Scroungers: How Much Does the Corporate Welfare State Cost the Tax Payer

Scriptonite Daily


The UK Government has announced a war on the welfare state, claiming it has become too big a burden for the UK taxpayer to bear. They are correct.  The problem is that they are tackling the wrong welfare state.  It is the Corporate Welfare state that the UK can no longer afford.

What Does the Human Welfare State Cost?

The UK Government spend a total of £694.89bn a year, to do everything.  The amount the government spend on benefits is £159bn, with £72bn (45%) of that going on pensions.  So, we have £85bn (12% of spending) a year actually going on working age benefits.  The UK’s current unemployment rate stands at 7.8%, whilst 19%.  It makes sense that we spend this proportionate amount of shielding citizens from poverty induced by involuntary unemployment, and support sick and disabled people who cannot work or who bear additional financial costs to…

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