Syria: Israeli air strike on arms depot and chicken coops, daylight pictures emerge – 050513 2140z

Israeli air strike on arms depot and chicken coops

Yaron Schneider | News 2 | Posted 05/05/13 22:33

“Broken walls, dead birds and smoke still rising – Syrian TV broadcast new pictures from one night arenas attacked last night by Israel – According to foreign reports.

Firefighters look at a day continue to deal with the flames still coming from the wreckage site. Instead of the attack were chicken coops. Some continue to spin around, others paid with their lives. These photos taken on Mount Kasion, the seat of the many divisions of the Syrian army’s Fourth – soldiers guarding the President Assad.

חד מהמבני שנפג¢ו
One of the buildings damaged
Photo: Syrian TV

According to recent reports from Syria, Israel attacked three targets. In total four people were killed (in contrast to previous reports of hundreds) and 70 were injured. Syria claim that the Israeli attack helping rebel forces and organizations affiliated with al Qaeda.

הœוœ ששרד
Coop surviving
Photo: Syrian TV
ה¢ופוª שמªו
Dead birds
Photo: Syrian TV

Israel keep on low heat

After more than 48 of the tension between Israel and Syria, Israel sends a “business as usual”: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took off in southwest China, almost as planned, after rejecting the flight two hours to convene the Cabinet.

Netanyahu’s decision to drive shifts the assessment of Israeli officials, that will not be the last Syrian response to attacks on its territory as endowed Israel. Assessment that the security situation does not deteriorate or sign up escalating the north.

At the same time, more information is obtained on the evening attack targets in Syria. Bombed shipment arrived on flights from Tehran to Damascus. The attack last night which included three goals were dozens of missiles Open -110.

נªניהו המרי œ¡יŸ כרגיœ
Netanyahu flew to China as usual
Photo: Avi Ohayon, GPO

PM Netanyahu convened a special meeting of his cabinet in the wake of tensions in the north. “This is a routine update meeting,” he said earlier in a political news web 2. “There is no room for interpretation and far-reaching.”

Netanyahu’s trip to China was planned long ago, if he had wished, he had a very difficult to undo it. Canceled last time traveling to China, the Chinese were outraged that very much, and for four years he refrained from defining meetings there.” – Ch 2 News Israel

Israel said to hit arms depot, first daylight images reveal

Times of Israel May 5, 2013, 5:47 pm(local time)

IAF also struck a military-owned chicken coop in a site near Damascus that was 99% civilian, Hezbollah TV reports

Israel targeted Syrian air defense units as well as an arms and ammunition warehouse, Hezbollah TV station al-Manar claimed Sunday afternoon,broadcastingthe first daylight video images of the site northwest of Damascus that was hit overnight.

Israel attacked an arms warehouse in the Dimass area, 30 kilometers (18 miles) northwest of the capital Damascus, near the border with Lebanon, al-Manar reported. The video footage shows mortar shells and rockets scattered on the ground, as plumes of black smoke rise from the site amid the sound of exploding ammunition in the background.

The second site attacked by Israel, claimed the al-Manar website, was a chicken coop owned by the Syrian army, surrounded by military factories producing cement and tea. According to al-Manar, a number of soldiers and civilians were killed in the attack.

There are sensitive points we guard here, one soldier who witnessed the attack said. Suddenly the airplanes arrived. An older unidentified man in military uniform claimed that 99 percent of the area is civilian.

Assads deputy foreign minister Faisal Mekdad told CNN on Sunday that the Israeli attack on Syria was a declaration of war, while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu postponed his trip to China by two hours to discuss the developments in Syria with his cabinet.”-

Israel has not claimed responsibility for the night strikes.


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