Colombia: ‘Nuns’ caught allegedly smuggling drugs at San Andres airport as their bad habits gave them away – 070513 1630z

Colombia arrests fake nuns with drugs in their habits


Three women dressed like nuns have been arrested at a Colombian airport allegedly smuggling drugs.

Police said the women, aged 20, 32 and 37 had two kilos (4.4lb) of cocaine each strapped to their bodies.

Officers said they became suspicious because the women “didn’t look like nuns” and their habits “didn’t look right”.


They were travelling from the capital Bogota to the island of San Andres, popular with holidaymakers.


Police Capt Oscar Davila said they appeared nervous, and the fabric of their habits did not match that of genuine nuns.


The three, who according to police broke into tears when the cocaine was discovered strapped to their legs, will be charged with drug smuggling.


They reportedly said they had been forced into drug trafficking because of “financial hardship”.


The Colombian island of San Andres, just off the coast of Nicaragua, is a popular destination for foreign and Colombian tourists alike.


The island is also along a busy drug-smuggling route, especially popular with speedboats and submarines laden with cocaine, stopping off on their way from Colombia to Central America.

(Video credit: Zoominuk)

Published on 7 May 2013

Three women dressed as nuns were caught by police on Saturday as they attempted to allegedly smuggle six kilos of cocaine

onto Colombia’s San Andres Island.


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