North Korea Warns Foreign Embassies Of Risks



The Foreign Office says it has no intention of evacuating its embassy in Pyongyang after North Korea warned foreign diplomats they may not be safe if war breaks.

The North Korean government asked foreign embassies whether they considered evacuating staff, saying it cannot guarantee their safety in the event of conflict from April 10.

Tensions in the region are high after reports that North Korea has now moved two missiles to its eastern coast and loaded them on mobile launchers.

The Foreign Office says it “has no intention of evacuating embassy in Pyongyang”.

Earlier, a spokesperson said: “The DPRK (The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) has responsibilities under the Vienna convention to protect diplomatic missions, and we believe they have taken this step as part of their continuing rhetoric that the US poses a threat to them.

“We are considering next steps, including a change to our travel advice.”

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