#Ireland: Met Eireann #Severe #Weather Warning – Updated 28 July 2013 2215z

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(Image: meteoradar.co.uk)
UK & Ireland Rainfall Radar
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(Image: weatheronline.co.uk) Click image for source/animation (The radar images are produced from raw data provided by the MetOffice. These data might include some minor errors. Therefore, in isolated cases, radar images might not always display true areas of precipitation.)


Met Eireann Weather Warning






National Weather Warnings


Rainfall Warning for Ireland


Widespread thunderstorms this afternoon and evening with locally over 20-30 mm in 6 hours and spot flooding.



Sunday 28 July 2013 17:00


Sunday 28 July 2013 17:00 to Sunday 28 July 2013 23:59

Marine Weather Warnings





Sea Area Forecast until 1800 Monday 29 July 2013

Issued at 1800 Sunday 28 July 2013

Gale warning: NIL

Small craft warning: NIL

Meteorological situation at 1500: An unstable southerly airflow covers the country. The flow will veer westerly in the next 24 hours.

Forecast for coasts from Fair Head to Howth Head to Carnsore Point and the Irish Sea
Wind: South force 3 to 4. Veering southwest overnight and increasing force 4 to 5 tomorrow afternoon.

Forecast for coasts from Carnsore Point to Valentia to Fair Head
Wind: Mainly southwest force 3 to 4, increasing force 4 to 5 overnight and veering west to southwest. Occasionally reaching force 6 tomorrow.

Weather for all sea areas: Occasional showers with a slight risk of thunder.

Visibility for all sea areas: Moderate to poor in showers, otherwise good.

Warning of heavy swell: Nil

Outlook for a further 24 hours until 1800 Tuesday 30 July 2013: Moderate to fresh southwest winds with further showers.

Next update before 0100 Monday 29 July 2013 at

( http://www.met.ie/forecasts/warnings.asp)


News Reports




Google Irish/Google Gaeilge :

Met ireann Rabhadh Aimsir

Rocht Aontaithe RADAR Anda SATELLITE (Cldaonn IRE FREISIN)

Rocht Aontaithe RADAR mbaill SATAILÍT (Clúdaonn IRE FREISIN)

Rabhaidh Aimsir Nisinta

Bisteach Rabhadh d’irinn

Toirn Forleathan seo trthnna agus oche le go hitiil nos m n 20-30 mm i 6 uair an chloig agus tuilte lthair.


D Domhnaigh Iil 28, 2013 17:00

D Domhnaigh Iil 28, 2013 17:00 go dt D Domhnaigh 28 Iil, 2013 23:59
Rabhaidh Aimsir Mara


Ramhaisnis Limistar na Farraige go dt 1800 D Luain 29 Iil, 2013
Eisithe ag 1800 D Domhnaigh 28 Iil, 2013

Gale rabhadh: NIALAS

Rabhadh rtha beaga: NIALAIS

Cldaonn sruth aeir dheas agobhsa na tre: staid Meitareolaochta ag 1500. Beidh an sreabhadh veer siar sa 24 uair an chloig eile.

Ramhaisnis do csta Cheann Aonach Ceann go Beann adair Pointe agus Muir na hireann chun an Chairn
Gaoth: frsa Theas 3 go 4. Veering siar dheas thar oche agus bhfeidhm ag mad 4 go 5 trthnna amrach.

Ramhaisnis do csta Ceann an Chairn go Dairbhre go Ceann Fair
Gaoth: Den chuid is m i bhfeidhm taobh thiar theas 3 go 4, ag mad frsa 4 go 5 oche agus veering siar siar dheas. am go chile a bhaint amach frsa 6 amrach.

Aimsir le haghaidh gach limistar farraige: cithfholcadin cideacha le riosca beag de toirneach.

Infheictheacht do gach rimse farraige: Mheasartha go bochta i cithfholcadin, ar shl eile go maith.

Rabhadh swell trom: Nialas

Outlook ar feadh 24 uair an chloig eile go dt 1800 D Mirt 30 Iil, 2013: Measartha go gaotha siar dheas r le ceathanna eile.

Nuashonr seo chugainn roimh 0100 D Luain 29 Iil 2013 ar a


Tuarasclacha Nuacht


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