Ireland: Lone yachtsman off East Cork coast airlifted to hospital in Waterford – 250313 1105z

At 03:30am on 25 March a lone sailor contacted the emergency services seeking assistance.
The yachtsman was on passage from the UK in a 6.5 metre vessel. Conditions in the area were poor and at 38 miles east south east off Ballycotton in East Cork he felt he was in need of assistance to get his vesssel to port.
Ballycotton lifeboat launched at 3:45am and proceeded to the yacht’s known position, which was approx. 38 miles off the East Cork coast.
The yacht was still under steam and the RNLI lifeboat reached the vessel at 5:25am.
Two volunteer lifeboat crew members were placed aboard the yacht and the yachtsman was transferred to the Ballycotton RNLI lifeboat where his condition was assessed.
The decision was made to have the casualty air lifted and the Waterford based Coast Guard helicopter, Rescue 117, was requested to launch.
The helicopter reached the Ballycotton lifeboat at 06:50am when the lifeboat was approx. 25 miles off Ballycotton.
The casualty was transferred to the helicopter and taken to hospital in Waterford.
The yacht, travelling under its own sail with the two lifeboat crew members in control was escorted by the Ballyycotton lifeboat was safely brought to Ballycotton where it was secured alongside the pier wall.”

– Blathnaid Lane-Walsh, Press Officer at Ballycotton RNLI 25/03/2013

Ballycotton Lifeboaton exercise in Cork harbour. Summer 2012

(Video credit: dmatty06ify)

Irish Coastguard – Rescue 117 taking off from Ballygunner hurling pitch, Waterford.
23 September 2012


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