Bulgaria: About 12 -16 killed (reports vary), several missing after torrential rain and heavy floods hit Varna – Published 200614 1752z

Torrential rains and floods hit Bulgaria on Thursday, killing at least 10 people, cutting off electricity, blocking roads and sparking evacuations, officials said.

Heavy rainfall in the Black Sea resort city of Varna triggered a flood wave late on Thursday in one of its low-laying suburbs that killed at least 10 people, the mayor of Varna told the national radio.

TV footage showed smashed cars on top of each other on the streets of the suburb, where a state of emergency was declared.

“The tragedy is enormous. I am here on a street in the suburb of Aspruhovo. The street is not here, the houses are not here, there are cars on top of each other,” Varna mayor Ivan Portnih said. Electricity in the suburb was cut off, the mayor said. In central Bulgaria, firefighters evacuated 11 people from the top of their houses in the town of Kilifarevo, police said. Thunderstorms and heavy rains flooded roads and damaged houses in several villages near the capital.

Weather forecasters said the rains that fell in the eastern regions of Varna and Burgas in the past 24 hours equalled the usual amount per month and warned new rainfall and thunderstorms were expected in northern and eastern Bulgaria on Friday.

Friday, 20 June, 2014 at 03:14 (03:14 AM) UTC RSOE

Weather warnings: Bulgaria
Предупреждения за опасни явления: България

Other reports

“Victims of flood in “Asparuhovo” so far 14.

Source: News.Varna24.bg 14:12 / 06.20.2014

10 are confirmed dead in the city, but may be much more. Three missing. Six people were hospitalized, one of which is a woman in labor.

This morning I got up and two victims in Dobrich. A noon bTV reported another died.

On Wednesday it was reported a man who died as a result of heavy rains in Dimitrovgrad.

There is still no official information on what exactly are the victims of the flood in “Asparuhovo” in Varna. According to different data, the number varies between 10 and 12. Smaller number officially reported at 6.50 pm on Friday, Interior Minister Tsvetlin Iovchev. He added that two of the victims are children. Television correspondent in the city reported 12 dead. According to Mayor Ivan Portnih number is 11.

Divers in “Asparuhovo” continue to look for injured people. The latest victim was removed from her home at 3 am in the morning.” – Source: News.Varna24.bg 14:12 / 06.20.2014

Here’s how you can help the needy and how you can get involved as a volunteer

Source: News.Varna24.bg 18:37 / 06.20.2014

“In connection with the dozens of inquiries from citizens regarding their desire to provide immediate assistance to victims of disaster Asparuhovo of the city of Varna Municipality made the following clarifications:

1. Needed humanitarian materials:

– Fixed food – canned beans, cooking oil, biscuits, cookies, packaged products that do not require refrigeration;

– Sanitation – toilet paper, diapers, wipes, disinfectants;

2. Needed physical assistance:

Regarding the need for clearing hundreds of tons of waste and alluvial materials, tomorrow, 21 June 2014. in the yard of the Red Cross – Varna, “Brothers Shkorpil” № 3 is scheduled meeting for anyone interested in volunteering to help in the disaster area.

Let’s all be volunteers with clothing, such as preference will be if participants bring their action boots and shovels. For those who do not have proper equipment, sponsors of the organization provided 300 sets of boots and shovels, so any help would be welcome. Besides the streets voluntary mass will be concentrated in flooded homes.

After the briefing has organized transport from Varna to BRC Asparuhovo area, but the advantage would be if volunteers come with their own transport.

At the afternoon session of the Crisis Staff in District Administration – Varna was decided to build an entrance and focal point to the district administration Asparuhovo. The point will be on duty around the clock, volunteers and representatives of the Red Cross, which will guide the victims to the accommodation and medical professionals for assistance. Site will be distributed directly and humanitarian aid.

All supplies for crisis point will be transferred to a transport column that starts in 18.45ch. of the Red Cross building – Varna, “Brothers Shkorpil” 3.”

More from Varna24 in English

More from Varna24 in Bulgarian

Hours after tragedy struck in Varna, NGOs Bulgaria’s Red Cross (BRC) and volunteers organised donation campaigns and volunteer teams to aid the flood victims in Asparuhovo.

There are two official donation campaigns – one of BRC and one of the Bulgarian Donations Forum and Nova TV national channel.

The Red Cross activated the donations hotline 1466 – by sending a blank text to the number, people can donate BGN 1 for the flood victims. The organisation also opened a bank account for those who wish to make larger donations:
UNCRBGSF(For the flood victims in Bulgaria)

The other donations campaign opened the 17777 hotline. Those, willing to donate BGN 1, must send a text message with the following content: DMS Varna. According to reports, the hotline is overloaded and confirmation texts are being sent back with a big delay.

Part of the donations will also be sent to Dobrich, parts of which are also flooded.

Volunteers from Varna and Sofia are organising themselves through Facebook to collect aid and send in teams to help the cleaning operations in Asparuhovo. The hashtags for the operation are: #‎варна‬, #helpvarna, #supportvarna. The main rally point for volunteers in Varna is in front of the Cathedral.

Most needed are water pumps. Volunteers are advised to have warm clothes, gloves, raincoats, shovels and rubber boots.


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Deadly Floods in Eastern Bulgaria, At least 10 killed in port city of Varna

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