Elderly couple rescued after their yacht disabled in bad weather 120 miles off Irish south-west coast, french trawler ‘heroic’ – 220513 1755z

An elderly couple were rescued after the mast of their yacht snapped in bad weather 120 miles off the Irish south-west coast.

The couple aged in their late-60s and early-70s and originally from Norway got into difficulty when high winds broke the mast, rudder and communications system of their 12m vessel.

They had been sailing from the Azores in the mid-Atlantic to the Hebrides Islands on the west coast of Scotland and were 120 miles south-west of Mizen Head when their craft, the ‘Alice II’ was disabled.

A distress flare fired from the yacht was seen by a French trawler early yesterday. The alarm was raised with the Irish Coastguard.

The Naval Service patrol vessel the ‘LE Aoife’ was dispatched to the scene at 11am. It reached the stricken yacht at 2pm and the couple were taken on board.

A Defence Forces spokesman said that the couple were in good spirits.

Irish Independent

The Irish Coastguard added today, “The french trawler Bikain..” “…behaved heroically. He gave up fishing time and a lot of money to assist a fellow seafarer.”

(Photo: shipspotting.com /sr.x) French trawler Bikain February 26, 2013


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