UK: RNLI lifeguards save an eleven-year-old boy at New Brighton beach – Published 110415 1950z (GMT/UTC)

Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) lifeguards saved the life of an eleven-year-old boy at New Brighton Beach (Perch Rock) onThursday (9 April).

The RNLI lifeguards at New Brighton (Credit: RNLI)

The RNLI lifeguards at New Brighton.  RNLI lifeguards (from left to right): Jessica Hargreaves, Mike Scott, Alex Bowden and Mike Murray (Credit: RNLI)

The incident happened at 3.45pm when RNLI lifeguard Mike Murray spotted a boy struggling in waist deep water near one of the groynes.

Mike quickly assessed the situation and swam into the sea with a rescue tube (a yellow flexible tube that people can grab onto) while his colleague, RNLI lifeguard Mike Scott, monitored communications from the beach.

The photograph shows RNLI lifeguard Mike Murray. Photo credit: RNLI.

The photograph shows RNLI lifeguard Mike Murray. Photo credit: RNLI.

Mike Murray threw one end of the rescue tube to the child and managed to pull him swiftly away from the current and back to the safety of the beach.

The lifeguards conducted a casualty care assessment on the boy and thankfully found that he was injury free, if a little distressed. He was then reunited with his grateful parents.

Pete Rooney, RNLI Lifeguard Manager, said: ‘If it hadn’t been for the lifeguards’ swift intervention, the current would have dragged the boy away and he could have drowned. Thankfully the team spotted the danger and the rescue had a happy outcome.’

The charity’s lifeguards were also called into action just after 4pm when they came to the aid of a seven-year-old boy who had fallen from a tree swing on the Promenade near the Black Pearl.

Lifeguards Alex Bowden and Jessica Hargreaves performed a casualty care assessment on the boy. As he was feeling sick and dizzy, they advised the child’s mother that he should have further medical assessments. The mother decided to take her son directly to hospital.

RNLI Lifeguard Manager, Pete Rooney, added: ‘We wish the little boy a speedy recovery and we’re happy that we could assist. We would advise anyone visiting the beach to come and chat to our new lifeguard patrols for advice on things such as tide times and the safe area in which to swim.’


The RNLI (In partnership with Wirral Council) operates the lifeguard service on Perch Rock (New Brighton beach), West Kirby, Moreton, Harrison Drive, and the Plateaux (west side of New Brighton Fort). *The partnership started in spring 2015.

RNLI lifeguards will patrol the beaches over the Easter school holidays until Sunday 19 April.

The RNLI will then operate weekend-only patrols until Saturday 23 May, when a seven-day-a-week service will commence and run through until Sunday 6 September.

The weekend-only service will resume from Saturday 12 September until the season close on Sunday 27 September.

As RNLI lifeguards need to be physically on the beach during the patrolled hours, ready to respond to emergencies and prevent accidents, the RNLI can’t rely on volunteers to provide this cover seven days a week.


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