Russia: 7,000+ fight massive Siberia wildfires – nearly 100 homes and social facilities burned (Vesti) – Published 28 Apr 2017 1920z (GMT/UTC)

(Images: Vesti)

“FEMA and the Department of Defense stepped up in Siberia, where Raging wildfires.

Now in the Federal District with fire fighting more than 7 thousand people and 2 thousand units. In a region already transferred aviation: aircraft IL-76 and “amphibian be-200. At any time to help firefighters ready to come over 25 000 soldiers from the reserve of the Ministry of defence. The military also provided nearly three dozen Army helicopters for aerial reconnaissance.

Fight fire with rescue workers hampered by weather, reports tv channel “Russia 24”. Strong wind provokes new ignition. The fire covered thousands of hectares of forest, including — near human settlements.

In hazardous areas remain towns in Irkutsk oblast and Buryatia. On the eve there already burned nearly 100 homes and social facilities. The fire has so far sent to relatives in hotels and temporary accommodation. For people organized a gathering of aid they will receive compensation. Regional authorities have promised to provide victims new housing or materials for the construction of houses” – Vesti (Translated by Bing) April 30, 2017 06:10

However Russia’s EMERCOM (April 30, 2017 08:01) stated that ther wildfire situation in Krasnoyarsk Territory is under control – all settlements are safe 

“The Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov has conducted a meeting of the Governmental Emergency Response Committee dedicated to fire safety in the Siberian Federal District.

It was mentioned that by decision of the Governmental Commission, the Emergency Situation mode of operation was enabled in all constituent territories of Siberia and special fire fighting regime was enabled in many municipalities.

“from 25 to 28 April, more than 2000 fires were put out by joint efforts of the Federal and regional fire departments, patrol groups of the municipalities and other services. More than 150 settlements in 22 municipalities were saved from fires”, pointed out Vladimir Puchkov.

Fire fighters and especially “The Institute of Village Elders” actively instruct population on fire safety. More than 95% of fires that occurred in KrasnoyarskTerritory were taken under control within the first day.

More than 700 administrative infractions for dry grass burning and campfire building were given by the Emergencies Ministry’s specialists in KrasnoyarskTerritory since beginning of 2017. Forestry workers already fined more than 3.7 million rubles.

The First Deputy Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Chairman of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Government, Viktor Tomenko reported that since 25 April the region experiences heat wave with strong wind gusting. The situation is the same, as in Khakassia in 2015, where people died due in major fires. Since 20 April special fire fighting regime was enabled in KrasnoyarskTerritory.

“Despite all taken preventive measures we detected several major violation of the regime by citizens. Due to casual handling of fire, nine houses were destroyed in 5 settlements of three municipalities”, said Viktor Tomenko. 15 people lost their houses. Nobody was killed or injured. According to Tomenko, all payments will be carried out from the regional budget and assistance from the federal budget is not required.

While mentioning forest fires, the Vice-Governor pointed out that these fires have no threat to settlements.

Despite this, a ground force consisting of more than 27,000 people and 1,500 units of equipment was created to protect the settlements in KrasnoyarskTerritory.

According to daily monitoring, the air is nor contaminated and there is no threat to health of KrasnoyarskTerritory residents.

“We completed the most important objective – we prevented human casualties. According to order of the Russian President Vladimir Putin we carry out comprehensive preventive efforts, provide aid and support to every affected person. All affected families must immediately receive compensations. I ask all social workers to take such cases under special control and help people to draft necessary documents”, pointed out Vladimir Puchkov.

The Emergencies Minister also pointed out that many people will leave towns for May Holidays. For that reason, it is necessary to organize additional efforts and protect all recreational sites. Vladimir Puchkov underlined that as a lot of people will go to their summer residences from towns, the motorways may get overloaded and he ordered Traffic Police to check once again preparedness of roads.

“We must not forget that spring flood is still ongoing and that requires additional work and preventive efforts. On one hand, wildfire risks are gradually decreasing, while on the other a lot of people leaving towns for holidays, skyrocketing these risks”, said the Minister.

Vladimir Puchkov also asked KrasnoyarskTerritory to assist Buryatia and Irkutsk Region in combating wildfires.

“KrasnoyarskTerritory has powerful group of personnel, this is why I ask you to organize cooperation with border constituents, such as Buryatia and Irkutsk Region that have adverse wildfire situation and unfavorable weather forecasts, provide necessary aid to stop fire spreading towards KrasnoyarskTerritory. Aircraft and ground forces are already fight fires there”, said Vladimir Puchkov.”


Jersey, CI: Woman in dramatic rescue after 200ft cliff fall near Groznez – Published 02 Apr 2017 1700z (GMT/UTC)

“A 59-YEAR-old woman was winched to safety by helicopter after falling more than 200 feet down a cliff near Groznez.

The rescue, carried out by the Fire and Rescue Service and Jersey Coastguard happened at around 6 pm on Saturday evening.

Fire crew abseiled down the cliffs near Groznez Castle to reach the woman. However, when they were unable to get the woman up the cliff face a helicopter was called out and Les Landes race course was used as a landing pad.

The States police confirmed that the woman was winched to safety before being taken to the Hospital with injuries that are not thought to be life-threatening.” – Jersey Evening Post





History of the Jersey Fire and Rescue Service

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Iceland: Hekla volcano could be ready for another eruption, measurements suggest – Published 30 Mar 2017 1730z (GMT/UTC)

Mount Hekla Volcano

“More pressure is in the magma chambers underneath the mountain than before the last two eruptions in 1991 and 2000” says geophysicist Pall Einarsson at the University of Iceland


Mount Hekla

“Most measurements that we have today indicate that Hekla is ready for an eruption, but we do not know what factor will set the eruption off,” says geophysicist Pall Einarsson at the University of Iceland. More pressure is in the magma chambers underneath the mountain than before the last two eruptions in 1991 and 2000. It’s however impossible to say whether a Hekla eruption is to be expected soon or not, as eruptions come without much warning and with little correlation to other volcanic or earthquake activities in South Iceland. Today marks the 70th anniversary of the greatest Hekla eruption known to man, which lasted 13 months. There have been five eruptions in Mount Hekla since 1970.

RSOE March 30 2017 12:35 PM (UTC).


On January 17th Helka violently erupted with a cloud of ash and tephra that reached an altitude of 39,360 ft. (12 km). During this eruption a summit fissure and a main crater were created and from these lava flows extended down the southeastern and northwestern slopes. Lava fountains in these craters reached a height of 984 ft. (300m). This eruption continued until March 11th when activity once again died down”. –

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


A lava field on Hekla in July 2000

The most recent eruption was relatively short, it started at 18:18 on 26 February 2000 and lasted until 8 March. It was a VEI3 eruption producing a lava volume of 0.189 km3 DRE[38] / 0.29 km3[12] and 107 m3 of tephra.[12] The eruption went through four phases:

  1. initial explosive stage
  2. fire fountains
  3. bursts of Strombolian eruption
  4. effusion of lava[38]

Eruption activity was at a maximum in the first hour and by the first night the fissure on Hekla had opened to a length of 6–7 km. The steam column rose to a height of almost 15 km and ash was transported to Grímsey.[39] During this eruption, a NASA DC-8 aeroplane accidentally flew through the plume with all instruments switched on, resulting in unprecedented measurement of a young volcanic plume.[40]

Up until this eruption, it had always been assumed that Hekla was incapable of producing the most dangerous of volcanic phenomena, the pyroclastic flow. In January 2003, however, a team from the Norvol Institute in Reykjavík, under the leadership of Dr. Ármann Höskuldsson, reported that they found traces of a pyroclastic flow, roughly 5 km long, stretching down the side of the mountain. This will call for a reappraisal of volcanic eruptions of the basic rock type, which up to now were generally thought not to produce large pyroclastic flows. It will also require that the public and curious spectators who always rush to the scene at the start of a new outbreak, be kept much further away from the volcanic activity than was thought necessary during previous outbreaks.

Future eruptions

Steam at the summit of Hekla

In January 2010 there were reports of patches near to the summit not covered with snow[41] and that the lava chamber pressure had reached levels similar to those before Hekla last erupted[42] however no eruption subsequently occurred.

International media reported activity that is interpreted as being close to another eruption in July 2011[43] while Icelandic news sources claimed otherwise.[44] The Icelandic state news web site,, regularly warns travellers of imminent eruptions.[45][46][47]

In March 2013 a Civil Protection State of Uncertainty was issued due to an unusual cluster of seven micro-earthquakes at a depth of approximately 11 km, to the NE of the volcano, although there were no signs of ground deformation.[48] People were warned against travelling to the mountain, and the air traffic surveillance level was increased to yellow temporarily.[49][50] In April the volcano underwent unusual rapid inflation, particularly in the northern region of the volcano, that some commentators regarded as making an imminent eruption more likely.[51][52]”

For  more see:

Icelandic Meteorological Office

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Sweden: 15 people injured in overnight fire at large refugee centre outside of Vanersborg – Published 26 Feb 2017 1718z (GMT/UTC)

Swedish police say at least 15 people have been injured when a fire broke out overnight at one of the country’s largest refugee centers outside of Vanersborg in southwestern Sweden. Police spokesman Tommy Nyman says two people were taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries after jumping out of a second-floor window to escape the blaze and 15 people in all were treated for smoke inhalation. He said police received the alarm at 4:15 a.m. Sunday and all 158 people in the building were evacuated. Firefighters extinguished the flames. The cause of the fire was not immediately known. Nyman said police would open an investigation.

RSOE February 26 2017 04:55 PM (UTC).

China: 50 Killed, 700+ injured in massive Tianjin explosions. 12 of the dead were firefighters (videos) – Published 13 Aug 2015 1250z (GMT/UTC)

50 people killed and more than 700 were hospitalized, 71 of them for serious injuries. Contact lost with 36 firefighters, 12 of the 44 killed were firefighters – BBC latest.

Update 3:

As Chinese rescue workers and emergency services raced to respond to the deadly explosions that rocked the port city of Tianjin Wednesday, another group of Chinese officials, with a very different purpose also sprang into action: the country’s censors and security officials intent on limiting coverage of the disaster by conventional media outlets and social media. Authorities in Tianjin have been attempting to tightly control information about the disaster. Journalists and nonessential personnel were being kept six miles away from the scene of the blasts, the Los Angeles Times reported. In addition, a CNN correspondent reporting live from outside a hospital was seen being accosted by security officials live on air. In the video below [the confrontation starts around 1:48] reporter Will Ripley is confronted by several men, demanding that he end his broadcast, and shouting “stop recording” in Chinese. His feed is then cut, and the studio anchor comments that such incidents have “happened many times over the years in any number of stories in China.” In addition, local Chinese outlets reportedly had trouble being able to report on the incident. One journalist who took photographs inside a Tianjin hospital was threatened by security guards and told to delete the images, the Hong Kong Free Press reported. Local station Tianjin Television was reportedly airing a Korean soap opera 8 hours after the incident, as reporters waited for permission to start covering the story. Media censorship of this kind is not new in China, particularly when it comes to coverage of national disasters. After a 2011 train crash that left 39 people dead and over 200 injured, propaganda directives issued by Chinese authorities leaked online, which showed that reporters were warned not to run investigative reports or commentary, but rather focus on “stories that are extremely moving, for example people donating blood and taxi drivers not accepting fares,” the BBC reported. “From now on, the Wenzhou train accident should be reported along the theme of ‘major love in the face of major disaster’,” the directives added. The strategy ultimately backfired, prompting online anger from citizens who accused the authorities of “arrogance.” In the world of social media, users of Sina Weibo, China’s hugely popular version of Twitter, were reporting Thursday that some of their posts about the Tianjin disaster were being censored or deleted, according to the Associated Press. In addition, the number of searchable posts on the disaster fluctuated, in a sign that authorities were manipulating or placing limits on the number of posts.

Thursday, 13 August, 2015 at 07:56 UTC RSOE

Update 2:

A series of huge explosions shook the northern Chinese city of Tianjin late Wednesday, killing at least 44 people and injuring hundreds more, according to officials and state media. The cause was not immediately clear. Liu Yue, a 25-year-old Tianjin resident, said she felt the first blast but didn’t think too much of it. “The second explosion was so powerful that I felt the entire 16-floor-building was shaking,” said Liu, who lives about 4 kilometers (21 miles) from the site of the blasts. “I thought it was an earthquake! I was extremely scared. I was afraid my family was in danger.” The initial explosion erupted at a warehouse for a logistics company in an industrial area of the port city, according to Tianjin police. The company was identified as Tianjin Dongjiang Port Rui Hai International Logistics Co. Ltd. The state-run news agency Xinhua reported that an explosion tore through a warehouse storing “dangerous and chemical goods” in Binhai, an area of the city by the water. The firefighting division of the Chinese Public Security Ministry said firefighters were first called to the scene about a fire. An explosion went off after they arrived, it said. As smoke continued to billow into the sky from the site Thursday, local authorities suspended firefighting efforts at the scene because of a lack of information on the “dangerous goods” that were stored at the warehouse, Xinhua reported. Xinhua reported Thursday that 12 firefighters were among the dead and that dozens more remained unaccounted for in the aftermath of the blasts. Video from late Wednesday showed a blinding blast of light and smoke that sent fireballs shooting across the night sky. That was followed by an even bigger explosion, the force of which appeared to knock over the video camera. The shock waves were felt kilometers away, Xinhua reported, and some residents said windows and fish tanks had been shattered. The state-run China Earthquake Networks Center said in an official post on social media that two of the explosions had carried the force of small earthquakes. The first was measured at magnitude of 2.3, the second at 2.9, it said. As day broke Thursday, the extent of the damage was beginning to become clear. State media carried images of damaged buildings and parking lots full of rows of burned-out cars. Xinhua said that 44 people were killed and more than 500 were hospitalized, 66 of them for critical injuries. It had reported earlier that most of the injuries were from stones or broken glass.

Thursday, 13 August, 2015 at 07:07 UTC RSOE

Update 1:

Two massive explosions caused by flammable goods ripped through an industrial area in the northeast Chinese port city of Tianjin late on Wednesday, killing 17 people and injuring as many as 400, official Chinese media reported. Authorities had lost contact with 36 firefighters on the scene, the official Beijing News newspaper reported, citing the Tianjin fire department. The force of the explosions unnerved residents across much of the city of 15 million people, with some posting videos on the Internet that showed giant fireballs shooting into the sky and shock waves buffeting apartment blocks and cars. Fires were still burning after dawn, with photographs on Chinese news websites showing what appeared to be several destroyed buildings as well as torched cars at a multi-storey car park inside a logistics base at Tianjin Port. The port, one of the busiest in China, was operating normally, a port official said. President Xi Jinping demanded that authorities quickly extinguish the fires and “make full effort to rescue and treat the injured and ensure the safety of people and their property”, China Central Television (CCTV) said on its official microblog. CCTV said the blasts erupted in a shipment of explosives at around 11:30 p.m. local time (1530 GMT), triggering a shockwave that was felt kilometres (miles) away. The second blast came roughly 30 seconds after the first, state media said. Video posted on YouTube from what appeared to be an apartment building some distance from the scene showed fire shooting into the night sky from the initial blast when the second, much bigger, explosion rocked the area, sending a huge fireball into the air. Seconds later, shockwaves hit the apartment building. “Our building is shaking. Is this an atomic bomb?” said a frenzied voice inside. In other amateur video which appears to be shot closer to the scene, people scream from inside a car as the shockwave hits from the second blast, rocking their vehicle. The official People’s Daily newspaper said the death toll was 17 while other state media said six firefighters were among the dead. The official Xinhua news agency gave varying estimates of between 300 and 400 injured, with 32 critically hurt. Xinhua said the explosions ripped through a warehouse storing “dangerous goods”. The first explosion was equivalent to 3 tonnes of TNT and the second blast 21 tonnes of TNT, it said. It identified the owner of the warehouse as Tianjin Dongjiang Port Ruihai International Logistics. The company’s website said it was a government-approved firm specialising in handling “dangerous goods”. Company officials could not immediately be reached for comment. anadian teacher Monica Andrews told the BBC that she awoke in panic after what she thought was an earthquake. “I … looked out the window and the sky was red … I just watched a second explosion go off and (it was) just pure chaos, everyone leaving their apartment buildings thinking it’s an earthquake, cars trying to leave the complex and … it was crazy the amount of light that this explosion and fire lit up,” she said. Pictures posted on Chinese media websites also showed residents and workers, some bleeding, fleeing from near the scene. Citing a local hospital, Xinhua said people had been hurt by broken glass and stones. CCTV said on its website about 100 fire trucks had been sent to the scene. Several fire trucks had been destroyed and nearby firefighters wept as they worked to extinguish flames, the Beijing News said. Tianjin is home to around 15 million people, making it one of the biggest cities in China. Industrial accidents are not uncommon in China following three decades of breakneck economic growth. A blast at an auto parts factory in eastern China killed 75 people a year ago when a room filled with metal dust exploded.

Thursday, 13 August, 2015 at 04:27 UTC RSOE

Initial Report:

Massive, deadly explosions have erupted in the major Chinese port city of Tianjin, sending a fireball and mushroom cloud into the night sky and causing at least 17 deaths and hundreds of injuries. The explosions ripped through a warehouse storing hazardous goods near the port’s container terminal at around 11.30pm local time on Wednesday. The two biggest blasts occurred within 30 seconds of each other and caused extensive damage in the surrounding area, blowing out the glass on nearby high-rise buildings. The force of the blasts were felt kilometres away and registered on earthquake scales. Eyewitness videos, apparently taken from nearby apartments overlooking the area, quickly circulated on Chinese social media, some capturing a major blast, which sent a mushroom cloud tens of metres into the sky. Hundreds of injured people crowded into nearby hospitals, many arriving on foot, car and taxi overwhelming emergency services. Of the more than 400 report injured, at least 32 remained in a critical condition on Thursday morning. In one video of the explosion on Weibo, people can be heard reacting with shock and fear in Mandarin. “What about the people in that area?” one person can be heard saying as they watch the fire, before a major explosion occurs. Another voice can be heard saying “I’m scared to death”, before a woman exclaims “I can’t open the door”. Another video being circulated, purporting to be security camera footage from near the blast, shows a man standing inside a building in front of glass doors, before an explosion blows the doors and walls inwards, knocking the man to the ground. The city’s fire department first received reports at 10:50 pm about a fire at the warehouse, used by Ruihai International Logistics, a company that handles hazardous materials. Two firefighters were reported missing after the explosions, while another four were injured, it said. The precise nature of the materials that exploded was not made clear, and there was no indication whether the blast was accidental or intentional. The strength of the explosions also shattered windows of nearby buildings, and eyewitnesses reported feeling the blasts from kilometres away. The blasts were so massive they were reportedly visible from space, captured by the Japanese weather satellite Himawari 8.

Thursday, 13 August, 2015 at 03:04 (03:04 AM) UTC RSOE

Other Reports:


China explosion: Tianjin death toll rises in port blasts

Media caption Drone footage showed the devastation caused by the explosions

At least 44 people are known to have died, and more than 500 injured, following two major explosions in China’s northern port city of Tianjin.

Twelve firefighters are among those who lost their lives; 36 are still missing.

The blasts happened in a warehouse for hazardous chemicals and caused a huge fireball that could be seen from space.

Hospitals have been overwhelmed with people seeking treatment for injuries caused by flying glass and debris. Some 66 people are in a serious condition.

President Xi Jinping has promised a thorough investigation into what happened and “transparent information disclosure to the public,” Xinhua news agency reports.

The first explosion occurred at about 23:30 local time (15:30 GMT) on Wednesday in the city’s Binhai New Area, a vast industrial zone which houses car factories, aircraft assembly lines and other manufacturing and research firms.

The blast was followed seconds later by another, more powerful blast, and a series of smaller explosions.

Buildings within a 2km radius (1.5 miles) had windows blown out, office blocks were destroyed and hundreds of cars burnt-out.

The impact of the blasts could be felt several kilometres away, and was registered as seismic activity at a US Geological Survey monitoring unit in Beijing 160km (100 miles) away.

The China Earthquake Networks Centre said the magnitude of the first explosion was the equivalent of detonating three tonnes of TNT, while the second was the equivalent of 21 tonnes.

Blast ‘like end of the world’

Pictures reveal devastation

Daylight revealed the extent of the devastation around the warehouse
Buildings and cars within a two kilometre radius of the explosion were destroyed
Hundreds of people were injured by flying glass and debris
Shipping container boxes were crumpled by the heat
Tianjin is a major port and industrial area to the south-east of Beijing

“I saw fire burning and then: Boom! There was an explosion. My first reaction was to run as fast as I could and get down on the ground to save my life,” Wu Dejun, 38, a hairstylist, told Reuters.

“When I escaped, I had blood all over me.”

“It was like what we were told a nuclear bomb would be like,” truck driver Zhao Zhencheng told the AP news agency. “I’ve never even thought I’d see such a thing. It was terrifying, but also beautiful.”

Media caption Pictures and video shared on social media showed the moment of the blast

The blast ripped apart a nearby dormitory for migrant workers, who were forced to flee the collapsing building.

“I rolled off the bed after the first shockwave hit, so I scrambled to run for my life,” said resident Dan Agio.

“When I reach downstairs the second blast happened. It’s as if the sky collapsed. In a blink of an eye, the roof fell.”

Media caption Explosions survivor “The second blast blew me away”

As of 12:00 local time (04:00 GMT), 44 people had died and a total of 520 people were being treated in hospital, Xinhua reported.

Around 1,000 firefighters, along with 140 fire engines, spent the night tackling the flames.

A number were reportedly already on the scene at the time of the explosions, having been called out to earlier reports of a fire in the area.

There was an outpouring of support for them on social media as it became apparent that they were among the dead, injured and missing.

Media caption The BBC’s John Sudworth reports from inside the blast zone

Hospitals struggled to cope as residents rushed there to be treated for injuries or for news of missing loved ones.

Many without injuries responded for calls to donate blood, and long queues formed outside blood donation centres.

Chinese media has reported that the blasts happened after a shipment of explosives detonated in a warehouse owned by Ruihai Logistics, a company that specialises in handling dangerous and toxic chemicals.

State broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV) said at least one person from the “relevant company” had been detained for questioning.

There has been some criticism in Chinese media that a warehouse containing such dangerous chemicals should have been sited near a main road, housing complexes and office blocks.

Tianjin, home to some 15 million people, is a major port and industrial area to the south-east of the Chinese capital, Beijing.

Tests are being undertaken to check pollution levels both in the air and water around Tianjin. Tanker traffic in and out of the port has been disrupted.

The blasts caused a huge fireball that lit up the night sky

People flooded on to nearby streets shortly after the explosions


(Video credit: benalvino1860)

(Video credit: Daily Leak)

(Video credit: Mohammed Shariff)

(Video credit: Jack Will)

(Video credit: Daily Leak)

UK (England): Man injured in major Hackney blaze in East London – Published 150615 1420Z (GMT/UTC)

 Man rushed to hospital with burns & smoke inhalation as over 70 firefighters tackle Hackney shops blaze

Crews working hard fighting the fire on Yorkton St in Hackney range of shops and roof alight (Image: London Fire Brigade)

Crews working hard fighting the fire on Yorkton St in Hackney range of shops and roof alight (Image: London Fire Brigade)

Ten fire engines and 72 firefighters and officers are tackling a fire at a joinery workshop on Hackney Road in Hackney. One man was injured and taken to hospital suffering from burns and smoke inhalation.

Thick black smoke from the fire was visible for miles around and residents were advised to keep their windows and doors closed if affected.

Station Manager Keith Cunnew who is at the scene said:

“A member of the public spotted smoke and called the Brigade. On arrival crews wearing breathing apparatus helped three women and three men to leave the properties either side of the fire and two other people left the property before the Brigade arrived. The structure of the building has been seriously damaged by the blaze.

“We expect to be at scene for a number of hours. We are making good progress, but it will take some time to fully damp down the fire.”

Firefighters from Soho, Islington, Holloway, Shoreditch, Homerton, Bethnal Green, Whitechapel, Tottenham and Poplar fire stations are at the scene.

The Brigade was called at 1301. The cause of the fire is not known at this stage.


Location of fire (Image: London Fire Brigade)

Location of fire (Image: London Fire Brigade)


Thick black smoke coming from the blaze on Yorkton St (Image: London Fire Brigade)

Thick black smoke coming from the blaze on Yorkton St
(Image: London Fire Brigade)

LFB making good progress tackling the fire at Yorkton St in Hackney (Image: London Fire Brigade)

LFB making good progress tackling the fire at Yorkton St in Hackney (Image: London Fire Brigade)

(Image: London Fire Brigade)

(Image: London Fire Brigade)

(Image: London Fire Brigade)

(Image: London Fire Brigade)

Crews are currently working hard to contain a substantial fire in a row of shops in Hackney. (Image: LFB BEXLEY ‏@bexleyfire)

Crews are currently working hard to contain a substantial fire in a row of shops in Hackney. (Image: LFB BEXLEY ‏@bexleyfire)

London Fire Brigade making steady progress fighting the fire in Hackney & busy damping down for some time - LFB 1542 BST (Image: London Fire Brigade)

London Fire Brigade making steady progress fighting the fire in Hackney & busy damping down for some time – LFB 1542 BST (Image: London Fire Brigade)


(Video credit )

Russia (Siberia): Khakassia wildfires leave at least 4 dead, 73 injured. Approx 100 houses in 21 villages on fire – Published 120415 1520z (GMT/UTC)

The government of a Siberian region reports that more than 70 people have been injured by agricultural fires that got out of control and swept through more than 20 towns and villages.

The fires were started by farmers burning the grass in their fields and they spread quickly because of strong winds. The government of Khakassia, a region in southeastern Siberia, has called on all residents to help put out the fires, which on Sunday destroyed 118 homes in 21 towns and villages.

The Defense Ministry and Emergencies Ministry said they were sending aircraft to help fight the fires. The state RIA Novosti news agency, quoting an Emergencies Ministry official, reported that firefighters were hampered by a shortage of water since the reservoirs were still covered with ice.

Sunday, 12 April, 2015 at 14:35 (02:35 PM) UTC RSOE

Press Reports

Two people died and 70 were hurt as a wildfire in Siberia caused by the burning of dry grass threatened villages, Russian officials said Sunday.

“Over 70 people asked for medical help, and two people died” as a fire raged in the Khakassia region of southern Siberia, the regional government said.

The emergency ministry said that they are using a plane, three fire trains and over 5,000 people to control the fire, but that strong winds are making this impossible.

“Over 100 houses in 21 villages are on fire,” the ministry said.

Two people were reported dead although authorities said the toll was “preliminary” until the exact cause of their deaths could be determined.

They called on “residents of the region to battle the fire, which began because of residents themselves after uncontrolled grass burning,” the ministry said on its website.

Spring and autumn burning of dry grass regularly results in massive wildfires that often cause extensive damage to homes and human life.

Wildfires in Russia in 2010 killed at least 60 people, destroyed over 3,000 homes and left Moscow shrouded in smoke. In 2012, fire destroyed 10 million hectares of Siberian forest, according to environmental groups.” –

Four killed by wildfires in Russia’s Siberia: TASS

“(Reuters) – Four people have been killed by wildfires raging though the grasslands of Russia’s Khakassia republic in southern Siberia, the TASS news agency reported on Sunday.

More than 20 villages and towns have been damaged by the fires that have been burning for several days in dry and windy weather, the Emergency Ministry said. Seventy-three people have suffered burns or smoke inhalation.

Two planes and a helicopter have been deployed, along with more than 1,000 firefighters.

Environmental activists say the occurrence of grassland wildfires in Russia has increased in recent years for various reasons, including rising temperatures.

(Reporting by Vladimir Soldatkin; Editing by Robin Pomeroy) ” –

Wales: Major fire at Indian Restaurant, Monk Street, Abergavenny. Person jumps from window – Published 030115 0922z (GMT/UTC)

Sundaarbon Indian Restaurant fire at Abergavenny. Picture credit: @LoveBreconBeaco

Jennie Griffiths


(Head of South Wales Fire and Rescue Service Fire Control and Designate Head of Fire Controls at the Joint Emergency Centre SWP HQ Bridgend:)

“At 03.26 a 999 call was received to a flat on fire with persons reported as trapped on Monk Street. Abergavenny crews responded

Update Abergavenny: at 03.34 on arrival crews requested 2 further fire engines one person had jumped from a window

Update Abergavenny: Blaenavon+Brynmawr crews responded to the incident further people were believed still to be inside the building

Update Abergavenny: At 03.38 crews requested 2 further fire engines as they were still searching inside the building for people trapped

Update Abergavenny: Cefn Fforest and New Inn crews responded also an Aerial Ladder and a water bowser

Update Abergavenny: at 03.46 crews reported this was a terraced property well alight 3 storeys in well developed fire 5 people led to safety

Update Abergavenny: At 04.12 crews reported a row of 3storey terraced properties well alight + crews in BAs were still searching for people

Update Abergavenny: At 04.14 crews requested a further 2 fire engines making the total 8 fire engines Cwmbran+Abersychan responded

Update Abergavenny: At 05.44 crews reported all persons safe and the fire was under control 3 persons rescued by crews in adjoining property

Update Abergavenny:At the height of the fire 8 fire engines,Aerial ladder+2 bowsers fought the fire using 6BAs 2jets 2hosereel+water tower

Update Abergavenny: 5 fire engines a water bowser and aerial ladder remain in attendance the building was used as an Indian Restaurant

Update Abergavenny: Fire investigation officers and Police will liaise at 0900 this morning to investigate the cause”


Balkans: Bosnia and Serbia floods leave at least 44 dead amid new land-mine risk. Tens of thousands evacuated – Updated 190514 1105z

New Red Cross update at bottom of page

SKY NEWS 11:35am UK, Monday 19 May 2014:

Balkans Flooding Triggers Landmine Warning

The worst floods in the region for more than half a century kill 44 people and force tens of thousands from their homes.

International rescue teams are battling against thousands of landslides as they try to reach victims of the unprecedented flooding in the Balkans.

The disaster has also prompted a warning that survivors could be at risk from landminesleft over from the war in the 90s, which may have been dislodged by the water which has also washed away the warning signs.

A woman and her son move away from the downwash of an European Union Force (EUFOR) helicopter after being rescued from the flooded Serici village.
A woman and her son are rescued from the flooded village of Serici

At least 44 people have lost their lives in the disaster across Bosnia and Serbia, with the death tolls expected to rise. Twenty of the confirmed deaths recorded in Bosnia occured in Doboj, while in Serbia some 16 bodies were found.

Around 3,000 landslides have been reported across the region blocking roads and damaging homes, as 10,000 people have been evacuated from the worst affected areas of north Bosnia.

Children sit in a bus after being evacuated from the flooded town of Obrenovac, southwest of Belgrade
Children sit on a bus after being evacuted from Obrenovac

Thousands of people have fled from the submerged Serbian town of Obrenovac. One of the evacuees, 40-year-old father Dragan Todorovic, said: “I carried my kids out on my back, then waited 12 hours to be rescued myself.

“The house was new, built two years ago for 100,000 euros. What now?”

The police are really worried about looting and trying to protect those thousands of empty homes.

Balkans floods.
Many residents of flood-hit towns had to be evacuated by helicopter

Some 20 thousand people live in Obrenovac. They have all left because it is far too dangerous and inevitably the death toll will rise in the coming days as the true extent of this disaster becomes apparent.

The authorities are working exceptionally hard to make sure people are out and away from danger. People have had to leave their homes with nothing at all, just the clothes on their back in many instances.

The relief effort is being bolstered by Russia and other European countries sending teams in, to comb through homes that have been destroyed.

Balkans floods.
A group of residents is evacuated on an amphibious vehicle from Obrenovac

Teams are battling to save key power stations including the giant site at Kostolac near the capital Belgrade.

Alma Muslibegovic, a spokeswoman for the country’s EPS power firm, said: “The army, police, volunteers and Kostolac employees are using all mechanisation and are piling up sandbags to slow the river flow and prevent it from entering the power generation system.”

Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said a fire and flooding of surface mines at the 1,300 megawatt (MW) Kolubara coal-fired power plant southwest of Belgrade had caused damage of “at least 100 million euros (81m)”.

Balkans floods.
A man and his dog are evacuated from the town of Obrenovac

Authorities say the economic impact of the floods will be huge, devastating the agricultural sector vital to both the Serbian and Bosnian economies.

“The danger today is less than it was yesterday, but we have to control the Sava as much as we can,” Mr Vucic told a televised Cabinet session.

“These are the kind of waters not seen in 1,000 years, let alone 100.”

18th May 2014:


Bosnia floods create new land-mine risk in Balkans

Raging water and landslides kill 25, forces tens of thousands to flee

The Associated Press Posted: May 18, 2014 6:18 AM ET Last Updated: May 18, 2014 6:18 AM ET

Serbian police officers carry a man from a military helicopter during flood evacuation from Obrenovac, some 30 kilometers (18 miles) southwest of Belgrade Serbia, Saturday, May 17, 2014.   

Serbian police officers carry a man from a military helicopter during flood evacuation from Obrenovac, some 30 kilometers (18 miles) southwest of Belgrade Serbia, Saturday, May 17, 2014. (Darko Vojinovic/Associated Press)

Record-high floods and landslides have swept away people, homes and roads in the Balkans over the past week, but in Bosnia another deadly menace is hiding in the flood rubble: land mines.

Authorities have spent two decades trying to unearth the 1 million land mines planted during Bosnias 1992-95 war. Before the floods, nearly 120,000 remained in 9,416 marked minefields.

Then floods washed away river banks and fueled landslides that have unearthed minefield warning signs and, in many cases, the unexploded booby traps themselves.

Officials at Bosnias Mine Action Center say their agency will deploy mine-hunting scouts starting Monday and report that mines already are appearing in unexpected places. They fear that some could float all the way to the Black Sea.

Tens of thousands fled their homes Saturday in Bosnia and Serbia to escape the worst flooding in a century.

Rapidly rising rivers surged into homes, sometimes reaching up to the second floors, sending people climbing to rooftops for rescue.


Serbian army soldiers transport people in the town of Obrenovac, southwest of Belgrade on Saturday. (Marko Djurica/Reuters)

Hundreds were also evacuated in Croatia.

Authorities said 25 people have died but warned the death toll could rise. Tens of thousands of homes were left without electricity or drinking water.

Landslides triggered by the floods also raised the risk of injury or death from land mines left over from Bosnias 1992-95 war. The landslides swept away many of the carefully placed warning signs around the minefields.

Three months worth of rain has fallen on the region in three days this week, creating the worst floods since records began 120 years ago.

Observed from the air, almost a third of Bosnia, mostly its northeast corner, resembled a huge muddy lake, with houses, roads and rail lines submerged. Admir Malagic, a spokesman for Bosnias Security Ministry, said about a million people over a quarter of the countrys population live in the affected area.

Bosnia is facing a horrible catastrophe, said Bakir Izetbegovic, the chairman of the Bosnian three-man presidency. We are still not fully aware of actual dimensions of the catastrophe we will have to take care of hundreds, thousands of people

Izetbegovic was touring Maglaj, hard hit by floods. As the waters mostly withdrew on Saturday, Maglaj was covered in mud and debris, with residents checking damage and bringing furniture out in the streets to dry.

Everything is destroyed, but we are happy to be alive, said Maglaj resident Zijad Omerovic.

In the eastern Bosnian town of Bijeljina, some 10,000 people were being evacuated Saturday after the rain-swollen Sava River pushed through flood defences, endangering four villages outside the town. The peak of the Sava flood wave was expected in Bijeljina later Saturday, before advancing to Serbia.

We need everything, we are underwater, mayor Mico Micic exclaimed.


People stranded in the Serbian town of Maglaj wait for rescue after the Bosna River swelled to record levels. (Dado Ruvic/Reuters)

300 landslides

In eastern Croatia, the overflowing Sava spread over villages and farm land, sending hundreds fleeing.

The rain caused nearly 300 landslides in Bosnia, burying dozens of houses and cars and further complicating relief efforts.

They come unannounced in just a few seconds, said Fahrudin Solak, a Civil Protection official.

Officials in Bosnia say 17 people died and more bodies could be found as water recedes from dozens of cities. In some places, people had to be rescued by helicopter from their roofs.

Many in Bosnia lost homes they had only just rebuilt after the war, which claimed 100,000 lives and devastated the impoverished country.

In Serbia, eight deaths were reported and emergency crews and soldiers were using boats and helicopters to rescue thousands trapped in the town of Obrenovac, near Belgrade. Authorities also ordered residents of another nearby small town, Baric, to leave immediately Saturday afternoon. Many hurriedly climbed into buses and military trucks to get away.

Officials said more than 16,000 people have been evacuated from flood-hit regions in Serbia, many finding shelter in schools and sports halls. Lines of mattresses covered the floors of Belgrade schools, with frightened survivors describing unstoppable torrents that surged in a matter of minutes.


A man carries a child during the evacuation of a family by boat in the flooded town of Obrenovac, 40 kilometres west of Belgrade. (Andrej Isakovic/AFP/Getty Images)

Mirjana Senic, who lives in the center of Obrenovac, said that we thought we had it pretty bad (but) only when they evacuated us and when we actually saw the amount of water in other parts of town did we realize that we were lucky.

Marko Strkalj, another resident, said a lot of people were still in their apartments. There were a lot of elderly and people with handicaps who didnt want to leave their homes.

Serbias biggest power plant threatened

The flooding in Obrenovac is threatening the Nikola Tesla power plant, Serbias biggest. Plant capacity had already been cut after a nearby coal mine was flooded and authorities urged residents to save energy to avoid brown-outs.

Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic told a press conference that new wave of flooding on the Sava River will hit Sunday evening.

Our primary concern is to protect the power plant, said Vucic. We are doing all we can.

Thousands of volunteers responded to governments appeal to build up flood defenses along the Sava. Bused in from all over the country, the volunteers worked around the clock, stacking up sandbag barricades with soldiers and emergency crews. The town of Sremska Mitrovica was a particular concern.

You can feel the solidarity everywhere. People are doing everything they can. I am seeing children and older people shoveling sand and carrying sandbags and no one finds this labor hard, said volunteer Marinko Trivunovic.

Im proud of the fact that Im from Belgrade and Ive come here to help these people to save their homes. By saving this city, were saving the whole country, said volunteer Nemanja Radovic.

International help poured into the two nations. A Russian team joined the rescue efforts in Serbia. Rescue teams from Luxembourg, Slovenia and Croatia were already in Bosnia, and others from the U.K., Austria and Macedonia were expected.

Residents in both countries mobilized through Facebook or other social media, collecting tons of food, blankets and clothing for the crisis-hit areas.

From the Italian Open in Rome, Serbias best tennis player, Novak Djokovic, appealed for flood volunteers on his Twitter account.

Support for everyone! Lets help the endangered! Join the aid action! he tweeted.

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17th May 2014:

Balkans: Worst Floods In A Century Kill 20

Tens of thousands have fled their homes after Serbia and Bosnia experienced three months of rainfall in just three days.

Tens of thousands have fled their homes in Bosnia and Serbia after three months of rain fell on the region in just three days.

Boats and helicopters have been used to evacuate those affected by floodwaters, which reached the second floor of homes in some parts of Bosnia, where 12 have died.

Security Ministry spokesman�Admir�Malagic�said approximately a million people, more than a quarter of the population, live in the affected area.

People receive food from Serbian army soldiers in the flooded town of Obrenovac.
People receive food in the flooded town of Obrenovac

In the eastern town of Bijeljina, around 100,000 people were evacuated on Saturday after flood defences were unable to hold back the rain-swollen Sava River.

Mayor Mico Micic said: �We need everything, we are under water.�

The rain has also caused almost 300 landslides, burying dozens of houses and cars.

Many have lost homes they have only just finished rebuilding after the 1992-95 war which killed 100,000 people and devastated the country.

Serbian rows a boat past flooded ambulance vehicles in the flooded town of Obrenovac.
Boats and helicopters are being used to rescue people

Mines from that conflict litter Bosnia�s mountains, and many warning signs have been swept away, increasing the risk of deadly accidents.

More than 15,000 people have been evacuated in Serbia, where eight people have died.

Most of those who have fled their homes have found shelter in schools and sports halls.

Soldiers and emergency crews are using boats and helicopters to rescue thousands of people trapped in the town of Obrenovac, near the capital, Belgrade.

People evacuated from their flooded houses cross a bridge in the town of Obrenovac, 40 kilometers west of Belgrade, on May 17, 2014.
Many people have lost homes rebuilt after the 1992-95 war

The flooding there is threatening the country�s biggest power plant, Nikola Tesla.

Capacity at the plant has already been cut after a coal mine nearby was submerged.

Residents of the nearby town of Baric�have also been ordered to leave immediately, with many leaving on buses and military trucks.

There was a slight respite for some parts of the country on Saturday when the rain eased, but Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic warned a new flood wave on the Sava will hit on Sunday evening.

A man observes the high level of the Sava river in Sremska Mitrovica, 90 kilometers west of Belgrade, Serbia, Saturday, May 17, 2014.
A man peers over at the high level of the Sava river in Sremska Mitrovica

�Our primary concern is to protect the power plant,� he said.

�We are doing all we can.�

Thousands of volunteers have been bused in from all over the country after responding to a government appeal to help build flood defences along the river.

Residents have used social media to help collect food, blankets and clothes for crisis-hit areas.

People build a dam made up of sandbags  by the bank of the Sava river in Sremska Mitrovica, 90 kilometers west of Belgrade, Serbia, Saturday, May 17, 2014.
People build a dam of sandbags by the Sava river

Serbian tennis player Novak�Djokovic has appealed for people to help. He wrote on his Twitter account: �Support for everyone! Let�s help the endangered! Join the aid action!�

Both countries have appealed for international help and many European Union countries have sent equipment and emergency crews.

A Russian team has joined the rescue effort and a team from the UK is expected to arrive by the end of the day.� � Sky News

Balkans Worst Floods In A Century Kill 20

�(Video credit: iPhoneHD)

Weather warnings for SERBIA (link)

Weather warnings for BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA (link)

ESTOFEX European Storm Forecast Experiment

Red Cross supports response in Serbia and Bosnia during catastrophic floods

Published: 16 May 2014 17:01 CET

Red Cross teams working in close cooperation with the emergency management sector and local emergency headquarters have been helping evacuate the population affected by severe floods in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The region has suffered unprecedented rainfall in recent weeks.

More than 4,000 have been evacuated so far as a result of what government sources have called the biggest Serbian disaster in recent history.

In Serbia, 420 Red Cross staff and volunteers assissted with evacuations in Valjevo and Lazarevac. 820 blankets, 130 rubber boots and 4,430 meat cans have already been distributed in affected municipalities. The operation was hindered in some parts of the country due to broken bridges and inaccessible roads. The urgent distribution of ready-to-eat meals, drinking water, blankets, mattresses, cots, rubber boots, hygiene items will continue over the weekend.

This is the third response operation the Serbia Red Cross has been involved in this year and the resources are stretched to the maximum as a result.

Depleted stocks

In Bosnia and Herzegovina authorities have declared a state of emergency as hundreds of people were evacuated from their homes in 14 municipalities, including Doboj, Maglaj, Brcko District, Olovo, Bijeljina, Lukavac, Kladanj, Srebrenica, Gradacac and Zvornik. The Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina delivered food parcels and drinking water on foot where the roads are blocked but also by jeep and boat. The society said it would continue to provide daily meals and drinking water for the affected population.

In the northern part of Bosnia, the society�s multi-purpose rescue teams, in cooperation with the BiH Departments of Public Security, set up temporary accommodation for the people who were evacuated. In Brcko District, the Red Cross teams performed medical evacuations and built sand bag flood defences.

The worst flood was reported in the capital Sarajevo and Tuzla regions, in the central parts of the country, as well as in the cities of Gorazde and Bijeljina. More flooding continues to threaten other parts of the country blocking the road access to some of the main cities.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies appeals for funds for both countries to replenishing stocks and for early recovery measures and materials through the Disaster Relief Emergency Fund, which will be used to replenish stocks and to cover early recovery measures and materials.

So far, the Serbia Red Cross has assessed the need for materials and additional equipment for water drainage, dehumidifiers assistance and replenishment of its depleted emergency stock of blankets, mattresses, cots, rubber boots and food items.

Red Cross Update

The Balkans: Worst floods in Century continue to cause havoc

Published: 18 May 2014 12:32 CET

The Red Cross societies of both countries have been actively engaged in rescue- and operation activities, providing relief and helping setting up centers for those evacuated. Red Cross of Serbia

Although the water has receded in some areas, the worst floods in more than a century continue to create havoc in large parts of both Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

While thousands are still waiting to be rescued from their flooded homes, tens of thousands have been evacuated staying with families, in sports centers or in schools as their houses have been flooded, in some cases almost submerged in water. In Serbia and estimated 300,000 and in Bosnia and Herzegovina additional 50,000 people are without water or electricity, some times living in unsafe and insanitary conditions created by the floods.

Almost one third of Bosnia is affected by the floods with houses, roads and railway lines being submerged in the worst affected North Eastern part of the country. A state of emergency has been declared in 14 municipalities, while cities like Maglaj and Doboj were almost completely submerged and hundreds of people had to be evacuated from rooftops during Saturday.

A vast number of landslides have worsened the situation and relief efforts, and there are reports that landmines buried during the conflict and not yet removed are in some instances being shifted with the landslides adding the dangers of people living in the areas as well as rescuers.

River still rising

In Serbia the worst affected area seems to be around the town of Obrenovac, south west of Belgrade, where around 10,000 people are still stranded. Obrenovac is also home to the biggest power plant in Serbia, which is at risk of being flooded, potentially causing abruption of power supply to large parts of the country. Hundreds of officials and volunteers are trying to build banks along the river Sava running through Obrenovac but reports are mixed whether these efforts are successful or not.

While water levels in some rivers are receding, the river Sava and two other rivers are still rising, forecast to reach their peak during Sunday night or later, so the danger is far from over.

Authorities in both countries have become hesitant providing numbers of casualties as many houses and areas have not yet been reached and casualties could grow.

Rescue and relief

The Red Cross societies of both countries have been actively engaged in rescue- and operation activities, providing relief and helping setting up centers for those evacuated.

The Red Cross of Serbia has a clear and defined role in the national emergency response, and specially trained teams as well as thousands of staff and volunteers are assisting with continued evacuations as well as providing relief items.

The Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina (RCSBiH) have mobilized multipurpose teams in the affected areas, and staff and volunteers are assisting authorities with evacuations as well as providing blankets, mattresses, drinking water, food and hygiene kits, rubber boots and water disinfectants to more than 10,000 people (as the situation is still unfolding, the numbers of beneficiaries are increasing). Relief efforts are naturally being hampered by the destroyed infrastructure and difficult conditions but both jeeps and boats are being used, while often the volunteers wade through the waters to deliver relief items. Many volunteers and their families in both countries are themselves affected by the floods.

In Brcko, one of the worst affected areas, Red Cross volunteers have also assisted putting sand banks along the River Sava trying to prevent it from flooding dozens of villages which are still in danger as the water level continues to rise. Thousand of hectares of crops and farmland have been destroyed meaning people have not only lost their homes but also their livelihoods.

Sympathy and support

Sympathy for the affected people and support to the relief efforts of the two National Societies have streamed in nationally and from across Europe and beyond.

The Red Cross of Serbia has begun its own collection via their Facebook site, whilst embassies, international agencies and European governments have offered their support in terms of cash, rescue teams and sophisticated pumping equipment. A number of sister National Societies have offered assistance to both Red Cross Societies and some � among them Montenegro, Croatia, F.Y.R. Macedonia, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria � began collections via their websites or in cooperation with mobile phone operators already on Saturday, while thousands of people in the two countries have volunteered to assist their countrymen.

The IFRC is supporting the relief and the planning for recovery through its delegations in Sarajevo and Budapest. Two applications for support from the Disaster Emergency Relief Fund are being finalized.

Turkey: Deaths rise to 284, 122 rescued injured. 18 trapped in coal mine explosion/ongoing fire in Soma, Manisa province – Updated 160514 1335z

Update 16 May 2014 1308 UTC :

President Gl visits Soma amid protests

May 15, 2014, Thursday/ 17:15:17/ TODAY’S ZAMAN/ ISTANBUL

President Abdullah Gl speaks to reporters during his visit to Soma mining. (Photo: Today’s Zaman)

President Abdullah Gl traveled to Soma, in western Turkey, on Thursday after the mining town was hit by a disaster that left at least 283 miners dead and was met by angry protests from relatives of the victims.

Gl’s first stop was Akhisar State Hospital, where he visited those who were injured in the incident. Gl wished them a speedy recovery and said he is praying to God that such incidents never take place again. The president was accompanied by Parliament Speaker Cemil iek and Health Minister Mehmet Mezzinoğlu.

There are 10 injured miners in the hospital and they are in good condition.

Gl, who stayed in the hospital for 30 minutes, left the area under tight security measures.

A woman staged an angry protest as the president’s official car was leaving the hospital. The woman, identified as Hlya Akaydın, said: You shameless people, may God damn you. May you burn violently.”

After leaving Akhisar, Gl went to Soma to visit the site of the incident.

Access to the mine entrance was controlled by gendarme roadblocks several kilometers away ahead of the visit by Gl, as gendarmes searched cars.

The president, who cancelled a visit to China after the mine disaster, visited the surroundings of the mine along with iek and was briefed by Energy Minister Taner Yıldız, Health Minister Mezzinoğlu, and Family and Social Policy Minister Ayşenur İslam about the search and rescue efforts and the situation of the injured. The president also spoke with relatives of the miners who were waiting for their loved ones and offered his condolences to the relatives of the victims.

Some had still not received any information about their loved ones and booed the president. One accused the president of hindering the rescue efforts.

Esteemed president, rescue teams cannot enter the mine because of you. We don’t need police here, we need rescue teams. We still cannot get the dead bodies out, he said.

A victim’s mother, whose name was not available, spoke to Gl in person and asked for his help to find her son.

My beloved son lies underground. There is still no news from him. They [rescue teams] stopped working just because the president has come. There are efforts to hide negligence, but there is obvious negligence, the mother told reporters.

Making a statement from the mine area, Gl, who looked upset and had a trembling voice, said Turkey’s loss is very great and there are lessons Turkey needs to take from this disaster.

We need to join hands in order to heal the wounds here and show a big example of solidarity, the president said as he offered his condolences to the victims’ families.

Undoubtedly, such pain should not be experienced again. Just like developed countries minimized such pain [caused by mine disasters], we need to review our regulations and take the necessary measures, he said.

Gl also noted that the State Audit Institution (DDK), tied to the presidency, will provide an outline of measures that need to be taken to prevent similar tragedies in mines.

An administrative and judicial investigation has been launched into the incident, said the president, promising that it will be carried out meticulously.


HĂĽrriyet Daily News:

Company admits there was no refuge chamber in Soma mine, but vows to continue operations

Soma Holding head Ali Grkan is seen during a press conference May 16, three days after the deadly disaster. AA Photo

Soma Holding head Ali Grkan is seen during a press conference May 16, three days after the deadly disaster. AA Photo

The operator of the Soma mine has denied any negligence in the worst mining disaster in Turkeys history, while admitting that a refuge chamber that could have saved lives had not yet been constructed. Nevertheless, Soma Holding head Ali Grkan vowed to continue operating the mine after shortcomings are addressed in the wake of the May 13 disaster.

There was no negligence on our side. I have worked in mines for 20 years, and I did not witness such an incident [here on May 13], said Akın elik, the operating manager of the Soma Coal Mining Company, during a press conference May 16.

Asked if the company would continue to operate the mine, Grkan said: “Of course. After all the measures are taken and the missing room [for the refuge chamber] is built, this operation will continue. Legally, we don’t have an obligation to build a refuge chamber. But we would have completed it in three-four months if this accident hadnt happened.”

No refuge chamber, but escape point

The officials have admitted that there was no refuge chamber in the mine, but added that there was an escape point close to ground level, allowing workers to exit without walking the 300 meters to the main entrance.

When the facility was first established, there was one refuge room that could host 500 people at the center of the mine, but it was closed when production ended in that area of the mine.

As the production area was moved to a deeper part of the mine, preparations were underway to build refuge rooms there, according to the executives.

If the accident had happened three or four months later, the construction of refuge rooms would have been finished and the workers would have survived, the company claimed.

Reason remains unknown

Officials have accepted that they do not know the reason of the accident, describing the fire as being technically inexplicable.

The cause of the fire was heated coal, and no flames erupted at a power distribution unit in the mine, they said.

The incident happened in three to five minutes. The gas filled everywhere in five minutes, elik added.

Grkan, also said they had made the necessary investments to ensure the safety of workers. We have spent our income to improve working conditions to avoid possible accidents, Grkan said, while refusing to answer questions from journalists.

I am in severe pain. People who know me would understand, he said, noting that he had health issues.

elik also confirmed that there were 787 workers inside the mine when the disaster occurred. He said that 363 workers managed to escape the mine after the accident, while another 122 were rescued injured and transferred to nearby hospitals.

elik also confirmed a previous statement by Energy Minister Taner elik who said 18 miners remained trapped inside the mine.

Officals have declined to provide a list of the 787 workers, saying they do not have the authority to release it publicly as all data has been delivered to Turkeys disaster agency, AFAD.

No child workers

Another senior company official, Celalletin Gkaşan, has categorically rejected claims that they employed child workers or subcontracted workers.

There are no foreign, minor or subcontracted workers, Gkaşan said, answering to widespread criticism about the companys alleged mismanagement of the mine.

Cemal Yıldız, who perished in the disaster, was originally said to be 15, but his family subsequently revealed that he was 19 at the time of death. According to Yıldız’s Facebook account, however, he started working in the mines in 2011, meaning he had been employed illegally at the age of 16.

Along with the compensation required by law, there is a program to give more support to the families of victims, Grkan said.

While the scale of the project is yet to be determined for the moment, the company will cover the education tuition of the victims children and other costs, he added.

The Soma coal mine, which is the regions biggest facility employing up to 6,500 workers, was privatized at the end of the 1970s.


Update 14 May 2014 0720 UTC :

Turkey Mine Blast: 201 Dead And Toll May Rise

Hopes are fading for hundreds of miners trapped underground, as relatives wait anxiously at the surface for news.

Workers wait outside a mine in Soma, Turkey, following an underground explosion

Oxygen is being pumped into the mine to help those trapped

At least 201 miners have been killed after an underground explosion and fire in western Turkey.

The countrys energy minister Taner Yildiz�said 787 workers were in the mine at the time of the blast, which is thought to have been caused by an electrical fault.

Hundreds are still trapped in shafts and tunnels up to 2.5 miles (4km) from the nearest exit. He said 80 miners were injured and at least four of them are in a serious condition.

Mr Yildiz�said�rescue effort is now reaching a critical stage, with hopes fading for the those still trapped.

Workers wait outside a mine in Soma, Turkey, following an underground explosion
Many of the miners were coughing and covered in dust as they were rescued

The blast in Soma, some 155 miles (250km) south of Istanbul, is one of the worst mining disasters in Turkish history.

It is reported the fire is still burning underground, hampering rescue efforts.

Fresh air is being pumped into the pit to help workers who may be struggling to breathe, amid fears they could suffer carbon monoxide poisoning.

Dozens of miners have been rescued or made their own way out

TV pictures showed rescued miners coughing and spluttering as they were pulled out alive, their faces coated with black dust.

Relatives waited anxiously at the entrance to the mine, cheering and applauding each successful rescue.

But according to journalist Doran Jones fear has already turned to anger among the relatives of many of those lost.

He told Sky News previous accidents have been reported at the mine and the safety record of operator Soma Komur�has been called into question.

Worried relatives rush to the mine complex in the town of Soma

Mr Jones said one miner had told him he felt like a lamb to the slaughter every time he went to work.

Miner Oktay�Berrin told new Agency AFP�workers were not protected underground.

In a statement, the mines owners, Soma Komur, described the explosion as a tragic accident which happened despite maximum safety measures and inspections.

The incident took place in the town of Soma, in the province of Manisa
The explosion happened in Turkeys western Manisa province

According to Turkeys ministry of labour, the pit was last inspected on March 17 and was found to be compliant with safety regulations.

The accident happened when a power distribution unit exploded about 1.2 miles (2km) beneath the surface, according to Nurettin Akcul, head of the Turkish Mineworkers Union.

It is thought it happened during a change of shifts, leading to confusion over the exact number of workers still inside.

The countrys worst mining disaster was in 1992, when a gas explosion killed 270 workers near the Black Sea port of Zonguldak.

Turkeys Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has postponed a one-day visit to Albania and is heading to the scene. Sky News

Wales: EXERCISE – Coastguard Rescue Teams, RNLI lifeboats, RAF search & rescue helicopter, Police, Fire & Ambulance attend major incident in Cardiff Bay – 020414 1100z

(Photo: Barry Coastguard)

Embedded image permalink

(Photo: )


Swansea Coastguard was first contacted just before 11am this morning to reports that two boats had collided in Cardiff Bay.
The Penarth, Barry and Chepstow Coastguard Rescue Teams have been sent to the scene, along with the Penarth and Barry RNLI lifeboats and the RAF search and rescue helicopter from RMB Chivenor. Police, fire and ambulance crews are also in attendance.
At this time, it is not clear how many people were on board and the extent of any injuries. A search and rescue mission is ongoing.” – MCA

“Barry Coastguard at Cardiff Bay with all emergency services, carrying out major incident training. With Penarth and Chepstow Coastguard . Air sea rescue have been tasked to assist in a mock rescue in the Bay” – Barry Coastguard

UK: Massive blaze at the Assembly Rooms, Derby – Updated 140314 2148z

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service are attending a massive blaze at the Assembly Rooms, Derby – they have 10 pumps +4 alps in attendance – they request people avoid the area

The Fire Service will be there for considerable time dealing with a fire which looks to have started in the plant room

Update 2148z:

Fire Brigade update 2139z: We will be scaling down operations at assembly rooms shortly,however will have a presence all night. Fire investigation to commence tomorrow.

The car park is currently closed following this evenings incident. If your car is in the assembly rooms car park you will not be able to enter the car park this evening & will not be able to access your car. The car park will be secure overnight vehicles will be safe. We hope you will be able to access your car tomorrow (sat 15/3) from 12 noon.please call the Carelink team to confirm details on 01332 642201. If you incur expense as a result of your car being kept overnight at the Assembly Rooms then please keep a receipt & the council will reimburse you. There will be no charge for your car being in the car park. – @DerbyshireFRS

Events cancelled: Assembly Rooms announce more event cancellations.

News Reports


Derby fire: Smoke seen from Assembly Rooms car park

Assembly Rooms car park Witnesses have reported seeing “large, thick, black smoke” in the skies above the city

A large fire has caused roads to be shut off in the centre of Derby.

Firefighters were called to tackle the blaze on the top floor of the Assembly Rooms car park in Market Place shortly before 18:00 GMT.

Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service said 10 fire engines were at the scene and asked people to avoid the area because traffic delays have built up with the road closures.

Witnesses have reported seeing “large, thick, black plumes of smoke”.

Full Street is also closed between Sowter Road and Corporation Street.

BBC Radio Derby reporter Wesley Malin, who is at the scene, said it is believed the fire started in a room of the multi-storey car park where machinery is kept.

He said debris was also falling from the car park.

Derbyshire Police said they had widened the cordon with the danger of vehicles in the car park “exploding”.

A force representative said officers were in the process of evacuating nearby buildings.

Derby Live confirmed that dancer Anton Du Beke’s show, which had been scheduled for the Assembly Rooms on Friday night, had been cancelled.

Assembly Rooms car park BBC Radio Derby reporter Wesley Malin said debris could be seen falling from the car park

Massive blaze at Assembly Rooms car park in Derby – Derby Telegraph

“A LARGE fire has broken out at the top of the Assembly Rooms car park in Derby.

Three fire crews are on scene and are currently using water from the Derwent to tackle the blaze.

Fire fighters have been moved away from the scene due to the ferocity of the flames.

It appears the whole of the top floor of the Assembly Rooms car park is on fire.

Thick, acrid black smoke is filling the air as well as 30-40 foot flames.

The flames appear to be spreading quickly to the top of the Assembly Rooms itself.

Explosions have also been heard at the scene.

Joey Severn, a reporter at the scene has spoken to someone who works at the car park.

He said there are materials on the top of the car park which are hazardous and potentially explosive.

Joey added: “They are pumping water from the river up to the appliances next to the Assembly Rooms, the aerial platform is out however firefighters have been moved away due to the ferocity of the flames.

“The fire’s getting worse and there are fire tornadoes running along the edge of the building.” –



Assembly Rooms fire, Derby City Centre

(Video credit: Chris Doidge) Taken at 6pm, 14/03/14

Derby assembly rooms fire

(Video credit: pedges77)

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UK: Man rescued from sea after multiple explosions onboard boat 6 miles off Littlehampton – 281113 1435z

A man has been rescued after he abandoned a boat which suffered multiple explosions during a fire.
He had tried fighting the blaze, but abandoned the Margaret Rose six miles off Littlehampton when it become engulfed with flames.
The skipper called 999 and Solent Coastguard coordinated a rescue operation to recover him from his life-raft around10amtoday.
The Coastguard search and rescue helicopter from Lee-on-Solent was deployed, along with RNLI lifeboats from Shoreham and Littlehampton. Littlehampton Coastguard Rescue Team were also on standby.
The man was recovered by the Littlehampton RNLI lifeboat and returned safely to shore. He didnt sustain any injuries.
Shoreham RNLI lifeboat remains on scene to monitor the boat, which is still on fire.
Jenna Smith, Watch Officer for Solent Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre, said: This was a very dangerous situation and required a swift response.
The boat was well alight and very hazardous, as it is carrying around 150 litres of diesel and two gas canisters.
We continue to monitor the situation and have advised boats to stay away from the immediate vicinity of the incident.
Update: 11:55am

Thecasualtywas met and checked over by Littlehampton Coastguard Rescue Team. He had no apparent injuries.

Update: 12:15pm

There are no reports of any pollution.

Update: 1:10pm

TheMargaret Rose has now sunk. MCA

Littlehampton Lifeboat on Facebook:

Littlehamptons RNLI Atlantic 85 Iifeboat Blue Peter 1 launched on service at 9:30am to the motor vessel Margaret Rose which was on fire 8 miles south east of Littlehampton harbour entrance.

The owner had taken to his liferaft and paddled away from the craft and watched with dismay. He was wearing a lifejacket and called for help using his mobile phone.
Littlehampton Lifeboat arrived on scene at 9:49am coinciding with the arrival of the coastguard rescue helicopter. The lifeboat crew found that the sole occupant of the fishing boat had successfully launched and climbed aboard his liferaft. The survivor was unharmed, and was recovered from the liferaft by the lifeboat crew and returned to the lifeboat station. Shoreham Lifeboat remained on scene and stood by the burning wreck, which has subsequently sunk.Our photos (G: top & below) taken by the lifeboat crew show the burning boat as the lifeboat approached, and the liferaft as it is recovered ashore, photo by Eddie Mitchell. (All photos credit: RNLI)


RNLI | Goaty’s News

China/Vietnam/Philippines: Tropical Storm 1330 Haiyan 110900Z 22.6N 107.6E, moving N at 9knots(JMA) weakening across S China; New storm for PH – 111113 1010Z

Tropical Storm 1330 Haiyan (JMA)


Yolanda in the Philippines


Haiyan quickly weakening out across southern China. This storm a shell of its former self is still bringing the risk of heavy rainfall and gusty winds to china through mid-week

Philippines Beware!

Tropical Depression Zoraida (Podul) set to impact Haiyan devastated areas; expected to make a landfall in northern Mindanao by Tuesday morning.”


(Scroll down for Filipino, Vietnamese and Chinese translations)


(Di chuyển xuống cho Philippines, Việt Nam và bản dịch tiếng Trung Quốc)

(Mag-scroll pababa para sa Filipino, Vietnamese at Chinese translation)

(Check out comments at bottom of page for updates between postings)

(Image: 5 Day Forecast (Click image for source)

(Image: Satellite (Click image for source)

Japan Meteorological agency


TS 1330 (HAIYAN)
Issued at 09:50 UTC, 11 November 2013

<Analyses at 11/09 UTC>
Center position N2235′(22.6)
Direction and speed of movement N 15km/h(9kt)
Central pressure 1000hPa
Maximum sustained wind speed 18m/s(35kt)
Maximum wind gust speed 25m/s(50kt)
Area of 30kt winds or more NE280km(150NM)
<Forecast for 12/09 UTC>
Center position of probability circle N2400′(24.0)
Direction and speed of movement N Slowly
Central pressure 1008hPa
Radius of probability circle 160km(85NM)


1KT(knot) = 1.852 km/h = 0.5144 m/s
1NM(nautical mile) = 1.852 km


Vietnam political map

(Image: Vietnam political map


Tropical depression warning
Tropical depression warning

Analysis positions and Intensities

Local time (GMT+7)




Maximum sustained wind

13 Monday, November 11, 2013 4.8 132.5 TD 56 km/hour

Forecast positions and Intensities

Local time (GMT+7)




Maximum sustained wind

13 Tuesday, November 12, 2013 8.3 123.3 TS 65 km/hour
Notes for the picture:
Areas of probability wind greater than 6 Beauforts
Areas of probability wind greater than 10 Beauforts
Possible passing areas of TC center
Past positions of TC
Forecast positions of TC
Past positions of TD
Forecast positions of TD
*The next Forecast Track Map will be issued by 9:30 PM Monday, November 11, 2013
Satellite Imagery


National Disaster and Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) hotlines

(02) 911-1406, (02) 912-2665, (02) 912-5668, (02) 911-1873, (02) 912-3046, Trunkline: 911-5061 to 64

Philippine National Police (PNP) Hotline Patrol

117 or send TXT PNP to 2920

Bureau of Fire Protection (NCR)

117, (02) 729-5166, (02) 410-6319 (Regional Director, Information Desk)

Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) Central hotline

7890 or (02) 726-6255

Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA)

136, 882-0925 (flood control)

Trunkline: (02) 882-4150-77 loc. 337 (rescue), 255 (Metrobase)

Metrobase: 882-0860

Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH)

(02) 304-3713, (02) 304-3904

Red Cross hotline

143, (02) 527-0000, (02) 527-8385 to 95

North Luzon Expressway (NLEx) hotlines

(02) 3-5000 and (02) 580-8910

North Luzon Expressway (NLEx) hotlines

(02) 3-5000 and (02) 580-8910

Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX) hotlines

(0920) 96-SCTEX (72839) (traffic hotline) or (045) 459-0522

Skyway System Hotline

(02) 776-7777, 0917-539-8762 (globe), 0999-886-0893 (smart), 0932-854-6980 (sun)

South Luzon Expressway (SLEx) hotline

Trunklines: (049) 508-7509, (02) 584-4389, (02) 584-4605, (02) 584-4605, (02) 584-4654, (049) 502-8956 (Laguna)

Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) hotline

(02) 433-8526

Philippine Coast Guard

Trunkline: (02) 527-8481, (02) 527-3877, 0917-724-3682 (globe), 0917-PCG-DOTC (globe)

Manila Water Hotline



Trunkline: (02) 426-1468 to 79, local 124/125 (emergency);

Text/call: 0905-313-4077 (globe)

Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)

Trunkline: (632)931-81-01 to 07, local 426 or 425 (Disaster Response Unit); (02) 951-7119; Pasay Office Hotline: 851-2681, 511-1259

Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP)

(02) 879-9113

Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA)

0917-TEXNAIA (8396242)

Clark International Airport Corporation (CIAC)

(045) 499-1468

Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIAA)

(032) 340-2486

Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB)

(02) 542-5234



Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA)

0917-SUMBONG (7862664)

Land Transportation Office (LTO)

TextLTO – Text LTOHELP to 2600 (all mobile networks).

(02) 922-9061 to 66

Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB)

(02) 426-2515



02) 825- 4004


Southern Tagalog Arterial Road (S.T.A.R tollway)

(043) 756- 7870


0908- 5117827

Philippine National Railways (PNR)

(02) 319-0044

Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA)

(02) 854-0452



Metro Rail Transit (DOTC-MRT3)

(02) 924-0054

(02) 929-5347

Office for Transportation Security (OTS)

0919-9999OTS (687)

(02) 853-5249

Local government units (partial)

Manila Traffic Hotline – 527-3087 (Frontdesk); 527-3088 (Traffic Investigation); 527-3065
Cainta Traffic Hotline – 646-0044
Las Piñas Traffic – 874-5756 (Main), 874-3927 (Investigations), 874-5754 (Traffic), 874-5753 (Anti-vending)
Mandaluyong Hotline – 534-2993 (traffic); 533-2225 (Command Control Center)
Marikina STOC – 646-1651, (02) 646-1633 (traffic)
Pasig Traffic – 643-0000 (Command Control Center); 643-1111; 641-1907 (Traffic)
Makati Public Safety Dept – 844-3146, 819-3270 to 71

Other Local Government Units (links to Local Government Academy website)

Typhoon Yolanda Relief, search & rescue efforts (link)

PAGASA-DOSTPhilippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA-DOST) Quezon City, PHILIPPINES

(All time for Pagasa is PHT unless stated otherwise)

Severe Weather Bulletin Number Twelve (FINAL)
Tropical Cyclone Warning: Typhoon #YolandaPH (HAIYAN)
Issued at 3:30 PM, 09 November 2013


Location of eye/center: At 3:00 PM today, the eye of Typhoon “YOLANDA” was located based on all available data at 722 km West of San Jose, Occidental Mindoro (13.6°N, 114.5°E).

Strength: Maximum sustained winds of 185 kph near the center and gustiness of up to 220 kph.

Movement: Forecast to move West Northwest at 35 kph.

Forecast Position: Typhoon YOLANDA is expected to be at 943 km West Northwest of San Jose, Occidental Mindoro this evening.

• All Public Warning Signals are now lowered. However, sea travel is risky over the seaboards of Luzon,

and over the eastern and western seaboard of Visayas.
• With this development, this is the final weather bulletin for this weather disturbance.

For more information and queries, log on to or please call at telephone numbers 927-1335 and 927-2877

For more information and queries, log on to or please call at telephone numbers 927-1335 and 927-2877

Typhoon Yolanda highest predicted storm surge and tide

Weekly Outlook

Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC)

WTPN33 PGTW 110300


110000Z — NEAR 21.8N 107.2E
REPEAT POSIT: 21.8N 107.2E

111200Z — 23.3N 107.9E

120000Z — 24.1N 109.2E

121200Z — 24.5N 110.8E

110300Z POSITION NEAR 22.2N 107.4E.

TSR logoNW Pacific: Storm Alert issued at 11 Nov, 2013 0:00 GMT (Final Warning)

Tropical Storm HAIYAN (31W) currently located near 21.8 N 107.2 E is forecast to strike land to the following likelihood(s) at the given lead time(s):

Yellow Alert Country(s) or Province(s)
probability for CAT 1 or above is 30% currently
probability for TS is 100% currently
probability for CAT 1 or above is 30% currently
probability for TS is 100% currently
Yellow Alert City(s) and Town(s)
Nanning (22.8 N, 108.3 E)
probability for TS is 75% within 12 hours
Hanoi (21.0 N, 105.8 E)
probability for TS is 55% currently

Note that
Red Alert (Severe) is CAT 1 or above to between 31% and 100% probability.
Yellow Alert (Elevated) is CAT 1 or above to between 10% and 30% probability, or TS to above 50% probability.
CAT 1 means Typhoon strength winds of at least 74 mph, 119 km/h or 64 knots 1-min sustained.
TS means Tropical Storm strength winds of at least 39 mph, 63 km/h or 34 knots 1-min sustained.

For graphical forecast information and further details please visit

Storm Tracker Map

(Image: TSR)

Other Reports

Tropical Depression Zoraida set to impact Haiyan devastated areas Monday Update

Published on November 11, 2013 by // Westernpacificweather

Tropical Depression Zoraida and what is expected to be internationally named Podul has formed south east of the Philippines today and is expected to make a landfall in northern Mindanao by Tuesday morning. This new storm system by no means will be what we would call a severe tropical system. But its timing could not be a worst time. Thus making it very dangerous.

The forecast today suggest Zoraida will remain a weak Tropical Storm as it comes on shore but but the center line in the image below is not where the worst of the weather will be. This will likely be farther north where strong easterly winds will usher in a shot of heavy rainfall and gale force winds near the coast on Tuesday.



As already suggested on any normal day this would not be to bad, but with the infrastructure basically non-existant in eastern Visayas, any form of foul weather could pose a serious risk to those who have been left homeless following Haiyan.

At least 13,000,000 people are said to have been effected by Haiyan and the death toll is believed to rise well over 10,000. This would make it the deadly storm to ever hit the Philippines. Nearly double that of Rosing from 1991.

International assistance has already started to filter in as numerous countries are pooling resources to help the millions impacted. President Obama has stated he will provide as much resources as needed. (Yet the Aircraft Carrier USS George Washington remains in port only hundreds of miles away from the Philippines in Hong Kong. )

View image on Twitter

U.S. Marines arrive in the Philippines at the request of the Philippine Government – @PacificCommand

Below is a banner to help donate to the Philippine Red Cross. Please if you have a moment click it and check out what you can do to help.

As for now Typhoon Haiyan is quickly weakening out across southern China. This storm a shell of its former self is still bringing the risk of heavy rainfall and gusty winds to china through mid-week.

For more radar images and weather updates from China, please click HERE



Tropical Depression Zoraida forming southeast of the Philippines, may hamper recovery efforts

Published on November 11, 2013 by // Westernpacificweather

JMA and PAGASA are currently warning on Tropical Depression Zoraida, about 300 km south of Palau. Models project this system to slowly develop over the next couple of days before impacting the Caraga region of Mindanao as well as the Visayas. While the forecast intensity is nothing compared to Yolanda, heavy rainfall and gusty winds are expected to hamper recovery efforts from both Yolanda and the Bohol earthquake.

One thing slowing the development of this system is the low latitude at which it formed. Currently just south of 5 N, Coriolisan effect caused by the rotation of the Earth and help increase the spin of developing low pressure areasis very limited and is hindering rapid development. However, ocean waters and atmospheric conditions remain favorable for development. Therefore, the consensus is a tropical storm to impact the central Philippines. Although a tropical storm, those winds can further devastate impaired infrastructure in this region.

If this system is upgraded by JMA to a tropical storm, it would received the North Korean name Podul meaning willow tree.

Well continue to monitor the progress on Zoraida. Stay tuned

Typhoon Haiyan Photo and Video Gallery

Published on November 8, 2013 by

Typhoon Haiyan continues to devastate areas of the Central Philippines today after making landfall with winds that are estimated to be higher than 300kph in the center of the storm. The images and video below will be updated throughout the day. They are not ours to own but retrieved from people on the ground ahead

Read More…

- Westernpacificweather

Supertyphoon Yolanda

CAAP waives fees for all humanitarian flights; Cebu Pacific sets flight schedules, options

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) has issued a Memorandum Circular exempting from fees and charges all airlines while mounting humanitarian flights for victims of super typhoon ‘Yolanda.’

Higher prices expected after ‘Yolanda’ cut through heart of PH sugarland

The government expects the price of sugar to increase after Typhoon ‘Yolanda’ cut through the Visayas, considered the heartland of the Philippine sugar industry.

WALANG PASOK | Class Suspensions for Monday, November 11, onward

MANILA, Philippines–The following LGUs and areas have cancelled classes beginning Monday, November 11, in the aftermath of supertyphoon “Yolanda”. This page will constantly be updated as more information and announcements arrive.

Commercial flights resume in parts of typhoon-hit Visayas

The country’s airlines on Monday resumed some of their flights in the Visayas, three days after Typhoon ‘Yolanda’ struck the country.

Supply of consumer goods for typhoon-hit Leyte ample, says DTI

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) said consumers in typhoon-ravaged Leyte have sufficient supply of basic commodities.

What Tacloban ‘walkout’? PNoy aides say President merely took ‘bathroom break’

Malacanang officials on Sunday evening denied that President Aquino had angrily walked out of a briefing in typhoon-battered Tacloban, with one close aide saying all the media fuss was about nothing more than the Chief Executive taking a ‘bathroom break’.

#ReliefPH | How others are helping, and how you can, too

‘Tis the season for giving, and not just because Christmas is near.

De Lima: Instead of martial law, a strong option is declaration of a state of emergency and calamity

The Philippines’ Justice Secretary ruled out declaring martial law in Tacloban City and other areas where survivors of typhoon Yolanda have resorted to looting after reported shortages of food and water.

LOOKING FOR PEOPLE? | After Yolanda’s onslaught, Google offers ‘Person Finder’ website

Google is once again offering its Person Finder service for people looking for loved ones in areas devastated by supertyphoon “Yolanda”.

Smart, Sun restore cellular services in Tacloban

In a statement from the PLDT group, Smart and Sun Cellular have restored cellular services in Tacloban and other sites, and at the same time continuous to offer Libreng Tawag in affected areas. Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) is now up

BAYANIHAN | Bicol, Butuan execs leave for Samar, Leyte for clearing, restoration, medical ops

Various government officials and personnel from Bicol and Butuan left for Samar and Leyte to help in the clearing, restoration, and medical operations.

Survivors hid in caves but Yolanda still left more than 300 dead in two Samar towns

More than 300 were confirmed dead in the coastal towns of Basey and Marabut, with nearly all homes and other structures–including evacuation centers–damaged by Super typhoon Yolanda, the Samar Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (PDRRMC) said.

Our hearts are with the Filipino people, IMF Managing Director says after Yolanda disaster

The managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has expressed her sadness after learning about the devastation wrought by typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan).

State of calamity declaration sought in Yolanda-hit cities, provinces for easy foreign aid entry

The Philippine Senate has urged President Benigno Aquino III to declare a state of calamity in 10 provinces and 10 cities that comprise Regions 7 and 8 ravaged by the super typhoon Yolanda.

DOH says no to mass burial for Yolanda victims sans identification

There should be no mass burial of victims of super typhoon Yolanda until after they have been identified, the Department of Health said Monday.

Tacloban ‘calms down’ as PNP sends 800 cops and provincial board declares state of emergency

The city appears to have calmed down after Philippine National Police (PNP) sent two battalions of elite forces to the cities of Tacloban and Ormoc where lootings have been reported in the wake of the super typhoon Yolanda, and after the provincial board has declared a “state of emergency” in Leyte.

PH stock market plummets on fears economy to take a hit from ‘Yolanda’

(UPDATED 4:13 p.m.) Philippine share prices plunged on Monday, extending losses to a seventh session, as investors digested the impact of Super Typhoon “Yolanda” on the economy.

Coron running out of rice – mayor

The tourist town of Coron in Palawan is running out food, particularly rice, its mayor said.

Unscathed, Galoc oil field resumes operations after ‘Yolanda’ exits

The Philippines’ only commercially producing oil field survived typhoon �Yolanda’ unscathed, its operator said today.

Tacloban airport partially opens, as CAAP lifts flight ban on all domestic airports – CAAP

The Tacloban domestic airport (or the Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport) is partially open as the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) lifted on Monday the notice to airman (NOTAM) on all domestic airports following Friday’s landfall of super typhoon Yolanda.

Disaster experts to PH: Learn from 2004 tsunami relief efforts

Disaster experts warned Monday that mistakes made in the relief effort after the catastrophic 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami must not be repeated with the super typhoon that has smashed the Philippines.

50,000 lost homes in Roxas City – councilor

About 50,000 people have lost their homes in Roxas City, Capiz, councilor Mark Ortiz said Monday.

With 10 of 40 towns reporting, Leyte tallies 1,563 deaths so far

The Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (PDRRMC) of Leyte on Monday reported a total of 1,563 deaths as search and retrieval for the missing and other victims continue.

VIDEO | TV5 crew films Yolanda’s fury in Guiuan – and disintegration of their own refuge

A Rescue5 Team of News5 was in Guiuan, Eastern Samar, as Typhoon Yolanda made landfall on Saturday. Taking shelter with a group of residents, the crew was able to capture the slow destruction of their own place of refuge – and then the first scenes of Guiuan’s fate, the morning after.

Power, water supply back to normal in Bohol

Power and water supply were restored in Bohol on Sunday after the entire province was placed in darkness for two-and-a-half days when super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) damaged two towers of the Ormoc-Maasin 138-kv line of the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP).

‘Yolanda’ kicks out Chinese from Ayungin Reef, Philippine Marines on grounded ship safe

Super typhoon Yolanda has sent home Chinese maritime and Navy vessels at the Ayungin Reef in Palawan, while the half a dozen Philippine Marines on board a rusting and grounded World War II-era ship are safe, a source told

CALL YOUR FAMILY | In aftermath of Yolanda, Viber offers free calls abroad, even to non-Viber users

In the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda, Internet messaging service Viber on Monday announced a ‘temporary’ service ‘allowing Filipino users to call regular (non-Viber) numbers outside of the Philippines for free.’

2 international, 32 domestic flights remain canceled in aftermath of ‘Yolanda’

Thirty-four flights have been canceled Monday as a result of the devastation brought about by super typhoon Yolanda, the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) Media Affairs Division (MAD) said.

WANTED | Roxas appeals for chainsaws, backhoes for road-clearing, as well as medical volunteers

Roads have yet to be completely cleared of debris for relief goods to be quickly delivered to areas hardest hit by typhoon Yolanda so that lootings from business establishments by hungry residents can be averted, Interior Secretary Mar Roxas said on Monday.

Communications restored in many areas in W. Visayas but still spotty in E. Visayas – NDRRMC

Communications facilities have been restored in many areas hit by super typhoon Yolanda but still remains a problem in the Eastern Visayas, the National Disaster and Risk Reduction Management Council (NDRRMC) said Monday.

Typhoon Haiyan: Philippines destruction ‘absolute bedlam’


(Video credit: ) ”We are so very hungry and thirsty” one survivor told the BBC’s Jon Donnison in Tacloban

Tacloban has been flattened. Driving down the main high street, hardly a single building is left standing.

People say this town was hit by a wall of water when the typhoon hit on Friday. There is the stench of rotting corpses. Driving in from the airport, we saw scores of bodies lying by the roadside. For three days they have been there, with no one to bury them.

People are desperate for food, clean water and shelter. At the badly battered airport, a makeshift hospital has been set up. We saw two young women giving birth, laid out among the debris.

Aid is getting in, but slowly. And this is just one town, in one province. No-one knows the full extent of the devastation elsewhere.

The head of the Red Cross in the Philippines has described the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan as “absolute bedlam”.

Officials estimate up to 10,000 people have died in Tacloban city and hundreds elsewhere. Hundreds of thousands of people are displaced.

The typhoon flattened homes, schools and an airport.

It has since made landfall in northern Vietnam, near the Chinese border, where it has weakened to a tropical storm.


Four million people have been affected in the Philippines, and many are now struggling to survive without food, shelter or clean drinking water.

A huge international relief effort is under way, but rescue workers have struggled to reach some towns and villages cut off since the storm.

“There’s an awful lot of casualties, a lot of people dead all over the place, a lot of destruction,” Richard Gordon, head of the Philippine Red Cross, told the BBC.

“It’s absolute bedlam right now, but hopefully it will turn out better as more and more supplies get into the area.”

He said roads had now been cleared to allow relief workers to get to the hardest hit areas, but that they expected to find many more casualties.

“It’s only now that they were able to get in and we’re beginning just to bring in the necessary food items… as well as water and other things that they need.”

Forecasters predicted a tropical depression would move into the south and central Philippines on Tuesday, potentially bringing heavy rains that would further hamper relief efforts.

Volunteers from the Search and Rescue Unit Foundation filmed aerial views of the damage

Jane Cocking, the humanitarian director for Oxfam, said her colleagues witnessed “complete devastation… entire parts of the coastline just disappeared, and sizable trees just bent over and [were] thrown about like matchsticks.”

The latest report from the Philippines’ Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council confirmed 255 deaths as of 22:00 GMT on Sunday. It said almost 630,000 people had been reported displaced.

But officials have warned that the number of dead will rise significantly.

Destroyed houses hit by Typhoon Haiyan in the town of Guiuan in Eastern Samar province, central Philippines on 11 November 2013 Three days after Typhoon Haiyan hit, aerial photos are revealing a scene of apocalyptic devastation along a swathe of the central Philippines.
Cargo ships washed ashore are seen four days after super typhoon Haiyan hit Anibong town, Tacloban city, central Philippines November 11, 2013. Among the hardest hit places was the city of Tacloban, where the ferocity of the storm waves swept this ship ashore.
A 21-year-old woman  lies exhausted on the debris-covered floor at a makeshift medical facility in Tacloban after giving birth to a baby girl A 21-year-old woman lies exhausted on the debris-covered floor at a makeshift medical facility in Tacloban after giving birth to a baby girl. The storm surge swept away her mother.
Philippine and US military personnel load relief goods for Tacloban on board a US C-130 plane for victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan that hit the central Philippines, at a military base in Manila on 11 November 2013 In Manila, Philippine and US military personnel load relief goods for Tacloban. International rescue teams are heading for the area.
A tourist boat is seen sinking in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam on 11 November 2013 The typhoon – now downgraded to a tropical storm – has reached Vietnam, where hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated.

‘Unprecedented’ storm

Typhoon Haiyan – one of the most powerful storms on record to make landfall – swept through six central Philippine islands on Friday.

It brought sustained winds of 235km/h (147mph), with gusts of 275 km/h (170 mph), with waves as high as 15m (45ft), bringing up to 400mm (15.75 inches) of rain in places.

“The world has not seen a storm like this before,” said Senen Mangalile, the Philippines Consul General to the UK.

The world has not seen a storm like this before

Senen Mangalile Philippines Consul General to the UK

Steven Godby, a disaster management expert at Nottingham Trent University, told the BBC the typhoon was “probably the most intense and strongest storm of this type to make landfall”.

“We’ve seen storms like this perhaps on rare occasions that have had that kind of intensity out at sea but for it to come ashore with that kind of strength is almost unprecedented,” Dr Godby said.

American military aircraft and ships are being deployed to provide help. US President Barack Obama has issued a message saying he was “deeply saddened by the loss of life and extensive damage”.

Other countries have also pledged millions of dollars in assistance. Australia has approved $9m in humanitarian aid to the Philippines, while New Zealand has pledged over $1m.

Kristalina Georgieva, the EU humanitarian aid commissioner, said relief efforts would be guided by three priorities.

Deadly typhoons

  • Sept 1937 Hong Kong typhoon – 11,000 dead
  • Sept 1959 Typhoon Vera – deadliest to hit Japan, killing 5,238 people
  • Aug 1975 Typhoon Nina – about 229,000 die in China after collapse of Banqiao dam
  • Nov 1991 Typhoon Thelma – deadliest in the Philippines to date, killing 5-8,000

“The first one is to get access to remote areas as quickly as possible, and the access issue is both transportation and also restoring telecommunications,” she said

“The second, of course, is to get the immediate humanitarian assistance for people affected by this kind of disaster. And the next one would be shelter.”

The relief efforts are being focused on the eastern province of Leyte and its capital Tacloban, where a massive storm surge flattened houses.

The typhoon – named “Yolanda” by Filipino authorities – wrecked up to 80% of structures in its path, police chief superintendent Elmer Soria told reporters.

Officials said looting was widespread and order was proving difficult to enforce.

Military spokesman Lt Col Ramon Zagala said that 100 soldiers had been deployed to help police prevent looting in Tacloban, AFP news agency reported.

Philippine President Benigno Aquino said there was a possibility that martial law or a state of emergency would be declared in the city.

In some areas, the dead are being buried in mass graves.

Typhoon Haiyan has now made landfall in Vietnam, near the tourist destination of Ha Long Bay, with sustained winds of up to 140 km/h (85mph).

Some 600,000 people were evacuated in northern provinces of the country.


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Typhoon Haiyan hits Vietnam and moves towards southern China

(Video credit: ITN)

Published on Nov 11, 2013
Typhoon Haiyan has made landfall in northern Vietnam as a tropical storm, after leaving massive destruction in the Philippines. Report by Sarah Kerr.

Typhoon Haiyan: 12 rescued after ships stranded in China

(Video credit: ITN)

Published on Nov 11, 2013
Twelve crew members off two ships that lost control of their anchors in south China’s Hainan province have been rescued following typhoon Haiyan. Report by Sarah Kerr.



WTJP22 RJTD 110600

WARNING 110600.













1002 HPA.




1008 HPA.



Do not use any information on this site for life or death decisions. All information is intended as supplementary to official sources. Kindly refer to your countrys official weather agency/government website for local warnings, advisories and bulletins.

Filipino (Translated by Google)

China / Vietnam / Pilipinas : Tropical Storm 1330 Haiyan 101500Z 22.6N 107.6E , gumagalaw N sa 9knots ( JMA ) pagpapahina sa buong S China ; Bagong bagyo para sa PH – 111,113 1010Z

Tropical Storm 1330 Haiyan ( JMA )
Tropical Storm 31W ( HAIYAN )
Downgrade MULA Typhoon 31W ( JTWC )
Yolanda sa Pilipinas


” Haiyan mabilis pagpapahina out sa buong timog China . Ang bagyo ang shell ng kanyang dating sarili pa rin ang nagdadala ng panganib ng mabigat na pag-ulan at pabugso-bugso na hangin sa china sa pamamagitan ng kalagitnaan ng linggo ”
Mag-ingat sa Pilipinas !
Tropical Depression Zoraida ( Podul ) nakatakda sa makaapekto sa Haiyan devastated lugar ; inaasahan upang gumawa ng pagtanaw sa lupain sa hilagang Mindanao sa pamamagitan ng Martes umaga ” .


( Mag-scroll pababa para sa Filipino, Vietnamese at Chinese translation )

(向下 滚动,菲律宾 人,越南人 和 中国 翻译)

( Di chuyển xuống Cho Pilipinas , Việt Nam va ban dịch Tiếng Trung Quốc )

( Rebista – scroll pababa Para Sa Filipino, Vietnamese sa Chinese translation )

( Tingnan ang mga komento sa ibaba ng pahina para sa mga update sa pagitan ng mga pag-post )

( Image: ) 5 Araw na Pagtataya ( I-click ang larawan para sa pinagmulan )

( Image: ) Satellite ( I-click ang larawan para sa pinagmulan )

Japan meteorolohiko ahensiya
TS 1330 ( HAIYAN )
Ibinigay sa 09:50 UTC , 11 Nobyembre 2013
<Analyses Sa 9/11 UTC>
Scale –
intensity –
Center posisyon N22 35 ‘( 22.6 )
E107 35 ‘( 107.6 )
Direksyon at ang bilis ng paggalaw N 15km / h ( 9kt )
Central presyon 1000hPa
Maximum na napapanatiling hangin bilis 18m / s ( 35kt )
Maximum na hangin bugso ng hangin bilis 25m / s ( 50kt )
Lugar ng 30kt hangin o higit pa NE280km ( 150NM )
SW220km ( 120NM )
<Forecast Para 09/12 UTC>
intensity –
Center posisyon ng probabilidad bilog N24 00 ‘( 24.0 )
E107 55 ‘( 107.9 )
Direksyon at ang bilis ng paggalaw N mabagal
Central presyon 1008hPa
Ang radius ng bilog na posibilidad 160km ( 85NM )
Unit :

1KT ( umpukan ) = 1.852 km / h = 0.5144 m / s
1NM ( nauukol sa dagat milya ) = 1.852 km

Vietnam pampulitika mapa

( Image: ) Vietnam pampulitika mapa
Vietnam Pambansang Centre para sa Hydro – meteorolohiko PAGTATAYA
Tropical depression babala
TC mga track

Tropical depression babala

Pagsusuri ng mga posisyon at Intensities

Lokal na oras (GMT 7 )




Maximum na napapanatiling hangin
13 Lunes, Nobyembre 11, 2013 4.8 132.5 td 56 km / oras

Pagtataya sa mga posisyon at Intensities

Lokal na oras (GMT 7 )




Maximum na napapanatiling hangin
13 Martes, Nobyembre 12, 2013 8.3 123.3 TS 65 km / oras
Tala para sa litrato:
Pook ng probabilidad wind mas mataas sa 6 Beauforts
Pook ng probabilidad wind mas malaki kaysa sa 10 Beauforts
Mga posibleng pagpasa lugar ng TC center
Nakalipas na posisyon ng TC
Pagtataya sa mga posisyon ng TC
Nakalipas na posisyon ng td
Pagtataya sa mga posisyon ng td
* Ang susunod na Pagtataya sa Track Map ay ibinigay ng 09:30 Lunes, Nobyembre 11, 2013
satellite Imagery

Emergency Hotlines
Nai-publish : Abril 4, 2012 . Pinakabagong update: Oktubre 30, 2013 .

Pambansang Disaster at Panganib pagbabawas at Management Council ( NDRRMC ) hotlines

(02) 911-1406 , (02) 912-2665 , (02) 912-5668 , (02) 911-1873 , (02) 912-3046 , Trunkline : 911-5061 sa 64

Philippine Pambansang Pulisya ( PNP ) Hotline patrol

117 o pagpapadala TXT PNP upang 2920

Bureau ng Fire Protection ( NCR )

117 , (02) 729-5166 , (02) 410-6319 ( Regional Director , Information Desk )

Kagawaran ng Transportasyon at Komunikasyon ( DOTC ) Central hotline

7890 o (02) 726-6255

Metro Manila Development Authority ( MMDA )

136 , 882-0925 ( baha kontrol)

Trunkline : (02) 882-4150 -77 loc . 337 ( Pagsagip ) , 255 ( Metrobase )

Metrobase : 882-0860

Kagawaran ng Pampublikong Works at Highways ( DPWH )

(02) 304-3713 , (02) 304-3904

Red Cross hotline

143 , (02) 527-0000 , (02) 527-8385 sa 95

North Luzon Expressway ( NLEx ) hotlines

(02) at 3-5000 (02) 580-8910

North Luzon Expressway ( NLEx ) hotlines

(02) at 3-5000 (02) 580-8910

Subic – Clark – Tarlac Expressway ( SCTEX ) hotlines

( 0920 ) 96 – SCTEX ( 72,839 ) ( trapiko hotline ) o ( 045 ) 459-0522

Skyway System Hotline

(02) 776-7777 , 0917-539-8762 ( globe ) , 0999-886-0893 ( matalino ) , 0932-854-6980 ( sun )

South Luzon Expressway ( SLEx ) hotline

Trunklines : (049) 508-7509 , (02) 584-4389 , (02) 584-4605 , (02) 584-4605 , (02) 584-4654 , (049) 502-8956 ( Laguna )

Philippine Atmospheric , geopisiko at Astronomical Services Administration ( PAGASA ) hotline

(02) 433-8526

Philippine Coast Guard

Trunkline : (02) 527-8481 , (02) 527-3877 , 0917-724-3682 ( globe ) , 0917 – PCG – DOTC ( globo )

Manila Water Hotline



Trunkline : (02) 426-1468 sa 79 , lokal 124/125 ( emergency );

Text / call : 0905-313-4077 ( globe )

Department of Social Welfare at Development ( DSWD )

Trunkline : ( 632 ) 931-81-01 sa 07 , lokal 426 o 425 ( Disaster Response Unit ); (02) 951-7119 ; Pasay Office Hotline : 851-2681 , 511-1259

Civil Aviation Authority ng Pilipinas ( CAAP )

(02) 879-9113

Manila International Airport Authority ( MIAA )

0917 – TEXNAIA ( 8,396,242 )

Clark International Airport Corporation ( CIAC )

(045) 499-1468

Mactan-Cebu International Airport ( MCIAA )

(032) 340-2486

Civil eronautika Board ( CAB )

(02) 542-5234



Maritime Industry Authority ( Marina )

0917 – SUMBONG ( 7,862,664 )

Land Transportasyon Office ( LTO )

TextLTO ” Text LTOHELP sa 2600 (lahat ng mga mobile network ) .

(02) 922-9061 sa 66

Land Transportasyon Franchising at kontrol na mga Board ( LTFRB )

(02) 426-2515



02) 825-4004


Southern Tagalog arterial Road ( S.T.A.R tollway )

( 043 ) 756-7870



Philippine Pambansang Riles ( PNR )

(02) 319-0044

Light Rail Transit Authority ( LRTA )

(02) 854-0452



Metro Rail Transit ( DOTC – MRT3 )

(02) 924-0054

(02) 929-5347

Opisina para sa Transportasyon Security ( OTS )

0919 – 9999OTS ( 687 )

(02) 853-5249

Lokal na pamahalaan unit ( partial )

Manila Traffic Hotline ” 527 – 3087 ( Frontdesk ); 527-3088 ( Traffic Pagsisiyasat ); 527-3065
Cainta Traffic Hotline ” 646-0044
Las Pia bilang Traffic ” 874-5756 (Pangunahin) , 874-3927 ( Pagsisiyasat ) , 874-5754 ( Traffic ) , 874-5753 ( Anti- Vending )
Mandaluyong Hotline ” 534-2993 ( trapiko ); 533-2225 ( Command Control Center)
Marikina STOC ” 646-1651 , (02) 646-1633 ( trapiko )
Pasig Traffic ” 643-0000 ( Command Control Center ); 643-1111 ; 641-1907 ( Traffic )
Makati Public Safety Dept ” 844-3146 , 819-3270 sa 71

Iba pang mga Lokal na Pamahalaan ng Units ( mga link sa mga Lokal na Pamahalaan ng website Academy )
Typhoon Yolanda Relief , paghahanap & Pagsagip pagsusumikap (link)
PAGASA – DOSTPhilippine Atmospheric , geopisiko at Astronomical Services Administration ( PAGASA – DOST ) Quezon City , PILIPINAS

( Lahat ng oras para sa Pagasa ay PHT maliban kung ipinahayag kung hindi man )

Matinding Weather Bulletin Number Twelve ( Final )
Tropical bagyo Babala: Typhoon # YolandaPH ( HAIYAN )
Ibinigay sa 03:30 , Nobyembre 9, 2013


Lokasyon ng mata / center : Sa 03:00 ngayon , ang mata ng Typhoon YOLANDA ay matatagpuan batay sa lahat ng magagamit na data sa 722 kilometro Kanluran ng San Jose , Occidental Mindoro ( 13.6 N , 114.5 E) .

Lakas : Maximum napapanatiling hangin ng 185 kph malapit sa sentro at gustiness ng hanggang sa 220 kph .

Movement : Pagtataya upang ilipat West Northwest sa 35 kph .

Pagtataya Posisyon: Typhoon YOLANDA ay inaasahang maging sa 943 km West Northwest ng San Jose , Occidental Mindoro ngayong gabi .

Lahat ng Pampublikong Babala signal na ngayon ang binabaan. Gayunpaman , dagat paglalakbay ay delikadong sa ibabaw ng seaboards ng Luzon ,

at sa ibabaw ng eastern at western nasa baybayin ng dagat ng Visayas .
Gamit ang pag-unlad, ito ay ang huling bulletin ng panahon para sa gulo na ito panahon .

Para sa karagdagang impormasyon at mga query , mag-log on sa o mangyaring tumawag sa mga numero ng telepono 927-1335 at 927-2877

Para sa karagdagang impormasyon at mga query , mag-log on sa o mangyaring tumawag sa mga numero ng telepono 927-1335 at 927-2877

Typhoon Yolanda pinakamataas na hinulaang bagyo paggulong ng alon at tide
Mag-click dito …

Lingguhan Outlook
Pinagsamang Typhoon Warning Center ( JTWC )

Google Earth Graphic Overlay

WTPN33 PGTW 110,300

MSGID / GENADMIN / joint Typhoon WRNCEN Pearl Harbor HI / /
Paksa / tropikal na bagyo BABALA / /
1 . Tropical Storm 31W ( HAIYAN ) BABALA NR 032
Downgrade MULA Typhoon 31W
01 ACTIVE tropikal na bagyo IN NORTHWESTPAC
MAX napapanatiling hangin BATAY SA ONE – MINUTE AVERAGE

110000Z — MALAPIT 21.8N 107.2E
MAX napapanatiling hangin – 060 KT , GUSTS 075 KT
DISSIPATING AS isang makabuluhang tropikal na bagyo MAHIGIT lupa
Ulitin ipagpalagay : 21.8N 107.2E

pagtataya :
12 oras , BISA SA :
111200Z — 23.3N 107.9E
MAX napapanatiling hangin – 045 KT , GUSTS 055 KT
DISSIPATING AS isang makabuluhang tropikal na bagyo MAHIGIT lupa
Vector TO 24 HR ipagpalagay : 055 DEG / 07 KTS

24 oras , BISA SA :
120000Z — 24.1N 109.2E
MAX napapanatiling hangin – 030 KT , GUSTS 040 KT
DISSIPATING AS isang makabuluhang tropikal na bagyo MAHIGIT lupa
Vector TO 36 HR ipagpalagay : 075 DEG / 08 KTS

36 oras , BISA SA :
121200Z — 24.5N 110.8E
MAX napapanatiling hangin – 020 KT , GUSTS 030 KT
AS pang-anyaya ng isang makabuluhang tropikal na bagyo MAHIGIT lupa

110300Z POSITION MALAPIT 22.2N 107.4E .
Tropical Storm ( TS ) 31W ( HAIYAN ) , na matatagpuan sa halos 87 NM
Hilagang-silangan NG Hanoi , Vietnam , AY nasubaybayan pahilaga SA 13 buhol MAHIGIT
SA NAKARAANG IKAANIM HOURS . Animated pinahusay na infrared satellite imagery
Ay nagpapahiwatig na TS 31W AY mabilis na pagpapahina AS IT karagdagang mga track
Inland MAY MGA Bulk NG kombeksyon DISPLACED MAHIGIT hilagang
Semi-circle dahil sa pagtaas ng nasa timog-kanluran VERTICAL WIND
Gupitan (20 TO 25 buhol ) . MAY patas na kumpyansa sa paunang
POSITION . Ang paunang intensity AY tasahin SA 60 buhol BATAY SA MGA
RJTD Dvorak Final -T AT CURRENT intensity pagtatantya ( 55/65 buhol ) .
TS 31W AY TRACKING kahabaan ng Western paligid NG subtropiko
Ridge , NA AY mabilis nagpapaguho dahil sa pagpapalakas MIDLATITUDE
Pakanluran sa buong daloy ng Southern China . TS 31W AY forecast upang i-on
Pasilangan AS ito ay magiging embed sa loob ng daloy pakanluran AT ANG
Pagtataya UPANG mapawi MAHIGIT Land NG Tau 36 . BATAY SA MGA masikip
KASUNDUAN NG dynamic na mga modelo , MAY HIGH tiwala sa JTWC
Forecast track. Ito ay ang panghuling BABALA SA ANG SYSTEM NG
Pinagsamang Typhoon WRNCEN Pearl Harbor HI . ANG SYSTEM AY MAGIGING malapit
Sinusubaybayan PARA senyales ng pagbabagong-buhay . / /
TSR logoNW Pacific : Storm Alert na ibinigay sa Nobyembre 11, 2013 00:00 GMT ( Huling Babala )

Tropical Storm HAIYAN ( 31W ) kasalukuyang matatagpuan malapit 21.8 N 107.2 E ay ​​magtaya upang hampasin lupa sa sumusunod na posibilidad ( s ) sa naibigay na oras ng lead (s):

Yellow Alert Bansa (mga) o Probinsya ( s )
posibilidad para sa CAT 1 o sa itaas ay 30 % sa kasalukuyan
posibilidad para sa TS ay 100 % sa kasalukuyan
posibilidad para sa CAT 1 o sa itaas ay 30 % sa kasalukuyan
posibilidad para sa TS ay 100 % sa kasalukuyan
Yellow Alert City ( s ) at Town ( s )
Nanning ( 22.8 N , 108.3 E)
posibilidad para sa TS ay 75 % sa loob ng 12 oras
Hanoi ( 21.0 N , 105.8 E)
posibilidad para sa TS ay 55 % sa kasalukuyan

Tandaan na ang
Red Alert ( Matinding ) ay CAT 1 o sa itaas sa pagitan ng 31 % at 100% na posibilidad .
Yellow Alert ( malayog ) ay CAT 1 o sa itaas sa pagitan ng 10 % at 30% na posibilidad , o TS sa itaas 50 % posibilidad .
CAT 1 ay nangangahulugan ng Typhoon hangin lakas ng hindi bababa sa 74 mph , 119 km / h o 64 mga buhol – 1 min matagal .
TS nangangahulugan Tropical Storm hangin lakas ng hindi bababa sa 39 mph , 63 km / h o 34 mga buhol – 1 min matagal .

Para sa mga graphical forecast impormasyon at higit pang mga detalye mangyaring bisitahin

Bagyo Tagasubaybay ng Mapa

( Image: TSR )
Iba pang Mga Ulat
Tropical Depression Zoraida nakatakda sa makaapekto sa Haiyan devastated lugar Lunes Update

Nai-publish sa Nobyembre 11, 2013 sa pamamagitan ng robspeta / / Westernpacificweather

” Tropical Depression Zoraida at kung ano ang inaasahan na internationally na may pangalang Podul ay nabuo sa timog silangan ng Pilipinas at ngayon ay inaasahang gumawa ng pagtanaw sa lupain sa hilagang Mindanao sa pamamagitan ng Martes umaga . Ang bagong system na bagyo tiyak na hindi magiging kung ano ang gusto naming tumawag sa isang malubhang tropikal na sistema . Ngunit nito tiyempo hindi maaaring maging isang pinakamasama oras . Kaya ginagawang lubhang mapanganib .

Ang forecast ngayon iminumungkahi Zoraida ay mananatiling isang mahinang Tropical Storm bilang ito ay nagmumula sa baybayin ngunit ngunit sa sentro linya sa larawan sa ibaba ay hindi kung saan ang pinakamasama ng panahon ay magiging . Ito ay malamang na maging higit na malayo hilaga kung saan ang malakas na hangin sa araw ng pagkabuhay kalooban magpahayag ng isang shot ng mabigat na pag-ulan at malakas na hangin lakas na hangin malapit sa baybayin sa Martes .

PAGASA track

PAGASA track

Bilang na iminungkahing sa anumang mga normal na araw na ito ay hindi magiging sa masama , subalit may mga imprastraktura talaga non- existant sa eastern Visayas , anumang paraan ng napakarumi ng panahon ay maaaring magpose isang malubhang peligro sa mga taong na- kaliwa walang tirahan sumusunod Haiyan .

Hindi bababa sa 13,000,000 mga tao ay sinabi sa ay nai- maapektuhan sa pamamagitan ng Haiyan at ang kamatayan toll ay pinaniniwalaan na tumaas na rin sa paglipas ng 10,000 . Ito ay gawin itong ang nakamamatay na bagyo sa kailanman pindutin ang pindutan ng Pilipinas . Halos dalawang beses na ng Rosing mula 1991 .

International tulong ay nagsimula upang i-filter sa bilang ng maraming mga bansa ay pooling mapagkukunan upang matulungan ang mga milyon-milyong naapektuhan . Presidente Obama ay nakasaad siya ay magbigay ng maraming mga mapagkukunan tulad ng kinakailangan . ( Ngunit ang Aircraft carrier USS George Washington ay nananatiling sa port lamang ng daan-daang milya ang layo mula sa Pilipinas sa Hong Kong. )

Tingnan ang mga larawan sa Twitter
US Marino dumating sa Pilipinas sa kahilingan ng Philippine Government – @ PacificCommand

Sa ibaba ay isang banner upang makatulong na mag-abuloy sa Philippine Red Cross . Mangyaring kung ikaw ay may ilang sandali ng isang i-click ito at tingnan kung ano ang maaari mong gawin upang makatulong.

Bilang para sa ngayon Typhoon Haiyan ay mabilis na pagpapahina out sa buong timog China . Ang bagyo ang shell ng kanyang dating sarili pa rin ang nagdadala ng panganib ng mabigat na pag-ulan at pabugso-bugso na hangin sa china sa pamamagitan ng kalagitnaan ng linggo .

Para sa higit pang mga larawan radar at taya ng panahon update mula sa Tsina , mangyaring mag-click HERE

MANGYARING CLICK IMAGE TO -donate sa Philippine Red Cross

– Westernpacificweather
Tropical Depression Zoraida na bumubuo ng timog-silangan ng Pilipinas , maaaring makahadlang pagsisikap pagbawi

Nai-publish sa Nobyembre 11, 2013 sa pamamagitan ng Mike Adcock / / Westernpacificweather

JMA at PAGASA ay kasalukuyang babala sa Tropical Depression Zoraida , tungkol sa 300 km timog ng Palau . Mga modelo maipakita ang system na ito upang bumuo ng dahan-dahan sa paglipas ng susunod na ilang mga araw bago nakakaapekto ang Caraga rehiyon ng Mindanao pati na rin ang Visayas . Habang ang forecast intensity ay walang kumpara sa Yolanda , mabigat na pag-ulan at pabugso-bugso hangin ay inaasahan na makaabala pagsusumikap sa pagbawi mula sa parehong mga Yolanda at ang Bohol lindol .

Ang isang bagay na pagbagal sa pag-unlad ng system na ito ay ang mababang latitude sa kung saan ito binuo. Sa kasalukuyan lamang sa timog ng 5 N , Coriolis – isang epekto na sanhi ng pag-ikot ng Earth at makatulong na mapataas ang iikot ng pagbuo ng mababang presyon ng lugar – ay lubos na limitado at hindering ay mabilis na pag-unlad . Gayunpaman , karagatan tubig at atmospheric kondisyon mananatiling kanais-nais na para sa pag-unlad . Samakatuwid , ang pinagkasunduan ay isang tropikal na bagyo upang makaapekto sa gitnang Pilipinas . Kahit isang tropikal na bagyo , ang mga hangin ay maaari pa ganap na sumira kapansanan sa imprastraktura sa rehiyon na ito .

Kung ang sistema na ito ay upgrade na sa pamamagitan ng JMA sa isang tropikal na bagyo , magiging natanggap ang North Korean pangalan ” Podul ” kahulugan wilow tree.

Patuloy naming masubaybayan ang progreso sa Zoraida . Manatiling tono na …

Typhoon Haiyan Larawan at Video Gallery
Nai-publish sa 8 Nobyembre 2013 sa pamamagitan ng robspeta

Typhoon Haiyan ay patuloy na ganap na sumira ng lugar ng Central Pilipinas ngayong araw pagkatapos ng paggawa ng pagtanaw sa lupain na may mga hangin na ay tinatantya upang maging mas mataas kaysa sa 300kph sa gitna ng bagyo . Ang mga imahe at video sa ibaba ay maa-update sa buong araw . Ang mga ito ay hindi atin sa sariling ngunit nabawi mula sa mga tao sa lupa maaga

Magbasa More |

– ” Westernpacificweather
Supertyphoon Yolanda

Sa pamamagitan ng : | Pilipinas News Agency

CAAP waives bayad para sa lahat ng taong mapagkawanggawa flight ; Cebu Pacific nagtatakda ng mga iskedyul ng flight , mga pagpipilian

11 – Nobyembre – 13 , 4:55 | Eric B. Apolonio ,

Ang Civil Aviation Authority ng Pilipinas ( CAAP ) ay bibigyan ng Circular exempting palibot-liham mula sa mga bayad at singil sa lahat ng airline habang salalayan makatao mga flight para sa mga biktima ng super bagyo ‘ Yolanda . ‘

Mas mataas na mga presyo sa inaasahan pagkatapos cut ‘ Yolanda ‘ sa pamamagitan ng puso ng PH sugarland

11 – Nobyembre – 13 , 4:42 | Orti Despuez ,

Ang pamahalaan Inaasahan ng mga presyo ng asukal upang taasan pagkatapos ng Typhoon ‘ Yolanda ‘ cut sa pamamagitan ng Visayas , isinasaalang-alang ang sentro ng Philippine industriya ng asukal .

WALANG PASOK | Class pagsususpinde para sa Lunes, Nobyembre 11 , pasulong

11 – Nobyembre – 13 , 4:32 | Patricia B. Aquino ,

MANILA , Pilipinas – Ang mga sumusunod na LGUs at mga lugar tinigil klase simula Lunes, Nobyembre 11 , sa resulta ng supertyphoon ” Yolanda ” . Ang pahinang ito ay patuloy na i-update ng higit pang impormasyon at mga anunsyo dumating .

Komersyal na flight ipagpatuloy sa mga bahagi ng bagyo – hit Visayas

11 – Nobyembre – 13 , 4:23 | Darwin G. Amojelar ,

Airline ng bansa sa Lunes Ipinagpatuloy ang ilan sa kanilang mga flight sa Visayas , tatlong araw pagkatapos ng Typhoon ‘ Yolanda ‘ struck ang bansa .

Supply ng kalakal ng consumer para sa bagyo – hit Leyte sapat , sabi ni DTI

11 – Nobyembre – 13 , 3:56 | Ben Arnold O. De Vera ,

Ang Department of Trade at Industriya ( DTI ) sinabi ng mga consumer sa bagyo – ravaged Leyte sapat na supply ng pangunahing mga kailanganin .

Ano ‘ welga ‘ Tacloban ? PNoy aide sabihin Pangulo at wala na kinuha ‘ banyo break na ‘

11 – Nobyembre – 13 , 3:54 | kaldero de Leon ,

Malacanang opisyal sa Linggo gabi tinanggihan na Presidente Aquino si pagalit lumakad palabas ng isang pagtatagubilin sa bagyo – battered Tacloban , na may isang malapit na pangalawa sinasabi ng lahat ng media pagkabahala sa mga walang kabuluhang ay tungkol sa walang higit pa kaysa sa Chief Executive pagkuha ng ‘ break na banyo ‘ .

# ReliefPH | Paano iba pa ay pagtulong , at kung paano maaari mong , masyadong

11 – Nobyembre – 13 , 3:44 | Patricia B. Aquino ,

‘ TIS ng panahon para sa pagbibigay , at hindi lamang dahil ang Pasko ay malapit .

De Lima : Sa halip ng batas militar , isang malakas na opsyon ay pagpapahayag ng isang estado ng emergency at kalamidad

11 – Nobyembre – 13 , 3:39 | Marlene Alcaide ,

Ang Pilipinas ‘ Justice Secretary pinasiyahan out deklarasyon militar batas sa Tacloban City at iba pang mga lugar kung saan survivors ng bagyo Yolanda pa resorted sa looting pagkatapos iniulat shortages ng pagkain at tubig .

Naghahanap ng TAO ? Pagkatapos ng website Yolanda ni mabangis na pagsalakay , ang Google ay nag-aalok ‘ Tao Finder ‘ |

11 – Nobyembre – 13 , 3:26 |

Ang Google ay isang beses muli na nag-aalok nito Tao Finder serbisyo para sa mga taong naghahanap para sa mga mahal sa buhay sa mga lugar na devastated sa pamamagitan ng supertyphoon ” Yolanda ” .

Smart , Sun pagpapanumbalik cellular serbisyo sa Tacloban

11 – Nobyembre – 13 , 3:13 |

Sa isang pahayag mula sa pangkat PLDT , Smart at Sun Cellular na naibalik cellular serbisyo sa Tacloban at iba pang mga site , at sabay na tuluy-tuloy na mag-alok ng Libreng Tawag sa mga apektadong lugar. Smart Communications , Inc ( Smart ) ay ngayon up

BAYANIHAN | Bicol , Butuan execs mag-iwan para sa Samar , Leyte para sa clearing , restoration , medical ops

11 – Nobyembre – 13 , 2:53 | Mario S. Arguelles , Pilipinas News Agency

Iba’t ibang mga opisyal ng gobyerno at mga tauhan mula sa Bicol at Butuan natitira para sa Samar at Leyte upang makatulong sa clearing , pagpapanumbalik , at medikal na mga operasyon .

Survivors nagtago sa Kuweba ngunit Yolanda pa rin pakaliwa higit sa 300 patay sa dalawang bayan Samar

11 – Nobyembre – 13 , 2:48 | Likha Cuevas – Miel ,

Higit sa 300 ay nakumpirma patay sa coastal bayan ng Basey at Marabut , na may halos lahat ng mga bahay at iba pang mga istraktura – kabilang ang mga sentro ng paglisan – nasira sa pamamagitan ng Super bagyo Yolanda , ang Disaster Samar Provincial Risk pagbabawas at Management Council ( PDRRMC ) sinabi.

Ang aming mga puso ay may mga Pilipino mga tao , IMF Managing Director sabi pagkatapos Yolanda kalamidad

11 – Nobyembre – 13 , 2:17 |

Ang managing director ng International Fund hinggil sa pananalapi ( IMF ) ay ipinahayag ang kanyang kalungkutan pagkatapos ng pag-aaral tungkol sa ganap na pagkasira wrought sa pamamagitan ng bagyo Yolanda ( international name: Haiyan ) .

Estado ng matinding kalungkutan deklarasyon na hinahangad sa Yolanda – hit sa mga lungsod , probinsya para sa madaling pag foreign aid entry

11 – Nobyembre – 13 , 2:00 | Ernie Reyes ,

Ang Philippine Senado ay urged President Benigno Aquino III na idedeklara ng isang estado ng matinding kalungkutan sa 10 probinsya at 10 lungsod na bumubuo Rehiyon 7 at 8 ravaged sa pamamagitan ng mga super bagyo Yolanda .

DOH sabi walang mass sa libing para Yolanda sans pagkakakilanlan biktima

11 – Nobyembre – 13 , 1:47 | Jet Villa ,

Dapat ay walang mass libing ng mga biktima ng super bagyo Yolanda hanggang sa matapos na nakilala , ang Department of Health sinabi Lunes.

Tacloban ‘ calms down na ‘ bilang PNP nagpapadala 800 cops at panlalawigan board declares estado ng emergency

11 – Nobyembre – 13 , 1:26 | Jaime Sinapit , | Pilipinas News Agency

Ang lungsod Lumilitaw na calmed down na pagkatapos ng Philippine Pambansang Pulisya ( PNP ) ay nagpadala ng dalawang battalions ng mga piling tao pwersa sa mga lungsod ng Tacloban at Ormoc kung saan lootings naiulat sa kalagayan ng mga super bagyo Yolanda , at pagkatapos ang panlalawigan board ay ipinahayag ng isang ” estado ng emergency “sa Leyte .

PH market stock plummets sa takot ekonomiya na kumuha ng isang hit mula sa ‘ Yolanda ‘

11 – Nobyembre – 13 , 1:09 | Krista Angela M. Montealegre ,

(Na-update 4:13 ) Philippine magbahagi ng mga presyo plunged sa Lunes , pagpapalawak ng pagkalugi sa 1/7 session , bilang mamumuhunan digested ang epekto ng Super Typhoon ” Yolanda ” sa ekonomiya.

Coron nauubusan ng rice – mayor

11 – Nobyembre – 13 , 12:17 | Jaime Sinapit ,

Ang mga turista bayan ng Coron sa Palawan ay tumatakbo out food , lalo na bigas , nito alkalde sinabi.

Hindi nasaktan , Galoc oil field magpapatuloy pagpapatakbo pagkatapos ng ‘ Yolanda ‘ labasan

11 – Nobyembre – 13 , 12:09 | Euan Paulo C. Añonuevo ,

Ang Philippines lamang komersyal na paggawa patong ng langis survived bagyo Yolanda hindi nasaktan , nito operator Sinabi ngayon .

Tacloban airport bahagyang bubukas, bilang CAAP lifts flight ban sa lahat ng domestic airport – CAAP

11 – Nobyembre – 13 , 11:46 | Eric B. Apolonio ,

Ang Tacloban airport domestic ( o ang Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport ) ay bahagyang buksan ang bilang Civil Aviation Authority ng Pilipinas ( CAAP ) itinaas sa Lunes ang notice sa airman ( NOTAM ) sa lahat ng domestic airport ang mga sumusunod na Biyernes ng pagtanaw sa lupain ng super bagyo Yolanda .

Disaster eksperto sa PH : Matuto mula sa 2004 mga pagsusumikap sa tsunami lunas

11 – Nobyembre – 13 , 11:11 | Agence France – Presse

Disaster eksperto binigyan ng babala Lunes na pagkakamali na ginawa sa pagsisikap na lunas pagkatapos ng sakuna 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami hindi dapat na paulit-ulit na may super bagyo na si smashed sa Pilipinas .

50,000 nawala mga tahanan sa Roxas City – konsehal

11 – Nobyembre – 13 , 11:03 |

Tungkol sa 50,000 mga tao nawala ang kanilang mga tahanan sa Roxas City , Capiz , konsehal Mark Ortiz sinabi Lunes.

Sa 10 ng 40 bayan uulat, Leyte tallies 1563 pagkamatay sa ngayon

11 – Nobyembre – 13 , 10:46 | Mike dela Rama , Pilipinas News Agency

Ang Provincial Disaster Risk pagbabawas Management Council ( PDRRMC ) ng Leyte sa Lunes iniulat ng isang kabuuang 1563 pagkamatay ng paghahanap at pagbawi para sa mga nawawala at iba pang mga biktima magpatuloy .

VIDEO | TV5 crew pelikula Yolanda ng matinding galit sa Guiuan – at paghiwalay ng kanilang sariling panganlungan

11 – Nobyembre – 13 , 10:37 | Benjie Dorango , Pagsagip 5

Isang Rescue5 Koponan ng News5 noon ay sa Guiuan , Eastern Samar , bilang Typhoon Yolanda ginawa pagtanaw sa lupain sa Sabado . Pagkuha ng kanlungan sa isang pangkat ng mga residente , crew ang nagawang makuha ang mabagal na pagkawasak ng kanilang sariling lugar ng kanlungan – at pagkatapos ay ang unang eksena ng Guiuan ng kapalaran , ang umaga pagkatapos .

Power , tubig matustusan bumalik sa normal sa Bohol

11 – Nobyembre – 13 , 10:03 | Pilipinas News Agency

Power at supply ng tubig ay naibalik sa Bohol sa Linggo pagkatapos ng buong probinsya ay inilagay sa kadiliman para sa dalawang -at- a- kalahating araw kapag super bagyo Yolanda ( Haiyan ) nasira ang dalawang tower ng ​​Ormoc – Maasin 138 – kv linya ng National Grid Corporation ng Pilipinas ( NGCP ) .

‘ Yolanda ‘ kicks out Tsino mula Ayungin Reef , Philippine Marino sa grawnded barko safe

11 – Nobyembre – 13 , 9:45 | Jaime Sinapit ,

Super bagyo Yolanda ay nagpadala sa tahanan Tsino malapit sa dagat at Navy vessels sa Ayungin Reef sa Palawan , habang ang kalahati ng isang dosenang Philippine Marino nakasakay isang rusting at grawnded World War II – panahon barko ay ligtas , pinagmulan ng isang Sinabi .

Tawagan ang iyong FAMILY | Sa resulta ng Yolanda , Viber -aalok ng libreng mga tawag sa ibang bansa , kahit na hindi pang- Viber user

11 – Nobyembre – 13 , 9:25 |

Sa resulta ng Typhoon Yolanda , Internet messaging service Viber sa Lunes inihayag ng isang ‘ pansamantalang ‘ serbisyo ‘ na nagpapahintulot sa mga user Pilipino na tumawag regular (non- Viber ) mga numero sa labas ng Pilipinas para sa libre. ‘

2 internasyonal , 32 domestic flight manatiling kinansela sa resulta ng ‘ Yolanda ‘

11 – Nobyembre – 13 , 9:07 | Pilipinas News Agency

Tatlumpung – apat na mga flight na nakansela Lunes bilang isang resulta ng mga ganap na pagkasira nagdala tungkol sa pamamagitan ng super bagyo Yolanda , ang Manila International Airport Authority ( MIAA ) Media Affairs Division ( Mad ) sinabi.

Wanted | apila Roxas para sa chainsaws , backhoes para sa road – clearing , pati na rin ang mga medikal na mga boluntaryo

11 – Nobyembre – 13 , 8:44 | Jaime Sinapit , Pilipinas News Agency

Kalsada ay dapat pang ganap clear ng mga labi para sa mga kalakal lunas na mabilis na pagpapadala sa mga lugar hardest hit sa pamamagitan ng bagyo Yolanda upang ang lootings mula establishments negosyo sa pamamagitan ng gutom na residente ay maaaring averted , Interior Secretary Mar Roxas sinabi sa Lunes .

Komunikasyon naibalik sa maraming lugar sa W. Visayas ngunit pa rin batik-batik sa E. Visayas – NDRRMC

11 – Nobyembre – 13 , 8:18 | Pilipinas News Agency

Communications facility Naibalik sa maraming mga lugar hit sa pamamagitan ng super bagyo Yolanda ngunit nananatiling pa rin ng problema sa Silangang Visayas , ang National Disaster at Panganib pagbabawas Management Council ( NDRRMC ) sinabi Lunes.
Typhoon Haiyan : ‘ absolute panlokong bahay ‘ Pilipinas pagkawasak

BBC Nobyembre 11, 2013 Huling na-update sa 7:24 z (GMT / UTC)

( Video credit 🙂 ” Kami ay kaya napaka- gutom at uhaw ” isa nakaligtas Sinabi ng BBC ni Jon Donnison sa Tacloban
imahe ng Jon Donnison Sa eksena Jon Donnison BBC News , Tacloban

Tacloban ay pipi . Pagmamaneho pababa sa pangunahing mataas na kalye , marahil ay hindi isang solong gusali hinayaang nakatayo .

Mga tao sabihin bayan ito ay pindutin ang sa pamamagitan ng isang pader ng ​​tubig kapag bagyo ang pindutin sa Biyernes . Mayroon ang amoy ng nabubulok corpses . Pagmamaneho sa mula sa airport , nakita namin ang mga score ng mga katawan na namamalagi sa pamamagitan ng mga baybay-daan . Para sa tatlong araw na sila ay naging doon , na walang isa sa malibing ang mga ito .

Ang mga tao ay wala nang pag-asa para sa pagkain , malinis na tubig at mag-ampon . Sa mga di-wastong battered airport , isang pansamantala ospital na-set up . Nakakita kami ng dalawang batang babae panganganak , inilatag kabilang sa mga labi .

Aid ay nakakakuha sa , ngunit dahan-dahan . At ito ay isa lamang sa bayan , sa isang lalawigan . Walang – isa alam ang buong lawak ng ganap na pagkasira sa ibang lugar.

Magbasa nang higit pa mula sa Jon

Typhoon Haiyan

Tacloban sa mga lugar ng pagkasira
satellite mga imahe
UK aid
Ang iyong mga larawan

Ang pinuno ng Red Cross sa Pilipinas ay inilarawan ang ganap na pagkasira na dulot ng Typhoon Haiyan ng ” absolute panlokong bahay ” .

Tantyahin ang mga opisyal ng hanggang sa 10,000 mga tao na namatay sa Tacloban lungsod at daan-daang iba pang lugar . Daan-daang libo ng mga tao ay displaced .

Ang bagyo pipi mga tahanan , paaralan at ng airport .

Dahil ito ay ginawa pagtanaw sa lupain sa hilagang Vietnam , malapit sa Intsik hangganan , kung saan ito ay weakened sa isang tropikal na bagyo .


Apat na milyong tao ang apektado sa Pilipinas , at marami na ngayon ang mga struggling upang mabuhay nang walang pagkain , mag-ampon o malinis na inuming tubig .

Isang malaking internasyonal na pagsisikap na lunas ay sa ilalim ng paraan , ngunit Pagsagip manggagawa na struggled upang maabot ang ilang mga bayan at mga nayon cut off dahil ang bagyo .

” Mayroong isang kakila-kilabot maraming casualties , ng maraming mga tao patay lahat ng dako ng lugar , ng maraming pagkawasak , ” Richard Gordon , pinuno ng Philippine Red Cross , sinabi ng BBC .

“Ito ay ganap na panlokong bahay sa ngayon , ngunit sana ay ito ay i- out mas mahusay na bilang higit pa at higit pang mga supplies dumapo sa lugar. ”

Sinabi niya mga kalsada ngayon ay na- clear upang payagan ang mga manggagawa na lunas upang makakuha ng sa mga lugar hardest hit , ngunit na inaasahan nila upang makahanap ng mas maraming mga casualties .

“Ito ay lamang na ngayon na sila ay magagawang upang makakuha ng in at kami ay simula lamang upang dalhin sa ang mga kinakailangang mga item na pagkain … pati na rin ang tubig at iba pang mga bagay na kailangan nila. ”

Forecasters hinulaang isang tropikal depresyon ay ilipat papunta sa timog at central Pilipinas sa Martes , potensyal na nagdadala ng mabibigat umuulan na nais karagdagang makahadlang pagsisikap na lunas .

Boluntaryo mula sa Paghahanap at Pagsagip Unit Foundation kumuha ng aerial view ng pinsala

Jane nagkakasa , ang taong mapagkawanggawa director para sa Oxfam , sinabi ang kanyang mga kasamahan nakasaksi ” kumpletong pagkawasak … buong bahagi ng baybayin lamang ay nawala , at malaki mga puno lamang baluktot sa ibabaw at [ ay ] itinapon tungkol sa tulad ng matchsticks . ”

Ang pinakabagong ulat mula sa Pilipinas ‘ pagbabawas Disaster Risk at Management Council nakumpirma 255 pagkamatay bilang ng 22:00 GMT sa Linggo. Ito sinabi ng halos 630,000 mga tao ay iniulat displaced .

Ngunit opisyal na binigyan ng babala na ang bilang ng mga patay ay tumaas nang malaki-laki .
Nawasak bahay hit sa pamamagitan ng Typhoon Haiyan sa bayan ng Guiuan sa Eastern Samar lalawigan , central Pilipinas sa Nobyembre 11, 2013 Tatlong araw pagkatapos ng Typhoon Haiyan hit , panghimpapawid na larawan ay ipinapakita ang isang eksena ng apocalyptic ganap na pagkasira sa kahabaan ng isang bendahe ng gitnang Pilipinas .
Cargo ships ay hugasan sa kati ay nakita apat na araw pagkatapos ng super bagyo Haiyan pindutin ang bayan Anibong , Tacloban city , central Pilipinas 11 Nobyembre 2013 . Kabilang sa mga lugar hardest hit ay ang lungsod ng Tacloban , kung saan ang kabangisan ng waves bagyo swept ito barko sa pampang .
Ang isang 21- taon gulang na babae ay namamalagi sa naubos na ang mga labi -covered palapag sa isang pansamantala medikal na pasilidad sa Tacloban pagkatapos ng panganganak sa isang sanggol batang babae Ang isang 21- taon gulang na babae ay namamalagi sa naubos na ang mga labi -covered palapag sa isang pansamantala medikal na pasilidad sa Tacloban pagkatapos ng panganganak sa isang batang babae sanggol . Ang bagyo paggulong swept ang layo ng kanyang ina .
Philippine at US militar tauhan ng pagkarga lunas kalakal para sa Tacloban nakasakay isang US C – 130 plane para sa mga biktima ng Super Typhoon Haiyan na pindutin ang gitnang Pilipinas , sa isang militar na base sa Manila sa Nobyembre 11, 2013 Sa Manila , Pilipinas at US militar tauhan ng pagkarga lunas kalakal para sa Tacloban . International Pagsagip mga koponan ay heading para sa lugar.
Isang turista bangka ay nakikita paglubog sa Ha Long Bay , Vietnam sa Nobyembre 11, 2013 Ang bagyo – ngayon downgrade na sa isang tropikal na bagyo – ay umabot Vietnam , kung saan daan-daang libo ng mga tao ay na- evacuated .

‘ Hindi pa nagagawang ‘ bagyo

Typhoon Haiyan – isa sa mga pinaka- malakas na bagyo sa tala upang gumawa ng pagtanaw sa lupain – swept sa pamamagitan ng anim na sentro ng Philippine isla sa Biyernes .

Ito nagdala matagal na hangin ng 235km / h ( 147mph ), na may gusts ng 275 km / h ( 170 mph ), na may mga wave bilang mataas na bilang 15m ( 45ft ) , nagdadala ng hanggang sa 400mm ( 15.75 pulgada ) ng pag-ulan sa lugar .

” Ang mundo ay hindi nakikita ng bagyo tulad nito bago , ” sabi Senen Mangalile , ang Pilipinas punong konsul sa UK .
” Ang mundo ay hindi nakikita ng bagyo tulad nito bago ”

Senen Mangalile Pilipinas punong konsul sa UK

Ang iyong mga larawan : ganap na pagkasira
UK aid para sa mga biktima

Steven Godby , isang kalamidad dalubhasa sa pamamahala sa Nottingham Trent University , sinabi ng BBC ang bagyo ay ” marahil ang pinaka- matinding at pinakamatibay na bagyo na ganito ang uri upang gumawa ng pagtanaw sa lupain ” .

“Kami ay nakakita bagyo tulad marahil ito sa mga bihirang pagkakataon na nagkaroon na uri ng intensity out sa dagat ngunit para sa mga ito na dumating sa pampang na may ganoong uri ng lakas ay halos wala pang nakagagawa , ” Dr Godby sinabi.

Amerikano militar sasakyang panghimpapawid at ships ay ina- deploy upang magbigay ng tulong. US President Barack Obama ay ibinigay ng isang mensahe na nagsasabi siya ay ” malalim saddened sa pamamagitan ng pagkawala ng buhay at malawakang pagkasira ” .

Iba pang mga bansa na rin ang nangangakong ng milyun-milyong dolyar sa tulong. Australya ay naaprubahan $ 9m sa makatao aid sa Pilipinas , habang ang New Zealand ay nakapangako sa paglipas ng $ 1m .

Kristalina Georgieva , ang EU aid makatao commissioner , sinabi ng mga pagsisikap na lunas ay ginagabayan ng tatlong prayoridad .
nakamamatay typhoons

Set 1937 Hong Kong bagyo – 11,000 patay
Set 1959 Typhoon Vera – deadliest na matumbok Japan , pagpatay 5238 mga tao
Agosto 1975 Typhoon Nina – tungkol sa 229,000 mamatay sa Tsina pagkatapos ng pagbagsak ng Banqiao dam
Nobyembre 1991 Typhoon Thelma – deadliest sa Pilipinas upang petsa , pagpatay 5-8,000

“Ang unang isa ay upang makakuha ng access sa remote na lugar nang mabilis hangga’t maaari , at ang pag-access isyu ay parehong transportation at din pagpapanumbalik ng telekomunikasyon , ” sinabi niya

” Ang ikalawang , siyempre , ay ang pagkuha ng agarang makatao tulong para sa mga taong apektado ng ganitong uri ng kalamidad . At sa susunod na isa ay magiging kanlungan . ”

Ang mga pagsisikap na lunas ay ina nakatutuk sa silangang lalawigan ng Leyte at kabisera nito Tacloban , kung saan ang isang napakalaking pag-akyat bagyo pipi bahay .

Ang bagyo – na may pangalang ” Yolanda ” sa pamamagitan ng mga awtoridad ng Pilipino – bagbag ng hanggang sa 80 % ng mga istraktura sa kanyang landas , punong pulis superintendente Elmer Soria Sinabi reporters .

Sinabi ng mga opisyal ng looting ay laganap at pagkakasunod-sunod ay nagpapatunay mahirap na ipatupad .

Militar tagapagsalita lt COL Ramon Zagala sinabi na 100 sundalo ay itinalaga upang makatulong na maiwasan ang pulis looting sa Tacloban , AFP balita ahensiya iniulat .

Philippine President Benigno Aquino sinabi nagkaroon ng posibilidad na militar batas o ng isang estado ng kagipitan ay ipinahayag sa lungsod.

Sa ilang mga lugar , ang mga patay ay ina- buried sa libingan masa .

Typhoon Haiyan na ngayon ang ginawa pagtanaw sa lupain sa Vietnam , malapit sa tourist destination ng Ha Long Bay , may matagal na hangin ng hanggang sa 140 km / h ( 85mph ) .

Ang ilang mga 600,000 mga tao ay evacuated sa hilagang lalawigan ng bansa .

Kaugnay na Mga Kuwento

Super Typhoon Haiyan : Satellite mga imahe
Paano Haiyan pindutin Pilipinas
Sa mga larawan : Pilipinas ganap na pagkasira

Mga Video
Typhoon Haiyan hit Vietnam at gumagalaw patungo sa katimugang Tsina

( Video credit : ITN )

Nai-publish sa Nobyembre 11, 2013
Typhoon Haiyan ay ginawa pagtanaw sa lupain sa hilagang Vietnam bilang isang tropikal na bagyo , pagkatapos umaalis sa napakalaking pagkawasak sa Pilipinas. Mag-ulat ng Sarah Kerr .
Typhoon Haiyan : 12 rescued pagkatapos barko maiiwan tayo sa China

( Video credit : ITN )

Nai-publish sa Nobyembre 11, 2013
Twelve crew mga kasapi -off ang dalawang barko na nawala ang kontrol ng kanilang mga anchor sa timog ng China Hainan lalawigan na- rescued pagsunod bagyo Haiyan . Mag-ulat ng Sarah Kerr .
malapit sa dagat

WTJP22 RJTD 110,600

BABALA 110,600 .

BABALA BISA 120,600 .

BABALA AY Ina-update bawat 6 HOURS .

BABALA unos .

Tropical Storm 1330 HAIYAN ( 1330 ) downgrade MULA MALALANG tropikal

Storm 996 HPA

SA 22.3N 107.4E South China gumagalaw hilaga 10 buhol .

Magandang posisyon .

MAX hangin 40 buhol MALAPIT SA CENTER .

Radius ng MAHIGIT 30 na hangin umpukan 150 milya hilaga kalahati ng bilog AT 120 milya

Sa ibang dako .

Pagtataya POSITION PARA SA 111800UTC 23.0N 107.1E MAY 50 milya radius

NG 70 PERCENT CIRCLE posibilidad .

1002 HPA .

Pagiging tropikal depresyon .

Pagtataya POSITION PARA SA 120600UTC 23.7N 107.0E MAY 70 milya radius

NG 70 PERCENT CIRCLE posibilidad .

1008 HPA .

Pagiging tropikal depresyon .

Japan meteorolohiko AGENCY . =

Huwag gumamit ng anumang impormasyon sa site na ito para sa buhay o sa kamatayan desisyon. Ang lahat ng impormasyon ay inilaan bilang pandagdag sa opisyal na pinagkukunan . Pinapayuhan sumangguni sa opisyal na website ng iyong bansa panahon ahensiya / pamahalaan para sa mga lokal babala, advisories at bulletin .

Vietnamese (Translated by Google)

Trung Quốc / Việt Nam / Philippines : Bão 1330 Haiyan 101500Z 22.6N 107.6E , di chuyển N tại 9knots ( JMA ) suy yếu trên S Trung Quốc , cơn bão mới cho PH – 111.113 1010Z

Bão 1330 Haiyan ( JMA )
Cơn bão nhiệt ới 31W ( Haiyan )
Hạ cấp từ TYPHOON 31W ( JTWC )
Yolanda ở Philippines

TYPHOON Yolanda LÀ DOANH NGHIỆP NGOÀI VÙNG Philippine TRCH NHIỆM ( cải cch hành chnh ) – Pagasa

” Haiyan nhanh chng làm suy yếu ra trên toàn miền nam Trung Quốc . Cơn bão này một vỏ trước kia vẫn mang lại nguy cơ mưa lớn và gi cơn gi ể Trung Quốc ến giữa tuần ”
Philippines Hãy coi chừng!
Nhiệt ới suy thoi Zoraida ( Podul ) ể thiết lập ảnh hưởng Haiyan chìm nhiều khu vực , dự kiến ​​sẽ tạo ra một ổ bộ ở miền bắc Mindanao của buổi sng thứ ba ” .


( Di chuyển xuống cho Philippines , Việt Nam và bản dịch tiếng Trung Quốc)

(向下 滚动,菲律宾 人,越南人 和 中国 翻译)

( Move Down cho Philippines , Việt Nam and Translation tiếng Trung Quốc )

( Mag- cuộn pababa para sa Philippines , Việt Nam ở trong bản dịch tiếng Trung )

( Kiểm tra kiến ​​tại dưới cùng của trang ể cập nhật thng tin ng giữa )

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(Ảnh: ) truyền hình vệ tinh ( Click vào hình ể xem hình nguồn )

Cơ quan Kh tượng Nhật Bản
TS 1330 ( Haiyan )
Ban hành lc 09:50 UTC , 11 Thng 11 2013
<Analyses Tại 9/11 UTC>
quy m –
cường ộ –
Vị tr trung tm N22 35 ‘ ( 22,6 )
E107 35 ‘ ( 107,6 )
Hướng và tốc ộ di chuyển N 15km / h ( 9kt )
1000hPa p lực trung ương
Tốc ộ gi tối a lu dài 18m / s ( 35kt )
Tốc ộ tối a cơn gi 25m / s ( 50kt )
Diện tch gi 30kt hoặc hơn NE280km ( 150nm )
SW220km ( 120NM )
<Forecast Cho 09/12 UTC>
cường ộ –
Vị tr trung tm của vòng tròn xc suất N24 00 ‘ ( 24.0 )
E107 55 ‘ ( 107,9 )
Hướng và tốc ộ di chuyển N từ từ
1008hPa p lực trung ương
Bn knh của vòng tròn xc suất 160km ( 85NM )
ơn vị tnh:

1KT ( hn ) = 1,852 km / h = 0,5144 m / s
1nm ( hải l ) = 1,852 km

Việt Nam bản ồ chnh trị

(Ảnh: ) Việt Nam bản ồ chnh trị
Cảnh bo p thấp nhiệt ới

Cảnh bo p thấp nhiệt ới

Phn tch vị tr và cường ộ

Giờ ịa phương (GMT +7)


Chức vụ

phn loại

Gi duy trì tối a
13 Thứ hai 11 thng 11, 2013 4,8 132,5 TD 56 km / giờ

Vị tr và cường ộ dự bo

Giờ ịa phương (GMT +7)


Chức vụ

phn loại

Gi duy trì tối a
13 Thứ Ba 12 thng 11, 2013 8.3 123.3 TS 65 km / giờ
Ghi ch cho hình ảnh :
Khu vực xc suất gi lớn hơn 6 Beauforts
Khu vực xc suất gi lớn hơn 10 Beauforts
Khu vực c thể i qua cc trung tm TC
Vị tr trước y của TC
Vị tr dự bo của TC
Vị tr trước y của TD
Vị tr dự bo của TD
* Cc Bản tin tiếp theo ược pht vào 09:30 thứ Hai 11 Thng 11, 2013
Cc hình ảnh vệ tinh

ường dy nng khẩn cấp
Xuất bản : 04 thng tư 2012 . Cập nhật mới nhất : 30 Thng Mười 2013 .

Thiên tai và rủi ro giảm quốc gia và Hội ồng quản l ( NDRRMC ) ường dy nng

(02) 911-1406 , (02) 912-2665 , (02) 912-5668 , (02) 911-1873 , (02) 912-3046 , Trunkline : 911-5061 ến 64

Cảnh st Quốc gia Philippines ( PNP ) Hotline tuần tra

117 hoặc gửi TXT PNP ến 2920


117, (02) 729-5166 , (02) 410-6319 ( Gim ốc khu vực , Ban Thng tin )

Bộ Giao thng Vận tải và Truyền thng ( DOTC ) Trung tm ường dy nng

7890 hoặc (02) 726-6255

Metro Manila Cơ quan Pht triển ( MMDA )

136, 882-0925 ( kiểm sot lũ )

Trunkline : (02) 882-4150 -77 loc . 337 ( cứu hộ) , 255 ( Metrobase )

Metrobase : 882-0860

Bộ Cng trình cng cộng và ường cao tốc ( DPWH )

(02) 304-3713 , (02) 304-3904

Hội Chữ thập ỏ ường dy nng

143, (02) 527-0000 , (02) 527-8385 95

Cao tốc Bắc Luzon ( NLEx ) ường dy nng

(02) 3-5000 và (02) 580-8910

Cao tốc Bắc Luzon ( NLEx ) ường dy nng

(02) 3-5000 và (02) 580-8910

Subic -Clark – Tarlac ường cao tốc ( SCTex ) ường dy nng

( 0920 ) 96 SCTex ( 72.839 ) ( giao thng ường dy nng) hoặc ( 045 ) 459-0522

Skyway hệ thống ường dy nng

(02) 776-7777 , 0917-539-8762 ( toàn cầu ) , 0999-886-0893 ( thng minh) , 0932-854-6980 ( mặt trời )

Nam Luzon ường cao tốc ( SLEx ) ường dy nng

Trunklines : (049) 508-7509 , (02) 584-4389 , (02) 584-4605 , (02) 584-4605 , (02) 584-4654 , (049) 502-8956 ( Laguna )

Philippines kh quyển, ịa vật l và thiên vn Dịch vụ Quản trị ( Pagasa ) ường dy nng

(02) 433-8526

Philippines Coast Guard

Trunkline : (02) 527-8481 , (02) 527-3877 , 0917-724-3682 ( toàn cầu ) , 0917 – PCG- DOTC ( toàn cầu )

ường dy nng nước Manila



Trunkline : (02) 426-1468 79 , ịa phương 124/125 (cấp cứu) ;

Vn bản / cuộc gọi : 0905-313-4077 ( toàn cầu )

Bộ Phc lợi Xã hội và Pht triển ( DSWD )

Trunkline : (632) 931-81-01 ến 07 , ịa phương 426 hoặc 425 ( ơn vị ứng thiên tai ) , ( ​​02) 951-7119 ; Pasay Vn phòng Hotline: 851-2681 , 511-1259

Cơ quan Hàng khng dn dụng Philippines ( CAAP )

(02) 879-9113

Manila Sn bay quốc tế c thẩm quyền ( MIAA )

0917 – TEXNAIA ( 8.396.242 )

Clark Tổng Cng ty Cảng Quốc tế ( CIAC )

(045) 499-1468

Sn bay quốc tế Mactan-Cebu ( MCIAA )

(032) 340-2486

Hàng khng ồng dn sự ( CAB)

(02) 542-5234



Cng nghiệp hàng hải quan ( MARINA )

0917 – SUMBONG ( 7.862.664 )

Vn phòng Giao thng vận tải ất ( LTO )

TextLTO ” Tiêu LTOHELP ến 2600 ( tất cả cc mạng iện thoại di ộng ) .

(02) 922-9061 66

Giao thng vận tải ất Nhượng quyền thương mại và Hội ồng quản trị quy ịnh ( LTFRB )

(02) 426-2515



02) 825-4004


Pha nam Tagalog ộng mạch ường ( S.T.A.R Tollway )

(043) 756-7870



ường sắt quốc gia Philippines ( PNR )

(02) 319-0044

Light Rail Transit Authority ( LRTA )

(02) 854-0452



Tàu iện ngầm ( DOTC – MRT3 )

(02) 924-0054

(02) 929-5347

Vn phòng An ninh Vận tải ( OTS )

0919 – 9999OTS ( 687 )

(02) 853-5249

Chnh quyền ịa phương (một phần)

Manila giao thng ường dy nng ” 527- 3087 ( frontdesk ) 527-3088 ( giao thng iều tra) ; 527-3065
Cainta giao thng ường dy nng ” 646-0044
Las Pia như giao thng ” 874-5756 (Chnh) , 874-3927 ( iều tra ) , 874-5754 ( giao thng ) , 874-5753 ( Anti- bn hàng tự ộng )
Mandaluyong Hotline ” 534-2993 ( giao thng) ; 533-2225 (Command Control Center)
Marikina STOC ” 646-1651 , (02) 646-1633 ( giao thng)
Pasig giao thng ” 643-0000 (Command Control Center ) 643-1111 ; 641-1907 ( giao thng )
Makati Cng an Phòng ” 844-3146 , 819-3270 ến 71

Chnh quyền ịa phương khc Units ( liên kết ến trang web của Học viện Chnh quyền ịa phương )
Những nỗ lực cứu trợ bão Yolanda , tìm kiếm và cứu hộ ( liên kết )
Pagasa – DOSTPhilippine kh quyển, ịa vật l và Cục Quản l thiên vn ( Pagasa – Sở KHCN ) Quezon City, Philippines

( Tất cả thời gian cho Pagasa là PHT trừ khi c quy ịnh khc )

Thời tiết khắc nghiệt Bulletin Số Mười hai ( CUỐI CÙNG )
Cơn bão nhiệt ới Cảnh bo: bão # YolandaPH ( Haiyan )
Ban hành vào lc 3:30 PM, 9 Thng 11 2013

TYPHOON Yolanda LÀ DOANH NGHIỆP NGOÀI VÙNG Philippine TRCH NHIỆM ( cải cch hành chnh ) .

Vị tr của mắt / trung tm : Tại 03:00 ngày hm nay, mắt của bão , YOLANDA T ược ặt dựa trên tất cả cc dữ liệu c sẵn tại 722 km pha Ty San Jose, Occidental Mindoro ( 13.6 N , 114.5 E ) .

Sức mạnh: sức gi tối a 185 KPH gần trung tm và gustiness lên ến 220 KPH .

Phong trào: Dự bo ến di chuyển Ty Ty Bắc tại 35 KPH .

Dự bo Chức vụ: Typhoon Yolanda dự kiến ​​sẽ c mặt tại 943 km Ty Ty Bắc của San Jose, Occidental Mindoro tối nay .

Tất cả tn hiệu cảnh bo hồ ang giảm . Tuy nhiên , du lịch biển là nguy hiểm hơn cc seaboards của ảo Luzon,

và trên bờ biển pha ng và pha ty của Visayas.
Với sự pht triển này, y là bản tin thời tiết cuối cùng cho xo trộn thời tiết này .

ể biết thêm thng tin và truy vấn , ng nhập vào hoặc xin vui lòng gọi vào số iện thoại 927-1335 và 927-2877

ể biết thêm thng tin và truy vấn , ng nhập vào hoặc xin vui lòng gọi vào số iện thoại 927-1335 và 927-2877

Bão Yolanda cao nhất dự bo bão và thủy triều
Bấm vào y …

hàng tuần Outlook
Trung tm cảnh bo bão chung ( JTWC )

Google Earth ồ họa Overlay

WTPN33 PGTW 110.300

1 . Cơn bão nhiệt ới 31W ( Haiyan ) Ch NR 032
Hạ cấp từ TYPHOON 31W
01 ACTIVE cơn bão nhiệt ới TRÊN NORTHWESTPAC
WIND bn knh c hiệu lực VỀ NƯỚC MỞ CHỈ

Ch VỊ TR :
110000Z — 21.8N 107.2E NEAR
CHUYỂN QUA SU GIỜ – 355 ộ tại 13 KTS
Vị tr chnh xc ể trong vòng 060 NM
VỊ TR DỰA VÀO TRUNG TM nằm qua vệ tinh
MAX SINH Gi – 060 KT , Cơn 075 KT
WIND bn knh c hiệu lực VỀ NƯỚC MỞ CHỈ
Tiêu tan AS bão nhiệt ới YẾU VỀ ẤT
Lặp lại thừa nhận : 21.8N 107.2E

111200Z — 23.3N 107.9E
MAX SINH Gi – 045 KT , Cơn 055 KT
WIND bn knh c hiệu lực VỀ NƯỚC MỞ CHỈ
Tiêu tan AS bão nhiệt ới YẾU VỀ ẤT
VECTOR TO 24 nhn sự thừa nhận : 055 DEG / 07 KTS

120000Z — 24.1N 109.2E
MAX sức gi – 030 KT , Cơn 040 KT
WIND bn knh c hiệu lực VỀ NƯỚC MỞ CHỈ
Tiêu tan AS bão nhiệt ới YẾU VỀ ẤT
VECTOR ến 36 nhn sự thừa nhận : 075 DEG / 08 KTS

121200Z — 24.5N 110.8E
MAX SINH Gi – 020 KT , Cơn 030 KT
WIND bn knh c hiệu lực VỀ NƯỚC MỞ CHỈ
n chơi như bão nhiệt ới YẾU VỀ ẤT

VỊ TR 110300Z NEAR 107.4E 22.2N .
Cơn bão nhiệt ới ( TS ) 31W ( Haiyan ) , nằm ​​khoảng 87 NM
NG BẮC HÀ NỘI , VIỆT NAM , ã theo dõi pha bắc AT 13 KNOTS VỀ
CHO BIẾT RẰNG TS 31W ang nhanh chng suy yếu AS n theo dõi THÊM
Cắt ( 20 ẾN 25 hải l ) . C TỰ TIN CNG BẰNG TRONG ẦU
VỊ TR . Cường ộ ban ầu ược nh gi ở 60 KNOTS DỰA TRÊN
RJTD Dvorak CUỐI CÙNG -T VÀ HIỆN DỰ cường ộ ( 55/65 hải l) .
TS 31W là theo dõi dọc ngoại vi pha ty của cận nhiệt ới
RIDGE , là nhanh chng làm xi mòn DO TNG CƯỜNG MIDLATITUDE
LƯU ty trên toàn miền nam Trung Quốc. TS 31W ược dự bo sẽ BẬT
Về pha ng khi n trở nên nhng trong dòng chảy ty và IS
DỰ BO ể khử VỀ ẤT TÀU 36 . DỰA TRÊN gắn b
DỰ BO TRACK . Y LÀ cảnh bo cuối cùng trên hệ thống này CỦA
Theo dõi cc dấu hiệu phục hồi . / /
TSR logoNW Thi Bình Dương : Bão bo pht hành vào ngày 11 thng 11 2013 00:00 GMT (Final Cảnh bo )

Bão nhiệt ới Haiyan ( 31W ) hiện ang nằm gần 21,8 N 107,2 E ược dự bo sẽ tấn cng ất ến khả nng sau y (s) tại thời gian dẫn nhất ịnh ( s ) :

Vàng bo Quốc gia (s) hoặc tỉnh (s)
Trung Quốc
xc suất cho CAT 1 hoặc cao hơn là 30 % hiện nay
xc suất cho TS là 100 % hiện nay
Việt Nam
xc suất cho CAT 1 hoặc cao hơn là 30 % hiện nay
xc suất cho TS là 100 % hiện nay
Vàng bo Thành phố (s) và thị trấn (s)
Nam Ninh ( 22,8 N , 108,3 E )
xc suất cho TS là 75% trong vòng 12 giờ
Hà Nội ( 21,0 N , 105,8 E )
xc suất cho TS là 55 % hiện nay

lưu rằng
Red Alert ( nặng ) là CAT 1 hoặc cao hơn ể từ 31% ến 100 % khả nng .
Thng bo màu vàng ( tng cao ) là CAT 1 hoặc cao hơn từ 10 % ến 30 % khả nng , hoặc TS trên 50 % xc suất.
CAT 1 c nghĩa là gi bão mạnh t nhất là 74 mph , 119 km / h hoặc 64 hải l 1 -min duy trì .
TS c nghĩa là gi mạnh cơn bão nhiệt ới t nhất 39 mph , 63 km / h hay 34 hải l 1 -min duy trì .

ối với thng tin dự bo ồ họa và biết thêm chi tiết vui lòng truy cập

Cơn bão Tracker Bản ồ

(Ảnh: TSR)
bo co khc
Nhiệt ới suy thoi Zoraida thiết lập ể ảnh hưởng ến khu vực bị tàn ph Haiyan thứ hai Cập nhật

ược ng trên 11 thng 11 nm 2013 bởi robspeta / / Westernpacificweather

” Nhiệt ới suy thoi Zoraida và những gì ược dự kiến ​​sẽ ược ặt tên quốc tế Podul ã hình thành pha ng nam của Philippines ngày hm nay và dự kiến ​​sẽ tạo ra một ổ bộ vào miền bắc Mindanao của buổi sng thứ ba . Hệ thống này cơn bão mới khng c nghĩa là sẽ ược những gì chng ta gọi là một hệ thống nhiệt ới khắc nghiệt . Nhưng thời gian của n khng thể là một thời iểm tồi tệ . Do làm cho n rất nguy hiểm.

Dự bo hm nay ề nghị Zoraida sẽ vẫn là một cơn bão nhiệt ới yếu như ni trên bờ nhưng nhưng ường trung tm trong hình dưới y khng phải là nơi tồi tệ nhất của thời tiết sẽ ược. iều này c thể sẽ xa hơn về pha bắc , nơi gi ng mạnh sẽ mở ra một c st mưa lớn và gi lực lượng gần bờ biển vào thứ ba.

Pagasa TRACK

Pagasa TRACK

Như ã ược ề xuất vào bất kỳ ngày bình thường này sẽ khng xấu, nhưng với cơ sở hạ tầng cơ bản khng tồn tại ở ng Visayas , bất kỳ hình thức thời tiết xấu c thể gy ra một nguy cơ nghiêm trọng ối với những người ã bị mất nhà cửa Haiyan sau .

t nhất là 13.000.000 người ược cho là ã ược thực hiện bởi Haiyan và số người chết ược cho là tng lên hơn 10.000 . iều này sẽ làm cho n cơn bão chết người bao giờ ổ bộ vào Philippines . Gần gấp i của Rosing từ nm 1991.

Hỗ trợ quốc tế ã bắt ầu lọc trong như nhiều nước ang tổng hợp cc nguồn lực ể gip ỡ hàng triệu người bị ảnh hưởng. Tổng thống Obama ã tuyên bố ng sẽ cung cấp càng nhiều tài nguyên khi cần thiết. ( Tuy nhiên, tàu sn bay USS George Washington vẫn còn trong chỉ hàng trm cổng dặm từ Philippines tại Hồng Kng . )

Xem hình ảnh trên Twitter
Thủy qun lục chiến Mỹ ến ở Philippines theo yêu cầu của Chnh phủ Philippines – @ PacificCommand

Dưới y là một biểu ngữ ể gip quyên gp cho Hội Chữ thập ỏ Philippines . Xin vui lòng nếu bạn c một thời iểm vào n và kiểm tra những gì bạn c thể làm ể gip ỡ.

Như by giờ cơn bão Haiyan nhanh chng làm suy yếu ra trên toàn miền nam Trung Quốc . Cơn bão này một vỏ trước kia vẫn mang lại nguy cơ mưa lớn và gi cơn gi ể Trung Quốc ến giữa tuần .

Cho hình ảnh radar hơn và cập nhật thời tiết từ Trung Quốc , xin vui lòng nhấn vào y

XIN CLICK IMAGE ể quyên gp cho Hội Chữ thập ỏ Philippines

– Westernpacificweather
Nhiệt ới suy thoi Zoraida hình thành pha ng nam của Philippines, c thể cản trở những nỗ lực phục hồi

ược ng trên 11 thng 11 nm 2013 bởi Mike Adcock / / Westernpacificweather

JMA và Pagasa hiện ang cảnh bo về nhiệt ới suy thoi Zoraida , khoảng 300 km về pha nam của Palau. M hình dự n hệ thống này ể từ từ pht triển trong vài ngày tới trước khi chạm tới khu vực Caraga Mindanao cũng như Visayas. Trong khi cường ộ dự bo là khng c gì so với Yolanda , mưa lớn và gi cơn gi dự kiến ​​sẽ cản trở nỗ lực phục hồi từ cả hai Yolanda và trận ộng ất Bohol .

Một trong những iều làm chậm sự pht triển của hệ thống này là cc vĩ ộ thấp mà n hình thành . Hiện nay ở pha nam 5 N , Coriolis – một hiệu ứng gy ra bởi sự quay của tri ất và gip tng spin của pht triển p thấp khu vực – là rất hạn chế và cản trở pht triển nhanh chng . Tuy nhiên , nước biển và iều kiện kh quyển vẫn còn thuận lợi ể pht triển. Vì vậy , sự ồng thuận là một cơn bão nhiệt ới ảnh hưởng ến miền trung Philippines . Mặc dù một cơn bão nhiệt ới , những cơn gi c thể tiếp tục tàn ph cơ sở hạ tầng km trong khu vực này.

Nếu hệ thống này ược nng cấp bởi JMA một cơn bão nhiệt ới , n sẽ nhận ược tên ” Podul ” c nghĩa là cy liễu Bắc Triều Tiên.

Chng ti sẽ tiếp tục theo dõi sự tiến bộ trên Zoraida . Chơ …

Bão Haiyan hình ảnh và Thư viện video
ược ng trên 08 thng mười một nm 2013 bởi robspeta

Haiyan bão tiếp tục tàn ph khu vực miền Trung Philippines ngày hm nay sau khi ổ bộ với sức gi ược dự bo sẽ tng hơn 300kph ở trung tm của cơn bão . Cc hình ảnh và video dưới y sẽ ược cập nhật trong suốt cả ngày . Họ khng phải là chng ta ể riêng nhưng lấy ra từ những người trên mặt ất trước

ọc Morea |

– ” Westernpacificweather
Supertyphoon Yolanda

Bởi : | Nam Thng tấn xã

CAAP từ bỏ ph cho tất cả cc chuyến bay nhn ạo ; Cebu Pacific ặt lịch trình bay, tùy chọn

11 -Nov- 13 , 04:55 | Eric B. Apolonio ,

Cơ quan Hàng khng dn dụng Philippines ( CAAP ) ã ban hành một Bản ghi nhớ Thng tư miễn từ ph và lệ ph tất cả cc hãng hàng khng trong khi gắn cc chuyến bay nhn ạo cho cc nạn nhn của siêu bão ” Yolanda. ‘

Gi cao hơn dự kiến ​​sau khi ‘ Yolanda ‘ cắt qua trung tm của PH sugarland

11 -Nov- 13 , 04:42 | Orti Despuez ,

Chnh phủ hy vọng gi ường tng sau khi cắt cơn bão ‘ Yolanda thng qua Visayas , ược coi là trung tm của ngành cng nghiệp ường Philippines .

WALANG PASOK | Lớp ình Chỉ cho thứ hai Thng 11 11 , trở i

11 -Nov- 13 , 16:32 | Patricia B. Aquino ,

MANILA , Philippines – Cc LGU và cc khu vực sau y ã hủy bỏ cc lớp học bắt ầu từ Thứ 2 Thng Mười Một 11 , do hậu quả của supertyphoon ” Yolanda ” . Trang này sẽ liên tục ược cập nhật khi c thêm thng tin và thng bo ến .

Cc chuyến bay thương mại tiếp tục trong cc bộ phận của Visayas bão hit

11 -Nov- 13 , 04:23 | Darwin G. Amojelar ,

Cc hãng hàng khng của nước này vào thứ hai trở lại một số chuyến bay của họ trong Visayas , ba ngày sau khi cơn bão ‘ Yolanda ‘ tấn cng ất nước.

Cung cấp hàng tiêu dùng cho bão hit Leyte phong ph , DTI ni

11 -Nov- 13 , 03:56 | Bến Arnold O. De Vera ,

Sở Thương mại và Cng nghiệp (DTI ) cho biết người tiêu dùng trong cơn bão tàn ph Leyte c ủ nguồn cung cấp cc mặt hàng cơ bản .

Những gì Tacloban ‘ cửa thng ra sn ? Phụ t PNoy ni rằng Tổng thống chỉ ơn thuần là mất ‘ ph vỡ phòng tắm ‘

11 -Nov- 13 , 03:54 | Chậu de Leon ,

Cc quan chức Malacanang vào tối chủ nhật phủ nhận rằng Tổng thống Aquino ã giận dữ bước ra khỏi một cuộc họp trong bão ập Tacloban , với một trợ l thn cận ni rằng tất cả cc phương tiện truyền thng là ồn ào về khng c gì hơn so với gim ốc iều hành tham gia một ‘ ph vỡ phòng tắm .

# ReliefPH | Làm thế nào những người khc ang gip ỡ , và làm thế nào bạn c thể, qu

11 -Nov- 13 , 03:44 | Patricia B. Aquino ,

‘Tis mùa giải ã cho , và khng chỉ vì Ging sinh là gần .

De Lima : Thay vì thiết qun luật , một lựa chọn mạnh mẽ là tuyên bố tình trạng khẩn cấp và thiên tai

11 -Nov- 13 , 15:39 | Marlene Alcaide ,

Tư php Thư k Philippines bc bỏ tuyên bố thiết qun luật tại thành phố Tacloban và cc khu vực khc, nơi người sống st sau cơn bão Yolanda ã phải dùng ến cướp bc sau khi bo co tình trạng thiếu thực phẩm và nước.

TÌM DN ? Sau khi tấn cng trang web của Yolanda , Google cung cấp ‘Người Finder |

11 -Nov- 13 , 03:26 |

Google lại một lần nữa cung cấp dịch vụ Finder người của mình cho những người tìm kiếm những người thn yêu trong khu vực bị tàn ph bởi supertyphoon ” Yolanda ” .

Thng minh , Sun khi phục cc dịch vụ di ộng trong Tacloban

11 -Nov- 13 , 03:13 |

Trong một tuyên bố từ nhm PLDT , thng minh và Sun Cellular ã khi phục lại dịch vụ di ộng trong Tacloban và cc trang web khc , và tại cùng một thời gian liên tục ể cung cấp Libreng Tawag trong khu vực bị ảnh hưởng. Smart Communications , Inc ( thng minh ) hiện lên

Bayanihan | Bicol , Butuan cc nhà quản l lại cho Samar , Leyte cho thanh ton bù trừ , phục hồi , ops y tế

11 -Nov- 13 , 02:53 | Mario S. Arguelles , Thng tấn xã Philippines

Cc quan chức chnh phủ và cc nhn viên từ Bicol và Butuan lại cho Samar và Leyte ể gip ỡ trong thanh ton bù trừ , phục hồi , và cc hoạt ộng y tế.

Những người sống st trốn trong hang ộng nhưng Yolanda vẫn còn lại hơn 300 người chết trong hai Samar thị trấn

11 -Nov- 13 , 02:48 | Likha Cuevas – Miel ,

Hơn 300 người xc nhận ã chết trong cc thị trấn ven biển của Basey và Marabut , với gần như tất cả nhà cửa và cc cấu trc khc – bao gồm cả trung tm sơ tn – bị hư hỏng do siêu bão Yolanda , Giảm rủi ro thiên tai tỉnh Samar và Hội ồng quản l ( PDRRMC ) cho biết .

Tri tim của chng ti với người dn Philippines , Tổng gim ốc IMF cho biết sau khi Yolanda thảm họa

11 -Nov- 13 , 02:17 |

Cc gim ốc iều hành của Quỹ Tiền tệ Quốc tế (IMF ) ã bày tỏ nỗi buồn của mình sau khi biết về sự tàn ph của cơn bão Yolanda ( tên quốc tế : Haiyan ) .

Nhà nước tuyên bố thiên tai tìm ở cc thành phố Yolanda – hit , tỉnh nhập viện trợ nước ngoài dễ dàng

11 -Nov- 13 , 02:00 | Ernie Reyes,

Thượng viện Philippines ã kêu gọi Tổng thống Benigno Aquino III tuyên bố tình trạng thiên tai tại 10 tỉnh và 10 thành phố mà bao gồm khu vực 7 và 8 bị tàn ph bởi siêu bão Yolanda.

Sở Y tế cho biết khng ể chn cất hàng loạt cho Yolanda nạn nhn nhận dạng sans

11 -Nov- 13 , 01:47 | Jet Villa ,

Khng nên c chn cất hàng loạt nạn nhn của siêu bão Yolanda cho ến sau khi họ ã ược xc ịnh , Bộ Y tế cho biết hm thứ Hai.

‘ Dịu xuống ‘ Tacloban như PNP gửi 800 cảnh st và hội ồng quản trị tỉnh tuyên bố tình trạng khẩn cấp

11 -Nov- 13 , 13:26 | Jaime Sinapit , | Philippines News Agency

Thành phố dường như ã bình tĩnh trở lại sau khi cảnh st quốc gia Philippines ( PNP ) ã gửi hai tiểu oàn của lực lượng ưu t ể cc thành phố Tacloban và Ormoc nơi lootings ã ược bo co trong sự trỗi dậy của siêu bão Yolanda , và sau khi hội ồng quản trị tỉnh ã tuyên bố ” tình trạng khẩn cấp ” trong Leyte .

PH thị trường chứng khon tụt xuống trên nền kinh tế lo ngại ể c một hit từ ” Yolanda ‘

11 -Nov- 13 , 13:09 | Krista Angela M. Montealegre ,

( CẬP NHẬT 04:13 ) gi cổ phiếu Philippines giảm Thứ hai, mở rộng thiệt hại cho một kỳ họp thứ bảy , như cc nhà ầu tư tiêu ha ảnh hưởng của Siêu bão ” Yolanda ” trên nền kinh tế.

Coron hết gạo – thị trưởng

11 -Nov- 13 , 12:17 | Jaime Sinapit ,

Thành phố du lịch của Coron ở Palawan ang chạy ra thực phẩm, ặc biệt là gạo , thị trưởng của n ni.

Khng bị tổn thương , lĩnh vực dầu Galoc lại cc hoạt ộng sau khi ” Yolanda ‘ thot

11 -Nov- 13 , 12:09 | Euan Paulo C. Añonuevo ,

Cc Philippines chỉ thương mại lĩnh vực sản xuất dầu sống st bão , Yolanda khng bị tổn thương , iều hành của hãng cho biết hm nay .

Sn bay Tacloban một phần mở ra, như CAAP dỡ bỏ lệnh cấm bay trên tất cả cc sn bay nội ịa – CAAP

11 -Nov- 13 , 11:46 | Eric B. Apolonio ,

Tacloban cc sn bay trong nước (hoặc Daniel Z. Romualdez sn bay ) là một phần mở như Cơ quan Hàng khng dn dụng Philippines ( CAAP ) dỡ bỏ vào thứ hai thng bo cho phi cng ( NOTAM ) trên tất cả cc sn bay nội ịa sau ổ bộ của siêu bão Yolanda hm thứ Su.

Cc chuyên gia thiên tai ể PH : Tìm hiểu từ nm 2004 sng thần nỗ lực cứu trợ

11 -Nov- 13 , 11:11 | Agence France-Presse

Cc chuyên gia cảnh bo thảm họa hm thứ Hai rằng sai lầm trong nỗ lực cứu trợ sau thảm họa sng thần nm 2004 ở Ấn ộ Dương khng phải ược lặp lại với cơn bão siêu ã ph Philippines.

50.000 ngi nhà bị mất trong Roxas City – ủy viên hội ồng

11 -Nov- 13 , 11:03 |

Khoảng 50.000 người ã mất nhà cửa trong thành phố Roxas , Capiz , ủy viên hội ồng nh Ortiz cho biết.

Với 10 trên 40 thành phố bo co , Leyte trả khớp 1.563 trường hợp tử vong cho ến nay

11 -Nov- 13 , 10:46 | Mike dela Rama , Thng tấn xã Philippines

Hội ồng cấp tỉnh quản l rủi ro thiên tai giảm ( PDRRMC ) Leyte vào thứ hai bo co c tổng cộng 1.563 trường hợp tử vong như tìm kiếm và phục hồi cho một mất tch và cc nạn nhn tiếp tục .

Video | TV5 phi hành oàn giận dữ phim Yolanda trong Guiuan – và sự tan rã của nơi tr ẩn của mình

11 -Nov- 13 , 10:37 | Benjie Dorango , cứu hộ 5

Một ội Rescue5 của News5 là trong Guiuan , ng Samar , như cơn bão Yolanda ã ổ bộ vào thứ Bảy. Lấy chỗ ở với một nhm cư dn , oàn làm phim ã c thể nắm bắt ược sự ph hủy chậm của nơi riêng của họ về nơi tr ẩn – và sau là những cảnh ầu tiên của số phận Guiuan của , sng hm sau.

iện, nước cung cấp trở lại bình thường trong Bohol

11 -Nov- 13 , 10:03 | Nam Thng tấn xã

iện, nước ã ược khi phục trong Bohol vào chủ nhật sau khi toàn bộ tỉnh ã ược ặt trong bng tối ngày hai – và – một – nửa khi siêu bão Yolanda ( Haiyan ) bị hư hỏng hai ngọn thp của Ormoc – Maasin dòng 138 kV của lưới iện quốc gia cng ty của Philippines ( NGCP ) .

” Yolanda ‘ ra khỏi Trung Quốc từ Ayungin Reef, Philippines Thủy qun lục chiến trên tàu an toàn cn cứ

11 -Nov- 13 , 09:45 | Jaime Sinapit ,

Siêu bão Yolanda ã gửi về nhà hàng hải của Trung Quốc và tàu hải qun tại cc rạn san h Ayungin ở Palawan , trong khi nửa t Thủy qun lục chiến Philippines trên một gỉ và cn cứ chiến tranh thế giới II tàu thời ược an toàn, một nguồn tin ni với .

HÃY GỌI CHO GIA ÌNH BẠN | Trong hậu quả của Yolanda , Viber cung cấp cc cuộc gọi miễn ph ở nước ngoài, thậm ch ể người dùng khng c Viber

11 -Nov- 13 , 09:25 |

Do hậu quả của cơn bão Yolanda , Internet dịch vụ nhắn tin Viber vừa cng bố một ‘ tạm thời ‘ dịch vụ ‘ cho php người dùng Philippines gọi thường (khng phải Viber ) số bên ngoài của Philippines miễn ph. ”

2 quốc tế , 32 chuyến bay nội ịa vẫn bị hủy bỏ trong hậu quả của ” Yolanda ‘

11 -Nov- 13 , 09:07 | Nam Thng tấn xã

Ba mươi bốn chuyến bay ã bị hủy bỏ thứ hai là kết quả của sự tàn ph gy ra bởi siêu bão Yolanda , Manila Sn bay quốc tế c thẩm quyền ( MIAA ) Truyền thng Xã Phòng (MAD ) cho biết .

WANTED | Roxas khng co cho cưa xch , backhoes cho khai lộ , cũng như tình nguyện viên y tế

11 -Nov- 13 , 08:44 | Jaime Sinapit , Thng tấn xã Philippines

ường giao thng vẫn chưa ược xa hoàn toàn cc mảnh vỡ cho hàng cứu trợ nhanh chng ược chuyển tới khu vực ảnh hưởng nặng nề bởi cơn bão Yolanda ể lootings từ cc cơ sở kinh doanh của người dn i c thể ược ngn chặn , Bộ trưởng Nội vụ Mar Roxas cho biết.

Thng tin liên lạc phục hồi trong nhiều lĩnh vực trong W. Visayas nhưng vẫn ốm trong E. Visayas – NDRRMC

11 -Nov- 13 , 08:18 | Nam Thng tấn xã

Phương tiện thng tin liên lạc ã ược khi phục trong nhiều lĩnh vực ảnh hưởng bởi siêu bão Yolanda nhưng vẫn còn là một vấn ề trong Visayas ng, thảm họa quốc gia và Hội ồng quản l giảm thiểu rủi ro ( NDRRMC ) cho biết hm thứ Hai.
Bão Haiyan : Philippines tàn ph “tuyệt ối hỗn loạn ‘

BBC ngày 11 thng 11 2013 Cập nhật lc 07:24 z (GMT / UTC)

( Tn dụng Video ) ” Chng ti rất rất i và kht ” một người sống st ni với Jon Donnison của ài BBC trong Tacloban
hình ảnh của Jon Donnison Tại hiện trường Jon Donnison BBC News, Tacloban

Tacloban ã bị san phẳng . Li xe trên ường cao chnh , hầu như khng một tòa nhà duy nhất còn lại ứng .

Người ta ni thị trấn này ã bị một bức tường nước khi cơn bão nh vào thứ Su. C mùi hi thối của xc chết thối rữa . Li xe từ sn bay , chng ti thấy iểm số của cc cơ quan nằm bên ường . Trong ba ngày họ ã ược ở , khng c ai chn họ .

Người ang tuyệt vọng cho thực phẩm, nước sạch và nơi tr ẩn . Tại sn bay bị nh ập, một bệnh viện dã chiến ã ược thiết lập . Chng ta ã thấy hai phụ nữ trẻ khi sinh , ặt ra trong cc mảnh vỡ .

Viện trợ là nhận ược trong , nhưng từ từ . Và iều này chỉ là một thị trấn , trong một tỉnh. Khng ai biết ược toàn bộ sự tàn ph ở nơi khc.

Tìm hiểu thêm từ Jon

bão Haiyan

Tacloban trong ống ổ nt
hình ảnh vệ tinh
viện trợ của Anh
hình ảnh của bạn

Người ứng ầu của Hội chữ thập ỏ Philippines ã m tả sự tàn ph do bão Haiyan là ” hỗn loạn tuyệt ối ” .

Cc quan chức ước tnh lên tới 10.000 người ã thiệt mạng ở thành phố Tacloban và hàng trm nơi khc. Hàng trm ngàn người ược di dời .

Những ngi nhà bão san phẳng , trường học và sn bay.

Kể từ , ã ổ bộ vào miền Bắc Việt Nam , gần biên giới Trung Quốc , nơi mà n ã làm suy yếu một cơn bão nhiệt ới .

nguồn cung cấp

Bốn triệu người ã bị ảnh hưởng ở Philippines , và nhiều người ang phải vật lộn ể tồn tại mà khng cần thực phẩm , chỗ ở và nước uống sạch .

Một nỗ lực cứu trợ quốc tế lớn ang ược tiến hành , nhưng nhn viên cứu hộ ã phải vật lộn ể ạt ược một số thị trấn và làng cắt ứt kể từ khi cơn bão.

“C một awful nhiều thương vong , rất nhiều người chết hơn tất cả cc nơi , rất nhiều ph hủy “, ng Richard Gordon , người ứng ầu Hội Chữ thập ỏ Philippines , ni với BBC.

“ là hỗn loạn tuyệt ối ngay by giờ, nhưng hy vọng n sẽ lần lượt ra tốt hơn do nguồn cung ngày càng nhận ược vào khu vực này. ”

ng cho biết con ường by giờ ã ược giải tỏa ể cho php nhn viên cứu trợ ể c ược cc khu vực ảnh hưởng nặng nhất , nhưng họ sẽ tìm thấy nhiều thương vong.

“ chỉ là by giờ mà họ ã c thể c ược trong và chng ti ang bắt ầu chỉ ể mang lại trong cc mục cần thiết thực phẩm … cũng như nước và những thứ khc mà họ cần. ”

Dự bo thời tiết dự bo p thấp nhiệt ới sẽ di chuyển vào pha nam và miền trung Philippines hm thứ ba , c khả nng mang lại những trận mưa lớn hơn nữa sẽ cản trở nỗ lực cứu trợ .

Tình nguyện viên từ cc tìm kiếm cứu nạn ơn vị Quỹ quay nhìn từ trên khng của thiệt hại

Jane nghiêng , gim ốc nhn ạo cho tổ chức Oxfam , cho biết cc ồng nghiệp ã chứng kiến ​​” sự tàn ph hoàn toàn … toàn bộ cc phần của bờ biển chỉ biến mất , và cy kh lớn chỉ ci xuống và [ là ] nm về que diêm như thế nào. ”

Bo co mới nhất từ giảm thiểu rủi ro thiên tai của Philippines và Hội ồng quản l xc nhận 255 trường hợp tử vong tnh ến 22:00 GMT ngày Chủ nhật . N ni gần 630.000 người ã ược bo co di dời .

Nhưng cc quan chức ã cảnh bo rằng số người chết sẽ tng lên ng kể .
Nhà bị ph hủy ảnh hưởng bởi cơn bão Haiyan trong thị trấn Guiuan tại tỉnh ng Samar , miền trung Philippines vào ngày 11 Thng 11 nm 2013 Ba ngày sau khi bão Haiyan hit , hình ảnh trên khng ược tiết lộ một cảnh tàn ph tận cùng một khu vực rộng của miền trung Philippines .
Tàu chở hàng dạt vào bờ ược nhìn thấy bốn ngày sau khi siêu bão Haiyan nhấn Anibong thị trấn , thành phố Tacloban , miền trung Philippines ngày 11 thng mười một nm 2013 . Một trong những nơi ảnh hưởng nặng nhất là thành phố Tacloban , nơi mà sự tàn khốc của sng bão cuốn con tàu này vào bờ.
Một phụ nữ 21 tuổi nằm kiệt sức trên sàn mảnh vỡ bao phủ tại một cơ sở y tế tạm thời trong Tacloban sau khi sinh một b gi Một người phụ nữ 21 tuổi nằm kiệt sức trên sàn mảnh vỡ bao phủ tại một cơ sở y tế tạm thời trong Tacloban sau khi sinh một b gi. Cc cơn bão cuốn tri mẹ.
Philippines và nhn viên qun sự Hoa Kỳ tải hàng cứu trợ cho Tacloban trên một C -130 my bay Mỹ cho cc nạn nhn của Siêu bão Haiyan nhấn miền trung Philippines , tại một cn cứ qun sự ở Manila vào ngày 11 thng 11 nm 2013 Tại Manila, Philippines và nhn viên qun sự Mỹ giảm tải hàng Tacloban . Cc ội cứu hộ quốc tế ang hướng tới khu vực.
Một chiếc thuyền du lịch ược xem chìm ở vịnh Hạ Long , Việt Nam vào ngày 11 thng mười một nm 2013 Cơn bão – by giờ hạ cấp xuống một cơn bão nhiệt ới – ã ạt ến Việt Nam , nơi c hàng trm ngàn người ã ược sơ tn .

‘ Chưa từng c ‘ bão

Bão Haiyan – một trong những cơn bão mạnh nhất trong lịch sử sẽ ổ bộ – qut qua su hòn ảo trung tm Philippines hm thứ Su.

N mang lại những cơn gi duy trì của 235km / h ( 147mph ) , với cơn 275 km / h (170 mph ) , với những con sng cao tới 15m ( 45ft ), ưa lên ến 400mm ( 15.75 inch) c mưa ở nhiều nơi .

“Thế giới ã khng nhìn thấy một cơn bão như thế này trước y”, Senen Mangalile , Philippines Tổng lãnh sự Vương quốc Anh cho biết .
“Thế giới ã khng nhìn thấy một cơn bão như thế này ”

Senen Mangalile Philippines Tổng lãnh sự ến Vương quốc Anh

Hình ảnh của bạn : tàn ph
Viện trợ của Anh cho cc nạn nhn

Steven Godby , một chuyên gia về quản l thiên tai tại ại học Nottingham Trent , ni với BBC cc cơn bão là ” c lẽ là cơn bão mạnh nhất và mạnh nhất của loại này sẽ ổ bộ ” .

” Chng ti ã nhìn thấy những cơn bão như thế này c lẽ vào những dịp hiếm hoi mà ã là loại cường ộ ngoài biển nhưng cho n ể i lên bờ với loại sức mạnh gần như chưa từng c “, tiến sĩ Godby ni.

My bay qun sự của Mỹ và cc tàu ang ược triển khai ể cung cấp sự gip ỡ . Tổng thống Mỹ Barack Obama ã ban hành một thng bo ni rằng ng ” v cùng au buồn bởi sự mất mt về người và thiệt hại lớn ” .

Cc quốc gia khc cũng ã cam kết hàng triệu la hỗ trợ . c ã chấp thuận $ 9m trong viện trợ nhn ạo ến Philippines, trong khi New Zealand ã cam kết hơn 1 triệu USD .

Kristalina Georgieva , cc ủy viên viện trợ nhn ạo Liên minh chu u , cho biết nỗ lực cứu trợ sẽ ược hướng dẫn bởi ba ưu tiên .
bão chết người

Thng 9 nm 1937 Hồng Kng bão – 11.000 chết
Thng 9 nm 1959 Typhoon Vera – chết ể nh Nhật Bản , giết chết 5.238 người
Thng Tm nm 1975 Typhoon Nina – khoảng 229.000 chết ở Trung Quốc sau khi sự sụp ổ của ập Bản Kiều
Thng 11 1991 Typhoon Thelma – chết ở Philippines cho ến nay, giết chết 5-8,000

” Người ầu tiên là ể c ược quyền truy cập vào vùng su vùng xa càng nhanh càng tốt , và vấn ề truy cập là cả hai vận chuyển và cũng khi phục viễn thng, ” c ni

” Thứ hai , tất nhiên, là ể c ược sự hỗ trợ nhn ạo ngay lập tức cho những người bị ảnh hưởng bởi một số sự cố . Và người tiếp theo sẽ là nơi tr ẩn. ”

Cc nỗ lực cứu trợ ang ược tập trung vào cc tỉnh pha ng của Leyte và vốn Tacloban của n , nơi một cơn bão lớn san phẳng ngi nhà .

Cơn bão – c tên là ” Yolanda ” của chnh quyền Phi Luật Tn – ắm tới 80% cc cấu trc trong ường i của n , cảnh st trưởng gim Elmer Soria ni với cc phng viên.

Cc quan chức cho biết cướp bc ã lan rộng và trật tự ã ược chứng minh rất kh thực thi .

Pht ngn viên qun sự Trung T Ramon Zagala ni rằng 100 binh sĩ ã ược triển khai ể gip cảnh st ngn chặn cướp bc trong Tacloban , Hãng AFP tường thuật .

Tổng thống Philippines Benigno Aquino ni rằng c một khả nng qun luật hoặc tình trạng khẩn cấp sẽ ược cng bố trong thành phố.

Ở một số vùng , người chết ược chn trong ngi mộ tập thể .

Haiyan bão ã ổ bộ vào Việt Nam , gần cc ịa iểm du lịch của Vịnh Hạ Long , với sức gi duy trì tối a 140 km / h ( 85mph ) .

Khoảng 600.000 người ã ược sơ tn trong cc tỉnh pha Bắc của ất nước.
bản ồ

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Siêu bão Haiyan : hình ảnh vệ tinh
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Bão Haiyan hit Việt Nam và di chuyển về pha nam Trung Quốc

(Video tn dụng : ITN)

ược ng trên ngày 11 thng 11 nm 2013
Haiyan bão ã ổ bộ vào miền Bắc Việt Nam như một cơn bão nhiệt ới , sau khi ể lại tàn ph lớn ở Philippines. Bo co của Sarah Kerr .
Bão Haiyan : 12 giải cứu sau khi bị mắc kẹt trong tàu Trung Quốc

(Video tn dụng : ITN)

ược ng trên ngày 11 thng 11 nm 2013
Mười hai thành viên phi hành oàn ra khỏi hai tàu bị mất kiểm sot của cc neo ở tỉnh Hải Nam, Trung Quốc ã ược cứu thot sau cơn bão Haiyan . Bo co của Sarah Kerr .

WTJP22 RJTD 110.600

CẢNH BO 110.600 .

CẢNH BO GI TRỊ 120.600 .

Cảnh bo ược cập nhật mỗi 6 giờ.


TROPICAL STORM 1330 Haiyan ( 1330) hạ cấp từ nhiệt ới khắc nghiệt


AT 22.3N 107.4E SOUTH Trung Quốc hướng về pha bắc 10 hải l.

Vị tr tốt .

MAX gi 40 KNOTS gần trung tm .

RADIUS HƠN 30 Gi nt, nơ 150 dặm về pha bắc bn nguyệt và 120 dặm

Ghi ở nơi khc .

DỰ BO CHO VỊ TR 111800UTC AT 23.0N 107.1E VỚI 50 dặm RADIUS


1002 HPA .

TRỞ THÀNH p thấp nhiệt ới .

DỰ BO CHO VỊ TR 120600UTC AT 23.7N 107.0E VỚI 70 dặm RADIUS


1008 HPA .

TRỞ THÀNH p thấp nhiệt ới .


Khng sử dụng bất kỳ thng tin trên trang web này ể quyết ịnh sự sống hay ci chết . Tất cả cc thng tin ược thiết kế như bổ sung cc nguồn tin chnh thức . Vui lòng tham khảo cơ quan / chnh phủ thời tiết trang web chnh thức của nước bạn ể cảnh bo ịa phương , khuyến co và cc bản tin .

Chinese (Translated by Google)

中國/越南/菲律賓:熱帶風暴101500Z 1330海鹽22.6N 107.6E , N在9knots ( JMA )削弱整個S中國移動;新風暴PH – 111113 1010Z

1330海鹽熱帶風暴( JMA )
熱帶風暴31W (海鹽)
降級颱風31W (聯合颱風警報中心)

現在外面颱風Yolanda是菲律賓面積責任( PAR ) – PAGASA





(迪chuyển xuống町菲律賓,越南VA禁令DICH訂閱RSS feed Trung QUOC的)



(圖片: )五天天氣預報(點擊圖片源)

(圖片提供: )衛星(點擊圖片來源)

TS 1330 (海鹽)
2013年11月,11在09:50 UTC日發行
秤 –
強度 –
中心位置N22 35′ ( 22.6 )
E107 35 ‘ (107.6 )
方向和速度的運動Ñ 15公里/小時( 9克拉) ,
最大持續風速18m / s的( 35克拉)
最大陣風線速度25m / s的( 50克拉)
區的風30克拉或更多NE280km ( 150NM )
SW220km ( 120NM )
強度 –
概率圈的中心位置N24 00 ‘ ( 24.0 )
E107 55’ (107.9 )
半徑概率圓160公里( 85NM )

1KT (結) = 1.852公里每小時= 0.5144米/秒
1NM海裡= 1.852公里


(圖片: )越南的政治版圖



當地時間(GMT +7 )



13 11月11日(星期一) , 2013年4.8 132.5 TD 56公里/小時


當地時間(GMT +7 )



13(星期二) , 11月12日, 2013 830 123.3 TS 65公里/小時
*未來的預測軌跡地圖將發行, 2013年11月11日(星期一)下午9:30

發布時間: 2012年4月4日。最近更新時間: 2013年10月30日。

國家災害風險減少和管理委員會( NDRRMC )熱線

(02) 911-1406 , ( 02) 912-2665 , ( 02 ) 912-5668 , ( 02 ) 911-1873 , ( 02) 912-3046 ,主幹線: 911-5061至64

菲律賓國家警察(PNP )熱線巡邏

117或發送TXT PNP至2920的


117, ( 02 ) 729-5166 , ( 02 ) 410-6319 (區域主管,信息服務台)

交通和通信( DOTC )中央熱線

7890或(02) 726-6255

馬尼拉發展局(MMDA )

136 882-0925 (防洪)

幹線: (02) 882-4150 -77祿。 337 (救援) ,255 ( METROBASE )

METROBASE : 882-0860

公共工程和公路部( DPWH )

(02) 304-3713 ,( 02 ) 304-3904


143, ( 02 ) 527-0000 , (02) 527-8385 〜95

北呂宋高速公路( NLEX )熱線

(02) 3-5000 ( 02) 580-8910

北呂宋高速公路( NLEX )熱線

(02) 3-5000 ( 02) 580-8910

蘇比克 – 克拉克 – 塔拉克高速公路( SCTEX ),的熱線

( 0920 ) 96 SCTEX ( 72839 ) (交通熱線)或( 045) 459-0522


(02) 776-7777 , 0917-539-8762 (全球) 0999-886-0893 (智能) 0932-854-6980 (太陽)

南呂宋高速公路( SLEX )的熱線電話

幹線: ( 049 ) 508-7509 , ( 02) 584-4389 , ( 02 ) 584-4605 , ( 02) 584-4605 , ( 02 ) 584-4654 , ( 049) 502-8956 (麗)

菲律賓大氣,地球物理和天文服務管理(PAGASA )熱線

( 02) 433-8526


幹線: ( 02 ) 527-8481 ,( 02 ) 527-3877 , 0917-724-3682 (全球) , 0917- PCG- DOTC (全球)




幹線: (02) 426-1468 〜79 ,當地的124 / 125 (緊急) ;

文字/電話: 0905-313-4077 (全球)


幹線: ( 632) 931-81-01 07 ,當地的426或425 (災難響應單位) , ( 02) 951-7119 ;帕辦公室熱線: 851-2681 , 511-1259

菲律賓民航局( CAAP )

( 02) 879-9113

馬尼拉國際機場管理局( MIAA )

0917- TEXNAIA的( 8396242 )

克拉克國際機場公司( CIAC )

(045 ) 499-1468

宿務國際機場( MCIAA )

(032 ) 340-2486


( 02) 542-5234



航運業管理局( MARINA )

0917- SUMBONG的( 7862664 )


TextLTO 文本LTOHELP到2600 (移動網絡) 。

(02) 922-9061 〜66

陸路運輸,特許經營和管理委員會( LTFRB )

( 02) 426-2515



02 )825 – 4004


南他加祿語動脈道( S.T.A.R收費公路)

(043) 756 – 7870


0908 – 5117827


( 02) 319-0044

輕軌交通管理局( LRTA )

( 02) 854-0452



地鐵軌道交通( DOTC MRT3 )

( 02) 924-0054

( 02) 929-5347

運輸安全辦公室( OTS )

0919- 9999OTS (687)

( 02) 853-5249


馬尼拉交通熱線 527 3087 (前台) 527-3088 (交通調查) 527-3065
Cainta交通熱線 646-0044
拉斯維加斯PIA 交通 874-5756 (主) 874-3927 (調查) 874-5754 (交通) 874-5753 (反自動售貨機)
曼達盧永熱線 534-2993 (交通) 533-2225 (指揮控制中心)
馬里基納現貨 646-1651 , (02) 646-1633 (交通)
帕西格交通 643-0000 (指揮控制中心) ; 643-1111 ; : 641-1907 (交通)
馬加公共安全部門A 844-3146 , 819-3270 71

其他本地的政府Units (當地政府學院網站的鏈接)
PAGASA DOSTPhilippine大氣,地球物理和天文服務管理( PAGASA外輪理貨)菲律賓奎松市,

( PAGASA所有時間是PHT除非另有說明)

熱帶氣旋警告: : #颱風YolandaPH (海鹽)
發行, 2013年11月9日下午3:30

颱風Yolanda是現在外面責任( PAR )菲律賓面積。

眼睛/中心的位置:今日下午3:00 ,颱風眼 YOLANDA T是位於所有可用的數據的基礎上,在722公里的聖何塞,西方的西民都洛( 13.6A N, 114.5 E ) 。



預測位置: Yolanda是颱風預計將在943公里西聖何塞西北,傍晚西方民都洛島。






聯合颱風警報中心( JTWC )


WTPN33 PGTW 110300

,MSGID / GENADMIN的的/合營號颱風 WRNCEN 珍珠港HI / /
的SUBJ /熱帶氣旋警告/ /
1。熱帶風暴31W (海鹽)警告NR 032

110000Z —近21.8N 107.2E
運動過去六小時 – 355度13 KTS
最大持續風速 – 060 KT ,陣風075 KT
重複POSIT : 21.8N 107.2E

111200Z — 23.3N 107.9E
最大持續風速 – 045 KT ,陣風055 KT
矢量24 HR POSIT : 055度/ 07 KTS

120000Z — 24.1N 109.2E
最大持續風速 – 030 KT 040 KT ,陣風
矢量36小時POSIT : 075度/ 08 KTS

121200Z — 24.5N 110.8E
最大持續風速 – 020 KT ,陣風030 KT

22.2N 107.4E 110300Z位置附近。
熱帶風暴( TS ) 31W (海鹽) ,距離約87海裡
在過去六小時。 ANIMATED增強紅外衛星圖像
表示, TS 31W正在迅速減弱,因為它進一步跟踪
剪切( 20至25節) 。在最初的信心有公平
RJTD德沃夏克FINAL -T和電流強度的估計( 55/65節) 。
TS 31W跟踪亞熱帶沿西部邊緣
整個南部中國的西風氣流。 TS 31W預測轉動
聯合號颱風 WRNCEN 珍珠港HI 。該系統將密切
監測再生的跡象。 / /

TSR logoNW太平洋風暴警報在11月11日發行, 2013 0:00 GMT (末期警告)

熱帶風暴海燕( 31W )目前位於接近21.8東經107.2 E的預測,取得土地的可能性(次)在給定的領先時間(s) :

黃色警示國家(S)或省( S )
CAT 1或以上的概率為30 % ,目前
為TS的概率是100 % ,目前
CAT 1或以上的概率為30 % ,目前
為TS的概率是100 % ,目前
黃色警報城(s)和鎮(S )
南寧(22.8 N, 108.3 ê )
變性人的概率是75 %在12小時內
河內(北緯21.0度, 105.8 ê )
變性人的概率是55 % ,目前

紅色警報(嚴重)是CAT 1或以上至31%和100 %的概率。
黃色警戒(升高)是CAT 1或以上的介於10%和30 %的概率,或者在50%以上的概率。
CAT 1意味著颱風強度至少74英里的風,119公里/小時或每小時64海裡,持續1分鐘。
TS意味著至少39英里的熱帶風暴強度的風, 63公里每小時34節1分鐘持續。



(圖片提供: TSR )

發布時間2013年11月11由robspeta / / Westernpacificweather的






至少有13,000,000人說已經影響海鹽,相信死亡人數上升以及超過10,000 。這將使它致命的風暴襲擊菲律賓。近一倍,從1991年的羅辛。

國際援助在許多國家集中資源,以幫助數以百萬計的影響已經開始過濾。奧巴馬總統已經表示,他將提供盡可能多的資源需要。 (然而,喬治華盛頓號航空母艦仍然在港口只有幾百英里遠從菲律賓在香港。 )

美海軍陸戰隊抵達菲律賓在菲律賓政府的請求 – @ PacificCommand





– Westernpacificweather

邁克阿德科克/ / Westernpacificweather的的2013年11月11發布


這個系統的發展放緩的一件事是在低緯度形成。目前正南5 N,科里奧利引起地球自轉的影響,並有助於增加開發低壓區的自旋是非常有限的,是阻礙快速發展。然而,海水和大氣條件下保持良好的發展空間。因此,共識是一個熱帶風暴影響的菲律賓中部。雖然一場熱帶風暴,這些風可以進一步在這一地區摧毀的基礎設施受損。



發布時間2013年11月8 robspeta



– Westernpacificweather

: |菲律賓通訊社


11 – 11 – 13 ,4:55 PM |埃里克B. Apolonio

菲律賓民航局( CAAP )已發出備忘錄通知豁免收費和所有的航空公司,同時安裝人道主義航班超強颱風約蘭達受害者。

約蘭達切後通過PH SUGARLAND心臟漲價預期較高

11 – 11 – 13 ,4:42 PM |歐迪Despuez


泛希社運WALANG |停課, 11月11日(星期一)起

11 – 11 – 13 ,4:32 PM |帕特里夏B.阿基諾

馬尼拉,菲律賓 – 以下地方政府部門和地區已經取消了班開始, 11月11日(星期一) ,在超級颱風約蘭達的後果。此頁面將不斷更新的更多信息,並通知到達。


11 – 11 – 13 ,4:23 PM |達爾文G. Amojelar



11 – 11 – 13 ,3:56 PM |奔阿諾德澳德維拉,

貿易和工業部( DTI )說,在颱風肆虐的萊特消費者有足夠的供應基本商品。

塔克洛班’罷工’? PNOY助手說,總統只是拿了浴室休息

11 – 11 – 13 ,3:54 PM |花盆德萊昂,

馬拉坎南宮官員拒絕在週日晚上,總統阿基諾曾氣憤地走出了簡報在颱風受虐塔克洛班,一個親密助手說所有的媒體大驚小怪沒有超過行政長官採取浴室休息 。

# ReliefPH |如何別人的幫助,你怎麼可以,太

11 – 11 – 13 ,3:44 PM |帕特里夏B.阿基諾



11 – 11 – 13 ,3:39 PM |馬琳阿爾凱德,


找人? | Yolanda的猛攻後,谷歌提供的人搜索網站

11 – 11 – 13 ,3:26 PM |



11 – 11 – 13 ,3:13 PM |

PLDT集團在一份聲明中,已經恢復智能和Sun蜂窩移動通信業務,塔克洛班及其他網站,同時連續在受災地區提供Libreng Tawag 。 Smart通信公司(SMART )是現在


11 – 11 – 13 ,2:53 PM |馬里奧阿圭列斯,菲律賓新聞社



11 – 11 – 13 ,2:48 PM | Likha奎瓦斯米爾,

被確認死亡的300多名在沿海城鎮的Basey和Marabut ,幾乎所有的房屋和其他結構損壞 – 包括疏散中心 – 超強颱風約蘭達,薩馬省災害風險減少和管理委員會( PDRRMC )說。

我們的心與菲律賓人民, IMF董事總經理說,約蘭達災害後

11 – 11 – 13 , 2:17 PM |



11 – 11 – 13 ,2:00 PM |厄尼雷耶斯,

菲律賓參議院已敦促總統阿基諾三世宣布進入災難狀態, 10個省和10個城市,包括超強颱風約蘭達蹂躪的地區7日和8 。


11 – 11 – 13 ,1:47 PM |李連杰別墅,



11 – 11 – 13 ,1:26 PM | Jaime Sinapit的 |菲律賓通訊社

這個城市似乎已經平靜下來後,菲律賓國家警察( PNP )塔克洛班和Ormoc的搶劫據報導,在超強颱風約蘭達喚醒城市派出兩個營的精銳部隊,並經省級董事會已宣布了緊急狀態在萊特島。


11 – 11 – 13 ,1:09 PM |克麗斯塔安吉拉蒙特亞萊格雷,

(更新4:13 PM )菲律賓股價週一暴跌,損失的第七屆會議,隨著投資者消化超強颱風約蘭達對經濟的影響。

科倫運行稻 – 市長

11月11日-13 ,12:17 PM | Jaime Sinapit的


毫髮無損, Galoc油田約蘭達退出後恢復運行

11 – 11 – 13 ,12:09 PM |尤安聖保羅C. Añonuevo

Philippines 油田商業生產倖存颱風毫髮未損Yolanda今天表示,其營運。

塔克洛班機場部分打開, CAAP解除禁飛國內所有機場 – CAAP

11 – 11 – 13 ,11:46 AM |埃里克B. Apolonio

塔克洛班國內機場(或丹尼爾Z.汝姆得斯機場)部分打開,菲律賓民航局( CAAP )週一解禁通知飛行員(航行通告)上週五登陸的超強颱風約蘭達所有國內機場。


11 – 11 – 13 ,11:11 AM |法新社法新社


羅哈斯市50,000失去家園 – 委員

11 – 11 – 13 ,11:03 AM |



11 – 11 – 13 ,10:46 AM |邁克德拉拉馬,菲律賓新聞社

省災害風險減少管理委員會萊特( PDRRMC )週一公佈共1,563人死亡失踪者和其他受害者的搜索和檢索繼續。

視頻TV5船員電影約蘭達的憤怒Guiuan – 解體自己的避難所

11 – 11 – 13 ,10:37 AM |本傑Dorango ,救援5

Rescue5隊新聞5 Guiuan ,東薩馬,上週六登陸颱風約蘭達。以一組居民住房,劇組是能夠捕捉到緩慢破壞自己的避難場所 – 然後Guiuan的命運的第一個場景,早晨起床後。


11月11日 – 13日,上午10:03 |菲律賓通訊社

供電供水恢復後,上週日在薄荷全省被放置在黑暗中為兩半的日子裡,當超強颱風約蘭達(海鹽)兩幢Ormoc的馬阿辛的國家電網138千伏線路受損菲律賓公司( NGCP ) 。


-13 11月11日,9:45 AM | Jaime Sinapit的

超強颱風約蘭達已經被送回家中國海事和海軍船隻在Ayungin礁在巴拉望島,而半打菲律賓海軍陸戰隊員在船上鏽蝕和接地世界二戰時代船舶安全的一位人士告訴 。

打電話給你的家人| Viber的在約蘭達善後,提供免費電話,在國外,甚至非Viber的用戶

11 – 11 – 13 ,9:25 AM |


2個國際,國內航班繼續取消32 ‘善後’約蘭達

11 – 11 – 13 ,9:07 PM |菲律賓通訊社

32個航班已經取消了週一的結果的破壞所帶來的超強颱風,馬尼拉國際機場管理局( MIAA ),的媒體事務部( MAD )約蘭達說。


11 – 11 – 13 ,8:44 PM |海梅Sinapit ,菲律賓新聞社


在許多領域W.米沙鄢通訊恢復,但仍參差不齊,在大腸桿菌中的米沙鄢群島 – NDRRMC

11月11日 – 13日,上午08時18分|菲律賓通訊社

通信設施在許多地區遭受超強颱風約蘭達已經恢復,但仍然是一個問題在東米沙鄢,國家減少災害和風險管理委員會(NDRRMC )週一表示。

英國廣播公司2013年11月11日最後更新於07:24 Z( GMT / UTC )

(視頻來源: ) 我們又餓又渴, 一名倖存者告訴BBC的喬恩唐尼森在塔克洛班















有一個可怕的很多傷亡,所有的地方,破壞了很多很多人死亡,菲律賓紅十字會負責人理查德戈登,告訴BBC 。








貨輪被衝上岸的四天後,超強颱風海鹽打Anibong鎮,塔克洛班市,菲律賓中部11月11日, 2013年。其中受災最嚴重的地方是塔克洛班市的,兇猛的風浪席捲船上岸。
一艘旅遊船在越南下龍灣沉沒, 11月11日2013颱風 – 現在已經降級為熱帶風暴 – 已經達到越南,數百,數千人已被疏散。


颱風海燕 – 登陸記錄的最強大的風暴之一 – 通過六個菲律賓中部島嶼上週五橫掃。

它帶來持續風速為( 147英里每小時) 235公里每小時,陣風275公里/小時( 170英里每小時) ,與波高15米( 45英尺) ,帶來高達400毫米(15.75英寸)雨的地方。

世界上還沒有見過像這樣的一場風暴,說:森恩Mangalile ,菲律賓駐英國總領事。



諾丁漢特倫特大學史蒂芬Godby ,災害管理專家對BBC說,颱風可能是這種類型的最激烈的,實力最強的風暴登陸 。

Godby博士說: 我們已經看到像這樣的風暴也許有那種強度,但在海上岸那種強度幾乎是史無前例罕見的情況下, 。

美國軍用飛機和船隻正在部署提供幫助。美國總統奧巴馬已經發出了一個消息,說他深感痛心的生命損失和廣泛的損害 。



1937年9月香港颱風 – 11,000人死亡
1959年9月颱風維拉 – 致命的襲擊日本,造成5,238人死亡
1975年8月颱風尼娜 – 板橋大壩塌陷約229,000模具後,在中國
1991年11月颱風塞爾瑪 – 致命的在菲律賓,殺死5-8,000

,她說: 第一個是得到盡快偏遠地區的訪問,訪問的問題是交通和電信也恢復



颱風 – 名為約蘭達由菲律賓當局 – 擊毀了80 %的結構,在其路徑中,總警司的埃爾默索里亞告訴記者。


軍事發言人中校Ramon Zagala的說,已經部署了100名士兵,以幫助警方防止搶在塔克洛班,法新社報導。



颱風海鹽現在已經在越南登陸,附近的旅遊勝地下龍灣,持續風速高達140公里/小時( 85英里每小時) 。





(視頻來源: ITN )

颱風海鹽: 12後獲救船舶滯留在中國

(視頻來源: ITN )


WTJP22 RJTD 110600

警告110600 。

警告有效120600 。





AT 22.3N 107.4E華南向北移動10海裡。





預測位置在50英里半徑23.0N 107.1E 111800UTC

70 %的概率圓。



預測位置在70英里半徑23.7N 107.0E 120600UTC

70 %的概率圓。





Bolivia: At least 8 dead, others injured, in Amazon plane crash – 041113 1030z

An Aerocon turboprop with 18 people on board crashed Sunday in northern Bolivia, killing eight and leaving the other 10 people injured, the airline said.

Aerocon spokesman Nelson Kinn said that the plane had technical issues that led to the plane catching fire on landing in the small city of Riberalta near the Brazilian border, where the Madre de Dios River joins the Beni River.

There were 16 passengers and two crew on board the Fairchild Metro 23 aircraft. “As they were landing, on touchdown, the plane had some kind of problem that led to fire. The people who died sustained multiple injuries and burns,” Kinn said. Authorities were investigating the causes of the tragedy.

Monday, 04 November, 2013 at 04:27 (04:27 AM) UTC RSOE

Other reports

Deaths in Bolivia aircraft crash

Jet crashes while trying to land during bad weather in the northern part of the country, killing eight.

Last Modified: 04 Nov 2013 02:20

“A spokesman for the airline said the plane had technical issues that led to it catching fire while landing [Reuters]

An aircraft carrying 18 people has crashed while trying to land during bad weather in the north of Bolivia, killingeight passengers and injuring the others on board.

Heavy rain was falling as the small turboprop plane operated by local airline Aerocon tried to land in Riberalta, near the Brazilian border, according to witnesses.

Aerocon spokesman Nelson Kinn said that the plane had technical issues that led to the plane catching fire on landing.

“As they were landing, on touchdown, the plane had some kind of problem that led to fire. The people who died sustained multiple injuries and burns,” Kinn told AFP news agency.

“[There were] 16 passengers and the pilot and co-pilot, of whom 10 survived and 8 died,” director of the Riberalta hospital, Jose Luis Pereira, told the Reuters news agency.

“The pilot and the co-pilot are in the gravest situation … Seven [bodies] are [so] charred, we can’t identify them.”

President Evo Morales said he had ordered “a deep investigation” into the accident and “drastic sanctions on the company”. ” – Al Jazeera


At least nine dead in Bolivian plane crash

(Video credit: ReutersVideo)

Published on Nov 4, 2013

Plane crashes in northeastern Bolivia, killing at least nine people, including three government officials. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

Eight killed in Bolivia plane crash

(Video credit: Daily Headlines)

Published on Nov 3, 2013

An aeroplane has crashed in Bolivia’s northern Amazon region, killing at least eight of the 18 people on board.

The pilot and the co-pilot have survived but are in a serious condition.

The turboprop plane caught fire as it landed at around 16:00 local time (20:00 GMT) in the remote town of Riberalta, near the border with Brazil.


US: Frightening Halloween storms cause damage in Mid-South – Suspected Tornado in Caraway, AR; Flooding in Central TX – 011113 0830z

This is a photo of the storm taken near #Caraway, AR that likely produced a tornado. via Firsthand Weather (Photo @ArkansasChasers).


(WMC-TV) – “Emergency responders are cleaning up after severe, Halloween night storms moved through some Mid-South counties.

A tornado warning was issued for southeastern Craighead County, central Mississippi County, and northeastern Poinsett county around 8:00 p.m. It has since expired.

At least 10 structures are damaged and five more are destroyed after the severe weather tore through Arkansas. The Craighead County Sheriff’s Office reports trees, power lines and poles are down.

Most of the damage is in Caraway, AR where crews went going door to door to make sure everyone was accounted for, according to KAIT8. Several homes are damaged along with a community center, and gas station.

Five trick-or-treators were missing at one point, but they have since been found. Caraway officials enacted a curfew after the search ended. They say anyone who does not abide by it will be arrested.

Riverside Schools are closed Friday. There are no reports of injuries.

A tornado watch was issued for multiple Mid-South counties in TN including Tipton, Dyer, and Gibson. The watch has since expired. ”

Posted: Nov 01, 2013 12:42 AM GST Updated: Nov 01, 2013 3:51 AM GST
By Staff

Copyright 2013 WMC-TV. All rights reserved.

Updated: 10/31 10:07 pm Published: 10/31 8:32 pm
CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, AR — The mayor of Caraway in Craighead County reports some buildings downtown were damaged by a storm just at 7:39 p.m.

Power lines down and some trees have been damaged.

The Craighead County Sheriff’s Office says several trick-or-treaters were missing for about 45 minutes but have now been accounted for.

The National Weather Service and county officials have arrived on the scene and are assessing the damage in Caraway

10/31/13 Caraway, Arkansas Tornado Damage *Nick Hellums*

(Video credit: Live Storms Network)

Published on Oct 31, 2013

Live Storms Media affiliate, Nick Hellums, was able to head across the Mississippi river into Arkansas and shoot some video of structural damage in Caraway, Arkansas shortly after a tornado struck the area this evening. Some trick or treaters were presumed to have been missing, but were found taking shelter during the storm. So far, only minor injuries have been reported. Nick is in place helping the Red Cross with any relief efforts overnight and will return at first light to show us more of the destruction.

Onion Creek and Central Texas

Flooding damage in Onion Creek and south Austin after strong overnight storms Oct. 31, 2013. (Via – Photo credit: Chopper5)

In Onion Creek and across Central Texas emergency teams saved hundreds of people in a matter of hours.Those challenging night-time rescues were made even more difficult by raging water. “I was scared,” said Olivia Williamson, a resident of Pflugerville. “It’s scary when you look out there and see it going so fast.” Williamson was inside her Crooked Creek home asleep when the storm surged. “To tell you the truth I was still in bed. I kept hearing water and I couldn’t figure out what was going on and our neighbor came and knocked on the door,” she said. Unable to wade through waist deep water hope floated in. “It’s been fast and furious,” said Pflugerville Fire Chief Ron Moellenberg of the calls for help. Its been one right after the other. Those rescues played out hundreds of times in the dark of night and again during daylight. From those too small to help themselves to family members unable to walk out on their own, each rescue a reminder of how fortunate we are for all those helping hands. .Friday, 01 November, 2013 at 05:08 (05:08 AM) UTC RSOE

Sheer devastation in the Onion Creek area of southeast Austin. Forget about cleaning up. These people have nothing to salvage. And now we know one person has lost their life because of the flooding.

As the rushing flood water came through the Onion Creek area of southeast Austin neighbors did what they could to survive. They got on their roofs. That’s where they stayed as they waited for emergency crews in helicopters and rescue boats to save them.

Neighbors cheered as each person was carried to safety. Once the flood victims were out of danger– the raw emotion sunk in. Their homes, cars, every last possession ruined.

As the water receded they got a better look at the damage. Albert Castro took us through his home. The water rose so fast, he barely made it out with his life.

“We swam back this way and it’s a good thing my dad had that ladder there and we made our way up,” said Castro.

But before he and his father got settled, they saved seven people next door. That included Jesus Arriaga his two week old baby, wife and two girls.

“I felt worried because I wanted to get them to safety. You just don’t think about it until it’s going to happen,” Arriaga said.

They climbed out their bedroom window. For four hours the families stayed on the roof before help came.

“Just kept them in my arms, making them feel safe, telling them we’re going to be okay,” Arriaga said.

Debris stretches for blocks. Vehicles were battered and carried far away from where their owners left them.

Late in the day even more tragedy. Julie Robin Jackson found what appeared to be a flood victim.

“I nudged the body and it was heavy. I checked to see if he was breathing and he wasn’t. So and then said a prayer for him,” Jackson said.

Emergency officials checked for other bodies, marking each home and vehicle with an x if clear. What lives still remain have been forever altered.

“We don’t got nothin. I’d rather something than nothing. It’s a big change but we gotta do what we gotta do to make things work,” said Castro.

Onion Creek reopen to foot traffic; 15 homes deemed ‘unsafe’

“9 p.m. update: Austin Energy is reporting that all but 100 customers have power restored in the Onion Creek neighborhoods following the latest bout of severe weather that knocked out power to thousands.

Those customers without power are in the Onion Creek Forest neighborhoods, according to the Austin Travis County Emergency Operations Center, and it is unclear when power would be restored.

Power has also been restored to all Pedernales Electric Cooperative customers who had weather-related outages, said utility spokeswoman Anne Harvey. The utility had nearly 3,000 members without power by around noon. Most were centered near Manchaca, Kyle and Buda, the Johnson City-based nonprofit electric utility said.

The story has been updated to correct that Onion Creek Forest neighborhood still does not have power.

7 p.m. update: Onion Creek neighborhoods that were evacuated Thursday morning from floods have been reopened to residents, according to officials.

Foot traffic has been allowed back into the Onion Creek Forest neighborhoods, but cars are still prohibited until about midnight Friday as Austin Energy works to restore power, police said. Onion Creek subdivision and Onion Creek Planatation have reopened foot and vehicle traffic, but drivers can expect some roads to be closed because of flooding or debris, police said.

Police said they will monitor the areas for suspicious activity and looting and have asked Halloween celebrators to avoid those homes.

Officials have barred residents from returning to 15 homes in the Onion Creek Forest neighborhood because of “unsafe conditions,” officials said. They said that the homes have structural damage, like shifted or collapsed walls, that would be hazardous to those residents.

The city is still tallying how many structures have been flooded and the total cost of the damage.

Two shelters will be opened for evacuees including Parker Lane United Methodist Church at 2105 Parker Lane and Dove Springs Recreation Center at 5801 Ainez Dr.

2 p.m. update: More than 100 people have been rescued from flood waters across Central Texas on Thursday morning after storms dropped more than 12 inches of rain in some areas.

The heaviest rainfall began at 9 p.m. Wednesday and continued to pound the region overnight. Some of the highest totals of 9 inches or more were reported near southern Travis County and Hays County.

In downtown Austin, rainfall totals reached 4 to 5 inches, the National Weather Service reported.

The heaviest storms have moved beyond Central Texas, and some light rain is possible throughout the day, said Steve Smart, meteorologist for the National Weather Service.

“Light showers are still possible,” Smart said. “But the heaviest rains have moved east.”

A flood warning remains in effect for the Colorado River in Travis, Bastrop and Fayette counties.

Some of the heaviest flooding in Austin has been in the Bluff Springs area near Onion Creek, which reached a record high of 41 feet this morning and continues to rise, officials said.

“What we have now is the runoff,” the official, Wendy Morgan, said of the rising water levels.

Austin Fire Chief Rhoda Mae Kerr crews responded to 105 calls for flood-related evacuations or rescues between midnight and 10:30 a.m.

An estimated 500 to 600 homes have been flooded by the Thursday storms, officials said.

In Austin, two boats were rescuing people from flooded homes and roads, while StarFlight plucked people from roof tops. By noon, one boat was being used.

Rescues continue, though not as many as during the height of the storms.

“We saw very significant flooding,” City Manager Marc Ott said at a press conference about noon. He had just returned from a helicopter tour with police Chief Art Acevedo and Kerr. “In some cases people cut holes through rooftops to have access to the outside. While there are no confirmed fatalities, we have many areas that need to be searched.”

The Austin Travis County/Emergency Operations Center was partially activated early this morning. It is now on full activation and officials are focused on monitoring water levels, road conditions and evacuations.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Law Enforcement Division also activated its statewide search and water-rescue team to assist emergency crews. The agency has been working to rescue stranded residents in Travis, Hays, Comal and Bastrop counties.

Wimberley in Hays County posted the highest rainfall total at 12 to 14 inches, National Weather Service forecaster Steve Smart said.

In Travis County, 3 inches to 9 inches or more were reported since storms began.

Round Rock saw 9 inches and Bastrop County has seen 4 inches, officials said.

However, much of the Hill Country received less than a quarter inch, doing little to ease lake levels.

The flooding closed roads throughout the area, knocked out power and forced school closures and cancellations.

To check Austin Energy power outages, click here.

To check road closures in Austin, click here.

Click here for road closures in Hays County.

For road closures in Williamson County, click here.

Road closures in Bastrop County can be found here.

For school conditions, click here.

In Williamson County, officials notified 88 homes of evacuations in three areas of Hutto and Round Rock using a variety of methods, including a notice online. Sheriff’s deputies also knocked on doors on County Road 123 in Hutto telling people to evacuate. Officials also knocked on doors on County Road 135.

Water rescues were conducted along Brushy Creek, including on Ranch Road 620, Shady Lane and Lake Creek Parkway, but none were life-threatening incidents, sheriff’s officials said.

A shelter had been set up at Hutto Middle School, but only one family arrived there, a city official said.

In Wimberley, the community center helped 20 people who evacuated from nearby Mill Race Lane. Those residents left the center by 8 a.m. to return to their homes.

One hundred people took shelter at the San Marcos Activity Center, officials said. That shelter had closed by 11:30 a.m. A shelter at San Cruz Catholic Church at 1100 Main St. remains open for Buda-area residents, officials said.

In Austin, three shelters had been opened: The South Austin Recreation Center, Parker Lane United Methodist Church, and the South Austin Recreation.

By noon, only one shelter, Parker Lane United Methodist Church at 2105 Parker Lane, is open.

The Austin fire chief has ordered Barton Creek and Lady Bird Lake closed through noon Friday.

12:20 p.m. update: In the midst of the rescues, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Law Enforcement Division activated its statewide search and water-rescue team to assist emergency crews. The agency has been working to rescue stranded residents in Travis, Hays, Comal and Bastrop counties.

Among the rescues, game wardens assisted in water rescues in the Onion Creek area and homes near Circuit of the Americas near Texas 130.

Austin officials said STARFlight has rescued 29 people since flooding started and that rescues continue.

In Williamson County, officials notified 88 homes in three areas of Hutto and Round Rock using a variety of methods, including a notice online. Sheriff’s deputies also knocked on doors on County Road 123 in Hutto telling people to evacuate. Officials also knocked on doors on County Road 135.

Water rescues were conducted along Brushy Creek, including on Ranch Road 620, Shady Lane and Lake Creek Parkway, but none were life-threatening incidents, sheriff’s officials said.

Pedernales Electric Cooperative said nearly 3,000 members were without power by around noon. Most were centered near Manchaca, Kyle and Buda, the Johnson City-based nonprofit electric utility said.

Update 12:05 p.m.: Several Central Texas shelters are starting to close as displaced residents find new housing options and local waters continue to recede in some areas.

In Austin, the South Austin Recreation Center at 1100 Cumberland Road was closed shortly before noon, leaving the Parker Lane United Methodist Church as the remaining shelter for displaced city residents.

The San Marcos shelter was also closed in Hays County, while the Buda area shelter at San Cruz Catholic Church at 1100 Main St. remains open, officials said.

11:45 a.m. update: An additional 2,000 customers will be without power after crews discovered an Austin Energy substation was flooded, officials said. The substation was taken offline as a result, but crews hope to restore power as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative was reporting 1,280 power outages.

To check on Austin Energy power outages, click here.

Update 11:25 a.m.: The Austin fire chief has ordered Barton Creek and Lady Bird Lake closed through noon Friday.

Update 11:15 a.m.: Austin fire crews are continuing water rescues in the Pleasant Valley area in Southeast Austin, officials said.

Since fire crews responded to the scene of flooding waters in the area at 5 a.m., about 100 people have been rescued by boat or ground crew, said Austin fire official Carrie Stewart.

Another 100 rescues are possible, Stewart added.

There were no immediate reports of any injuries, but crews continue to check for homes and vehicles affected by flooding, she said.

Austin Energy says it now has 5,500 customers without power scattered across their service territory. Flooding continues to trigger delays for repairs in some areas, officials said.

10:55 a.m. update: Although Onion Creek continues to rise, Austin fire crews are starting to wind down operations in the Bluff Springs area.

An estimated 60 people were rescued with the aid of two boats this morning, officials said.

Now, one boat will be left on scene in case it is needed for deployment.

All residents and homes reported to Austin fire officials have been accounted for, but some residents were allowed to remain in their homes, officials said.

“Some did choose to stay in their homes as the water is receding,” said Austin fire official Carrie Stewart.

Onion Creek reached a record high of 41 feet this morning and is continuing to rise, officials said.

“What we have now is the runoff,” the official, Wendy Morgan, said of the rising water levels.

Mandatory evacuations have been ordered for Onion Creek Forest and Plantations subdivisions as well as homes along nearby Pinehurst Drive areas. Emergency crews are also conducting rescues of residents from their roofs and attics in the hardest hit areas of nearby Bluff Springs areas.

As many as 625 homes could be evacuated during rescue efforts, Morgan said, as water levels for homes near the Onion Creek flooding rose to about 8 feet or more.

The city has opened three shelters for area residents or people are encouraged to stay with family and friends.

Earlier: Multiple people have been rescued from flooded creeks across Central Texas on Thursday morning after storms dropped more than 13 inches of rain in some areas overnight.

Since midnight, emergency crews have responded to 81 flood-related incidents within Travis County. That includes 32 water rescues and other rescue alerts, one structure fire caused by lightning and 46 flood assistance and barricade calls, Austin fire officials said.

City of Austin officials say an estimated 500 to 600 homes have been flooded by the Thursday storms.

The heaviest rainfall began at 9 p.m. Wednesday and continued to pound the region overnight. Some of the highest totals of 9 inches or more were reported near southern Travis County and Hays County.

In downtown Austin, rainfall totals reached 4 to 5 inches, the National Weather Service reported.

Some of the heaviest flooding in Austin has been in the Bluff Springs area near Onion Creek.

Fire crews have rescued more than 60 residents who were forced to seek safety on roofs and in their attics, said Austin fire official Carrie Stewart. Two boats are in the water rescuing residents, and a StarFlight helicopter is hovering overhead looking for stranded residents, she said.

Rescues and reports of people on rooftops are still being reported in the area.

Three shelters have been opened for Austin residents displaced by floods, city officials said. The South Austin Recreation Center at 1100 Cumberland Road and Parker Lane United Methodist Church at 2105 Parker Lane near West Oltorf Street and Interstate 35 have been designated as shelters, officials said. The South Austin Recreation Center at 1100 Cumberland Road was opened about 10:15 a.m.

Austin Energy was reporting 8,500 outages by 9 a.m., including 6,500 customers without power in flooded areas, an official said.

To check Austin Energy power outages, click here.

To check road closures in Austin, click here.

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Road closures in Bastrop County can be found here.

A flash flood watch is in effect more much of Central Texas until noon today.

The City of Austin has issued a watercraft ban on Barton Creek and Lady Bird Lake because of unsafe water conditions, an official said.

Officials have partially activated the Austin-Travis County Emergency Operations Center, where city emergency representatives plan to coordinate response to the heavy rains, flooding and area rescues, a spokeswoman said.

The heaviest storms have moved east, and some light rain is possible throughout the day, said Steve Smart, meteorologist for the National Weather Service.

“Light showers are still possible,” Smart said. “But the heaviest rains have moved east.”

So far, Wimberley in Hays County has posted the highest rainfall total at 12 to 14 inches, Smart said.

In Travis County, anywhere from 3 inches to 9 inches or more were reported since storms began last night.

Round Rock saw 9 inches and Bastrop County has seen 4 inches, officials said.” –

Europe: ESTOFEX Storm Forecast: Level 2 for NW France, S Germany, Czechia, N Switzerland and N Austria mainly for severe convective wind gusts and tornadoes. Valid until 281013 06:00 UTC – 271013 1000z

Storm Forecast



Storm Forecast
Valid: Sun 27 Oct 2013 06:00 to Mon 28 Oct 2013 06:00 UTC
Issued: Sun 27 Oct 2013 05:14
Forecaster: VAN DER VELDE

A level 2 was issued for northeastern France, southern Germany, Czechia, northern Switzerland and northern Austria mainly for severe convective wind gusts and tornadoes.

A level 1 was issued for parts of France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, as well as Ireland, mainly for severe convective wind gusts and tornadoes.

A level 1 was issued for western France and southern UK for severe convective gust and tornado chances after midnight.


A large depression centered west of Scotland has transported a broad plume of relatively warm low level air deep into Europe. A sharp shortwave trough dramatically visible in IPV fields is racing from western France to eastern Poland during the period. Together with a northwesterly jet axis left exit region, it forces rising air with steepening lapse rates between central France and the Netherlands in the morning, which shifts into Germany during the afternoon and Czechia/Poland in the evening. Thedynamic tropopause(PV)/jet axis intersection region moves just north of the Alps. There is a strong wind field with a corridor over southern Germany with >30 m/s winds in the lowest kilometers.
Late in the night, a side disturbance of the main low arrives in the English Channel region with signs of rapid cyclogenesis en-route to Denmark, producing gale conditions on Monday.



In the first 6 hours of the period, convection and conditions of strong low-level winds and shear 15-20 m/s are present. The jetstream passes over the southern half of Ireland. Expect some convective gusts greater than 25 m/s. An isolated tornado cannot be ruled out as well.

…western France, southern UK…

This region will be affected by two disturbances in 24 hours. At 06Z, unstable air under the influence of the shortwave trough is present as well as 25 m/s mean winds in the low levels, and some 20 m/s 0-1 km shear. Mesoscale convective development is not yet expected to begin, but these conditions combined with low LCL heights can lead to tornadoes, aside from severe wind gusts.
After 00/03Z, the cold front of the second low comes in. It seems to become somewhat convectively active, likely as a forced convective line (there is little CAPE and EL at only -15), this time with 30-40 m/s mean winds in the low levels over NW France capable of producing damaging gusts at the ground. The front bends back over the southern UK with less strong wind field but enhanced shear and instability sufficient for a tornado or two. The 00Z GFS run predicts the low to take a much more northerly and faster course with more stable conditions than the 18Z run.

…northeastern France to southwestern Poland…

Synoptic and mesoscale lifting appears to increase in tyhe GFS model over northern France and enhance CAPE to about 200 J/kg. A linear PV intrusion is likely to shape the convection as a line, although WRF models suggest more cellular/short line segment modes instead. Indeed even in the GFS model there is a large region of deep convergence but no sharp line at the surface. The jet exit region affects most directly the zone immediately north of the Alps. In entire southern Germany more than 20 m/s of 0-1 km shear should exist, which aids tornadogenesis (with >250 m²/s² of 0-3 km SREH also predicted) and bow echoes with strong to very strong gusts during convective storms. The 00Z GFS run predicts the same timing as the 18Z run but with the PV intrusion displaced slightly to the north, as well as more positive rather than negative tilt.

Vietnam: Massive explosion(s) guts Phu Tho fireworks factory in military complex – At least 23 dead, 98 injured & some 2,000 evacuated – 131013 1910z

Update Sunday, 13 October, 2013 at 04:33 UTC RSOE:

At least 21 people died and several were injured Saturday in an explosion at a fireworks factory in northern Vietnam, local media said. Authorities said that thousands of people have been evacuated from the scene of the accident in Phu Tho province while the search for victims continues, according to the daily Thanh Nien News. Gen. Le Quang Dai, head of the military-run fireworks factory, said that scores of workers were on hand when the explosion occurred and that most were able to escape. Police and soldiers are investigating the causes of the accident and helping provide aid at the factory, located some 120 kilometers (75 miles) north of Hanoi.


Saturday, 12 October, 2013 at 09:12 (09:12 AM) UTC RSOE:
At least seven people died early today in an explosion at a fireworks factory within a military complex, state media reported.The explosion prompted the evacuation of some 2,000 people living near the Z121 military facility, around 120 kilometres (75 miles) north of Hanoi, police said, adding incident was yet to be brought under control. “At least seven people have died and more are injured in the explosion,” the official Vietnam News Agency reported, without providing details on the number of injured. Residents in Thanh Ba district — where the complex is located — said they felt the ground shake in repeated explosions, the VNExpress news site reported. “The fire and explosion are ongoing. Firemen and soldiers have not been able to get access,” policeman Pham Quang Minh told AFP from near the accident site. “About 2,000 people around the Z121 factory have been evacuated,” he added. One local resident told AFP that locals have fled to the Viet Tri township, about 40 kilometres away, fearing further damage.”We have received warnings from authorities that there could be further explosions which could be very destructive,” he said, speaking on condition of anonymity. No information on the cause of the explosion was immediately available.


Other Reports


(Translated by Google)

(Note 3 reports from VNExpress – note different time stamps)

Thousands m2 gutted by the explosion in Phu Tho

Sunday, 10/13/2013 15:47 GMT +7

One day after fireworks warehouse explosion, regional operators, warehouses and factories littered Z121 factory in ruins.


A workshop near the main gate of the factory wide Z121 thousand m2 pressure of the explosion blew half the roof. According to the report of the General Department of Defence Industry, the explosion did the whole production line and warehouse fireworks factory blast – fireworks burned down and some of the damaged buildings.


Trees along the path from the studio to a broken gate and leafless fine.


Executive Building was also heavily damaged.


The destructive power of the explosion to a few thousand meters wide areas devastated.


2 storey concrete house also under pressure from the explosion hit desolation. Most rooms no doors …


The tradition of the unit near the main gate collapsed roofs, tattered.

Damage 52 billion in fireworks depot explosion

Sunday, 10/13/2013 10:37 GMT +7

Morning 13/10, reported Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai, Lieutenant General Nguyen Duc Lam, Chairman of the General Department of Defence Industry said the fireworks depot explosion has killed 23 people, 52 billion damage.


Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai inspect the scene of the fire. Photo: midwife

Mr Lam said the fireworks explosion at a warehouse of the factory 4, Z121 factory, no workers but many people working in the warehouse next to impossible to get up dead and injured.

Afternoon 12/10, 17 corpses were transferred to a funeral home, and the other victims have not been identified to the hospital for evaluation 103.

In relation to the injured, Mr. Lam said 73 people, but Monday afternoon, the Health Ministry reported 98 people injured, most seriously injured.


The explosion leveled part of the factory Z121. Photo: midwife

Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai direct cause investigation assessment and lessons learned after the explosion. He expressed condolences to the victims, asked the Defense Ministry to coordinate with local combined rescue the wounded. Deputy Prime Minister asked the province to assess the damage of the surrounding population to support the plan, adequately compensated.

8am this morning, the port Fireworks Factory – Explosive defense of factory Z121 continues to tighten security with over 10 soldiers work to protect. Area warehouses factory explosion fireworks drug is only a rubble more than 2 m high. outer, a few tens of meters are police forces and local militias. C continuous light factory gate to welcome the convoy opened fire and military vehicles carrying sea water spray to cool fire just off. Dozens of factory workers continue digging through the rubble. A truck constantly moving to the area and residual materials into other areas.

Talking with VnExpress, Lieutenant General Truong Quang Khanh said last night, after reviewing the number of workers present at the time of the fire, the authorities confirmed that no trapped victims Back at the scene.

“The body did not match the identification number of the missing victims. Department of Defense has identified these people moved to the hospital for conditions forensics, identify personal, family handed over in the earliest time, “said Khanh said, the Defense Ministry is urgently address the policy for victims, support the injured quick recovery.


In addition to factory exploded completely destroyed, other buildings outside the factory walls adjacent to unroofed well. Photo by midwives.

According to Lieutenant General Khanh, “the accident was completely controlled, no risk of recurrence.” After cleaning, check the whole, the plant will continue to produce because this task is the only factory producing fireworks festival to serve the country and exported abroad.

Share on accidents causing particularly serious consequences, General Khanh said the Defense Ministry has always placed priority on safety over the top and this was fully aware. The incident took place, the initial cause was attributed to ignite explosives made ​​of fireworks warehouse fire, explosion and resulting fire spread to the factories. “This is the most tragic accidents in the past 15 years” Mr Khanh said.

In meeting this morning, said Phu Tho t INH has mobilized all forces from the police, the military, health workforce, the local leaders to coordinate the remediation.

‘We have gone all out to rescue hundreds of victims’

Sunday, 10/13/2013 00:00 GMT +7

This morning, hundreds of patients from the scene of the explosion at fireworks factory in Phu Tho Z121 was rushed into hospital Phu Tho town, many people can no longer heal itself.

8 am 12/10, two communal ground Khai Xuan Phu Tho and Lao Vo shaking with the continuous deafening explosion. Numerous houses were unroofed pressure caused, burning furniture. Thousands of panicked residents out into the street.

Many military vehicles, emergency, fire set to move to the direction of factory Z121, which specializes in producing the country’s biggest fireworks. All the health facilities in Phu Tho patients receiving mobilization, which is the largest hospital in Phu Tho town.

Around 8h15 cases first brought here. As long as 10-15 minutes a whistle ambulances rushed to the emergency department. The nurses, doctors welcome patients continuously. Hundreds of people flock to find relatives of the victims. Emergency Zone 2 storey home with people ken.

Most patients with head injuries, broken limbs, burns … The oxygen tank is filled outdoors antiseptic, gauze quality stainless steel table.

Tuan, head of the emergency department, said this morning that day off. Listen notice the explosion, he draped blouse hustle and colleagues embarked cure patients. Smell of disinfectant concentration anonymously spread to all areas of the park.


Hospital Phu Tho town received more than 200 victims of the explosion affected. Favorites: Do Vietnam

In the surgical ward, nearly 10 doctors for emergency’re focused Nguyen Thi Van (29 years old), one of the most severely ill patients, with multiple burns and injuries. After nearly an hour of first aid, the victim has not regained consciousness. Standing in the hallway, Ms. Van relatives sobbed.

Dr. Hoang Thi Kim Vinh shared morning when the victim is too many, hospitals have mobilized hundreds of teachers, college students and help health care Phu Tho. “Never Institute we receive many emergency patients virtually the same time as this,” said Dr. Vinh.

Dr. Bui Anh Giao, said hospital director, had mobilized all human and material resources are used to rescue the victim. 40 people have voluntarily donated blood.

He Transportation share, from morning till now not a moment to rest. “We’ve gone all out to rescue the victims,” ​​said Transportation said.

After a winter aid for patients, more than half had been transferred to hospital in Phu Tho province, 103 Military Hospital, Central Hospital burns, Vietnam-Germany Hospital for treatment.

In the emergency department resuscitation, Vietnam Duc Hospital in Hanoi, said Swedish girl sitting bandaged hand not stunned. Tran Thi Lieu, 29, his daughter, a worker at the factory Z121, wounded in the legs, thighs, traumatic brain injury, is preparing to surgery.

“After a loud explosion and saw smoke rolling up, I hurriedly took up motorcycle plant but not in it. Components of not healthy, I hurried back to the car to the town of Phu Tho Hospital and found baby,” said Sweden recounts his voice still shaking. Due to her injuries were transferred to Touches Vietnamese Hospital in Germany at noon.

Touches Her husband said: “When I saw the smoke, I ran home and saw the collapsed wall, just hurry up to take the car to get the car to pick up the two posts to go.”

Dr. Duong Trong Hien (deputy dean emergency gastrointestinal surgery, shift leader) said outside her Lieu, Vietnam-Germany Hospital patients also received other a lighter, so he moved back to the province. The hospital has also sent a delegation including 2 doctors and 2 nurses to support hospital in Phu Tho Province Vietnam Tri city.

One of the patients with severe burns, being special care in the intensive care department, National Institute of Burns named Jade, 26 years old, 4 months pregnant, the body burns. She is a worker in fireworks factories in the factory Z121.

“The charred grandchildren. In the morning, when the lead in Phu Tho General Hospital, I see that I no longer recognize their children anymore. I’m pregnant with a second heavy people should not start running up. Not that I do not have to keep “her mother said Jade choked. According to the doctors, Jade patients with deep burns 70% rate.

The same was transferred to the intensive care department National Institute of Burns this afternoon, Nguyen Thi Kim Tuyen severe injury by 90%. She burned the body, from head to toe, is in critical condition fairly.

19 pm tonight, another patient was Bui Van Nhan (23) also burns hospitalized in a state of severe burns and stamping femur. The patient’s surgery has been rearranged femur Vietnam Tri Hospital before moving to the National Burn Institute.


Nguyen Thi Ly told, after the explosion, her son – a factory worker Z121 – thrown on the pole and break down the entire leg and arm fractures caused. Photo: Minh Thuy

Nguyen Thi Ly’s mom said her son was doing at the factory Z121 2 years. 9 o’clock this morning, her limbs fall off when he heard the news reported dead in blast at fireworks factory. She loved the run up scattered plants, but was not able to 20km due to congestion. “Thank God, then I got the call from the factory they said it is not dead, just broken limbs, has been transferred to hospital. I rushed to the hospital, that I was moved from the stretcher to the ambulance, who was covered in blood, “Ms. Li said.

She added that, while the Phu Tho hospital, he’s there once woke up, she saw the tears flowed, including “After the explosion, I was knocked up and break down the column. You could just go down the fibro sheets nearby heard the roar. 5 minutes later if no one pulled me over, I’m dead. I thought I died, I just worry about her, “her brimming Li said. He’s been out of state rescue lost a lot of blood, broken femur fractures, burns along the body from the chest, two to the leg side.

By about 9 pm tonight, the National Burn Institute has received at least 6 patients injured by the explosion at the factory moved to Phu Tho Z121. The figure at Army Hospital 103 is 15.

Initial information said the explosion caused 20 deaths, 98 people were injured. The reason for the incident was spontaneous explosion of fireworks.

Z121 plant under the General Industrial Defense (DOD) is the only domestic production and supply of fireworks to the celebration service


Deadly explosions at Vietnamese fireworks factory


Amateur footage purported to show an explosion at the complex

A series of explosions at a fireworks factory in northern Vietnam has killed at least 15 people and left many others injured.

Witnesses said the explosions continued for several hours, sending a large cloud of smoke into the sky.

The factory at a military complex 120 km north of the capital, Hanoi, employs about 300 workers.

A large area around the plant was cordoned off and residential areas nearby were evacuated.

The fire was later brought under control, according to police, but they feared more bodies could be found inside the wreckage.

Residents said many local people had fled after their homes were rocked by a series of powerful detonations.

Officials said the fireworks were being produced at the factory in Phu Tho province for military and other official ceremonies.

US: Tornadoes bring chaos to Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, at least 15 injured – 051013 1705z

At least two tornadoes were spotted in the Sioux City region Friday night. Extensive damage was reported outside Wayne, Neb.

The storm tore down power lines and broke trees in the northwest corner of Dakota County, near Dixon County, in Nebraska, but officials weren’t aware of any structural damage by 8 p.m.

The Dakota County Sheriff’s Office sent a deputy to help with the situation in Wayne.

Saturday, 05 October, 2013 at 03:58 (03:58 AM) UTC RSOE

Injuries were reported in Wayne, Neb., where a tornado hit about 5:30 p.m. (6:30 p.m. ET). Providence Medical Center said it was treating seven “walking wounded” and seven others who were injured in auto accidents.

A trauma patient was being treated at a second hospital, it said. At least four homes and the city’s softball complex were destroyed, The Weather Channel reported, and all roads into the city were closed, the Nebraska State Patrol said.

Several people were trapped in a building, and a hazardous materials crew was en route to evaluate a gas leak at a supply company, Jodie Fawl, a spokeswoman for the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency, told The Omaha World-Herald. “The tornado ripped through the east side of town” about three blocks from Wayne State College, Jay Collier, a spokesman for the college, told the Omaha paper. “We are doing everything we can to assist the city.” Lucinda Robertson, a spokeswoman for the Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management Department, told NBC News that a tornado was also reported to have touched down in rural Woodbury County. Woodbury County Sheriff’s Lt. Tony Wingert said parts of the area were heavily damaged. “It’s a mess,” Wingert told the Argus Leader newspaper of nearby Sioux Falls, S.D. “We have more than 30 rural homes destroyed, farms destroyed. We don’t have a number for the number of cars destroyed.” So far, no injuries had been reported, he said.

Saturday, 05 October, 2013 at 04:03 UTC RSOE

A storm left a path of damage from Sloan, Iowa, up through the Moville, Iowa, area, said Woodbury County Disaster Services Manager Gary Brown.

He said the storm damaged and destroyed homes, buildings and crops. Crews were assessing the damage. Pea-sized hail was reported in Moville, Iowa, where the National Weather Service said a mile-wide tornado touched down. It was seen just before 7 p.m. Early witness reports indicated that the town had seen major damage. Rural residents ran for their basements after a tornado ripped through a portion of Climbing Hill. Several houses, barns and garages were hit. One home, in the 2700 block of 230th Street, had windows blown out but was left standing. A nearby garage was demolished, and debris was left impaled in one of the barns still standing on the property. The twister stripped trees of bark and limbs, and ripped a hedgerow in half down the road. Garrett Little, who saw the twister touch down in Climbing Hill, said the property belongs to his father-in-law, Ping Davis. Davis was not injured, he said.

Saturday, 05 October, 2013 at 03:59 (03:59 AM) UTC RSOE

A ‘Tornado Emergency’ was declared after reports ofcatastrophic damage in #QUIMBY and the still moving NE towards Cherokee.


Other Reports

Tornadoes cause damage, injuries across Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota

This story was originally published by nbcnews on


A tornado in Wayne, Neb., ripped roofs off several structures and injured more than a dozen people Friday.

Multiple tornadoes one of them a mile wide struck Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota on Friday, injuring up to 15 people and causing significant damage, meteorologists and local authorities said.

The Weather Channel counted 17 reports of tornadoes across the three states. The National Weather Service reported late Friday that it had confirmed six of the reports four of them in Iowa.

The injuries were reported in Wayne, Neb., where a tornado hit about 5:30 p.m. (6:30 p.m. ET). Providence Medical Center said it was treating seven “walking wounded” and seven others who were injured in auto accidents. A trauma patient was being treated at a second hospital, it said.At least four homes and the city’s softball complex were destroyed,The Weather Channel reported, and all roads into the city were closed, the Nebraska State Patrol said.

Several people were trapped in a building, and a hazardous materials crew was en route to evaluate a gas leak at a supply company,Jodie Fawl, a spokeswoman for the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency,told The Omaha World-Herald.

“The tornado ripped through the east side of town” about three blocks from Wayne State College, Jay Collier, a spokesman for the college, told the Omaha paper. “We are doing everything we can to assist the city.”

The Wayne Daily News reported late Friday that many buildings in the town’s main industrial park were destroyed or heavily damaged, along with several homes south of the city.

Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman declared Wayne a disaster area.

Lucinda Robertson, a spokeswoman for the Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management Department, told NBC News that a tornado was also reported to have touched down in rural Woodbury County.

Woodbury County Sheriff’s Lt. Tony Wingert said parts of the area were heavily damaged.

“It’s a mess,” Wingert told the Argus Leader newspaper of nearby Sioux Falls, S.D. “We have more than 30 rural homes destroyed, farms destroyed. We don’t have a number for the number of cars destroyed.”

So far, no injuries had been reported, he said.

Major damage was also reported in Quimby, Iowa, after a twister touched down around 7:30 p.m., the National Weather Service said. And preliminary assessments indicated significant damage in the town of Moville, Iowa, where a tornado estimated at a mile wide hit at 6:57 p.m.

The National Weather Service, citing local firefighters, said damage was also reported in Jefferson, S.D., where Steve Stouffer told The Sioux City Journal that he was outside when the storm hit his neighborhood.

“I saw a wall of water coming, and then the wind switched from the east to the south real fast,” he said. “Then I decided it was time to go into the house.”

While scattered tornado watches remained in effect at 10:30 p.m. ET, most advisories across the region had been downgraded to severe thunderstorm warnings.

The National Weather Service said the tornadoes were part of a “supercell” storm system that moved into the Midwest after it dumped almost 3 feet of snow on parts of Wyoming and South Dakota.

At least three deaths have been blamed on the snow after a pickup truck skidded and went out of control Friday morning on snow-slickened U.S. Highway 20 in Dawes County in northeastern Nebraska, investigators said.

Gil Aegerter and Christopher E. Nelson of NBC News contributed to this report.


Tornadoes Touch Down In Nebraska, Iowa Reports Of Damaged homes, Vehicles Flipped

(Video credit: BreakingNewzStories)

Published on Oct 5, 2013

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) — A storm system that buried parts of Wyoming and South Dakota in heavy, wet snow on Friday also brought powerful thunderstorms packing tornadoes to the Great Plains.

A storm dumped at least 33 inches of snow in a part of South Dakota’s scenic Black Hills, National Weather Service meteorologist Eric Helgeson said Friday afternoon. Later in the day, thunderstorms rolled across the Plains, and witnesses reported seeing tornadoes in Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota. There were no reports of deaths from any of the tornadoes.

Earlier in the day, snow was blamed for the deaths of three people who were killed in a traffic accident on snow-slicked U.S. 20 in northeast Nebraska.

Forecasters said the cold front would eventually combine with other storms to make for a wild, and probably very wet, weekend for much of the central U.S. and Southeast.

Some of the greatest damage from tornadoes seemed to be in Wayne, Neb., a town of 9,600 where witnesses said at least four homes were destroyed. Mayor Ken Chamberlain said all of the residents in town were accounted for, but the storm caused millions of dollars in damage to an area that includes businesses and the city’s softball complex.

At least 15 people were hurt in Wayne, but Chamberlain said none of the injuries was considered life-threatening, Chamberlain said. Seven of the injuries stemmed from two separate automobile accidents.

In Iowa, the state’s Iowa Department of Homeland Security said a mile-wide tornado touched down near the town of Cherokee, cutting a 2- to 3-mile path through farmland but missing any population centers.

Meteorologists with the National Weather Service said they were still trying to figure out exactly how many twisters touched down Friday evening from storms that also brought large hail and heavy rain.

The snow in South Dakota prompted officials in Deadwood to postpone their annual Octoberfest, including Friday night’s dancing-and-singing pub crawl and Saturday’s Wiener Dog Races and Beer Barrel Games

10/4/2013 Wayne, NE Tornado Footage from the TWC Storm Riders

(Video credit: StormChasingVideo)

Published on Oct 4, 2013

Brand new footage from Simon Brewer and Juston Drake of The Weather Channels “Storm Riders” show. B-Roll footage of a large multi-vortex transitioning into a mega wedge tornado near Wayne, NE on 10/04/2013 at around 5 PM CDT

Nebraska Tornadoes Wipe Out Farms Debris Found miles away Corn field path of destruction

(Video credit: mamma tejada)

Published on Oct 5, 2013

Nebraska Tornadoes Wipe Out Farms Debris Found miles away Corn field path of destruction. Multiple tornadoes — one of them a mile wide — struck Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota on Friday, injuring up to 15 people and causing significant damage, meteorologists and local authorities said.
The Weather Channel counted 17 reports of tornadoes across the three states. The National Weather Service reported late Friday that it had confirmed six of the reports — four of them in Iowa.
The injuries were reported in Wayne, Neb., where a tornado hit about 5:30 p.m. (6:30 p.m. ET). Providence Medical Center said it was treating seven “walking wounded” and seven others who were injured in auto accidents. A trauma patient was being treated at a second hospital, it said.
At least four homes and the city’s softball complex were destroyed, The Weather Channel reported, and all roads into the city were closed, the Nebraska State Patrol said.
Several people were trapped in a building, and a hazardous materials crew was en route to evaluate a gas leak at a supply company, Jodie Fawl, a spokeswoman for the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency, told The Omaha World-Herald.
“The tornado ripped through the east side of town” about three blocks from Wayne State College, Jay Collier, a spokesman for the college, told the Omaha paper. “We are doing everything we can to assist the city.”
The Wayne Daily News reported late Friday that many buildings in the town’s main industrial park were destroyed or heavily damaged, along with several homes south of the city.
Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman declared Wayne a disaster area.
Lucinda Robertson, a spokeswoman for the Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management Department, told NBC News that a tornado was also reported to have touched down in rural Woodbury County.
Woodbury County Sheriff’s Lt. Tony Wingert said parts of the area were heavily damaged.
“It’s a mess,” Wingert told the Argus Leader newspaper of nearby Sioux Falls, S.D. “We have more than 30 rural homes destroyed, farms destroyed. We don’t have a number for the number of cars destroyed.”


UK: Sainsbury’s probe gas leak at Hedge End store, near Southampton, that left 62 needing medical treatment – 180913 2235z


More than 60 people treated by paramedics after gas leaks from Sainsbury's fridge

Staff and customers wait to be treated in the sites car park (Photo: Robin Jones/Digital South via Telegraph)

Early Report

A major gas leak at a shopping centre tonight left at least 19 people needing urgent medical treatment.

The mystery gas left shoppers and staff at Hedge End retail park near Southampton, Hants, coughing and gasping for breath.

The alarm was first raised at around 5pm when people at the checkout tills of a Sainsbury’s store at the park started feeling ill.

At least one elderly woman was taken to a nearby hospital by ambulance and others were treated at the scene.

Dozens of shoppers were later seen wrapped in turquoise, foil emergency blankets as they waited to be checked over by paramedics.

Police evacuated the park, which also includes a large Marks and Spencer store, and placed a 60-yard cordon around the site.

Firemen wearing protective clothing from Hampshire Fire Brigade’s specialist hazardous materials unit were called in to try and find the source of the leak.

A spokesman for the brigade said they had not yet been able to establish the type of gas at the centre of the incident.

More than 10 ambulances were on the scene. South Central Ambulance Service said everybody had been accounted for.

The Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth and Southampton General Hospital said they were preparing to receive patients if needed. In a statement, Sainsbury’s said: “We can confirm there has been an incident at our Hedge End store this evening.
Wednesday, 18 September, 2013 at 03:34 (03:34 AM) UTC RSOE

Other Reports

Investigation After Gas Leak At Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s has started an investigation after 62 people needed medical treatment because of a gas leak at their Hedge End store near Southampton.

All three emergency services were called to Sainsbury’s in Tollbar Way and the Marks & Spencer next door, just after 5pm on Tuesday 17 September, after shoppers complained of feeling unwell at the tills in Sainsbury’s. Both stores were evacuated.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue confirmed that the source was a leaking refrigerator at the Sainsbury’s store, but said the gas was ‘non-toxic’. M&S was also closed as a precaution.

62 people were checked over for symptoms including coughing, difficulty breathing, chest pains and runny eyes and noses. One person was taken to hospital as a precaution. No-one was seriously affected by the gas.

A 60-yard exclusion zone was put round the stores by police, and hospitals in the area were put on standby.

The fire service checked out the store but later said there was no further risk to the public. Cordons were lifted at around 9pm.

A fire service spokeswoman confirmed that the gas had been identified as a refrigerant. She said:

“We have attended a refrigerant leak at the Hedge End Retail Park on Toolbar Way, Hedge End, Hampshire.

“Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service would like to reassure residents in the local area that there is no public health warning, following earlier reports of a gas leak.”

Sainsbury’s says an investigation into the cause of the gas leak is underway, and anyone affected is asked to call their customer careline.

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said:

“Last night at around 6pm, our Hedge End store was evacuated, along with the neighbouring M&S store. Following air quality checks, the emergency services confirmed the site safe at 8.25pm.

“We have worked overnight to conduct further tests and have found no cause for concern, so have reopened the store at 7am today.”

An M&S spokeswoman said that a total of 100 of its staff had been evacuated from the store, and 40 had been treated as a precaution. She said:

“We were advised by police to evacuate our Hedge End store following the detection of a gas leak in an adjacent store. The store remains closed and we are supporting the emergency services.”


Shopping centre in Southampton evacuated after gas leak, Southampton gas leak

(Video credit: ViralBreakingNews)

Published on Sep 18, 2013

At least 62 shoppers fell ill at Sainsbury’s and M&S supermarkets after gas leaked from a fridge

A shopping centre had to be evacuated and 62 people required medical treatment after a suspected gas leak from a faulty supermarket fridge.
Hazardous materials officers were called to the retail centre at Hedge End, in Southampton, after staff and shoppers at a Sainsbury’s fell ill at the checkout.
A neighbouring Marks and Spencer store also had to be evacuated last night.
Officers from Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service entered the building in protective clothing and found the gas was a refrigerant.
Police cordoned off a 60-yard exclusion zone around the two stores.
The alarm was raised when people at the Sainsbury’s check-outs complained of feeling unwell shortly after 5pm.
The Marks and Spencer store was also cleared because it shares the same heating system.
More than ten ambulances were at the scene with paramedics treating people inside the vehicles.
One elderly woman was put into an ambulance and driven away to hospital.
Writing on Twitter, website manager Richard Hillier said: ‘Hopefully the gas leak wasn’t serious.
‘Left Sainsbury’s Hedge End just as emergency services turned up. Haven’t stopped coughing since leaving.’

US: Massive fire on the historic Seaside boardwalk along the New Jersey shore, fanned by strong wind, out of control – 120913 2210z

The Ocean (NJ) Boardwalk 6 Alarm fire continues to rage out of control.

(Picture courtesy of John Lobello twitter account)

Fire thought to have started about two or more hours ago (estimate) at 1807 Boardwalk (Fun Town Pier). Heavy winds are driving the blaze.

Entire boardwalk will be lost. Heavy winds and water supply issues. 4 storey condo building 3 blocks north of main fire now burning, no apparatus available to respond. Situation dismal.

Seaside Park NJ chief: “We’re in trouble here. We’ve got major problems.”

(All the above sourced from @Alertpage – credit)


Firefighters Battle 6-Alarm Boardwalk Blaze In Seaside Park

CBS Chopper 3 Over Seaside Park Fire

Ocean County Live Audio Feeds


Seaside Boardwalk Fire NJ – Fire erupts on Seaside Park NJ boardwalk

(Video credit: MrViralNews)

Published on Sep 12, 2013

Seaside Boardwalk Fire NJ – Fire erupts on Seaside Park NJ boardwalk

A stretch of boardwalk on the Jersey Shore was engulfed in flames this afternoon when a five-alarm fire broke out in Seaside Park, N.J.

The boardwalk is near the same stretch of sand where a rollercoaster landed upright in the ocean after Superstorm Sandy hit the coastline in October 2012.

The fire began at a Kohr’s frozen custard stand on the boardwalk, according to WABC.

Officials told ABC News that the section of boardwalk that is on fire is the only stretch that was not rebuilt after Sandy. It was part of the old boardwalk that was not destroyed in the storm, they said.

Children’s rides and amusements were also located along the part of the boardwalk affected by the fire.

There is no immediate word on how the fire started, according to WPVI. Seaside Park officials did not immediately respond to calls from ABC News.

Parts of the famed boardwalk — home of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” and to amusements and restaurants — was destroyed in the storm but quickly rebuilt in order to open by the summer of 2013.

Romania: Lasi train crash deaths rise to 11 (including 2 children) – 090913 1335z

The death toll of a deadly car-train crash near Iasi, northeastern Romania, on Sunday has risen to 11 after the two people seriously injured in the accident died at the hospital.

(Image: /Romanian bus-train collision

The accident took place on Sunday afternoon at the crossing over a railway line on the outskirts of Iasi, where a van carrying 11 people was hit by a passing train and dragged along for several hundred meters, according to witnesses.

Nine of the passengers on the van were dead on scene, whereas a 13-year-old boy and a man of 35 years were taken to hospital.

They died at the hospital on Sunday evening due to injuries sustained, said Silvia Bolohan, spokesman for local Emergency Situations Inspectorate (ISU).

Preliminary investigations revealed that the driver of the van forced the crossing of the railway line despite the approaching train.
Monday, 09 September, 2013 at 01:33 (01:33 AM) UTC RSOE

US: Utah storm chaos – 200 trapped in American Fork Canyon, 10 missing, evacuations, mudslides, power outages, street flooding and a game delay – 080913 1230z

File:American Fork Canyon from Timpanogos Cave entrance.jpg

An apocalyptic storm hit Utah County Saturday evening, bringing with it evacuations, mudslides, power outages, street flooding and a game delay. Damage reached from the southernmost part of the county to Alpine and into Salt Lake County, leaving police, road crews and search and rescue scrambling to clog up or shovel away messes.

The storm caused massive amounts of road debris on S.R. 92 in American Fork Canyon, forcing multiple road closures. Nearly half a dozen mudslides were reported within the canyon, the largest about 35 to 40 feet deep.

The first mudslide, closest to the mouth of the canyon, was cleared before 8:30 p.m., allowing search and rescue to help clear the people from the area before UDOT moved to the second, and largest, mudslide just below Timpanogos Cave Monument, near Sweeney Bridge. Search and Rescue hiked through and found that hundreds of people were safe within the visitor’s center.

Lt. Tom Hodgson of the Utah County Sheriff’s Office said there are at least five mudslides reported. Several mudslides were also reported going up to Tibble Fork. “We can’t confirm anything more than that, as we are still waiting to get up there.” Hodgson also reported that at least 30 vehicles had made it out safely, and only 30 additional people had been escorted out of the canyon by 9:30 p.m., while the Sheriff’s Office guessed there were still about 200 people reported in the canyon.
“There are 12 search and rescue guys in there helping the visitors out, shuttling them out, because their vehicles had been stuck in the mud or in the river.”
Though there have been around 10 missing persons reported to the sheriff’s office, Hodgson said, “We are slowly accounting for all of the missing people after we are able to contact them behind the slides.” Because of the unexpected amount of rain and debris, some cars slid into the river while others became stuck within the debris and mud that surrounded the visitors swiftly. On the trail to Timpanogos Cave, visitors were escorted out to safety.

Above Timpanogos Cave, cars and visitors were trapped between two mudslides. A ranger from Timpanogos Cave Monument was able to hike through the mudslide and talk to the people stuck between the slide, according to Jim Ireland, the superintendent for Timpanogos Cave National Monument.

“He was able to make contact with them, so we know that they are OK.” Ireland guessed the wait time, at about 9 p.m. Saturday night, for the family members of the visitors stuck in the canyon.”I’m thinking about three more hours before we can get all of the people out of the canyon.”

The Utah County Sheriff’s Office had asked for people to refrain from driving into the canyon.

Ireland also hazarded a guess at the amount of people still trapped in the mudslides. “On a typical Saturday afternoon, there are a couple hundred visitors to the caves.” Ireland stated that many had visited the caves, but others many have been visiting for mountain biking, ATV-ing, or for hunting.

No injuries were reported among the visitors, but spotty cell phone service made communication with the stranded hikers difficult. Most relied on a landline phone within the visitors center to call family members and friends. Ireland added, as a side note, that Timpanogos Cave National Monument would be closed tomorrow for clean-up and that it is unknown when they will be able to reopen. They are currently contacting visitors with appointments for tomorrow to let them know.

Alpine City ordered immediate evacuation Saturday night for all residents living in the area near the Quail Fire burn scar left by last summer’s fire. All homes in the Box Elder and Moyle Dr. areas had to evacauate their homes as flooding and mudslides became a concern. People living east of Grove Dr. to the Willow Canyon area were told to be on alert.

According to the National Weather Service, 0.75 inches of water fell in 15 minutes at the site of the burn scar, causing mudslides and debris flow. Alpine City asked residents to come together and fill sandbags to help control the flood waters.

Many residents came to the City Shop to volunteer in the effort.

The city asked for additional volunteers to help assist clean up on Sunday at 9 a.m. and noon. The BYU football game at LaVell Edwards Stadium, scheduled to start at 5 p.m. was delayed for nearly two hours, during which fans were told to leave the stadium, without indication of when the game would restart. Many of the fans tried to wait the storm out with ponchos and popsicles, but for some, the storm was too strong to stand. Many fans were seen fleeing from the rain, thunder and lightning heard and seen around the stadium.

Provo residents were severely affected by flooding. Some neighborhoods reported more than three feet of water in homes, others suffered roof and window damage. Residents pulled together with buckets and shop vacuums to attempt to stop the swell of water from the floods. In one home near 1460 N. 1350 W., water was reported up to waist level. The upper staircase at Lions Park in Provo was described as ‘washed out.’ Several stores and neighborhoods in Provo also lost power temporarily.

In Orem, storm drains took on more water than they could handle and several homes were flooded as a result. City workers attempted to fix the problem as rain continued to pour. Orem residents were told to avoid leaving their homes or driving at all costs. Intersections throughout the city formed into small ponds and rivers, especially the intersection of University Parkway and State St. Several reports indicated at least three feet of flood waters in varying Orem areas. Red Cross volunteer teams helped flooded apartments into the night to evaluate residents’ immediate needs.
Sunday, 08 September, 2013 at 05:10 (05:10 AM) UTC RSOE

India: Bus accident leaves 33 injured (10 seriously) near Asurde village in Maharashtra – 080913 1205z

33 injured in bus accident in Maharashtra

(Image: WLNNews) 33 injured in bus accident in Maharashtra, India

At least 33 people were on Sunday injured, 10 of them seriously, when the bus in which they were travelling overturned near Asurde village, around 65 kilometers from Ratnagiri in Maharashtra.

The incident took place in the coastal district around 5 early morning on Mumbai-Goa Highway.

The bus that was carrying 45 passengers from Virar to Kudal, overturned after its driver lost control over the vehicle.

Out of the 33 injured, 10 are in a serious condition, police said, adding that all of them were undergoing treatment at a hospital in Dervan.
Sunday, 08 September, 2013 at 08:34 (08:34 AM) UTC RSOE

India: Road accident kills 13 (named), injures 30. Bus rammed post & mango tree at Thelakkad, near Perinthalmanna – 070913 2115z

In yet another ghastly road accident that provided the second consecutive Black Friday for the district, 13 persons were killed and 30 others injured when a bus lost control and rammed a tree at Thelakkad, near Perinthalmanna.

This private bus lost control, rammed a tree, overturned, and fell into a depth of six feet at Thelakkad, near Perinthalmanna, on Friday.

The bus was destroyed in the crash, and many of the injured were admitted to intensive care wards of two private hospitals at Perinthalmanna.

The accident occurred at 1.30 p.m. when the private bus heading towards Alanallur from Perinthalmanna burst one of its tyres on a slope, careened off the road, and rammed a mango tree after hitting a telephone post.

The bus then overturned and fell into a depth of six feet. The bus driver hailed from Manathumangalam. The others were from Melkulangara.

Seven of the bodies were shifted to the taluk hospital at Perinthalmanna and the remaining six to the General Hospital, Manjeri, for post-mortem. District Collector K. Biju said that all the bodies would be released on Friday night after post-mortem.

Minister for Urban Affairs Manjalamkuzhi Ali visited the families of the victims and consoled them. Mr. Ali said that all possible help would be given to the kin of the dead. Chief Minister Oommen Chandy is expected to visit the families of the dead on Friday night.

Other Reports

The Hindu

“….The dead were identified as Mankadakkuzhiyil Mariyam, 50; Kavannayil Cheriyakkan, 55; Adarikkal Safeela, 19; Pacheeri Neethu,18; Kavanayil Sabira, 17; Ponniyath Fatima, 37; Kozhipatham Mubashira; Mangalakuzhiyil Sainaba; Madappodi Shamna, 17; Kappungal Safli, 17; Kavannayil Cherukki; Chilambanthodi Fatimath Nadiya, and bus driver Palliyalthodi Ithishan, 22….”

“….Last Friday, eight members of a family from Vallikkunnu were killed when a bus rammed an autorickshaw at Mukkola, near Tanur.

The Road Accident Action Forum (RAAF) demanded that a thorough investigation be conducted into the increasing incidents of accidents in the district. It said speeding and carelessness were the main causes of accidents in the district.

The Kerala School Teachers Association (KSTA) expressed grief at the death of students in the accident.”

Saturday, 07 September, 2013 at 03:11 (03:11 AM) UTC RSOE

Egypt: ‘Maersk Kampala’ Container ship Caught Fire Near Suez Canal – 300813 1205z

'Maersk Kampala' Containership Caught Fire Near the Suez Canal

Maersk Line can confirm that the Maersk Kampala is presently fighting a fire in two containers within the foremost bays on deck. The vessel is fully maneuverable, but drifting south of the Suez Canal.

All crew are accounted for and no injuries reported and communication with the vessel is ongoing.

Tugboats with fire-fighting capability are on the scene fighting the fire. In addition, a fire fighting team will arrive this evening to provide further assistance.
Friday, 30 August, 2013 at 08:54 (08:54 AM) UTC RSOE


Germany: Plane crash kills 5 (including a child), injures 3 other children, in Frondenberg near Dortmund – 280813 0925z

Five people, one of them a child, were killed on Tuesday after a small plane crashed in Frondenberg, in the north-west of Germany, local media reported.

As well as the child, two women and two men also died. Three other children were seriously injured in the crash, said firefighters. The light aircraft came down in a meadow. The cause of the accident has not yet been determined.

Wednesday, 28 August, 2013 at 04:50 (04:50 AM) UTC RSOE

Other Reports

Photo: DPA

Child and four adults killed in plane crash


Published: 28 Aug 2013 09:54 CET



A child and four adults died in a light aircraft crash in western Germany on Tuesday afternoon. Three other children survived the accident.

The group, consisting of two families, were flying back from a trip to the North Sea coast when the Piper 32 plane crashed into a field in the Fröndenberg area of North Rhine-Westphalia at around 5pm, not far from its destination near Dortmund.

Two women, two men, and a child died in the crash, the fire brigade confirmed late on Tuesday night. No identities or ages have been released, and police are in the process of informing the victims’ relatives.

All of the dead were sat towards the front of the plane, regional newspaper the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (WAZ) reported on Wednesday.

“The head and neck injuries were so severe that they died from them,” the head of the medical team at the crash site, Reinhard Arnsberg, told the newspaper.

Three children sat at the back on the place survived but were seriously injured and were taken to a nearby hospital by air ambulance.

Click for photos of the wreckage

When the emergency services arrived, two children were already out of the plane and one had to be cut out by firemen. It is unclear whether the first two climbed out themselves or were helped by passers-by who had rushed to the scene.

Investigators do not yet know what caused the accident but, the WAZ reported, onlookers saw the vehicle flying very low before it crashed. The pilot was thought to have been experienced at flying light aircraft. It clipped a tree on its way down to the field.

At least 78 people were at the scene clearing the wreckage and attending to the surviving children. The front of the vehicle was totally destroyed, and baggage was all over the field.

DPA/The Local/jcw

Europe: Fourth firefighter killed as wildfires rage in Spain and Portugal – 270813 1955z


Fourth firefighter killed as wildfires rage in Spain and Portugal

The fires have consumed large parts of forests in the two countries.

Firefighters carry fire hoses as they work to extinguish a forest fire outskirts of Cebreros, Spain, Sunday 4 August
Image: Andres Kudacki/AP/Press Association Images via

“FIREFIGHTERS AND LOCAL residents struggled today to tackle raging wildfires that have consumed large swathes of forest in Portugal and Spain and cost the lives of four emergency workers.

Firefighter death

A volunteer firefighter who tackled the same blaze as a female colleague killed last week in the mountains of central Portugal has died from his injuries, his commander Carlos Coelho said.

The 23-year-old’s death brings the number of emergency responders killed in Portugal’s August fires to four.

More than 800 firefighters were mobilised in Portugal to tackle the blazes, which have intensified overnight due to high winds.

A spokesman for Portugal’s emergencies agency repeated his call for France to remain in the country after two French planes were dispatched to drop water on affected regions this week.

“The French mission is supposed to be completed Thursday, but we asked for an extension. We are waiting for a response,” said Miguel Cruz, spokesman for the Civil Protection Authority.

Two Spanish planes had also helped Portuguese authorities take on the fires but returned home at the weekend.

‘Difficult situation’

Cruz said Portugal would not ask neighbouring Spain for more help because of their own “difficult situation”, as firefighters and water-dumping planes battled a large wildfire in Spain’s northwest that drove residents from their homes, according to officials.

The blaze, one of hundreds to ravage Spain’s parched land over the summer, broke out late yesterday near Oia, a village on the Atlantic coast near the border with Portugal.

Firefighters backed by aeroplanes and helicopters were battling to curb flames that ravaged 1,200 hectares as they spread, the regional government said in a statement.

An alert was declared after the fire came close to some houses and residents were evacuated, an official in the Galicia region rural affairs ministry told AFP, but no one was reported hurt.

“The situation has improved since last night,” the official said. “We are not aware of the fire reaching any houses, although there were some evacuations.”

Spanish newspapers said the number of evacuations was at least 176.

The ministry said firefighters had controlled four other fires in the region in recent days, which burned thousands of hectares between them.

The central government said it had sent firefighting planes and personnel to the Oia fire and two others, in the Asturias region and the Tarragona area west of Barcelona.

Other Reports


Wildfires ravage Portugal and Spain

SKY NEWS AUSTRALIA Updated: 21:48, Tuesday August 27, 2013

“Around 1000 firefighters are trying to put out 11 major wildfires in Portugal amid continuing hot weather and strong night-time winds.

The National Civil Protection Authority said on Tuesday the biggest blaze was near Viseu, about 200 kilometres north of the capital Lisbon.

It said four water-dropping aircraft were helping more than 360 firefighters working in thick woodland and ravines there.

Temperatures above 30C were forecast for northern areas where wildfires have caused the most damage, but winds were expected to drop.

Officials said a 23-year-old firefighter died on Monday night from severe burns he sustained in a wildfire last week. That blaze killed another firefighter at the scene.

Forest blazes have caused the death of four Portuguese firefighters this northern summer.

In Spain, firefighters and water-dumping planes were battling a large wildfire in the northwest that has driven local residents from their homes.

The blaze, one of hundreds to ravage Spain’s parched land over the northern summer, broke out late on Monday near Oia, a village on the Atlantic coast near the border with Portugal.

Firefighters backed by aeroplanes and helicopters were battling to curb the flames which have ravaged 1000 hectares as they spread, the regional government said in a statement on Tuesday.

An alert was declared after the fire came close to some houses and residents were evacuated, an official in the Galicia region rural affairs ministry told AFP, but no one was reported hurt.

‘The situation has improved since last night,’ the official said. ‘We are not aware of the fire reaching any houses, although there were some evacuations.’

The ministry said firefighters had controlled four other fires in the region in recent days, which burned thousands of hectares between them.” –

Weather warnings: Spain


Weather warnings: Portugal

Venezuela: Oil refinery fire blamed on lightning strike (Videos) – 120813 1435z

A huge pillar of black smoke enveloped the Venezuelan town of Puerto La Cruz on Sunday after a bolt of lightning set fire to one of the country’s largest oil refineries, prompting residents to evacuate the immediate area.

Firefighters battling the blaze in heavy rain managed to extinguish the fire, according to vice-president of Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA, Asdrubal Chavez.

He congratulated fire crews for their “sustained effort which allowed us to control this important fire in record time.”
Monday, 12 August, 2013 at 09:57 (09:57 AM) UTC RSOE

Other Reports

‘Lightning’ to blame for Venezuela oil refinery fire

Homes were evacuated on Sunday after a fire broke out at one of Venezuela’s largest oil refineries.

According to authorities, the blaze at the Puerto La Cruz refinery in the eastern part of the country was sparked by lightning during a thunderstorm – but was extinguished after four hours.

Alvaro Ricciardelli reports.


BBC News – ‘Lightning’ to blame for Venezuela oil refinery fire

(Video credit: BBCWorldNewsWatch)

Venezuela: oil refinery fire blamed on lightning strike

(Video credit: VIDEOLANDMARKS)

Published on Aug 12, 2013

Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela: oil refinery fire blamed on lightning which struck a storage tank. Firefighters battling the flames in a steady rain, fire completely extinguished. Luckily, no casualties. Aug 11, 2013 video /

Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela: incendie d’une raffinerie pétrolière attribué à la foudre qui a touché un réservoir de stockage. L’incendie a complètement éteint, les pompiers luttent contre les flammes dans une pluie. Heureusement, aucune victime. 11 août 2013 /

Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela: Öl-Raffinerie Feuer auf einem Blitz, der Schlaganfall einen Vorratstank verantwortlich gemacht. Das Feuer vollständig gelöscht, Feuerwehrmänner, die Flammen in einem regen. Zum Glück keine Verletzten. 11. August 2013 /

Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela: olieraffinaderij brand toegeschreven aan een blikseminslag die een beroerte een opslagtank. Het vuur volledig gedoofd, brandweerlieden vechten tegen de vlammen in een regen. Gelukkig, geen slachtoffers. 11 augustus 2013 /

Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela: raffineria di petrolio fuoco attribuito a un fulmine che ha colpito un serbatoio di stoccaggio. Il fuoco completamente spento, i vigili del fuoco combattono le fiamme in una pioggia. Per fortuna, nessuna vittima. 11 agosto 2013 /

Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela: fogo refinaria de petróleo atribuída a um relâmpago que traço um tanque de armazenamento. O fogo completamente extinto, os bombeiros combatendo as chamas em uma chuva. Felizmente, não houve vítimas. 11 de agosto de 2013 /

Puerto La Cruz, Wenezuela: pożar rafinerii obwiniać piorun który skok w zbiorniku. Ogień całkowicie ugaszony, strażacy walczą z płomieniami w deszczu. Na szczęście nie było ofiar. 11 sierpnia 2013 /

Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela: oljeraffinaderi eld skyllde på en blixt som slår en lagringstank. Branden släckt helt, brandmän slåss lågorna i ett regn. Lyckligtvis inga offer. Aug 11, 2013 /

Puerto La Cruz, Вене��эла: Пожар на на нефтезаводе. К �ча�тью, никто не по�традал. 11 авг��та 2013 /

Lightning sparks massive fire at refinery in Venezuela

ب�يرت� لا �ر�ز، �نز�يلا: حريق مص�اة الن�ط بالل�م على البرق التي الس�تة الدماغية خزان. النار انط�أت تماما، ي�ا�ح رجال الاط�اء النيران �ي المطر. لحسن الحظ، لم تقع اصابات. 11 أغسطس 2013 /

(Video credit: RussiaToday)

Published on Aug 11, 2013

A huge pillar of black smoke enveloped the Venezuelan town of Puerto La Cruz on Sunday after a bolt of lightning set fire to one of the country’s largest oil refineries, prompting residents to evacuate the immediate area. READ MORE:

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