Romania: 7 dead, 1 missing, 700 houses flooded after heavy rain struck Galati county. More heavy rain forecast – 120913 1155z

Seven people died, one went missing and 700 houses were flooded after heavy rains inundated Galati county in south eastern Romania last night (September 11).


The Government has organized the emergency commandment to evacuate people from the 17 villages hit by floods and support those affected by the heavy rain.

The most affected was the village of Cudalbi, where 500 houses and their gardens were flooded, forcing 200 people to leave their homes.

On Thursday morning (September 12), car traffic was blocked on two local roads in the county, with water one meter deep on the road in some cases.

Train traffic on the route Galaţi-Barlad between Târgu Bujor and Floteşti was also blocked because of alluvial sediment brought by the rain.

Four villages in the county do not have electricity.

The weather report shows rain continuing on Thursday as well. Most of the country was under a Code Yellow for storms until Wednesday at midnight.
Thursday, 12 September, 2013 at 11:15 (11:15 AM) UTC RSOE

Romania Current Severe Weather Warnings as at 1128Z (GHT/UTC)


Local Severe Alert for Romania

Statement as of 2013-09-12 19:00:00 GMT, valid until 2013-09-12 19:00:00 GMT

Cities affected:

Balintesti, Romania;

Tecuci, Romania;

Galati, Romania

More detail here from


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