Just In Case: U.S. Has Plans for Americans to Flee South Korea


Courageous Channel isn’t some new offering from your cable TV provider.

It’s the name of the regular Noncombatant Evacuation Operation exercise done by the U.S. military in South Korea to practice getting thousands of U.S. civilians out of the country in a hurry if it looks like war with North Korea is imminent.

Each spring, U.S. military dependents, non-emergency essential civilians and contractors do everything except board an airplane for such an eventuality. They’re told what to bring (“3 days food/water…30 days meds…limited cash $100-200”) and what to do about pets (“pets are considered family members…do not have priority over people…pets cannot be abandoned”). There’s even a handy video “to learn how to correctly employ the Infant Chemical Agent Protection System,” along with lots of other tips on what to do the day no one hopes ever comes.

“Each person,” the guidelines issued by U.S. Forces Korea say, “is allowed…

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