US: Major explosion at Ashley Valley Industrial Park, Jensen, Uintah Co, UT, destroyed 1 building, damaged 11. No one hurt – 030313 1120z

No one was hurt in an industrial park explosion Saturday morning that destroyed one building and damaged 11 others in eastern Utahs Uintah County.

(Photo: Damage to structures after an explosion at Adler Hot Oil in Jensen (Click photo for source)

(Photo: Damage to structures after an explosion at Adler Hot Oil in Jensen (Click photo for source)

The blast occurred shortly after midnight at the Ashley Valley Industrial Park, a facility a few miles southeast of Vernal thats run by Adler Hot Oil Service.

Dispatchers fielded calls from around the county from people who felt the rumble.

Fire crews arrived at the facility at 5131 S. 4880 East to battle the flames while law enforcement evacuated residents within a half-mile radius of the site.

Tal Ehlers, Uintah County emergency manager, estimated that included about 30 homes.

Firefighters from three agencies eventually doused the flames, but not before they had destroyed an industrial building, severely damaged eight others and moderately damaged three homes, according to a news release.

No one was hurt.

The American Red Cross has a temporary shelter on standby at Vernal Middle School, 712 W. 100 South, for anyone displaced by the fire and evacuation.

The evacuation is expected to remain in effect until 6 p.m. because crews are still dealing with a 1,000-gallon propane tank that flipped over in the explosion and has been leaking as a result, according to the release.

The states fire marshal has sent investigators to help determine what happened, though early signs indicate it was a gas or propane explosion, Ehlers said.

No one was at the site when it erupted.

Adler Hot Oil Service is a Vernal-based company that sells hot oil trucks for cleaning oil and gas processing equipment, heating fracturing fluids and pumping fluids down well bores, among other applications, according to the website.

The company could not be reached for comment.

Sunday, 03 March, 2013 at 04:56 (04:56 AM) UTC RSOE


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