UK: Polish worker Magda Krawiec found and saved by policeman’s teenage daughter – 310513 1320z

Further appeal for Magdalena Krawiec, missing from Paignton

(Photo: Magdalena Krawiec, missing from Paignton

Police and family members are growing increasingly concerned for her welfare after she didnt turn up for work.

Police are appealing for the publics help in tracing a 20-year-old Polish woman missing from Paignton.

Magdalena Krawiec was last seen on CCTV leaving the place she was staying in Paignton at 8pm on Tuesday 14 May 2013.

Magdalena is described as 5ft 10, white European, slim build with short brown hair. She was last seen wearing a black, PVC or leather coat, dark top, grey leggings or tight fitting jeans and a black top. She was carrying a shoulder bag, which may have been green, and wearing black shoes with white socks.

Police are carrying out searches in Paignton for Magdalena and are being assisted by Dartmoor Search and Rescue and the Coastguard.

Anyone who sees her or knows of her whereabouts is asked to call police on 101, quoting log 232 of 15 May 2013. Devon & Cornwall Police

New CCTV image of Magdalena Krawiec, missing from Paignton

Associated Image

Police have released a new CCTV image showing the last known sighting of Magdalena Krawiec, the Polish woman who went missing from Paignton last week. The picture shows the 20-year-old walking along Marine Drive near the Redcliffe Hotel in Paignton in the direction of Torquay on Monday 13 May at 8.17pm.

Torquay Herald ExpressCCTV appeal in search for missing Paignton woman

DETECTIVES investigating the mysterious disappearance of Polish worker Magda Krawiec are making an urgent appeal to the community.

They are asking that any CCTV taken in the Preston and Paignton area be checked carefully for sightings of the young woman who mysteriously vanished from her guest house more than a week ago.

  1. magda2

    Magda Krawiec

The last sightings of the 20-year-old were at just after 8pm on Monday, May 13. She is recorded on the guest house CCTV at 8.01pm.

After that there was a possible sighting of her in Marine Parade.

This week divers from the police specialist search unit trawled a murky pond in the grounds of Parkfield.

Area where police divers search centred today (Photo: torquayheraldexpress)

Magdas mother, who had already planned to travel to Torbay this week, spoke to detectives on Tuesday morning. (21)

Now Det Insp Chris Yarwood has asked for businesses or private individuals who have CCTV to make sure that the equipment does not auto-delete the images.

She has been missing a long time and I dont want to speculate, Det Insp Yarwood said.

We dont think she has got a phone or any money with her and she only has the clothes she was wearing.

We are appealing for anyone with CCTV that covers the street not to allow it to self-delete.

Shops in the Preston and Paington area and even private houses that have CCTV which might have captured people walking past should save it to disc.

We are still trying to patch together her route. She went into Paignton and she just vanished. We believe we have a sighting of her very shortly after she left the guest house in Marine Parade.

Officers working on Operation Seeker carried out house-to-house inquiries around the town over the weekend, and were helped in their search by Coastguard teams and volunteers from the Dartmoor Search and Rescue organisation. ( )

The police diving team was led by Sgt Andrew Joyner. PC Lee Roberts went into the murky pond at Parkfield and systematically searched the filthy waters for more than an hour on Tuesday morning.

Police specialist search unit (Photo: torquayheraldexpress)

At a briefing at Torquay police station on Monday afternoon, Acting Superintendent Nikki Leaper said Magda arrived in Paignton during the evening of Sunday May 12, preparing to start a seasonal job at the Blue Sea Food fish processing plant in the town.

Acting Superintendent Nikki Leaper (Photo: torquayheraldexpress)

She had worked there last summer and autumn.

Magda has family and friends in Torbay, and they had made arrangements for her to stay at a local guest house.

She went to work on Monday and moved into her accommodation the same day.

However, she did not turn up for work on Tuesday morning.

At the Blue Sea Food Company, factory manager Conrad Luck said that Magda was one of the seasonal production staff.

We are concerned. Thats why it was reported last Tuesday.

For us not to hear from her is obviously distressing.

She is a very reliable person we wouldnt have called her back to work for us this season if that wasnt the case

We are quite a small company and we all know each other on first name terms.

From a work point of view Magda was very good. She always turns up on time. Shes a good worker and she is reliable.

One of her friends in Paignton who used to work here with us last summer came in to see us with another friend on Tuesday morning to ask if we had heard anything.

We advised them to report it.

The police are keeping an open-mind and throwing a lot of resources towards finding her.

But despite that we are all none the wiser.

Every day we think hopefully she will turn up but as each day goes by and still there is no news, we are getting more concerned.

Acting Superintendent Leaper said: Magda is a high-risk missing person.

We are treating her as vulnerable, largely because she is new to the country.

Officers said there had been no contact with Magda, and said her disappearance was completely out of character.

She is described as 5ft 10ins, white European, slim build with short brown hair.

She was last seen wearing grey tight-fitting leggings or jeans, a black top or T-shirt, a black PVC or leather coat and dark trousers and black shoes. She was carrying a green bag.

Anyone who sees her or knows of her whereabouts is asked to call police on 101, quoting log 232 of 15 May 2013.

Det Insp Yarwood added: We are very concerned about her and are appealing for anybody with information about her to let us know.

This is still a missing person investigation and there could be an explanation why shes gone but every day we are a bit more concerned. torquayheraldexpress

Update 31 May 2013:

Teenager “How we saved missing Magda”

EXCLUSIVE by Colleen Smith torquayheraldexpress

“The daughter of a Torbay policeman has revealed how she found and saved missing Polish worker Magda Krawiec.

The 20-year-old had been missing for 12 days when she was spotted by Megan Foster.

  1. FOUND:  Magda Krawiec and, right, Megan Foster from Paignton

    FOUND: Magda Krawiec and, right, Megan Foster from Paignton

The 18-year-old, from Preston, Paignton, recognised Magda because of her distinctive black beanie hat.

Magda remains seriously ill in hospital after apparently sleeping rough in a disused garage near Scadson Woods.

Mystery still surrounds the missing 12 days because she has been too ill to speak to police. Detectives waiting to interview Magda say it is not a criminal investigation.

Police say Magda may not have survived another night had she not been found that day. Her condition in hospital has been described as serious following 12 days sleeping rough in which she appears not to have eaten or drunk anything.

Teenager Megan revealed she recognised Magda’s photograph from Facebook. Megan, who works at Next at The Willows in Torquay, is the daughter of Des Foster, a detective with the Major Crime Investigation Team.

She said: “I keep thinking if we hadn’t found her that could have been her last day. She was so ill when we found her. She couldn’t really talk.”

She said she found Magda at about 7pm on Saturday in the All Hallows area of Preston, near Scadson Woods.

She said: “My friend was dropping me home and as we came up the hill she was just sitting on the pavement on the corner which was a bit unusual.

“I glanced down at her as we drove past and she had the black woolly hat on which she was wearing in the photo I had seen on Facebook. As she looked at me I said to my friend ‘I think it’s the Polish woman’.

“Straight away I called my dad to see if he was at home and he came out and walked over to her and showed her his police badge. She took my dad’s hand and walked up to our house. I asked her if she wanted a hand and she took my hand and I took her into the house.

“We sat her down and gave her some drink and she had a glass of water.

“She didn’t really want to be left on her own and I went and sat with her in the bathroom while mum made her a cup of tea. She looked totally puzzled and not with it. She didn’t really talk. She was absolutely freezing

“When the ambulance and police were here she was sat on the sofa with her head resting on my shoulder.

“Every now and then she gave me a slight smile and I felt so sorry for her.

“She did ask what day it was. She said ‘I have been missing a long time’. But she said she thought it was May 15, only two days after she went missing. We told her it was May 25.”

Dc Sarah Briggs said: “Des Foster’s daughter told him that she thought it was Magda. She was sitting on a towel on the pavement.

“It’s amazing that she was found.”

Supt Nikki Leaper and Det Insp Chris Yarwood both thanked the public for their response in the search for Magda, who disappeared the day after arriving in Paignton.

On the day of her disappearance she had been to her first day’s work at the Sea Food Company, where she had also worked the previous summer and autumn.

Her prolonged disappearance sparked major air and sea searches throughout the Bay.

Det Con Foster said: “I was out in the back garden when my youngest daughter drove into our close and saw the girl sitting on the pavement and saw things weren’t right.

“She looked very ill. It was quite apparent she was dehydrated and was certainly hypothermic.

“She couldn’t talk but she wrote down her name.

“If Megan hadn’t realised who she was she could easily have wandered back off into Scadson Woods and may not have been found.” ” –


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