Italy: Tornado risk & Thunderstorms across Napoli, Taranto and Bari. Waterspouts spotted – 270813 1800z

There are lots of thunderstorms in Italy, across Napoli, Taranto and Bari. Heavy rainfall, (large) hail and severe wind gusts are the main threats. An isolated tornado event or waterspout event can’t be ruled out. Keep an eye on the radar. – StormhunterNL

Roma – Trombe marine sul mare di Anzio (27 Agosto 2013)

(Video credit: judanetwork·)

Published on Aug 27, 2013

Due trombe marine si sono unite sul mare di Anzio (ROMA)

Two waterspouts were joined on Anzio (Rome)

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Tromba di aria sul mare di Portici

20 AUG 2013 – ITALY: Non-mesocycl. TORNADO over water (WATERSPOUT) observed over Golfo di Napoli, near Portici, S of Napoli (Naples). Impressive video –

Skywarn Europe

Weather warnings (meteoalarm): Italy




Italy: Tornado in central Sicily 14 August 2013 (Video) – 140813 2103z


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