Comet Pan-Starrs Visible In Northern Hemisphere From Tonight


This image was selected as a picture of the we...C/2011 L4, also known as comet Pan-Starrs should be visible in the northern hemisphere from tonight. Over the next few days it will get closer to Earth and weather conditions permitting, should be clearly visible with the naked eye within the next few days. Those with small telescopes or binoculars may be able to see it from tonight if skies are clear.

Astronomers in the Southern hemisphere have already seen it and describe the icy mass as being as bright as the stars in the Plough (Big Dipper) constellation.

On March 10th the comet will make its closest pass by the Sun at a distance of some 45 million kilometres. This causes the ice to melt freeing up gasses and vaporizing water giving the comet its characteristic double tail.

Not too much is known about Pan-Starrs though its thought to be a non-periodic comet meaning this could be…

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