Ukraine: Kharkiv blaze in 9 storey hostel leaves 3 dead, 10 injured, 41 rescued and 105 evacuated – 070513 0820z

(Photo: Fire at a hostel in Kharkiv

This morning, May 6, fire in a dormitory at 33 Timurovtsev Street in Kharkiv killed three people, the press service of the Kharkiv City Council informs.
According to deputy mayor of Kharkiv for health and social welfare Svitlana Horbunova-Ruban, a fire started in a nine-storey building with elevator shaft and spread across the entrance of an apartment building.
As a result of fire and heavy smoke, three people were killed, nine were hospitalized.
According to assistant chief of the state Emergency Service department in the Kharkiv region Ihor Lupandin, 41 resident of the dormitory were saved, 106 people were evacuated while fighting a fire.
Assistant chief noted that now rescuers, doctors, psychologists, members of all city utilities and emergency services representatives from the departments of the executive committee of the Kharkiv City Council are working at the scene.
A census of residents is conducted. Stations of food services, psychological aid and medical first aid are installed. A tent was also set up for the needs of residents of the burnt house.
Monday, 06 May, 2013 at 19:52 (07:52 PM) UTC RSOE
Other Reports

Three people were killed and ten were hospitalized in a fire at a hostel in Kharkiv early on Monday, the main office of the State Service on Emergency Situations in Kharkiv region has reported.
The message about the fire in a nine-storey building at 33 Tymurovtsiv Street came at 0613. Rescuers said upon arrival at the scene of the fire that household things were burning in the corridors on the third and fourth floors of the building. The total area of the fire was about 800 square meters.

Because of thick smoke rescue workers had to rescue residents of apartments on the upper floors. Forty-one residents of the house were rescued through a fire ladder and stairwells, and 105 people were evacuated.

Three people (residents of apartments in the nine-story building), among them two women born in 1967 and 1960 and a man born in 1990, were killed in the fire. Ten people, including four children, were injured. They were taken to hospital.

One of the firefighters was injured during the rescue operation and hospitalized.

Fourteen vehicles and 60 rescuers were working at the scene.

The fire was contained at 0851 and extinguished at 0900. The causes of the fire and damages are being established.


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