UK: 3 launches in 3 days for Lizard lifeboat – 191113 1605z

Falmouth Packet

The Lizard lifeboat has launched three times in as many days to assist yachts in difficulties off Lizard Point.

On Tuesday, November 12 at 8:30am The Lizard lifeboat was launched to a lone sailor onboard Yacht Quintess 2 on passage from Brixham to Ireland that required assistance after the yachts sails were blown out and the vessels engine stopped working.

The yachts occupant had broadcast a Mayday call the night before but was unable to broadcast his position before all the electrics failed. The yacht was left bobbing around overnight before being located by a fishing vessel three miles south west of Lizard Point.

Falmouth Coastguard was contacted and The Lizard lifeboat was launched to rescue the yacht. The yacht was then towed to Falmouth Harbour. The Lifeboat returned to station at 1:00pm.

(Video credit: RNLI) A yacht that had damaged its rigging and had problems with its engine was helped by The Lizard lifeboat. The yacht, with one person on board, was towed safely back to Falmouth.

At 5:30pm the same evening The Lizard lifeboat was again launched to assist a lone yachtsman onboard the Yacht Apsu, 20 miles southeast of Lizard Point that had suffered damaged rigging after being hit by a large wave.

The vessel was returning to the Helford River from Spain and its engine then failed and again the yacht was left bobbing around. Falmouth Coastguard requested The Lizard lifeboat launch and assist the vessel. The yacht was towed to Falmouth Harbour. The lifeboat returned to station at just after midnight.

On Thursday evening at 4:50pm The Lizard lifeboat was launched to assist in a search for a person thought to have fallen over the cliff at Old Lizard Head. The Coastguard rescue teams from Mullion and Porthoustock and a rescue helicopter from 771 Squadron RNAS Culdrose were also involved in the search. It very soon became apparent that the call was a false alarm and all the rescue units were stood down with the lifeboat returning to station at 6:15pm.” – Falmouth Packet

The Lizard lifeboat alongside Yacht Apsu. Credit Andrew Putt.



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