UK: Shepherd drives flock of geese across London’s Putney Bridge – 070513 0950z

Shepherd drives geese across Putney Bridge

“Londoners are used to pushing their way through crowds in the early-morning rush hour, but anybody crossing Putney Bridge yesterday morning may have been a little less familiar with their fellow pedestrians.

A pair of shepherds accompanied by a trusty sheep dog drove a herd of geese across the bridge over the Thames at 5.45am.

People waiting for buses stared in wonder at the feathered flock, who at one point waddled past a Premier Inn.

The geese were part of a PR and marketing stunt, and were presented to thrill tenants at Fulham Green, a luxury office development.

Will Kitchener, PR and marketing director for Fulham Green, explained the presence of the winged wanderers.

He said: “It was simply a celebration of the start of spring for our tenants. We’d told them to expect some special guests, but I don’t think they were expecting them to be of the feathered variety.”

Delighted tenants were treated to a captivating display by Tip, the sheep dog who had escorted the geese over Putney Bridge.

Will said: “Tip showed everyone his skills, and our tenants were also introduced to some two week old orphan lambs and a day old gosling. The reaction was fantastic, and we were so pleased that the weather was good – spring made a temporary appearance for our party.”

Turning into the office complex at the end of the video, the geese look remarkably unruffled by their early-morning expedition – more than can be said for the stunned passers-by.” –

(Photo: en:User:Johnteslade) Putney Bridge in London.


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