UK: Double-decker bus hit bridge in Stockport. 11 injured (6 taken to hospital) – 270713 1440z

“Six people have been taken to hospital, after a double decker bus hit a railway bridge – ripping off its roof.

Emergency crews were called to the crash on George’s Rd, Stockport at 1.39pm.

Firefighters rescued three women and three men from the wreckage.” – ITV News

A bus has had its roof ripped off after hitting a bridge in Stockport.

At about 1.40pm a Transpeak bus hit a railway bridge at the junction of Wycliffe Street, taking its roof off completely.

Eleven passengers were injured following the crash on George’s Road, just off the A6.

Six of those injured – three men and three women – were treated by firefighters from Stockport and Whitehill stations and taken to hospital.

“A height restriction sign on the bridge limits vehicles to 10ft at its edges, and 12ft 9in in the middle.

One bystander said: “There’s no way that bus was going under there – even if you came right through the centre.”


Stockport crew manager Nick Mottram, from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said: “They were all very lucky, because it could have been very serious.”

2.56pm Northern Rail warning of delays to trains going through Stockport as a result of the crash. Delays will continue until 3.30pm.” – manchestereveningnews

The bus, minus its roof, after the crash Credit: Richard Garratt/ ITV News

(Image: Stockport bus crash. Picture sent via Twitter by @FawazAlMufti

Stockport bus crash (Picture by @stehutchy on Twitter)

Stockport bus crash (Picture by @stehutchy on Twitter)


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