UK: Six crew rescued from sinking cargo ship off the Lizard, Cornwall – 090314 2325z

Falmouth Coastguard has been assisting a cargo vessel which had six people on board and began sinking 12 miles east of the Lizard this morning.

Lizard and Falmouth RNLI Lifeboats and a rescue helicopter from RNAS Culdrose attempted to pump water out of vessel, the ‘Sea Breeze’, with their own pumps. Other merchant vessels, who heard the mayday relay broadcast from Falmouth Coastguard, also stood by in case they were required.

Alex Greig, Falmouth Coastguard Watch Manager says:

“We received the mayday broadcast from the ‘Sea Breeze’ at 7.00 am and were able to get lifeboats and the helicopter on scene quickly, along with other vessels that were in the vicinity. The lifeboats and helicopter pumped water off the cargo vessel, whilst HMS Tyne was on its way with commercial pumps. However, unfortunately, the smaller pumps could not keep up with the ingress of water and the crew had to abandon ship at 8.40 am. Five of the crew are now safely ashore. A couple of them have minor injuries. The captain has remained on scene on board HMS Tyne to help with the salvage operation – MCA

The Lizard RNLI lifeboat and Falmouth RNLI lifeboat save six crew

The Lizard’s Tamar class all-weather lifeboat Rose and Falmouth’s Severn class all-weather lifeboat Richard Cox Scott, launched this morning just after 7am to go to the assistance of an 87 metre (257 feet) long cargo vessel

The Barbados registered vessel Sea Breeze was on passage from Liverpool to Shoreham with a cargo of lime stone when it called Falmouth Coastguard reporting a flooded engine room approximately 11 miles south east of Lizard Point and requesting immediate assistance. The Lizard lifeboat and Falmouth lifeboat were both launched and a Mayday relay was broadcast on VHF channel 16 requesting any vessel in the area to proceed to assist the Sea Breeze.

The Lizard lifeboat crew launched within 11 minutes of being paged and arrived on scene they also placed a navy pump onboard the ship. Shortly afterwards the Falmouth lifeboat arrived on scene and placed one volunteer crew member and their scene in less than 30 minutes. Contact was made with the crew of the Sea Breeze and two volunteer crew of The Lizard lifeboat were put onboard the casualty vessel with an RNLI pump. When the rescue helicopter from RNAS Culdrose arrived on RNLI pump onboard. The ships engine room was badly flooded and it was quickly evident that the pumps were unable to cope with ingress of water. As the Sea Breeze was now lying low in the water it was considered too dangerous for the crew and RNLI volunteers to remain onboard. The Falmouth lifeboat took off all the ship’s crew and RNLI crew members. The captain of the Sea Breeze was airlifted off the Falmouth lifeboat onto The Lizard lifeboat due to the sea swell, but later transferred onto a naval vessel HMS Tyne, that was on scene having responded to the Mayday call for assistance. The Falmouth lifeboat then returned to Falmouth with five members of the ship’s crew and the two Lizard lifeboat crew and all three pumps and later The Lizard lifeboat was stood down and returned to station.

A salvage tug Vortex from Falmouth has been on scene all afternoon and HMS Tyne has been standing by the Sea Breeze.

Falmouth Coastguard are currently dealing with the vessel and broadcasting safety messages to all shipping in the area making them aware of the situation.

The Lizard lifeboat Coxswain Andrew Putt said ‘Conditions on scene were good. Although there was a moderate swell we were able to get alongside the casualty very quickly and transfer a pump and two of our crew onboard. Unfortunately there was alot of water in the engine room and the three pumps couldn’t cope. It was far too dangerous to leave the crew onboard. This was a good team effort between both the lifeboats and the rescue helicopter’.  – RNLI (Bernice Putt)

To find out more about The Lizard lifeboat station please visit the station website at


Ship and six crew rescued off Lizard Point by the RNLI

(Video credit: chillinglive newstoall)

Published on Mar 9, 2014

The Lizard lifeboat and falmouth lifeboat were launched this morning to a 87 metre cargo ship ‘Seabreeze’ with 6 crew onboard with a flooded engine room 11 miles south east of Lizard Point.

Seabreeze crew rescued from sinking ship in Falmouth

(Video credit: ercn)

Published on Mar 9, 2014

A six-person crew has been rescued from a sinking vessel 12 miles off the coast of Falmouth.

Coastguards received the call shortly after 07:00 GMT on Sunday, reporting that the MV Seabreeze was taking on water with the engine room flooded.

Falmouth RNLI coxswain Mark Pollard describes the rescue operation.

Another video here:


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