US: Irving, Texas, bus accident leaves at least 2 dead, 36+ injured (16 critically) 110413 1700z

NB/SB Texas State Hwy 161 shutdown as crews rescue ‘as many as 40’ from charter bus crash – Texas Charter Bus Overturns in Irving, TX on State Hwy 161 | 40 Trapped inside Bus
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“IRVING, Texas – Rescue crews are on the scene where a charter bus crashed on northbound State Highway 161 near the N. Belt Line Rd. accident in Irving.

The bus is overturned on its side and rescue crew members are currently pulling out trapped passengers. Other passengers are being treated on areas to the side of the wreckage. Both northbound and southbound lanes of 161 have been shut down.

“All I really saw from the distance was a bunch of smoke,” said a witness who was driving on the southbound lanes of 161. “The bus must have hit something, turned on its side, crashed and slid all the way to the guardrail.”

The witness said he saw one person trapped underneath the bus.He said rescue crews came to the scene about four to five minutes after the bus crashed.

Several ambulances and one CareFlite helicopter are at the scene. It is unknown how many people were injured in the crash.” – newswatchstation

News Reports

2 dead in Irving bus crash Apr 11, 2013 5:23 PM GDT


Two people are dead after a charter bus crashed in Irving this morning on State Highway 161 and Belt Line Road.

The Cardinal Coach Line bus was headed to the Choctaw Casino in Oklahoma.

The bus had just picked up some passengers at a supermarket in Hurst and was headed to the casino.

Witnesses say the bus may have blown a tire.

People driving along the highway stopped their cars and rushed to help those just minutes after the crash.

” Most of the people we pulled out were in shock, they’re just crying, we were just trying to get them out and calm them down,” said Robert Hare.

“It was just people stacked on top of each other and the bus, it was three seats and the aisle was on the bottom, so all three seats feel into the aisle and they’re on top of each other,” said Ed Cluck.

Emergency workers used the emergency exits on top of the bus to pull passengers from the vehicle.

At least 16 people have critical injuries from the accident. Forty people were on board.

Witnesses say many of those on board were not wearing seat belts.

Several fire departments from the surrounding area are on the scene to help the injured.

Careflight was called in to get to those with the most serious injuries.

Many of the injured are headed to Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, the Las Colinas Medical Center in Irving and Baylor Hospital in Irving.

Cardinal Coach Line is based in Mansfield.” –

Two Killed, Dozens Injured in Bus Rollover on Bush Turnpike

SH 161 closed, drivers advised to avoid the area for several hours Thursday, Apr 11, 2013 | Updated 11:18 AM CDT

“More than 36 people were injured and two were killed when a private charter bus overturned along state Highway 161/PresidentGeorge Bush Turnpike near Belt Line RoadThursday morning.

Department of Public Safety Trooper Lonny Hashell confirmed two people were killed in the crash.Three dozen people wereinjured andtransported to area hospitals. Officials with the Irving Fire Department said 45 people were on the passenger list.

Sixteen patients are in critical condition while many others suffered only minor injuries, according to emergency crews.The injured arebeing sent to various Dallas-area hospitals including Baylor Irving Medical Center,Las Colinas Medical Center,Parkland Memorial Hospital and Methodist Hospital in Dallas. The Dallas County medical examiner has also been called to the scene.

Injured passengers who were able to walk were loaded on a DART bus for transport to Baylor Irving Hospital. Baylor staff is calling in extra staff to help deal with the injuries.

Initial reports saidthe bus rolled overnear Belt Line Road and that as many as 40 passengerswere trapped inside.Chopper 5watched from aboveas firefighters pulled multiple victims out of the bus.

DPS said the bus was traveling northbound on state Highway 161 when the bus drove onto the right side of the road for an unexplained reason. They hit a rubber attenuator and traveled back across all lanes of the turnpike, on to the grassy median, and then ran up and along the middle concere barrier. The bus flipped over and slid on its side.

Fuel spilled from the bus and out onto the roadway. Emergency crews were still cleaning up that spill hours after the crash was reported.

The bus came downon its right side,the same side as the exit doors, trappingpassengers inside. Passengers had to use emergency hatches on the roof and push out the windows on the left side of the bus to climb out,orawait rescue bypassers by or emergency crews.

The National Traffic Safety Board announced they are also launching a team of regional investigators to the scene of the bus crash.

DPS also said the highway will be shut down for several house following the investigation to allow the scene to be cleared and spilled fuel to be cleaned up. Drivers are enouraged to avoid 161 by using state Highway 114,state Highway 183, or Interstate 635.

The charter bus is owned by Cardinal Coach Lines of Mansfield. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Administration, Cardinal Coach Line has not had any accidents, moving violations, or Department of Transportation driver or vehicle out of service orders or violations.

“Bodies Stacked on Top of Each Other”

Passenger Dan Risik tells NBC 5 the charter bus was headed to Choctaw Casino Resort in Durant, Okla. The bus set out from a Walmart parking lot and was heading north to the casino. After the crash, Risik said people were laying on other people, trapping individuals underneath each other.

Risik said many of the passengers are older individuals, including retirees and senior citizens.

Robert Hare and Ed Couck witnessed the aftermath of the crash and stopped to help injured passengers.

“A lot of people in shock, broken bones,” Hare said. “A couple of people who are dead. They were crushed under the bus.”

“You see this bus on the side of the road, and what can you do?” Hare said. “You just stop, you get out and you do whatever you can to help.”

“Just saw this big white smoke. My first thought it was a street sweeper. Man thats awfully odd, a street sweeper,” Ed Couck said. “Cars started slowing down and you realized it was a vehicle on its side. And obviously a big one, stopped jumped out and got to the front of the vehicle, you look into see who you could help, and it was just people stacked on top of each other.”

Hare and Couck helped pull passengers from the bus.

“Popped the roof hatches and try to get out everybody we could. It was pretty bad, people screaming. There was obviously a lot of pain. It was bad,” Couck said.

NBC 5 has crewsat the scene gathering more information. As this is a developing story, details may change as we receive more information. NBC 5 reporters Ken Kalthoff, Jeff Smith, Keaton Fox, Christine Lee, and editors Greg Janda, Frank Heinz, and others contributed to this story.” –


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