Uganda: Kasese floods leave 5 dead, 432 homes affected (200 of which destroyed). About 800 displaced. Kilembe Mines Hospital closes – 030513 1740z

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Disaster Preparedness minister Musa Ecweru with a team from Office of Prime Minister, Uganda Red Cross and district authorities have rushed to Kasese district where torrential rains ravaged villages, killing five people and making scores homeless.

According to Uganda Red Cross, relief trucks from Red Cross and OPM arrived in Kasese Thursday night. The items are targeting 400 families who were mostly affected. They include: tarpaulins, sauce pans, blankets, mosquito nets, plates, cups, washing soap, jerrycans and water purification tablets. Five bodies of the people killed by floods in Kasese have been recovered along various parts of River Nyamwamba in Kasese municipality.

The mayor, Godfrey Kabyanga, said two of the bodies were taken to the municipality mortuary. He identified the deceased as, Paddy Karusu, former head of procurement and disposal of assets in Kasese district, Raphael Kibusu, a Bunyandiku Primary School teacher and another identified only as Gadi, an employee of Kilembe Mines, Patrick Mwanzi and a woman identified only as Kabugho.

The floods hit the district on Wednesday during torrential rains that caused River Nyamwamba to burst its banks and overflow to areas in the Kasese municipality, halting the hospital operations. The district health inspector, Ericana Bwambale, expressed fear of outbreak of diseases like cholera.

Karusandara, Lake Katwe and Muhokya villages located downstream have also been flooded.

The district leaders held an emergency meeting chaired by the resident district commissioner, Milton Odongo on Wednesday to chat out the way forward. Kilembe Mines Hospital located a few metres from the river, was on Wednesday closed after all the wards were flooded with mud and water that destroyed most of the infrastructure including the wards, nurses’ residences and hospital equipment.

(Photo: Akiiki Kaija) Kilembe Mines Hospital buildings damaged by floods

Friday, 03 May, 2013 at 16:50 (04:50 PM) UTC RSOE

Other Reports

Kilembe Mines Hospital Closed After Floods

Kilembe Mines Hospital in Kasese has been temporarily closed following the Wednesday floods.

one of the wards doused in water

one of the wards doused in water

“The heavy downpour that started on Wednesday morning forced water downstream to villages in low-lying areas.

The Medical Superintendent, Edward Wafula says that the facility will remain closed until rehabilitation on some of the facilities like the medical store, kitchen, surgery rooms, private wards, and the drug store, which were all washed away during the floods, is done.

This is one of the hospital's private wards

This is one of the hospitals private wards covered in mud

Wafula told Uganda Radio Network that some of the patients have been transferred to Kasese Municipal health centre III, Bwera hospital and Kagando hospital.

Several relatives of the patients were seen at the compound of the hospital carrying the patients to ambulances and other vehicles, to be transferred. They were accompanied by some medical workers of Kilembe hospital.

The hospital's staff quarters were not spared by the over flooding River Nyamwamba

The hospitals staff quarters were not spared by the over flooding River Nyamwamba. Only one house was left standing

Francis Muhindo, a resident of Rugendebara Sub County, says that he had brought his wife to give birth. He says that he is worried about her health and that of the baby as she has to travel a long distance to Bwera hospital, where she has been transferred after the floods.

Muhindo says that the hospital management should have set up temporarily structure at the hospital to handle emergency cases.

On Wednesday, medical workers at the hospital struggled to evacuate the patients who included pregnant women and children from the wards that were flooded. Some patients were removed from the surgical, children and emergency wards.

Meanwhile the bodies of the four people who were killed by the floods have been recovered.

In a telephone interview, Godfrey Kabyanga, the Mayor Kasese Municipal Council identified the dead as Paddy Karunsi, Gad Mbusa, a teacher at Kakiri Primary School identified as Kibuzu and Grace Kabugho, all residents of Kanyaruboga in Bulembia division in Kasese Municipal Council. The four bodies were found trapped in the mud.

most of the roads were impassable

most of the roads were impassable on Wednesday

According to Kabyanga, they are searching for two residents from the same area, who are still missing.

This morning, workers of the Red Cross from Kasese and Kabarole erected tents for the displaced people who have temporarily camped at Kisementi in Kilembe Township.

Elijah Muzigiti, the chairperson Kasese Red Cross Society, told Uganda Radio Network in a telephone interview that more than 900 people have been displaced by the floods. Most of the displaced are from Kyanjukli and Kanyaruboga villages in Kasese Municipal Council.

Red Cross spokesperson Catherine Ntabadde confirms that at least 432 homes have been affected by the floods. 200 of these homes have been completely destroyed.

On Wednesday, the floods hit the district after River Nyamwamba burst its banks, submerging several homes.

The floods cut off the Kasese-Fort Portal Road, leaving many vehicles and people stranded.

Several houses in areas along the banks of River Nyamwamba were submerged, leaving their occupants stranded.

Parts of the Nyakasanga Airfield and the neighbouring playfield, all in Kasese town were also cut off.

River Nyamwamba, which is fed by melting glaciers from the Rwenzori Mountains, is the main source of water for both agriculture and domestic, including the Mubuku Irrigation Scheme.” –

Kasese Floods: Kilembe Mines Hospital closes

Thursday, May 2 2013at 13:28

“Floods that hit Kasese Municipality Wednesday, killing at least four people and destroying property worth billions of shillings have caused the closure of Kilembe Mines Hospital.

The floods were triggered by a heavy downpour that caused River Nyamwamba to burst its banks.

We have had a big problem at Kilembe Mines hospital and 195 patients have been evacuated to other hospitals. Fifty staff units were washed away. We have temporarily closed the hospital until we rectify the problem, Dr Edward Wafula, the superintendent of the medical facility said.

He said the kitchen, the mortuary, the private wing and equipment, including the recently-acquired X- ray machine were destroyed.

We have no power and water at the hospital, he said.

Dr Wafula, however, said no deaths or injuries were recorded at the hospital since patients and workers were rescued in time.

Meanwhile, the chairperson of Uganda Red Cross Kasese Branch, Mr Joseph Zukwa said three bodies of people who died in the floods have been recovered.

Those who died are Paddy Kalusu, a former District Procurement Officer, a one Kibusu, a primary school teacher and one Kabugho, a mentally-sick woman.

Mr Gad Baluku, an employee of Kilembe Mines Limited is still missing.

The floods displaced about 800 people, according to Mr Zukwa.” –


Kasese – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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