Iain Duncan Smith Says He Could Live on £53 a Week? His Lunch Cost More than That

Petition calling on Iain Duncan Smith, DWP Sec to live on 53 a week for a year now (at time of writing) 95,606 signatures. In a day

Scriptonite Daily


Today is Black Monday for the UK Welfare State with a raft of cuts to social security, legal aid and advice services which leave the UK’s poor abandoned to their poverty.  When challenged, architect of the cuts Iain Duncan Smith retorted that he could live on £53 a week. His expenses records suggest he might not.

The Cuts


The £53 pound figure relates to what one benefit claimant has been left to live on after the Coalition’s cuts.  To anyone who has been living in a cave for the last few months, today marks the first day of Black April, when a series of cuts to the social security take effect.

There is a hike in Council tax which will see single parents in work paying up to 333% rises in their council tax contributions.  There is the Bedroom Tax which will see 660,000 households, 420,000 of…

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