Vietnam: Massive explosion(s) guts Phu Tho fireworks factory in military complex – At least 23 dead, 98 injured & some 2,000 evacuated – 131013 1910z

Update Sunday, 13 October, 2013 at 04:33 UTC RSOE:

At least 21 people died and several were injured Saturday in an explosion at a fireworks factory in northern Vietnam, local media said. Authorities said that thousands of people have been evacuated from the scene of the accident in Phu Tho province while the search for victims continues, according to the daily Thanh Nien News. Gen. Le Quang Dai, head of the military-run fireworks factory, said that scores of workers were on hand when the explosion occurred and that most were able to escape. Police and soldiers are investigating the causes of the accident and helping provide aid at the factory, located some 120 kilometers (75 miles) north of Hanoi.


Saturday, 12 October, 2013 at 09:12 (09:12 AM) UTC RSOE:
At least seven people died early today in an explosion at a fireworks factory within a military complex, state media reported.The explosion prompted the evacuation of some 2,000 people living near the Z121 military facility, around 120 kilometres (75 miles) north of Hanoi, police said, adding incident was yet to be brought under control. “At least seven people have died and more are injured in the explosion,” the official Vietnam News Agency reported, without providing details on the number of injured. Residents in Thanh Ba district — where the complex is located — said they felt the ground shake in repeated explosions, the VNExpress news site reported. “The fire and explosion are ongoing. Firemen and soldiers have not been able to get access,” policeman Pham Quang Minh told AFP from near the accident site. “About 2,000 people around the Z121 factory have been evacuated,” he added. One local resident told AFP that locals have fled to the Viet Tri township, about 40 kilometres away, fearing further damage.”We have received warnings from authorities that there could be further explosions which could be very destructive,” he said, speaking on condition of anonymity. No information on the cause of the explosion was immediately available.


Other Reports


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(Note 3 reports from VNExpress – note different time stamps)

Thousands m2 gutted by the explosion in Phu Tho

Sunday, 10/13/2013 15:47 GMT +7

One day after fireworks warehouse explosion, regional operators, warehouses and factories littered Z121 factory in ruins.


A workshop near the main gate of the factory wide Z121 thousand m2 pressure of the explosion blew half the roof. According to the report of the General Department of Defence Industry, the explosion did the whole production line and warehouse fireworks factory blast – fireworks burned down and some of the damaged buildings.


Trees along the path from the studio to a broken gate and leafless fine.


Executive Building was also heavily damaged.


The destructive power of the explosion to a few thousand meters wide areas devastated.


2 storey concrete house also under pressure from the explosion hit desolation. Most rooms no doors …


The tradition of the unit near the main gate collapsed roofs, tattered.

Damage 52 billion in fireworks depot explosion

Sunday, 10/13/2013 10:37 GMT +7

Morning 13/10, reported Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai, Lieutenant General Nguyen Duc Lam, Chairman of the General Department of Defence Industry said the fireworks depot explosion has killed 23 people, 52 billion damage.


Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai inspect the scene of the fire. Photo: midwife

Mr Lam said the fireworks explosion at a warehouse of the factory 4, Z121 factory, no workers but many people working in the warehouse next to impossible to get up dead and injured.

Afternoon 12/10, 17 corpses were transferred to a funeral home, and the other victims have not been identified to the hospital for evaluation 103.

In relation to the injured, Mr. Lam said 73 people, but Monday afternoon, the Health Ministry reported 98 people injured, most seriously injured.


The explosion leveled part of the factory Z121. Photo: midwife

Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai direct cause investigation assessment and lessons learned after the explosion. He expressed condolences to the victims, asked the Defense Ministry to coordinate with local combined rescue the wounded. Deputy Prime Minister asked the province to assess the damage of the surrounding population to support the plan, adequately compensated.

8am this morning, the port Fireworks Factory – Explosive defense of factory Z121 continues to tighten security with over 10 soldiers work to protect. Area warehouses factory explosion fireworks drug is only a rubble more than 2 m high. outer, a few tens of meters are police forces and local militias. C continuous light factory gate to welcome the convoy opened fire and military vehicles carrying sea water spray to cool fire just off. Dozens of factory workers continue digging through the rubble. A truck constantly moving to the area and residual materials into other areas.

Talking with VnExpress, Lieutenant General Truong Quang Khanh said last night, after reviewing the number of workers present at the time of the fire, the authorities confirmed that no trapped victims Back at the scene.

“The body did not match the identification number of the missing victims. Department of Defense has identified these people moved to the hospital for conditions forensics, identify personal, family handed over in the earliest time, “said Khanh said, the Defense Ministry is urgently address the policy for victims, support the injured quick recovery.


In addition to factory exploded completely destroyed, other buildings outside the factory walls adjacent to unroofed well. Photo by midwives.

According to Lieutenant General Khanh, “the accident was completely controlled, no risk of recurrence.” After cleaning, check the whole, the plant will continue to produce because this task is the only factory producing fireworks festival to serve the country and exported abroad.

Share on accidents causing particularly serious consequences, General Khanh said the Defense Ministry has always placed priority on safety over the top and this was fully aware. The incident took place, the initial cause was attributed to ignite explosives made ​​of fireworks warehouse fire, explosion and resulting fire spread to the factories. “This is the most tragic accidents in the past 15 years” Mr Khanh said.

In meeting this morning, said Phu Tho t INH has mobilized all forces from the police, the military, health workforce, the local leaders to coordinate the remediation.

‘We have gone all out to rescue hundreds of victims’

Sunday, 10/13/2013 00:00 GMT +7

This morning, hundreds of patients from the scene of the explosion at fireworks factory in Phu Tho Z121 was rushed into hospital Phu Tho town, many people can no longer heal itself.

8 am 12/10, two communal ground Khai Xuan Phu Tho and Lao Vo shaking with the continuous deafening explosion. Numerous houses were unroofed pressure caused, burning furniture. Thousands of panicked residents out into the street.

Many military vehicles, emergency, fire set to move to the direction of factory Z121, which specializes in producing the country’s biggest fireworks. All the health facilities in Phu Tho patients receiving mobilization, which is the largest hospital in Phu Tho town.

Around 8h15 cases first brought here. As long as 10-15 minutes a whistle ambulances rushed to the emergency department. The nurses, doctors welcome patients continuously. Hundreds of people flock to find relatives of the victims. Emergency Zone 2 storey home with people ken.

Most patients with head injuries, broken limbs, burns … The oxygen tank is filled outdoors antiseptic, gauze quality stainless steel table.

Tuan, head of the emergency department, said this morning that day off. Listen notice the explosion, he draped blouse hustle and colleagues embarked cure patients. Smell of disinfectant concentration anonymously spread to all areas of the park.


Hospital Phu Tho town received more than 200 victims of the explosion affected. Favorites: Do Vietnam

In the surgical ward, nearly 10 doctors for emergency’re focused Nguyen Thi Van (29 years old), one of the most severely ill patients, with multiple burns and injuries. After nearly an hour of first aid, the victim has not regained consciousness. Standing in the hallway, Ms. Van relatives sobbed.

Dr. Hoang Thi Kim Vinh shared morning when the victim is too many, hospitals have mobilized hundreds of teachers, college students and help health care Phu Tho. “Never Institute we receive many emergency patients virtually the same time as this,” said Dr. Vinh.

Dr. Bui Anh Giao, said hospital director, had mobilized all human and material resources are used to rescue the victim. 40 people have voluntarily donated blood.

He Transportation share, from morning till now not a moment to rest. “We’ve gone all out to rescue the victims,” ​​said Transportation said.

After a winter aid for patients, more than half had been transferred to hospital in Phu Tho province, 103 Military Hospital, Central Hospital burns, Vietnam-Germany Hospital for treatment.

In the emergency department resuscitation, Vietnam Duc Hospital in Hanoi, said Swedish girl sitting bandaged hand not stunned. Tran Thi Lieu, 29, his daughter, a worker at the factory Z121, wounded in the legs, thighs, traumatic brain injury, is preparing to surgery.

“After a loud explosion and saw smoke rolling up, I hurriedly took up motorcycle plant but not in it. Components of not healthy, I hurried back to the car to the town of Phu Tho Hospital and found baby,” said Sweden recounts his voice still shaking. Due to her injuries were transferred to Touches Vietnamese Hospital in Germany at noon.

Touches Her husband said: “When I saw the smoke, I ran home and saw the collapsed wall, just hurry up to take the car to get the car to pick up the two posts to go.”

Dr. Duong Trong Hien (deputy dean emergency gastrointestinal surgery, shift leader) said outside her Lieu, Vietnam-Germany Hospital patients also received other a lighter, so he moved back to the province. The hospital has also sent a delegation including 2 doctors and 2 nurses to support hospital in Phu Tho Province Vietnam Tri city.

One of the patients with severe burns, being special care in the intensive care department, National Institute of Burns named Jade, 26 years old, 4 months pregnant, the body burns. She is a worker in fireworks factories in the factory Z121.

“The charred grandchildren. In the morning, when the lead in Phu Tho General Hospital, I see that I no longer recognize their children anymore. I’m pregnant with a second heavy people should not start running up. Not that I do not have to keep “her mother said Jade choked. According to the doctors, Jade patients with deep burns 70% rate.

The same was transferred to the intensive care department National Institute of Burns this afternoon, Nguyen Thi Kim Tuyen severe injury by 90%. She burned the body, from head to toe, is in critical condition fairly.

19 pm tonight, another patient was Bui Van Nhan (23) also burns hospitalized in a state of severe burns and stamping femur. The patient’s surgery has been rearranged femur Vietnam Tri Hospital before moving to the National Burn Institute.


Nguyen Thi Ly told, after the explosion, her son – a factory worker Z121 – thrown on the pole and break down the entire leg and arm fractures caused. Photo: Minh Thuy

Nguyen Thi Ly’s mom said her son was doing at the factory Z121 2 years. 9 o’clock this morning, her limbs fall off when he heard the news reported dead in blast at fireworks factory. She loved the run up scattered plants, but was not able to 20km due to congestion. “Thank God, then I got the call from the factory they said it is not dead, just broken limbs, has been transferred to hospital. I rushed to the hospital, that I was moved from the stretcher to the ambulance, who was covered in blood, “Ms. Li said.

She added that, while the Phu Tho hospital, he’s there once woke up, she saw the tears flowed, including “After the explosion, I was knocked up and break down the column. You could just go down the fibro sheets nearby heard the roar. 5 minutes later if no one pulled me over, I’m dead. I thought I died, I just worry about her, “her brimming Li said. He’s been out of state rescue lost a lot of blood, broken femur fractures, burns along the body from the chest, two to the leg side.

By about 9 pm tonight, the National Burn Institute has received at least 6 patients injured by the explosion at the factory moved to Phu Tho Z121. The figure at Army Hospital 103 is 15.

Initial information said the explosion caused 20 deaths, 98 people were injured. The reason for the incident was spontaneous explosion of fireworks.

Z121 plant under the General Industrial Defense (DOD) is the only domestic production and supply of fireworks to the celebration service


Deadly explosions at Vietnamese fireworks factory


Amateur footage purported to show an explosion at the complex

A series of explosions at a fireworks factory in northern Vietnam has killed at least 15 people and left many others injured.

Witnesses said the explosions continued for several hours, sending a large cloud of smoke into the sky.

The factory at a military complex 120 km north of the capital, Hanoi, employs about 300 workers.

A large area around the plant was cordoned off and residential areas nearby were evacuated.

The fire was later brought under control, according to police, but they feared more bodies could be found inside the wreckage.

Residents said many local people had fled after their homes were rocked by a series of powerful detonations.

Officials said the fireworks were being produced at the factory in Phu Tho province for military and other official ceremonies.


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