Tropical Coast Weather

Tornados and waterspouts can truly be a sight. Here in Florida it is very much possible for tornadoes to happen year round as we are more likely to receive warmer more humidty air throughout the year to fuel convective systems. Since we are into spring in Southern US, tornado season typically can run from March to May, and it is possible into June/July. Many of these tornados and higher incidence of tornados often are see in Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas, Minnesota, Iowa, Tennessee, and many other states in the mid-west which can be included in Tornado Alley.

How Tornadoes occur?

Supercell thunderstorms usually are the culprit to allowing a tornado to form, which is a massive thunderstorm. Within this storm cold air and warm air combine to make favorable conditions. Cool air typically sinks as warm air rises. A large amount of low level moisture is requires and an additional…

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