DWP Announces Jobless to be ‘Targeted By a Hit Squad’ – Not Satire

Scriptonite Daily


A press release issued by the Department of Work and Pensions this afternoon outlines tough new sanctions on the unemployed, using inflammatory language.  The press release states that the long term unemployed will be ‘targeted by a hit squad’ of ‘specialists’ where they will either find work or lose their access to benefits.

Workfare Plus


The Government has a whole host of programmes purportedly in place to support the jobless back into paid employment.  Workfare refers to all of the programmes which are mandatory, long term and paid less than minimum wage.

Earlier this year, as all but one of the WorkFare schemes were found to compel a person’s labour and deemed illegal by the Court of Appeal at the Royal Courts of Justice.  The response of Mark Hoban, Minister for Employment, was that the regulations would simply be redrafted, the work programmes continued and not a…

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