Japan: Suspected gas explosion hits Kyoto Fireworks Festival, at least 61 injured – 150813 1410z

Kyodo: Kyoto fireworks show cancelled after suspected gas explosion hits main venue; at least 61 injured – few details as yet.

Asahi Shimbun newspaper: At least 10 seriously injured among victims of blast at Japan fireworks festival

(Photo: asahi.com) Scene after explosion hits main venue at Kyoto fireworks show; at least 61 injured

Credit: (BNO Pres)

AL MANAR at 15-08-2013 – 16:40: “At least 40 people were injured Thursday evening by an explosion probably caused by a gas cylinder just before a fireworks display in Japan’s Kyoto prefecture, reports said.

Public broadcaster NHK said the cylinder was located close to a drinks and snacks counter put in place for a grand fireworks festival which takes place each summer in Japan.

An explosion was heard around 7:25pm local time and the counter and other objects were thrown in the air as a fire started and people fled, according to accounts and photographs posted on the Internet.

Many were badly hurt including two who received burns across their whole bodies, according to firefighters quoted by the channel.

Each year some 100,000 people attend the festival, according to the Asahi TV channel which broadcast images of the almost-deserted venue after the accident.

Personal belongings were strewn across the area as investigators searched for clues.” – almanar.com


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