Defibrillator campaign kicks-off at Burntwood school

West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust

Thursday 16th July 2015 – 3pm– Jamie Arrowsmith.

Pic 2

A campaign aimed at saving lives kicked off with the installation of an automated external defibrillator (AED) at a Burntwood school on Tuesday.

The device, which was unveiled at Erasmus Darwin Academy in Burntwood, has been funded by the David Betteridge Community Defibrillator Charity and is poignantly located following a traumatic incident in 2013.

During a six-a-side football match at the school in September 2013, Mr Betteridge suffered a cardiac arrest moments after scoring a goal. Thankfully, he has since gone on to make a full recovery after receiving CPR at the scene from friends.

In an ironic twist, he also made his return to six-a-side football on Monday night, just hours before the defibrillator was unveiled.

As Mr Betteridge continued his recovery, his wife Debbie and sister-in-law Sarah Page came up with the idea of raising enough money to install…

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