UK: London Thames pleasure boat in collision with Tower Bridge. 10 injured – Published 040614 1400z

File:Tower Bridge (aerial view).jpg

Tower Bridge (aerial view) Bob Collowan, CC-BY-SA-3.0, Wikimedia Commons (Click image for more about Tower Bridge)

London lifeboat crew treat injured as Thames cruiser collides with Tower Bridge

Lifeboat crew members from the RNLIs Tower lifeboat station have treated a woman with a head wound after a River Thames city cruiser collided with Tower Bridge.

The lifeboat crew, based below Waterloo Bridge, were tasked by London Coastguard shortly after midday today (Wednesday) after the City Cruises vessel Millennium Diamond was involved in the collision.

The woman, believed to be in her 60s, is believed to have fallen down a set of steel steps, sustaining a head injury and bruises to her ribs.

The lifeboat crew were the first on scene and treated the womans head wound until London Ambulance Service paramedics arrived and took her away for further treatment.

Kevin Maynard, one of the four Tower RNLI lifeboat crew members on the lifeboat, explained how the drama unfolded: We launched just after midday and when we arrived the boat had come alongside St Katherines Pier by Tower Bridge. We understand the woman had been standing at the top of some steel steps when the collision happened and the impact knocked her down.

Although the original call to us was related to that one lady, while we were on scene a further nine people came forward to say they had been injured. We treated the woman by giving her oxygen and using blankets to keep her warm, as well as dressing her wound and placing her on a board to protect her spine. We looked after her until London Ambulance Service arrived to take her away for further assessment.

The lifeboat crew consisted of helmsman Kevin Maynard as well as David Norman, Craig Burns, and volunteer life boatman Neil Withers.

The crew are currently remained on scene to assist where necessary (correct as at 1.50pm)

Tower RNLI is one of three London lifeboat stations serving the entire length of the Thames from the estuary up to Teddington Lock. The RNLI remains a charity that relies on donations and voluntary contributions for its lifesaving work. RNLI


London Coastguard is coordinating the response to an incident on the Thames in which a pleasure boat, the Millennium Diamond, was in collision with Tower Bridge.

10 people are believed to be injured.

Emergency services and the RNLI are on the scene.

Other Reports

A City Cruises boat collided with the south pier of Tower Bridge this lunchtime. MPS Marine Policing Unit attended the scene andreported that two people were injured.

The boat docked at St Katharines pier and one passenger was removed on a stretcher and taken to hospital while the other was treated ashore. Minor damages to the vessel are reported.

Tower Bridge remains open to pedestrians and road traffic. –

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One thought on “UK: London Thames pleasure boat in collision with Tower Bridge. 10 injured – Published 040614 1400z

  1. MCA (COASTGUARD) UPDATE: 16:45 Wednesday 4 June 2014

    It’s believed that 10 people on board were injured, 5 were treated at the scene and the others were taken to hospital.

    It’s not thought the boat has been badly damaged but a Maritime and Coastguard Agency surveyor is inspecting the vessel this afternoon.


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