UK: Coastguard warns of spring tide danger after at least 15 trapped. Rescues by lifeboat and helicopter – 010413 2230z

The rescue operation at Zacry’s Island, Newquay, on Saturday evening. Credit: Newquay RNLI

Nine people, including a three-year-old boy, were rescued by a lifeboat crew after becoming trapped on an island.

Queensferry RNLI volunteer lifeboat crew were called out Sunday after the group became trapped by the incoming tide at Cramond Island.

The Queensferry was launched at 3.20pm and arrived at Cramond Island six minutes later.

RNLI crew members took the group board the lifeboat and landed safely at Cramond harbour. No one was injured.

A RNLI spokesman said: “If anyone finds themselves trapped on Cramond Island by the incoming tide, dial 999 and ask for the coastguard.

“The coastguard will alert the lifeboat. Never attempt to wade or swim ashore. We advise to check the tide tables for safe crossing times before attempting to cross to Cramond Island.”“-


Falmouth Coastguard is warning people to beware of fast, incoming tides after six people were trapped in two incidents in Cornwall on Saturday night (30 March).
Falmouth Coastguard has issued this statement:
We have spring tides at the moment that come in faster and further than usual. For this reason people out and about enjoying the Cornish coastline need to be especially careful to plan their trip.    Always check the weather and tide timetable before you set out on your walk and wear appropriate clothing for the unseasonably cold weather. If you do get cut off call 999 Coastguard.– Coastguard Watch Officer Richard Williams

BBC Weather : Tide Tables

Tide Times (from


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