Horrifying moment base jumper plummets 1,000ft after parachute fails – and survives


Terrifying footage has emerged of a base jumper plunging 1,000 feet to the ground after his parachute malfunctions.

Matthew Gough can be heard making a desperate cry as he bounces off rocks and hurtles towards earth at speeds of up to 40mph.

The video recorded by his helmet camera shows the moment his parachute opened backwards and became twisted after the 25-year-old leapt from the top of a cliff overlooking Lake Garda in Italy.

Mr Gough took up the extreme sport after completing hundreds of sky dives and his previous 180 jumps passed off without any major problems.

He said ‘everything was going fine’ until he pulled the parachute but a slow deployment meant it became twisted and when it inflated it was facing backwards, meaning he couldn’t control it.

‘When I impacted the first time I started spinning which made the situation worse, the parachute twisted even more before…

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