Mexico: Popocatepetl Volcano erupts, spewing gas and ash 3 km high; Volcanic Alert Level remains at Yellow Phase 2 – 080513 1305z


May 08 05:00h (May 08, 11:00 GMT)

The eruptive episode which started yesterday at 19:28 h maintained its intensity until 01:58 today, and afterwards slowly diminished until 03:30 when it returned to the previous level of activity. This episode lasted for a total of 8 hours. Reports of ashfall have been received from San Juan Tianguismanalco, San Pedro Benito Ju疵ez, Atlixco and the city of Puebla, and it is probable that it also ocurred in most of the towns on the southeastern sector of the volcano. At the time of this update the volcano can be seen with strong incandescence above the crater and a continuous plume of water vapor, gases and minor amounts of ash.

The Volcanic Alert Level remains at Yellow Phase 2.

May 07 23:10 h (May 07, 04:10 GMT)

Since 19:28 h (local time), the monitoring system of Popocat駱etl volcano registered an episode of tremor of high amplitude. Until the moment of this report this episode has had a duration of 3.5 h and was accompanied by a persistent emission of a gas and ash colum of 3 km height in average and the emission of incandescent fragments inside the crater and on the volcano flanks, to maximum distances of 700 m (see image 4).

The gas and ash colum is travelling to the east-southeast (ver imagen 5). Some ash fall reports were received from the villages of San Juan Tianguismanalco (east) and San Pedro Benito Ju疵ez (south-east) and the City of Puebla. It is possible that ash fall will be reported from other villages in the east, south-east (Atlixco) and south (Tochimilco).

At the moment of this report, the described activity persists.

The monitoring of the volcano is developed continuously and new information of the evolution of the activity will be provided in future reports.

The Volcanic Alert Level remains at Yellow Phase 2.

May 07 19:50 h (May 07, 00:50 GMT)

At 19:28 began a continuous emission of ash and at the time of this report reaches a height of 2500 meters above the crater. The direction in which the pen moves is southeast. So, can register the fall of such material within San Pedro Benito Juarez, San Jeronimo Coyula, Yancuitlalpan, Tochimilco Tianguismanalco and Atlixco in Puebla.

The Volcanic Alert Level remains at Yellow Phase 2.

The expected activity scenarios in the next hours, days or weeks are: moderate exhalations, some with ash emissions; ocassionally mild incandescence during nights and sporadic low level explosions with low probabilities of incandescent fragments at short distances from the crater.

CENAPRED places particular emphasis in the following recommendations:

1. Access is restricted in a radius of 12 km from the crater. For this reason the permanence in this area is not allowed.

2. The road between Santiago Xalitzintla (Puebla) and San Pedro Nexapa (Mexico State), including Paso de Cortes, is open only to controlled traffic.

3. To the authorities of Civil Protection, to maintain preventive procedures, according to operative plans.

4. To the population, to be aware of the official information emmited.

Popocatepetl Volcano is monitored continuously 24 hours a day.


(Video credit:Hugo Garcia )

LIVE CAM Monitoreo Popocatpetl/Monitoring Popocatepetl


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