Drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico collapses after fire


The operator of the natural gas rig burning out of control in the Gulf of Mexico has begun preparations to move a jack-up rig to the location to potentially drill a relief well…The well suffered a blowout Tuesday morning and the rig caught fire later Tuesday night when the leaking natural gas ignited…

No one was on board at the time of the ignition and no one was injured, according to BSEE. The burning rig is southwest of Grand Isle, about 55 miles offshore, authorities said.

As the rig fire continues, the beams supporting the derrick and rig floor have folded and have collapsed over the rig structure, BSEE stated on Wednesday morning.

The Coast Guard said the rig caught fire at 10:45 p.m. Tuesday and BSEE stated that the source of the ignition remained unknown on Wednesday morning…The description of the incident…lists that 47 people had been evacuated from…

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