UK: 2,400 teens prepare for annual 2-day Ten Tors Challenge/Jubilee Challenge across Dartmoor – Published 050514 1720z

Image from Ten Tors website

2 thoughts on “UK: 2,400 teens prepare for annual 2-day Ten Tors Challenge/Jubilee Challenge across Dartmoor – Published 050514 1720z

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  2. Copied from Ten Tors Facebook page (5 May 2014 1107BST):

    “To the 2014 cohort, good luck!!

    There are two thousand four hundred stories from every Ten Tors, and I am honoured to have witnessed the last chapters of more than forty thousand of them over the years. I imagine that no-one volunteering for their first Ten Tors ever knows exactly what they’ve let themselves in for, or how it might turn out, or even the effect it will have on the rest of their lives – but that, no more, no less, is what it will do. It will never leave you – no challenge will ever be as hard, as demanding, as rewarding; whatever comes your way you will look back on your Ten Tors weekend as the most exceptional two days you’ve ever spent.

    …And that’s also true for those of us who watch, and wait. Eighteen years back, waiting to applaud our son’s Team over the line, applauding the ones before, then the next Team, and the ones after that, and all the others, I had no idea that it would lead to the Ten Tors web site, to event weekends with my wife spent waking at four a.m. and sleeping at midnight – and actually looking forward to all that! And I had no inkling that, after years of piloting a desk and computer, I’d be drawn to walking the moor, and appreciating what a fantastic, beautiful, harsh place it is.

    This year new hands have taken on the site and your emails; there is no doubt they will bring fresh eyes and ideas to push them into the 21st century – and I also know that they will be changed by what they find, overwhelmed by the sight of four hundred Teams sharing a simple dream to visit Ten Tors in two days.

    A few years ago, standing close to the finish line in some of Dartmoor’s more persistent rain (it had been so for most of the weekend) I overheard one sodden soul mutter, as he paced out the last few yards towards the line and his deserved medal: “That’s more than any of you lot could do!”. Absolutely right! Dartmoor can be a cruel place, and only the best trained, the most determined and single(?)-minded Teams can do it – I’m certain I couldn’t walk thirty-five Dartmoor miles over a weekend; you are in a league of your own!

    One longer tale from those forty thousand is worth retelling: the story of a young lady who was about to enjoy a well-earned rest after the first day of her event when the boiling contents of a cooking pan emptied into her boot – with her foot still in it. The medics at the Tor where the team were camped applied first-aid, and, in her words:

    “They said to have a good night sleep and see how it would be in the morning. In the morning it was still painful but I was determined not to give up. They dressed it and said that they wouldn’t advise me to go on but they were going to allow it and I could always drop out later. The medic at every tor dressed the burn again.

    I didn’t care how much it hurt I was going to finish.”

    She did.

    As one member of a complete team.

    Having walked the best part of twenty-two kilometres that second day…

    To all four hundred Teams taking part this year, I wish you the very best of luck – you’ve done all the rest! It would be truly incredible for all of you to walk home complete – the risk of falling those few precious inches short of an immense task is ever-present – but I hope it is so!

    May the Tors be with you.



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