Wales: Aberystwyth Lifeboat rescues crashed paraglider from sea – Published 16 May 2016 1021Z (GMT/UTC)

At 4:15pm on Sunday (15 May) whilst returning from the rescue of an inflatable, the RNLI Arancia inshore rescue boat was tasked by the coastguard to go and assist a paraglider who was believed to have collided with the cliffs and crashed into the sea.

The paraglider was believed to have collided between Clarach and Constitution hill and crashed into the sea.

The volunteers on board the Arancia quickly headed back out to sea, whilst the stations larger RNLI Atlantic 85 lifeboat Spirit of Friendship was launched to assist in the search and rescue.

The paragliders flying partner had seen his friend disappear and quickly landed on top of the cliffs, raising the alarm by calling 999 when he could only see his friend’s paraglider in the sea.

Both lifeboats searched along the cliffs and soon spotted the casualty clinging onto the cliffs, whilst still attached to his paraglider. The canopy was filling with water in the sea and being dragged by the tide, pulling on the casualties body.

In quite a rocky area, the Arancia was able to make its way close to the casualty and took aboard the canopy allowing the casualty to remove himself from the equipment. A crewmember entered the water and carried out a first aid assessment of the casualty who had managed to land in the water and miss both the cliffs and surrounding rocks without injury but who was very cold after being in the sea.

The casualty was put into a lifejacket by the crewman who also provided protection against the waves and ensured the casualty was safe whilst the Arancia manoeuvred into position at the base of the cliffs to safely extract everyone. The casualty was transferred to the Atlantic 85, where he was given another first aid assessment and put into to equipment to keep him warm.

Both lifeboats returned to the RNLI station where the casualty was warmed up and able to get dry whilst being assessed by waiting Ambulance staff. Although cold and shaken he did not need to go to hospital and was picked up by friend who was relieved to see him safe and well. – RNLI

Credit: RNLI/Aberystwyth

Aberystwyth RNLI rescue crashed paraglider from sea



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Wales Severe Flooding: 150 rescued in Aberystwyth area, 1000 evacuated, no serious injuries. 9 airlifted – Updated 10 June 2012

A major rescue is continuing in mid Wales with around 150 people taken to safety after severe flooding.

(Video: BBC via youtube)

Villages in Ceredigion have been cut off with houses and caravan parks being flooded.

Ceredigion, Wales
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Emergency services have helped people get to safety with some being rescued by helicopter RAF helicopter footage here

Three people have received treatment after sustaining minor injuries.

The high tide has now peaked and river levels should now recede. A clean up has started in some affected areas.

The Environment Agency said “up to five inches” (12cm) of rain fell in the area in 24 hours and they remain concerned about the river Rheidol which is still rising, and the River Fathew in Bryncrug. – BBC Wales

Full story & pictures from BBC Wales

Roads & rail affected by floods in North & mid Wales

See right-hand column ‘Goaty’s News on Twitter’ & Flood Warnings/Alerts (always worth looking at RSS feeds as they are often 24/7)

The following photos courtesy of Matthew Harrison-Jones. More here

Update 10 June 2012:

Around 600 residents have been transported to a leisure centre in Machynlleth, just over the border in Powys after concerns of a breach in the dam wall.

It comes a day after around 1,000 residents and holidaymakers were moved to safety after flooding of homes and caravan parks in mid Wales.

Emergency services are at the scene working to stabilise the situation. Supt Andy Jenks -Gilbert of North Wales police said:

“The water is flowing over the top of the reservoir stone wall into a quarry below which has the Afon Pennal running through it.

A crack has been discovered in the wall, causing a small amount of water to escape. Should the wall be completely breached, the contents of the reservoir will go into the river which flows through the village of Pennal, which is around half a mile from the reservoir.

Police officers are evacuating residents in the area and would ask visitors and locals to avoid the village at this current time.”

Firefighters in Mid Wales have warned Welsh residents to take precautions as sewage poured into flood damaged homes when freak storms caused drains to burst.

Andy Francis, of Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service, warned locals to take extra care after sewers overflowed sending ‘biohazards’ pouring into homes.

“There’s mass scale damage to caravan parks and indeed, more importantly really, to private dwellings throughout the area,” said Mr Francis.

“A lot of flood water’s gone through them, leaving a huge amount of damage, and a residual danger as well from the biohazards, from sewerage, and other contaminants that have entered the waters.

Lots of sewers may have been damaged, and indeed gas and water supplies damaged, so my advice to anybody entering their properties this morning is to take sensible precautions, make sure your gas and electricity are checked, preferably turned off now, and checked by qualified persons before you actually reactivate them, and indeed take sensible precautions and protection against the biohazards from possible contaminants that may have entered the water during the flood period.”

He said high river levels remained a risk. “Please do not go near the water, it’s still extremely dangerous, and don’t try to drive through it either, because you will end up becoming a casualty and requiring rescue.”

A large-scale rescue operation swung into action after heavy rainfall sent water several feet deep surging through communities in west Wales.

Some 150 people were rescued and evacuated to the centres as caravan parks and villages near Aberystwyth were inundated after twice as much rain fell in 24 hours than normally falls in the area in the whole of June.

Police said the overall number who left their homes, including those who did not need to go to the centres, was nearer 1,000. Last night a spokeswoman said:

”Numbers in rest centres have fallen as people try to make their own arrangements but some people are spending the night there.”

Senior politicians, including Prime Minister David Cameron, paid tribute to Royal Air Force helicopter crews, fire service teams, coastguard and RNLI lifeboat crews and the emergency services who ensured there were no serious casualties.

An inshore lifeboat team taking part in relief efforts had to be airlifted when they got into difficulties after helping to pluck a disabled man from a flooded caravan because a Royal Air Force (RAF) helicopter was 20 minutes’ flying time away.

Four holiday camps along the River Lery were evacuated when the swollen waters breached its banks.

The Secretary of State for Wales said: “This has been a very impressive operation in horrific weather conditions and with unprecedented flood levels.

“Those involved in the rescue mission at the caravan parks … have acted quickly and with courage.”

Mr Jones was “very concerned” about the flooding.

A Welsh Government spokeswoman said:

“He has been receiving updates throughout the day on the situation. “The First Minister’s thanks go to all those involved in the rescue operation.”

Dozens of people took refuge in a community centre in Talybont and three people were winched away from the Riverside Caravan Park in Llandre by RAF Sea King helicopters. Dyfed-Powys Police said three people needed treatment for minor injuries.

Sunday, 10 June, 2012 at 15:12 UTC RSOE