New US military helicopter crash as four dead crew from Norfolk accident are named


A US military helicopter crashed in the Atlantic tonight – the second to come down in as many days.

The Navy chopper went down off the coast of Norfolk, Virginia.

It came less than a 24 hours after a Pave Hawk crashed in Norfolk on the east coast of England, killing four crew members.

Four of those involved in the Virginia crash were rescued but one person later died. Teams were searching for a fifth person.

Meanwhile, four crew members killed in the Pave Hawk crash were named tonight.

They were Capt Christopher Stover and Capt Sean Ruane, who were the helicopter’s pilots, and special mission aviators Technical Sgt Dale Mathews and SSgt Afton Ponce.

Their bodies remained at the scene on a nature reserve in Cley-next-the-Sea this evening and are not expected to be recovered until tomorrow. Capt Ruane’s wife, Rachel, said on a website at the time of…

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