Thailand: 3 Tour buses crash in Ayutthaya province, 1 dead & 100 injured – 230413 1120z

(Photo: Pongpao) 3 tour buses crash in Ayutthaya province, Thailand

One passenger was killed and about 100 others injured, two suffering severed limbs, in an accident involving three tour buses in heavy rain in Ayutthaya province on Tuesday morning, reports said.

The crash happened about 4.30am on Asia Road in front of Hi-Tech Industrial Estate in Bang Pa-in district.
An unidentified woman was killed and two passengers each lost an arm in the three-bus collision.
Police said about 100 injured passengers were taken to hospitals.
Witnesses told investigators that the driver of a Bangkok-Chiang Mai bus lost control of his vehicle on the slippery road and slammed into a traffic island.
Another tour bus travelling between Bangkok and Mae Sot stopped by the roadside to check out the situation.
However, another Bangkok-Mae Sot bus travelling at high speed then smashed into both vehicles.
Each bus was carrying about 40 passengers. The drivers of the three buses remained at the scene and were questioned by police.
Tuesday, 23 April, 2013 at 08:11 (08:11 AM) UTC RSOE



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