Dehydration – watch out when out and about, drink lots of fluids, take things slower.

The ‘hot spell’ is easing in the UK, but this is good advice generally. Also bear in mind that caffeine drinks; tea, coffee & some cold drinks do not aid hydration.

More about dehydration:

Dehydration – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Please watch out with this hot spell – Dehydration can kill.

Dehydration is when you lose more fluids than you are replacing. Symptoms usually occur when only 1 – 2 percent of the body’s normal water volume is lost, and may include thirst, headache, muscle cramps, dizziness or fainting, especially when standing up too fast, and can progress to more serious symptoms, including unconsciousness, seizures and death.

You can actually lose as much fluids in a cold, dry mountain environment as in a hot, dry one. This is because the thin, cold, dry air of high altitudes dries you out from just breathing it, even if you don’t sweat at all.

Of course, dehydration is largely preventable if you drink enough fluids, and usually four quarts a day for walking or other mountain activities will suffice. But keep an eye on your urine output — you should pee often and…

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