 25, 2013

TOKYO — TOKYO (AP) — An earthquake of magnitude 7.3 struck Saturday morning off Japan’s east coast, near the crippled Fukushima nuclear site, the U.S. Geological Survey said. Japan’s emergency agencies declared a tsunami warning for the area.

The quake hit at 3:10 a.m. Saturday Tokyo time (1310 GMT), the USGS said.

The tremor was felt in Tokyo, some 300 miles (480 kilometers) away.

Japan’s Meteorological Agency raised the tsunami warning for the area of Honshu. But the U.S. Pacific Tsunami Warning Center did not post warnings for the rest of the Pacific.


Philippines: Powerful earthquake hits Bohol and Cebu, leaves at least 93 dead – 151013 1715z

Red Cross Emergency Numbers: Cebu Chapter 032- 4124140 | 09209294645 and Bohol Chapter 038-5019175 | 09209031793 @RedCrossCebu

A powerful earthquake jolted three popular central Philippine islands Tuesday, killing at least 32(*G: Revised – at least 93, some reports say 97) people, tearing down buildings and triggering landslides.

Fifteen of the confirmed fatalities were in Cebu, the second most important city in the Philippines and a gateway to some of the country’s most beautiful beaches, civil defence office spokesman Reynaldo Balido told reporters.

The 7.1-magnitude quake caused centuries-old churches and modern buildings to crumble, while major roads were also ripped open and blocked by landslides. “I was fast sleep when suddenly I woke up because my bed was shaking. I was so shocked, I could do nothing but hide under the bed,” Janet Maribao, 33, a receptionist in Cebu, said.

The governor of Bohol reported that at least 16 people had died there and more than 100 others were injured, while one person was confirmed killed on the neighbouring island of Siquijor. All the areas are famed for their idyllic white sands and turquoise waters.

Balido and others involved in the relief and rescue operations warned the death toll would climb, with the full extent of the damage yet to be assessed. Nevertheless, they expressed relief the earthquake occurred on the Eid public holiday, meaning there were fewer people than normal in many of the major buildings that suffered damage.

The quake struck at 8.12am (3.12am UAE) near Balilihan, a town of about 18,000 people on Bohol, at a depth of 20 kilometres, the USGS reported. The town lies across a strait about 60 kilometres from Cebu. Cebu, with a population of 2.5 million people, is the political, economic, educational and cultural centre of the central Philippines. It hosts the country’s busiest port and largest airport outside of the capital Manila. It also has a major ship building industry.

Tuesday, 15 October, 2013 at 07:42 UTC RSOE

Other Reports

“Massive extremely dangerous earthquake in Bohol, Philippines – At least 97 people killed, hundreds injured, around 4 billion PHP damage expected.

Update 16:34 UTC : More than 9,000 people living on Bohol island are displaced due to earthquake

Update 16:19 UTC : The death toll increased to 97. Most of the casualties have been reported from Bohol (the island of the epicenter) The number of dead in Bohol alone has reached 87. In Cebu, 9 have died, while one fatality was reported in Siquijor.

Update 12:24 UTC : The NDRRMC reports that more than 400,000 families have been affected by the earthquake (can be in different ways, damaged and inhabitable houses, etc etc)


Update 12:13 UTC : Some fatality reasons as reported by the NDRRMC + damages is also reported in seaports and airports, government buildings, hospitals, schools, and other infrastructure, mostly in Bohol and Cebu.


Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 14.13.30


” - earthquake-report.com (Further updates, video & pictures)

Deadly Philippine quake hits Bohol and Cebu


The aftermath of the earthquake

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At least 93 people have been reported dead after a magnitude 7.2 earthquake hit the central Philippines.

The quake happened at 08:12 (00:12 GMT) on a national holiday. The US Geological Survey said it struck below the island of Bohol, where officials reported most casualties.

People were also killed in the province of Cebu.

Historic churches were among the many damaged buildings, and stampedes were reported in two cities.

At least 69 of those confirmed dead were from Bohol, according to reports citing disaster management officials.

Fifteen people are known to have been killed in Cebu, and another was reported dead on the neighbouring island of Siquijor.


Dozens of others are also being treated for injuries.

Search and rescue operations are being conducted, with rescuers finding themselves hampered by damaged roads.

At least five people died when part of a fishing port collapsed in Cebu, and two others were also reported dead when a roof fell at a market.

At least three people also died during a stampede at a sports complex in Cebu, provincial disaster chief Neil Sanchez said.

“There was panic when the quake happened and there was a rush toward the exit,” he told AFP.

The tremor triggered power cuts in parts of Bohol, Cebu and neighbouring areas, say reports citing the country’s disaster management agency.

Officials from Bohol and Cebu have declared a state of emergency in their respective provinces, local media say.

An official from the government agency which monitors earthquake activity was quoted as saying that this was the strongest tremor felt in the area in the last 23 years.

President Benigno Aquino is expected to visit the affected areas on Wednesday.

The collapsed facade of the San Pedro y San Pablo church in Loboc town, Bohol province A 7.2 quake struck underneath Bohol island, damaging structures like this old church in Loboc town.
Residents walk along huge cracks in a road after an earthquake struck Bohol province, central Philippines, October 15, 2013. A huge crack has appeared in a road in Bohol province as a result of the earthquake.
Workers use a crane to lift up concrete block that fell on a car after buildings collapsed during an earthquake in Cebu city, central Philippines, 15 October 2013 Damage was also reported in neighbouring Cebu, about an hour away by plane from the capital, Manila.
People gather on the street next to damaged buildings in Cebu city, Philippines, after a major 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck the region on 15 October 2013 People ran out onto the streets in Cebu – one of the country’s major cities.
A police officer surveys the damage following a 7.2-magnitude earthquake that hit Cebu city A police officer surveys the damage in Cebu city.
Hospital patients are evacuated after an earthquake struck Cebu city, in central Philippines 15 October 2013 Many were also evacuated from buildings, like this hospital in Cebu, where patients were led to safer areas.
Rescuers shift through the rubble to recover an unidentified man at a fish port in Pasil, Cebu, central Philippines, 15 October 2013 At least five people died when part of this port building collapsed in Cebu.

Edgardo Chatto, the governor of Bohol, said a city hall building was damaged on the island.

Heavy damage to roads, bridges and historic churches, some dating back to the Spanish colonial period in the 1500s and the 1600s, was also reported in Bohol and Cebu.

British man David Venables, who has lived in Cebu for seven years, said it was the strongest quake he had experienced.

“It’s a very strange and frightening experience when the very foundations of the house and surrounding area shake uncontrollably,” he said.

Bonita Cabiles, a resident of Mandaue city in Cebu, told the BBC she was woken up when she felt the ground rumbling.

She said there was a lot of structural damage in the area, including to the bell tower of the Santo Nino church in Cebu, one of the most well-known churches in the country.

It was fortunate that it was a national holiday and the students were not in school, she said.

There were reports of aftershocks following the quake.

The Philippine Red Cross said in a statement that they had mobilised staff and volunteers to affected areas.

Cebu province, with a population of more than 2.6 million, is about an hour away by plane from Manila.

Neighbouring Bohol, a favourite of tourists because of its sandy beaches, is a short boat ride away from Cebu.


Earthquake hits Philippines

(Video credit: SuPeR BeSt ViDeOs)

Published on Oct 15, 2013

Earthquake hits Philippines

At least 93 people have died after an earthquake struck the central Philippines, causing widespread destruction.

7 1 Earthquake Rocks Philippines near Bohol Province

(Video credit: Dwayne Campbell)

Published on Oct 15, 2013

Disaster rocks the Philippine Islands with a 7.1 Earthquake. Epicenter was about 620 Kilometers South of Manila near Catigbian. This on the heels of a Typhoon that caused massive damage and flooding.

Philippines Earthquake Earthquake Destroys Church

(Video credit: Beytullah GĂĽneĹź)

Published on Oct 15, 2013


No description available.

Filipino (Translated by Google)

Pilipinas : Napakahusay na lindol hit sa Bohol at Cebu , nag-iwan ng hindi bababa sa 93 patay – 151,013 1715z

Red Cross Emergency Number : Cebu Kabanata 032-4,124,140 | 09209294645 at Bohol Kabanata 038-5,019,175 | 09209031793 @ RedCrossCebu
Isang malakas na lindol jolted tatlong sikat na sentro ng Philippine isla Martes, pagpatay ng hindi bababa sa 32 (* G : Binago – hindi bababa sa 93 , ang ilang mga ulat sabihin 97 ) mga tao , pansiwang down na mga gusali at nagti-trigger ng landslides .
Labinlimang ng nakumpirma fatalities ay nasa Cebu , ang ikalawang pinakamahalagang lungsod sa Pilipinas at isang gateway sa ilan sa mga pinaka- magagandang beach ng bansa , pagtatanggol na pambayan opisina tagapagsalita Reynaldo Balido Sinabi reporters .

Ang 7.1 – magnitude lumindol dulot may sandaang taon na simbahan at modernong gusali na gumuho , habang ang mga pangunahing kalsada ay din bigtal bukas at hinarangan sa pamamagitan ng landslides . ” Mabilis na ako ay matulog kapag bigla ako woke up dahil ang aking kama ay pagkakalog . Ako ay kaya shocked , maaari kong gawin walang anuman kundi itago sa ilalim ng kama , ” Janet Maribao , 33 , isang resepsyonista sa Cebu , sinabi.

Ang gobernador ng Bohol iniulat na hindi bababa sa 16 taong namatay at may higit sa 100 iba ay nasugatan , habang ang isang tao ay nakumpirma pumatay sa mga kalapit na isla ng Siquijor . Ang lahat ng mga lugar ay sikat para sa kanilang payapa’t maligaya white sands at turkesa tubig .

Balido at iba sangkot sa pagbibigay-lunas at Pagsagip pagpapatakbo binigyan ng babala ang kamatayan toll gusto umakyat , may buong lawak ng pagkasira pa lang tasahin . Gayunpaman , sila ay ipinahayag lunas lindol ang naganap sa Eid holiday pampublikong , ibig sabihin mayroong mga mas kaunting mga tao kaysa sa normal na sa marami sa mga pangunahing gusali na pinagdudusahan pinsala .

Ang lumindol struck sa 08:12 ( 03:12 UAE ) na malapit sa Balilihan , isang bayan ng tungkol sa 18,000 mga tao sa Bohol , sa isang lalim na 20 kilometro , ang USGS iniulat . Ang bayan ay namamalagi sa isang makipot tungkol sa 60 kilometro mula sa Cebu . Cebu , na may populasyong 2.5 milyong mga tao , ay ang pampulitika , pang-ekonomiya , pang-edukasyon at pangkultura sentro ng gitnang Pilipinas . Ito ay nagho-host ng pinaka-abalang port ng bansa at pinakamalaking airport sa labas ng kabiserang Maynila . Mayroon din itong isang pangunahing industriya ng barko gusali.

Martes, Oktubre 15, 2013 sa 07:42 UTC RSOE
Iba pang Mga Ulat
” Napakalaking lubhang mapanganib na lindol sa Bohol , Pilipinas – Hindi bababa sa 97 taong namatay , daan-daang nasugatan , sa paligid 4000000000 PHP pinsala inaasahan.

Update 16:34 UTC : Higit sa 9000 mga taong naninirahan sa Bohol isla ay displaced dahil sa lindol

Update 16:19 UTC : Ang plegarya tumaas sa 97 . Karamihan sa mga casualties naiulat mula sa Bohol (ang isla ng sentro nang lindol ) Ang bilang ng mga patay sa Bohol mag-isa ay umabot 87 . Sa Cebu , 9 na namatay , habang isa bagsik pumatay ay naiulat sa Siquijor .

I-update ang 00:24 UTC : Ang NDRRMC mga ulat na higit sa 400,000 mga pamilya na apektado ng lindol ( maaaring maging sa iba’t ibang paraan , nasira at matitirahan bahay , atbp atbp)

Update 12:13 UTC : Ang ilang mga bagsik pumatay kadahilanan tulad ng iniulat ng NDRRMC pinsala + din ang naiulat sa seaports at airports , government building , mga ospital , mga paaralan , at iba pang imprastraktura , karamihan sa Bohol at Cebu .

Screen shot 2013/10/15 sa 14.13.30

“- Lindol – report.com ( Ang karagdagang mga update, mga video at mga larawan )
Nakamamatay Philippine lumindol hit Bohol at Cebu

BBC Oktubre 15, 2013 Huling na-update sa 17:20 BST ( 1620Z GMT / UTC)

Ang mga resulta ng lindol

Magpatuloy pagbabasa ang pangunahing kuwento
Kaugnay na Mga Kuwento

Pilipinas profile
Big lumindol strike off ang Pilipinas
Animated na gabay : Lindol

Hindi bababa sa 93 tao ang naiulat na patay matapos ang isang magnitude 7.2 na lindol pindutin ang gitnang Pilipinas .

Yumanig ang lupa ang nangyari sa 08:12 ( 00:12 GMT) sa isang pambansang holiday . Ang Survey sa US Geological sinabi ito sa ibaba struck sa isla ng Bohol , kung saan ang mga opisyal ng iniulat pinaka casualties .

Mga tao ay namatay din sa lalawigan ng Cebu .

Makasaysayang simbahan kabilang sa mga maraming mga nasira gusali, at stampedes ay naiulat sa dalawang lungsod .

Hindi bababa sa 69 ng mga nakumpirma patay ay mula sa Bohol , ayon sa mga ulat nagbabanggit opisyal ng disaster management.

Labinlimang mga tao ay kilala sa na- pumatay sa Cebu , at isa pang naiulat patay sa mga kalapit na isla ng Siquijor .

Dose-dosenang iba pa din ang mga ina- itinuturing para sa mga pinsala .

Paghahanap at Pagsagip operasyon ay ina isinasagawa , may rescuers sa paghahanap ng kanilang mga sarili hampered sa pamamagitan ng nasira mga kalsada .

Hindi bababa sa limang tao ay namatay kapag ang bahagi ng isang port pangingisda na gumuho sa Cebu , at dalawang iba pa ay din iniulat patay kapag roof isang nahulog sa isang merkado .

Hindi bababa sa tatlong mga tao ay namatay din sa panahon ng isang pagpapanakbuhan sa isang sports complex sa Cebu , panlalawigan disaster chief Neil Sanchez sinabi.

” Nagkaroon biglang pagkatakot kapag lumindol ang nangyari at nagkaroon ng Rush patungo sa exit , ” kanyang sinabi sa AFP .

Ang pagyanig trigger cut kapangyarihan sa mga bahagi ng Bohol , Cebu at mga kalapit na lugar , sabihin ulat nagbabanggit ng kalamidad pamamahala ng bansa ahensiya .

Mga opisyal mula sa Bohol at Cebu na ipinahayag ng isang estado ng emergency sa kani-kanilang mga lalawigan , mga lokal na media sasabihin.

Ang isang opisyal mula sa ahensya ng pamahalaan na sinusubaybayan ng lindol aktibidad ay may panipi bilang na nagsasabi na ito ay ang pinakamatibay na pagyanig nadama sa lugar sa nakaraang 23 taon .

President Benigno Aquino ay inaasahan na bisitahin ang mga apektadong lugar sa Miyerkules .
Ang gumuho harapan ng San Pedro y San Pablo simbahan sa Loboc bayan , Bohol lalawigan A 7.2 lumindol struck sa ilalim Bohol isla , damaging mga istraktura tulad nito lumang simbahan sa Loboc bayan .
Residente maglakad sa kahabaan ng malaking basag sa isang kalsada pagkatapos ng lindol struck ng Bohol lalawigan , central Pilipinas , 15 Oktubre 2013 . Isang malaking crack ay lumitaw sa isang kalsada sa Bohol lalawigan bilang isang resulta ng lindol .
Manggagawa gumamit ng isang kreyn upang iangat up bato na nahulog sa isang kotse matapos na mga gusali na gumuho sa panahon ng lindol sa lungsod ng Cebu , sentro ng Pilipinas , 15 Oktubre 2013 pinsala ay din na naiulat sa karatig Cebu , tungkol sa isang oras ang layo sa pamamagitan ng eroplano mula sa kabisera , Manila .
Mga Tao magtipon sa kalye sa tabi ng nasira gusali sa lungsod ng Cebu , Pilipinas , pagkatapos ng isang pangunahing magnitude 7.1 na lindol struck ang rehiyon sa Oktubre 15, 2013 Mga Tao Naubusan papunta sa kalye sa Cebu – isa sa mga pangunahing mga lungsod ng bansa.
Ang isang opisyal ng pulis survey ang pinsala kasunod ng 7.2 – magnitude na lindol na hit ang Cebu lungsod Isang pulis survey ng pinsala sa lungsod ng Cebu .
Ospital pasyente ay evacuated pagkatapos ng lindol struck ng lungsod ng Cebu , sa sentro ng Pilipinas 15 Oktubre 2013 Marami na rin evacuated mula sa mga gusali , tulad nito ospital sa Cebu , kung saan ang mga pasyente ay humantong sa mas ligtas na lugar.
Rescuers shift sa pamamagitan ng mga durog na bato upang mabawi ang isang unidentified tao sa isang port isda sa Pasil , Cebu , sentro ng Pilipinas , 15 Oktubre 2013 ang hindi bababa sa limang mga tao ay namatay kapag ang bahagi ng gusaling ito port na gumuho sa Cebu .

Edgardo Chatto , ang gobernador ng Bohol , sinabi ng isang gusali city hall ay napinsala sa isla .

Malakas na pinsala sa mga kalsada , tulay at makasaysayang simbahan , ang ilang mga itinayo ang Espanyol kolonyal na panahon sa 1500s at 1600s ang , ay din na naiulat sa Bohol at Cebu .

British tao Venables David , na nanirahan sa Cebu para sa pitong taon , sinabi ito ay ang pinakamatibay na yumanig ang lupa na kanyang naranasan.

“Ito ay isang napaka- kakaiba at nakakatakot na karanasan kapag pinakadulo pundasyon ng bahay at nakapaligid na lugar iling uncontrollably , ” sinabi niya .

Bonita Cabiles , isang residente ng lungsod ng Mandaue sa Cebu , sinabi ng BBC siya ay woken up kapag siya nadama ang lupa rumbling .

Siya ay sinabi nagkaroon ng maraming istruktura pinsala sa lugar , kabilang sa mga tore ng Santo Nino simbahan sa Cebu , isa sa mga pinaka- kilalang mga simbahan sa bansa .

Ito ay mapalad na ito ay isang pambansang holiday at ang mga mag-aaral ay wala sa paaralan , kanyang sinabi.

Nagkaroon ng mga ulat ng aftershocks ng pagsunod sa mga lindol .

Ang Philippine Red Cross sinabi sa isang pahayag na sila ay mobilized mga tauhan at mga boluntaryo sa mga lugar na apektado .

Cebu lalawigan , na may populasyong higit sa 2,600,000 , ay tungkol sa isang oras ang layo sa pamamagitan ng eroplano mula Maynila .

Neighbouring Bohol , isang paborito ng mga turista dahil sa mga sandy beach , isang maigsing biyahe sa bangka ang layo mula sa Cebu .
Mga Video
Lindol hit sa Pilipinas

( Credit Video : Super pinakamahusay na video )

Nai-publish sa Oktubre 15, 2013

Lindol hit sa Pilipinas

Hindi bababa sa 93 na tao ang namatay pagkatapos ng lindol ang isang struck sa central Pilipinas , na nagiging sanhi ng lakit pagkawasak .
7 1 Lindol Pilipinas Rocks malapit sa Bohol Province

( Video credit : Dwayne Campbell )

Nai-publish sa Oktubre 15, 2013

Disaster bato ang Republika ng Pilipinas na may 7.1 Lindol . Sentro nang lindol ay tungkol sa 620 Kilometro Timog ng Manila malapit sa Catigbian . Ito sa takong ng isang Typhoon na dulot napakalaking pinsala at pagbaha .
Lindol sa Pilipinas Lindol Destroys Church

( Video credit : Beytullah GĂĽneĹź )

Nai-publish sa Oktubre 15, 2013

Walang paglalarawan na magagamit .