Brazil: Passenger plane crash in Almeirim, all 10 aboard killed – 140313 1220z

Ten people were killed when their single-engine plane crashed in the small town of Almeirim, in northern Brazil, local authorities said Wednesday.


The plane disappeared from the radar screens late Tuesday, but the debris was not found until Wednesday morning because the crash site is in a densely forested region.

There were no survivors, authorities said.

The plane, a single-engine Embraer 821-Caraja, took off from Belem, Para state’s capital, and crashed only 20 kilometers away from the city’s Monte Dourado airport.

The names of the victims were not disclosed.

The plane, which belonged to air charter company Fretax, was transporting nine employees of engineering company Cesbe to the Santo Antonio do Jari hydroelectric power plant, which is being building in neighboring Amapa state.

The cause of the accident remains unknown and will be investigated by aviation authorities.

Both Fretax and Cesbe released statements regretting the incident and saying they are providing assistance to the victims’ families.

Fretax said the pilot had been in good health and the plane’s inspections were up to date.

Thursday, 14 March, 2013 at 03:55 (03:55 AM) UTC RSOE reports:

“13/03/2013 14:40 – Updated 13/03/2013 16:35

All ten people on board were killed in a twin-engine plane crash in the city of Almeirim, in the northwest region of Par The accident happened around 20:30 the night before, and the plane was found in the early morning.


All ten people on board the twin-engine
died in the accident

The engineering firm Cesbe mourned the death of nine employees in a plane crash in Para According to the company, since it learned of the accident Cesbe assembled a team to monitor the investigation of the case, providing logistical support in rescuing and assisting the families of employees involved in the accident.

Employees of Cesbe and Pilot Beechcraft Model Caraj company air taxi aircraft Fretax died after falling in the municipality of Almeirim, northeast of the state, on Tuesday (12). According to the company, the Fretax served on route to Bethlehem Cesbe / Monte Dourado (PA) since October 2011.

The plane wreckage was found on Wednesday (13). Experts from the IML were sent to the scene to recover the bodies of 10 victims. The Regional Service Investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents (Seripa) is investigating the cause of the fall of the aircraft.
plane crash

Here, in full, the pronouncement of Cesbe:
“The Cesbe SA Engineering and Ventures deeply regrets the accident with an aircraft chartered by the company to transport employees of Airport Belm (PA) Airport to Monte Dourado (PA).

The aircraft was chartered by the air taxi company Fretax, serving Cesbe this path since October 2011.

Unfortunately there were no survivors among the crew and passengers. Local authorities have started investigations to determine the causes of the accident.

From the first hours he learned of the accident, the Cesbe constituted a team in order to closely monitor all steps involved in the case. Among other measures, the logistical support in the rescue of victims, as well as support and assistance to family members of employees involved in the accident.

The Cesbe sympathizes with the victims’ families and advises that will spare no efforts to provide all necessary assistance.

Curitiba, March 13, 2013.”” –

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