China: Beijing Accident, Cars and People on Fire Caught on Camera – 250413 2105z

(Video credit: math Chaser)

A collision between three vehicles on Linglong Road in Beijing on Monday evening resulted in rolling fireballs that consumed four cars, resulting in five injuries.

According to eyewitnesses, two Audis an A5 and A6 were dueling with one another on the road (or driving with a grudge, as it were). That might not mean street racing per se, but a degree of recklessness is implied. The A6 lost control first and rammed into another car, and the ensuing flames would engulf a fourth vehicle.

In the dramatic video below, someone shouts, Is there a child in the car?

A dog.

A dog?

Are there any people left in those cars? people continue to ask while trying their best to pull others to safety, fearing an explosion.

F**k, the man behind the camera marvels. How did this happen?

Burning car in Beijing 1
Burning car in Beijing 2
Burning car in Beijing 3


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